Chamber of Secrets to be Published in Cambodia


May 06, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

While the final installment in the Harry Potter series has been formally released in 2007, many countries continue to receive new translations of the wildly popular series. The New York Times is reporting today “J.K. Rowling has agreed to donate the rights to the second book in the
series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, so that it can be
published in Khmer,” the Cambodian language. The paper also noted that in effort to help promote literacy and encourage young people to read, Bernie Krisher (publisher of the Cambodia Daily) “convinced J.K. Rowling to donate the rights to the first book so that a
low-priced Khmer version could be published, so as to hook young people
into reading.”

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Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: I think that is a really nice thing to do for the people of Cambodia. The whole world needs to be able to read HP! I wonder if there will be different cover art for it? That would be RAD!Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: Wow! That is awesome! Maybe once day it will be translated in all languages! :DAvatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: I mean *one of course. Pfft! XD And yeah! I would love to see the cover art!Avatar Imagebudgie says: The story is great, and it's good to see more people able to enjoy it.Avatar ImageArthur22 says: I am glad to see that more people can enjoy it.Avatar Imagevictoria_price says: When I started secondry school I had a reading age of a 6 year old. The idea of reading an entire book sceared me to death. In the end after all the hipe i decided to buy Harry Potter and the Philosiphers Stone. It took weeks and weeks to get through even though I couldnt put it down, but finaly I got through it. J.K.Rowling has helped me in such a way I would have no idea how to thank her if I was ever given the chance. The idea of giving this amazing gift to children around the world, no matter what country or language would be simply amazing. Being dyslexic is a horrible situation when there is no help out there and no one to tell you your not thick or stupid, its somthing that your born with and its with you for the rest of your life. I think this is an amzing acheavement for the children and adults of Cambodia.......Avatar ImageR-for-H says: That's so cool... How many languages is it in now do you think?Avatar ImagePewterWolf says: Agree with victoria_price, if this promotes more people to start reading, then it's a wonderful thing that this series can promote, no matter what country you live in. Avatar Imagelurking_llama says: This sounds pretty decent of her to give them the rights like that. I just hope that there will be a good availability of the book. Avatar Imagesimplycyn says: that's really wonderful of her to do :)Avatar Imagephantomdave79 says: Closer and closer to world domination! LOL!Avatar Imageloony_slytherin says: Coooolio!! :)Avatar Imageneopolitandreams17 says: Cool :) Hahah KimmyZ, you'r pic is so damn funny!Avatar Imagekenmarekestrels93 says: awesome!Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: This is the best story I have heard in awhile. Reading is so important. Avatar ImageBoyWithALightningScar says: So cool! Cambodian kids are gonna have something awesome to read now.Avatar Imageblackhair says: Cool :)Avatar Imagehbp will be betterthan tdk says: wonderfulAvatar Imageblackhair says: Cool :) Let them enjoyAvatar ImageAthenamalfoy says: Reading is so important and I'm glad that they are bringing Harry Potter to Cambodia.Avatar Image-MischiefManaged- says: I discovered reading books again because of Harry Potter. For over 15 years I didn't read a single novel voluntarily -- not counting the stuff I had to read at the uni, and I absolutely hated book exams there. Until, some two months ago, on a train to see my folks, I finally grabbed Philosopher's Stone and started reading. I had carried the book with me on and off for like two or three years but had not read it...until during that train ride. Needless to say, I was hooked from the first few pages on. I'm currently reading OOTP and will do my utmost to read the entire series before HBP hits the cinemas. I would love to just curl up on my sofa and read, read, read... But unfortunately, being an adult (yuck) means that you have all these obligations like work and whatnot that seriously interfere with your reading time. Still, I'm hopeful that I have to time get through the last three books before HBP is out. Sorry for the long story, I just wanted to say that I'm very very glad about this Cambodian release of COS, because I know from first-hand experience what a delight it is to discover reading and to discover it with Harry Potter. Rock on, Jo!Avatar Image-MischiefManaged- says: * typo correction, "...I'm hopeful *that I have time to* get through the last three books before HBP is out." Oh, and forgot to say that I know I'm very fortunate to be able to read the books in English, which is not my first language. As someone with a Master's Degree in English Translating, I know the importance of translations, even though I myself try to read these books (and other English language books) in the language they were written.Avatar Imagekbicprez says: It's nice that Cambodians will get to see some of the VERY BEST of western culture!!!Avatar Imagenddulac says: I wonder if it will ever be published in Klingon . . Avatar ImageEmmaLouise says: I wish I could read all the languages just so I had a reason to collect all the books! lolAvatar ImageHPNAIV says: Awesome ! :)Avatar Imagebecmajec says: That is so awesome. Jo never ceases to amaze me with her generosity. Avatar Imageplacebowiz says: COS is the bestAvatar ImageHeavenly_Horcrux says: It would be so cool if there was different cover art!Avatar ImageMary11_hplvr4l says: she DONATED the rights??? wow thats gotta take heart.. so sad that the ppl in Cambodia haven't enjoyed harry potter yet.. :/Avatar ImageLucia Meadows says: My roommate, who is from Vietnam, said that she read the books in a multi-volume format. To make the books cheaper, they would print 2-3 volumes per book, sometimes bootleg volumes as well. They'll probably do a serial format in Cambodia.Avatar Imagehpftw says: This is the sweetest story I've heard in a long time! This is so nice, what a generous thing to do! They're going to be so happy-because you know, everyone deserves to be part of this Magical World!Avatar Imagerhibrew says: That is awesome!Avatar ImageEnricoDc says: Now, All in all, COS has 50+ translations. This was great!Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: Reading is extremely important! I'm so happy it's being published everywhere!! Avatar Imagecabo says: JKR has done so much for charity, you just gotta love her. Even if she hadn't written my all time fav book series she would be amazing just for the love and hope she gives.Avatar ImageVerity Weasley says: What a great thing for the people of Cambodia, especially the children. At this rate, the books will soon be published in Gobbledegook!Avatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: Awww yay! Wonderful literature finds ways to spread out and include everyone who wants it! :)Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: This is great for the Cambodia people. They deserve some happiness! Avatar ImageCellar Door says: Cool. I love hearing about HP translations.Avatar Imagelau399 says: This is so great!!!!!! I'm predicting that Harry Potter will be translated to all the languages left very soon!! Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: That's great! :)Avatar ImageTamyris says: Oh! That´s great! Kids in Cambodia will love it! That´s amazing! J.K rules! I hope the entire Africa read it so the world will be comanded by Pottermaniacs! muhahahahahahaAvatar ImageTamyris says: By the way, it´s not enough to publish only COS, they have to publish all the books!Avatar Imagebrentbrehony says: Spreed it to the world I say!!Avatar Imagefantasylover12001 says: THIS is why I keep saying JKR is awesome.Avatar Imagetourdefrance says: This really made me smileAvatar Imagehpftw says: this is so sweet! Everyone deserves HP!Avatar ImageTrudie26 says: This is brilliant! Hopefully people in Cambodia will continue to be introduced to the magic of reading through Harry Potter xD Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: It is just amazingly generous of her that she donated the rights to the book. That she has done so demonstrates her commitment to improving literacy around the world and the charitable heart with which she acts as a representative of society.

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