Additional Half-Blood Prince Stickers: Poisoned Necklace, Draco as a Victim of the Sectumsempra, Plus New High Res Still of Ginny


Jun 06, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Portkey has now released more of their scans from the Panini Sticker album for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. While many many of these stickers we have seen in one form or another, there are a few of interest (SPOILERS) including this of Katie Bell and Leanne walking, carrying a package, when Leanne touches the necklace here. Also of note is this of a bloodied Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) lying wounded on the ground after the Sectumsempra fight. Others included the Advanced Potion Making Book, drunken Hagrid and Slughorn singing together, Cormac McLaggen, someone falling off their broom by the Goal Post, Quidditch Ginny (Bonnie Wright), Molly Weasley (Julie Walters), Snape (Alan Rickman), the Inferi, and much more.
UPDATE: More now from Portkey, including: new photo of Twins in Joke Shop, Dumbledore with his hand in a glove, Snape (Alan Rickman) and Draco in urgent conversation, Draco going into Burgin and Burkes, Flitwick, Hermione (Emma Watson)Stunned Hogwarts students after fall of Dumbledore

Finally, thanks to our OrderPartner BonnieWrightOnline, we can see this lovely high res photo of Bonnie dressed in her Hogwarts school clothes in her role as Ginny Weasley for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Thanks Jackie!

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Avatar Imagethallo says: Panini is always great... and it's italian ;-) Avatar ImageNatalie says: Ououou!!!! Scary image the one with bleeding Draco!!Avatar Imageneopolitandreams17 says: OMG my Draco :( SOMEONE save him!!! *tries to jump into computer screen and do CPR* I'll see you in heaven baby. :(Avatar Imageneopolitandreams17 says: Oh, who is that other buy besides Cormac McGlaggen? (who besides is hot.)Avatar ImageDanielBonnie28 says: i think that someone falling off their broom is Ron!! and amazing photos!!!!!!Avatar ImageMatea says: Oh dear! Sectumsempra scene! O.O hahah,Hagrid and Slughorn and to me it looks like Ron falling of a broom O.OAvatar Imagegriffinpuff244 says: nice pictures Avatar Imagegriffinboy94 says: the "someone" falling off their broom looks like Ron!!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Fantastic images! Thanks for sharing these with us, Sue!Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Omgggggg. That's all I have to say :) Ron hanging off of his broom = best thing I've seen so far in pictures xDAvatar ImageKldx360 says: It's Katie Bell touching the necklace not Leanne. But still these are RLLY nice picsAvatar ImageWingardium Leviosa says: Nice pictures!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Somebody give Ginny some cute shoes! lol lol...Avatar Imagejenge says: Cool pics. can't wait for the setumsempra sceneAvatar Imagebadger666 says: Awesome! Lots of new stuff.Avatar Imageccking says: greeat shots !!Avatar Imageblind_pilot says: Cool pics! I'm super excited for the new movie! :DAvatar Imagehermyone08 says: Um, wouldn't that be Katie Bell touching the necklace, not Leanne. And the person falling off the broom looks like Ron. Love the new pics though! :)Avatar Imagelunaspec_gimmy says: These are all amazing! Can't wait to get the sticker book :)Avatar ImageNaria says: This upcoming movie is quite confusing me. There has to be some aspects of the book that get cut out, but I can't figure out what they are. We have pictures of Sectumsempra, the cave, the cursed necklace, Fred/George's shop, Aragog's funeral, all the teenage hormones... honestly, except for Kreacher, the Muggle Prime Minister, and perhaps Dumbledore visiting the Dursley's, I can't think of anything the movie will cut out. My apologies for being overly obsessive and curious.Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: Cool pictures! :-DAvatar ImageErinM says: I still can't handle the idea of the Death of Dumbledore scene. I'll bring my Kleenex!Avatar ImageEnricoDc says: I think, that "someone falling off their broom by the Goal Post" is Ron Weasley.Avatar ImagegaylebathanHP says: FIRST! This pics are awesome!Avatar ImagegaylebathanHP says: oops. maybe not :)Avatar ImageCissyMalfoy says: Aw, thanks so much for the pics!Avatar Imagethallo says: Panini is always great... and it's italian ;-) Avatar Imagethallo says: Panini is always great... and it's italian ;-) Avatar ImageKennedyJames says: LOLLL poor Won-Won falling off is that where he kicks the Quaffle? might be LOL Annnnnnnnnnnd these are really awesome. Cormac is prettttyyyyyAvatar ImageHermioneRon4ever says: Amazing pictures!!! Yay! They kept "After the Burial" the same! (Or so it seems) Cormac is exactly right!Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: hmmmm sad as it is...Cormac is very attractive!!!Avatar Imagecghambright says: YES!! I love the one of Ron trying to save the Quaffle!! LMAO!! BRILLIANT!! AND SECTUMSEMPRA LOOKS AWESEOME!!!!!! Draco is bleeding and everything! I thought this was supposed to be PG?! I knew WB paid off of the MPAA...this movie definitely should be rated PG-13! I'm so excited!!Avatar Imagecghambright says: CORMAC MACLAGGEN IS SEXY!!...go Hermione! She's got another good-looking Quidditch player and apparently Emma gets to kiss him in this film! Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: also...the inferi look very actually scared me as just a picture...i'm nervous now :SAvatar Imagecghambright says: The inferi are definitely creepy...people keep saying they look like Gollum, but Gollum/Smeagol never scared me like these things do. They're just so...ugh!Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: amazing photos.Avatar Imagekenmarekestrels93 says: so excited for this movie. The sectumsempra scene looks intense. ...and I agree- the actor for mclaggen is great!Avatar ImageDolemite says: Excellent work Avatar ImageLucilla says: Oh, can't wait for this one!!Avatar Imagemomentofzen says: Aww I spy a tender!Snape in the Sectumsempra one. I'm so excited for that scene.Avatar ImageLeeann says: awesome pics. omg that draco one... i cant wait to see that scene.Avatar ImageCrow Chant says: Awww poor Draco. But I cant wait for the setumsempra scene its going to be awesome.Avatar Imagestarkitty313 says: Great pictures! I can't wait for the movie!!Avatar ImageBeansie says: I imagined Draco more bloodied up from Sectumsempra, but then they rated the movie PG...I'm just a tad bit worried. I hope it's good because it's one of my favorite scenes in the whole series.Avatar ImageHedwigJune says: I must say, I greatly enjoyed the picture of Slughorn and Hagrid, er, "toasting" Aragog's death. Just how I imagined! (And you can't even tell that it's CG!)Avatar Imagesgt_majorette says: Bonnie Wright is way prettier than Ginnie Weasley. They ought to let her do her own hair and makeup in DH, so people won't be distracted thinking, "Soulmate? C'mon, Jo!"Avatar Imageharrypotter1991 says: Cool pictures! Love the new picture of Hagrid and Slughorn singing, and Malfoy on the floor with blood everywhere! Awesome!Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: wayy cool photos. can't wait for this movie :DAvatar ImageMushMania says: oooooo! i think thats ron falling off his broom [ maybe when he kicks it through the other hoop and fred and george find it impresive!! ; ]Avatar Imageroby_boh says: Nice pictures! But I really hate the look they chose for prof. Flitwick..I mean, he looks like a little Hitler :(Avatar ImagePadfootLover4ever says: If you look at all the pics there is one of harry and Ginny looking at each other! <3 cute!! cant wait 38 days!Avatar Imageblackhair says: Awesome picsAvatar Imagemuzic823 says: Wow, lots of great pics!Avatar Imagewannabe-weasley says: I love who they picked to play mclaggen!Avatar ImagePignati says: Awsome!!Avatar ImageHalf-Blood Princess7765 says: So many wonderful pics of Draco, sigh :)Avatar ImageTamyris says: Awesome!! Loved all the pics.Avatar Imagebrentbrehony says: So Cool!!!Avatar ImageRin68nyr says: I'm sure that's Ron falling off...LOL And isn't it Katie Bell who touches the necklace? She couldn't play quiditch for a while after that in te book, and had to be replaced on the team for a while. OH, I HOPE they didn't cut out the scene where DD comes to Dursley's and calls Kreacher to see if Harry owns Grimmauld place...that was hilarious! ErinAvatar ImageHorcruxalej says: Sweet some new stuff.. the movie is so close i cant wait...Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: the harry ginny shots are so sweeeet! <3Avatar Imageravenclawguy1972 says: awesome stuff only problem is it makes me more anxious to see the movie XD Avatar ImageDePillow says: Katie Bell is HOT! :D LOL!Avatar ImageKC Nox says: snape and draco!!!! eeeek!!!Avatar ImageDanielleD says: Love it! I think the person falling off their broom is Ron.Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: i hav 2 go so will look 2moro. xxxAvatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: OOoooooh! cormac is *cuuuute* hehe!!!!! Soooo excited 2 hbp!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagekingdom says: can't wait for the dramatic sectumsempra sceneAvatar Imagekingdom says: can't wait for the movie!

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