Near Miss for Robert Pattinson (Updated)


Jun 19, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Actor Robert Pattinson (Hufflepuff great Cedric Diggory in Goblet of Fire) had a near miss after being clipped by a cab while filming a new movie in New York. The BBC reports that Robert was hit by a taxi as initial reports say he tried to escape a crowd of over eager fans and was nipped by the cab as he tried to cross the street. The report says Robert was not seriously hurt in the mishap, and notes: ‘The actor’s security guards were reportedly furious about the scuffle
and one was heard shouting: “You see what you did, you almost killed
him.” The Press Association also cites an onlooker who said “It’s been non-stop busy all day with
people trying to get a glimpse of him, and the crowd goes nuts when
they do see him.
Update: The Daily News has more on this, citing a spokesperson for Summit, who confirms that Rob is fine, and the cab “barely grazed” the actor. The article also cites the spokesperson as saying this incident ” was not caused by his fans,” but declined to elaborate on how or what exactly took place in the incident where Robert was grazed by the cab.

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Avatar ImageSarayu says: Of course none of the fangirls will even second think how they act, even after they nearly got their "love of their life" killed.Avatar Imagechocolateisnotforbreakfast says: I'd take a hit from a taxi over being surrounded by Twihards too, Robby. Hope he isn't hurt too badly.Avatar Imageserp says: Oh dear the poor bloke! Hope he's alright.Avatar ImageThio says: Yes! Loads of crazy girls wanting him! Poor Rob!! lol! But really... and that goes to all fans unable to control themselves... relax.Avatar ImageR-for-H says: Yeah you kinds feel sorry for him because who would want a million fan girls chasing you? He is good but I would never ever follow some around like that. Poor him. Avatar Imagekingdom says: hope he's not too hurt!Avatar ImagemaatjeHP says: really some fans don't think....I know he's hot... getting a heart attack every time I see pictures but really.... why on earth would you chase him into a cab... I don't think that's the way to his heart.... And he isn't really a vampire so he would not survive or stop the car ....Avatar ImageLinnyish says: Poor Robert, I hope he's alright.Avatar ImageFlora Lovegood says: I believe it does constitute news rather than gossip b/c a human {and member of the large Harry Potter family} was actually injured. Also, the Leaky staff may have been hoping such horrible news would open some of our own fans' eyes when it comes to obsessive behavior. They don't publish gossip about the actors' lovelifes or rumors about unimportant things but this is news. Besides, Cedric may have only been in one book/film, but I think most of us would agree that his was a very pivotal character. I certainly hope only good comes from this incident....relax is right! Admiration is one thing, but obsession is dangerous.Avatar Image3 Weasly Twin says: That's insane. I agree with Jaymie Brooks, Twilight fangirls are a danger to society, lol! I hope he's alright.Avatar ImageMatea says: crazy fans!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: wow, i hope he's really alright!Avatar Imagepotterrock says: :S poorr robert.....the fangirls...are CRAZYYAvatar Imagetinagin says: That is scary. Celebrity worship in general has just gotten out of control.Avatar Imagesuh says: Poor Robert ,I hope he’s alrightAvatar ImageExAstrisScientia says: Wow, the fangirls have gone way too far. I feel so bad for this guy. He has girls drooling over him because he plays a character he hates. And now those fangirls almost got him hurt or killed... ugh.Avatar Imageemiliehope says: That's disgusting...he has to ESCAPE people because fans are so insane. Those fans should be ashamed of themselves.Avatar ImagegaylebathanHP says: oh my gosh!!.. i hope he's fine.. :)Avatar ImageCaracticus says: What does it say about Harry Potter fans that the same person was NOT put in harms way by over-zealous fans? A few things. 1) we know the difference between fantasy and reality (Twihards: all that stuff RP said and did in Twilight is from a SCRIPT! it's not really him) 2) we are respectful of the privacy and quality-of-life of the actors and crew of the movies, and of JKR. Good on us!Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: And also - why would the majority of HP fans care about Rob ...? (Or maybe I just don't.)Avatar ImageHopelaa93 says: I do hope he is alright, some fans are so deluded! Avatar Imagelunaspec_gimmy says: I think saying he was almost killed is a bit over-excessive, but still, can't believe how stupid crazy some fans are.Avatar ImagePompleMoose says: I swear, fangirls are going to be the death of a lot of celebrities.. I'm not much of a Pattinson fan, but that is crazy.Avatar ImageBriannaWazHere says: Come on FanGirls let's think before we act. I would totally not do that after seeing Robert Pattison- chasing him across the street that is- I would simply be like "Hey, Rob- can i get a picture with you- your mad sexy and a great actor :)" lol. I like that security guard who yelled at them though haha, good for him "You almost killed him" haha, I bet they'll think twice before almost killing a celebrityAvatar Imageliv-wa says: olivia: oh my! what would we do without edward? becky: what would we do without cedr...oh wait a minute.Avatar Imageliv-wa says: olivia: oh my! what would we do without edward? becky: what would we do without cedr...oh wait a minute.Avatar ImageDespina says: No super speed, no car denting... how disappointing! LOLAvatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Hope he's alright! Ha ha, stupid girl fans!Avatar Imagekalb says: Happens to me all the time. It's hard being so gorgeous and famous. Avatar Imagehpfreak7 says: too bad he didnt die in twilight he was awsome in harry potter not twilght!!!Avatar Imageharrypotterfan5324 says: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope he's okay!!!!!!!!!!!! god that would hurt!Avatar ImageFereverto says: Twilight fangirls aren't the only ones exhibiting such sophomoric behavior. Fans of many young stars act brainless. It's a shame really that they can't see themselves for the little twits that they are. :( I am truly glad the Robert wasn't injured.Avatar ImageParkinsonpansy says: that's crazy.Avatar ImageBroomsnitch says: This poor guy. Although, being from New York myself people get clipped by cabs all the time. It's a combination of bad driving on the part of the taxi drivers, overzealous pedestrians and overcrowding. I'm just glad he wasn't seriously hurt.Avatar ImageGraymayne says: If you check out Twilight Lexicon you will find that this report has been dismissed as inaccurate and overdone. Filming continues and Rob is fine.Avatar Imagekamidee says: head!desk Poor Rob, he should never have aligned himself with that series and the crazy fangirls.Avatar ImageDespina says: He'll end up in an asylum if fans don't get a grip... I'm not worried about his safety as much as his sanity!Avatar Imagerunaroundkid says: Seriously, this is what constitutes as news these days? I don't want to be rude, because I know the Leaky staff all put a tremendous effort into making the site the best they can, but likewise I have to give my honest feedback. An actor who was in one Harry Potter movie having a minor mishap 4 years later on the set on another (completely unrelated) movie is NOT relevant to HP news at all. And I really hate to say this, but this article has a tabloid-y feel that I wouldn't expect to see on Leaky and that I feel uncomfortable with. There's no need to try to capitalize on Twilight's enormous success by posting inane, gossipy articles about Robert Pattinson.Avatar Imagebengtson_98 says: Traitor.. I loved him as Cedric but I HATE the Twilight series!Avatar Imageshaidydreamer says: Poor guy. I know actors are usually pretty happy to have fans and attention, but I wonder if he had any idea what he signed up for when he agreed to play Edward? Also, I love how Sue casually mentions Rob has "remained well in the public eye" even after playing a famous Hufflepuff. I mean really, what could be more worthy of adoration than proudly representing the yellow and black badger? lol.Avatar ImageJaymie Brooks says: That's why Twilight Fangirls are a danger to society.Avatar Imagepunkedup88 says: I would've yelled the same thing as the security guard but probably a little more vulgar. Wow, that's insane and sad. How stupid are these fangirls. runaroundkid, they report about any/all actors from the HP cast. Plus Rob is well known now as Edward so despite his small role in HP, it's not all he's done. While, I'm not a fan of Twilight at all, I still don't understand the need to call Rob a traitor nor do I understand the feud between the HP fans and Twihards. It's silly and immature in my opinion.Avatar Imagesunlitdays says: ahhh dont he wish he was still a hufflepufff?Avatar ImageChreechree says: Poor Rob. Please, girls, back off. He's a person and more than just your eye candy. Can you imagine how annoying it has to be to be hounded that way? Avatar ImageHannahmation says: Oh my. Poor Rob. His crazy fangirls should learn to give him some space!Avatar ImageHorcruxalej says: ha its those twilight girls!!!!! CRAZY!!!Avatar Imageele0206 says: I completely agree with runaroundkid and Harry Potter 4 Ever!!! However, I'm sorry for Robert. I know he already feared fangirls because he had already had bad experiences with them. I guess this makes things worse.Avatar Imagesaffran says: :( that´s the darkside of being an idol.Good he didn´t got badly hurt!Avatar Imagemaryluna says: Gosh, look at what the fans have done now. Fan girls need to learn to calm down, or else their Spunk Ransom, or Mr. President (yes, I have watched many interviews with him) will be gone forever. Good choice, Rob.Avatar ImagePotterYay says: Ah, boohoo. If it weren't for STUPID Twilight, and his traitor ways, nobody would even know who he is. So, i couldn't care less if he gets a scratch from a cab. If he was hurt more severely, then I'd feel bad for him, but seeing as he isn't.. Well, I don't. (:Avatar Imagekingdom says: those Twihards need to relax - and i'm both into Harry Potter and Twilight, what's the big war between fans?Avatar ImageMiss Freewind says: I am glad that they finally corrected this because I am tired reading all the Twilight haters making rude and uncalled for remarks about Twilight and Twilight fans. (Grow up! You would not want anyone saying those things about Harry Potter. So why do it to another group?) I heard last night that this was not true. Though I do like how it has brought to attention how stupid some fans (Harry Potter fans included) act towards actors/celebrities. I really find it interesting how one tabloid publishes a wild story and all the rest of newspapers and magazines just run with it because it is about a very popular actor (or celebrity). Nobody seemed to have checked with reps for Rob Pattinson, Remember Me or Summit. I hate reading about anything about actors/actresses because most of the things seem to be rumors from unnamed "sources" and "witnesses".Avatar ImageLinnyish says: Poor Robert, I hope he's alright.Avatar ImageLinnyish says: Poor Robert, I hope he's alright.Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: not like when he was with HP - Avatar Imagekiwimci says: He really has hit that Beatle mania kind of hysteriaAvatar ImageVioletPhoenix says: Good thing he didnt hurt his face ;PAvatar ImageVioletPhoenix says: Good thing he didnt hurt his face ;PAvatar ImageMoose_Starr says: This story imo is news as opposed to gossip, right now it's the top story at Yahoo (not that Yahoo's word is law ... lol) To me it's just sad that people calling themselfs fans would cause harm to the object of their obsession. It's not the first time a star has been hurt ... I would say I'm pretty much obsessed with HP so, I'm not dissing the whole obsession thing but, sense & reason and all that :s Meh...Avatar Imagetryston009 says: I do hope RP is fine and didn't sustain any lasting injuries...but omg, the poor guy! All those crazy fans trying to see him/touch him/whatever to him...I think I would try to take my chances playing Frogger with the traffic, too! LOLAvatar ImageCandyCane2304 says: I like both series. It's Harry Potter first and foremost with me but I don't understand the hatred between both like kingdom. Why are people calling Rob a traitor? He was in Gof and was killed. Was he not suppose to work after that? Avatar ImageBrad Ausrotas says: Poor dude. I'd hate to have fans that retarded. Good on security for telling them off. Maybe then it'll get it in their skulls that they have to calm the hell down.Avatar Imagemomentofzen says: Twi-tards... Seriously, they're so crazy. The article I read said that they were using Twitter to discuss where he was at any given moment and group up to stalk him. Ugh. Some people have NO respect.Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: This (unfortunately) isn't true. Summit confirmed "Rob Pattinson is fine, the reports are exaggerated and it was not caused by fans. Production continues." But I would believe it anyway. These crazy fangirls want themselves some Edward - for WHATEVER reason. But I won't even get into how ridiculous Twilight is. Ugh. I hate Twilight fangirls :/Avatar ImageAubNoelle says: The poor guy. He just wants to be an actor with a private life, not a teen hearthrob. Leave him alone!Avatar ImageDanielaNC says: Poor guy, Twilight fan girls continue to demostrate why going hormonal and crazy over a boy is just wrong.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Did Edward dent the cab?Avatar ImageBell Dema says: Oh, God, those Twilight fans are really, really dangerous. More than I thought! ^_^ That poor guy. That's why you can't say yes to anything you haven't googled first.Avatar Imageliv-wa says: olivia: oh my! what would we do without edward? becky: what would we do without cedr...oh wait a minute.Avatar ImageDolemite says: I though he could move with super speed :DAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I am glad to hear that he is doing okay and do hope that this serves as a good lesson to all of his rabid fangirls to be more cautious as they try to stalk - I mean, approach - him.Avatar ImageDespina says: No super speed, no car denting... how disappointing! LOLAvatar ImageRhiannon7 says: I always hate to hear about these types of incidents. We were just talking about Princess Di the other day and while it wasn't crazy fans that lead to her death, the paparazzi who make their money from the fandom did. Celebrities are people. They deserve to conduct their lives without having to fear for them from their audience or the press.Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: those crazy twilight fans. don't even know what they're doin'.Avatar ImageIwishIwas@Hogwarts says: WOW these fans need to chill outAvatar Imageiceymoon says: i knew it was only a matter of time before the fangirls lead to some potential catastrophe.. i hope they realize how close that was and think of someone other than themselves next time.Avatar ImageCrown Victoria says: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL!!! the fact that he got hurt isisnt funny. I just find it funny that he was running from girlsAvatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: I really worry about the poor bloke's safety. Sheesh. Ridiculous fangirling can be hazardous.Avatar Imagedavid1228 says: It is now my main fear that I accidently do something like this to David out of my obsessiveness. Fangirls are dangerous, which means I am a hazard. :(Avatar Imagebooks_r_my_friends says: hope he gets better Avatar Imagebooks_r_my_friends says: hope he gets better Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: omg!! im a twi hard but i would never chase him in2 a road!! gosh!Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: what has happened 2 my avatar????????????Avatar Imagekbicprez says: The Hollywood gossip machine about Rob Pattinson has gotten NUTS. I'll bet he wishes he had stayed in the UK sometimes.Avatar Imagehermione97 says: I hope his is alright, he must look out for the carsAvatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: Crown Victoria, i soo agree with u!!!!Avatar ImageLeeann says: poor guy. hope he's really alright. and if it wasnt the fans then what happened?

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