MTV: Quidditch is Bringer of Glory, Destroyer of Friendships


Jun 25, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

A we witches and wizards know, Quidditch is a tough sport and is not for, errr, wimps or mere Muggles. Check out this very cool and fun video from MTV on how we Harry Potter fans take Quidditch to heart to help celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Enjoy!

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Avatar Imagehalfblood_prince says: ugh!! of course...i live in canada so i cant watch it !!! why do they do that !!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: That is one fantastic video. Sometimes my fellow fans never cease to amaze me with the lengths to which they will go in order to express their love for all things Harry.Avatar Imageravensmith says: That was pretty funny. Good Job MTV!Avatar Imageliv-wa says: That's fantastic. I did an article for the school newspaper back at the beginning of the year on muggle quidditch [: There were a few people who wanted to start something.Avatar ImageKirsikka says: That was interestingXDAvatar ImageKirsikka says: That was....Interesting XDAvatar Imagearyell says: *giggle* that was coolAvatar ImageLloyd says: w00t... cool stuff.Avatar Imagedragontowncorsets says: That was brilliant.Avatar ImageVioletPhoenix says: I saw this on MTV yesterday, its totally badass! very cool!! didnt see a snitch tho...Avatar Imagebengtson_98 says: That was sweet, great job!Avatar Image1pottyfan says: brillient Avatar Imagesunlitdays says: YES! yes i donlovae harry potter as much as she does!!!!!! and this is really really weird, but the author of that little blurb before the video, adam rosenberg, i have biology with a guy named adam rosenberg. how common is that name?!?!Avatar Imagedrhawks says: oooo! Me likey! Avatar Imagejrivas1284 says: Jee Jee I saw this last nite i think it was pretty cool..Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: That was fun!Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: Er... this was quite... odd..Avatar ImageHorcruxalej says: ha that was cool looks funAvatar ImageHagrid 713 says: so coolAvatar ImagexxIBelieveInNarglesxx says: lol,that was pretty cool :)Avatar Imageravonja says: Veeery cool :DAvatar Imagewhatzername says: Yes, I do love Harry Potter as much as she does... And proud of it!!! :DAvatar ImageVerity Weasley says: Leaky is right. This video is cool and fun! Avatar Imagejim32809 says: Way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool.Avatar Imagecghambright says: This was soooo AWESOME/HILARIOUS...I saw it last night during the Real World! I wanna play....Avatar Imageneopolitandreams17 says: Haha, fun :D We've played that in our HP conventions. BTW, i just found out that i'll be in London for the HBP premier and i have NO CLUE what to do. Just someone please tell me what ''Imax'' cinema is? Bytheway, will the stars be in leisetersquare the 15th? More details Leaky, your doing a great job! Avatar ImageKatetheKeeper says: This is pretty cool!Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: This is funnnyyyyyy!!! LOVED IT!!Avatar ImageRin68nyr says: I saw a news story on this some time ago. In that one, there was a person who acted as the snitch, dressed all in yellow. They had a towel in their back pocket, and they ran all over the place, even off the playing field, and around buildings...then when he showed up, the seekers tried to get the was funny! ErinAvatar Imageginnyrose says: boo just cos i live in the uk i cant see it :-(Avatar ImageMatea says: want to play it!! I would totally be a beater! bludgers rock!Avatar Imageiheartpink says: that was pretty funny : )Avatar Imagedavid1228 says: LOL!! That was cool!! I wonder how they did the snitch...Avatar ImageEcrof G says: Potter fans are the BEST!Avatar Imagejonfrog says: if they can make a new quiditch video game that would be awesome. the first one was fun but not all that great. Avatar ImageBellamont says: holy crap...more reason why I want my side yard to become a quidditch field. ^^ Im showing this to my dad sometime.Avatar Imagemegan_702 says: LOL!!!!!!!!! i wanna play quidditch! hahahaha! but you can't actually fly..Avatar ImageLady of the Lake says: That was a pretty cute video. Very cool. Avatar Imagedecarus says: That was funny. Avatar Imagebrianthepotterfan says: wow this is AWESOME! lol rofl! thats the kind of thing that i would do! cant wait, 3 weeks EXACTLY til HBP!!! im going to the midnight show and having a aprty before and i got to make an awesome DVD with all the trailers/clips to show at the party! yay! cant wait!Avatar ImageTheWizard says: So funny! I want to try it xDAvatar ImageGarden State Geek says: That video is so beyond awesome that I'm speechless. Avatar Imagepansy parkinson says: I really want to play this now! Wish there was a league near me?!Avatar Image1pottyfan says: cant wait until we invent f;ying brooms ect.Avatar ImageMarauder says: It's not showing....can someone post a youtube link or something?Avatar Imagepotterrock says: ahahaha...greattt videooww tankks MTV AND TLC :)Avatar Imagefan.numero1 says: very funny. ;) Avatar Imagerandom_magic says: wow! thats really kwl! it would be awesome if we could do that!!!Avatar ImageLoSushi says: haha halarious! Avatar ImageLovelySlytherinWitch19 says: I can't see it too!Avatar Imagejords says: That was brilliantly well-done. I adored their Quidditch uniforms!Avatar ImageRavenclawGal14 says: haha that was halariousAvatar ImagePadfootLover4ever says: That's absolutely awesome! haha I love it! Posting on my facebook...Avatar ImageDolemite says: A bit lame but I'm an old fart.Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: very awesome video..i want to play! :)Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: mmm... enjoy it!Avatar ImageRaWr...WeReWoLf says: wasn't working on my computer!!Avatar ImageShalanarah says: that was AWESOME!!!! i wanna play!!! btw, nicely done video!Avatar ImageFresca says: I couldn't see the video! It said it was unavailable to "Viewers in my region." DARN!!Avatar Imagebookishgal says: Very fun video. Thanks so much for posting it!Avatar Imagejim32809 says: Way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool.Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: It was funny she was playing for Slytherin, lol. They did look silly though running around with brooms between their legs! :-DAvatar ImageNoella_Mansrot says: HA! I just saw it, it's cute! XDAvatar Imageugurbocegi says: That was hilarious! :-)))))))))))))))))Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: gonna watch later. internet being stupid again. but HOME 2moro and i will hav good fast internet!! but i'll probz be playing on sims 3 coz im gonna buy it in the airport. and now im rambling. xxxxAvatar ImageShalanarah says: that was AWESOME!!!! i wanna play!!! btw, nicely done video!Avatar ImageKaraDawlish says: OMG! MtV is sooo annoying! They made us all sit outside in the puring nyc rain for 3 hours cheering on Q and all this and they used NONE of the footage! Failures! =/ we only got to see 15 min of quiditch ( which was amazing if u havent been to a game i highly reccomend going!) then we had to leave for PcLupinWillow before they played another game.Avatar ImageSorcha Loupvoix says: I am severely unimpressed that it won't allow me to watch the video. I think it looks pretty cool, but noooo "Sorry, we're unable to offer this video to users in your region." Pfft.Avatar Imageoldenoughtoknowbetter says: HaHa very well done... especially the surprise ending! Loved it!Avatar Imageyr.yasindu says: NICE!

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