Video: Emma Watson in Elle Magazine


Jun 29, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Actress Emma Watson is featured on the cover of the new issue of the UK edition of Elle. Thanks to the magazine, we can watch a behind the scenes making of video featuring a new interview with Emma seen via this link. We now have scans and large size photos from the article available here.

Related: A few days ago we post the interview with Emma in the Sunday Times; you can now see the scans here in our aux galleries. Emma has also been featured over the weekend in the Herald Sun, here.

34 Responses to Video: Emma Watson in Elle Magazine

Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: Awesome shes pretty good looking. Shes grown up a whole lot.Avatar ImageHydrus says: Holy moley! Can we say smokin' hot!Avatar ImageGraymayne says: She sounds a really nice young woman, I wish her well.Avatar ImageArithmanceer says: her fave designers are chanel and balenciaga, eh? i'm glad she's being honest... burberry might not like her answer too much :) Avatar ImagePollytomat says: I hope she won't stop acting after the University!!!! She is so talented!Avatar ImageHattFerg says: She is so pretty! She was on the cover of teen vouge, and the artical was so great! Avatar Imagebengtson_98 says: Yeah her top has to be photoshopped in because that is not what she was wearing.. if you look you can't even see and sign of a chest or waist... not right. I can't believe out of all the beautiful photos that chose to do that!Avatar Imagesaffran says: She is very pretty :)Avatar ImageErinM says: Miss Hottie Hottress in that blue skirt!! Lookin' good as always :)Avatar Imagehermione97 says: She is so gorgeous in that photoshoot! I like Emma very much. She is inspiring and frendly.Avatar Imagepenguin1124 says: I really liked the interviewAvatar ImageMatea says: I think it would be better for her to stay in England,but she's a smart girl.Avatar Imageele0206 says: lovely interview and pics!!!Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: really cool pics!!! Avatar ImageDolemite says: You go grrrrl!Avatar ImageDolemite says: You go grrrrl!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Emma sure has grown up!Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: THANK YOU FOR ADDING YOUR GALLERIES TO PHOTOBUCKET!!! Avatar Imagepotterrock says: cool videoo....she looks pretty :) iloveeemmawatsonn *o*Avatar ImageJCBack says: She looks great, awesome pictures. well done, EmmaAvatar ImageHermioneMoreThanJustBrains says: EMMA, YOU NEE DTO STOP BEING SO FREAKING GORGOUS! Aghhhjgjdguffhu. You're making it really hard for the rest of us.Avatar Imagebengtson_98 says: Beautiful Photos.. I don't like the cover much tho.. she looks really goofy, the silver shirt doesn't look right I dunno she looks boxy or something.. all the other ones are great tho!Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: She certainly has grown-up... and into such a beautiful young woman. Hope she continues acting after college. :)Avatar Imagecallicott3 says: beautiful girl...disapointed in the pics :(Avatar ImageRin68nyr says: Emma is so pretty, I don't like the ones with so much make-up. ErinAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: How is that someone can only continue to grow more beautiful in direct proportion to the number of photoshoots that she does?Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: She is amazingAvatar ImageKC Nox says: good interview and amazing pictures!Avatar Imagesimos says: Go Emma!Avatar Imagecghambright says: Gorgeous photoshoot! She looks amazing! You know you're awesome if you look good in EVERYTHING you wear. lol. That outfit on the cover is so weird, but she still looks gorgeous. Avatar Imagestuckinanhpmoment says: I love how the Sunday Times' photos make her look so timeless, almost vaguely vintage, like in the days of twiggy. And love love love her eyes in all three shoots. Her Elle photoshoot in general, I have to say not just pretty, but HOT (in a tasteful, "emma" way, of course)!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: aww, good for emma! :)Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: she is soooo gorgeous!!!Avatar ImageGTHunter says: nice pics/interview...why are you leaving?

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