Fandango: Over 1,000 Half-Blood Prince Showings Now Sold Out


Jul 13, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Internet movie ticket retailer Fandango sent us a press release that had a few eye opening statistics, including noting that now over 1,000 screenings of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince due to open tomorrow at midnight have now sold out. “Harry is tracking to match last year’s juggernaut, The Dark Knight, in
advance ticket sales,” says Rick Butler, Chief Operating Officer of
Fandango. “Showtimes are selling out at a very fast pace, and it’s
clear that the film’s wider blockbuster appeal, solid word-of-mouth and
positive Internet buzz on Half-Blood Prince are helping fuel the
demand.” The piece also points out that Half-Blood Prince is “one of the fastest-selling titles in Fandango’s nine year history, on
track to replace Twilight as the company’s third top-selling advance
ticketer (following Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and
The Dark Knight, occupying the #1 and #2 spots, respectively).”

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Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Woo! Go Harry Potter! I guess a lot of people are forgiving WB for the delay. Lol. I remember when people were like "Let's boycott!" XD Haha.Avatar ImageBritski says: Woot! That's right! Go Harry Potter! Avatar Imagelau399 says: wow....that's amazing!Avatar ImageLiderc says: I'm surprised to see Dark Knight at #1 in pre-sell outs. I bought my midnight tickets on the same day it came out and had no problem getting good seats. I bought my HBP tickets a month ago and all 8 of the 8 12:01 showings have been sold out since yesterday and they've added 5 more showings at 12:15 now. I think when it's all over HP will be in the top spot. Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Oh, and imagine when Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 come out - especially part two. It's going to be madness!Avatar Imagemariapotter says: Fantastic! A 98% on the tomato meter on rotten tomatoes, not that I give a damm about critics, but for others who are not as in the franchise, seeing that rating will help! Go Potter!! Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: Wow 1000 sold out? I hope the theater near me is not sold out.Avatar ImageJaneth says: I hope people keep on buying tickets, i wanna see HBP do even better!Avatar ImageJadeDanielle says: On of the local theaters is having about 5 showings at around midnight (12:01, 12:05, 12:10, et cetera) and the 12:01 has been sold out for ages, and I think the 12:05 is about to go as well! It's craziness....Avatar ImageAnna Luiza says: yeah I should have bought my ticket to the midnight showing way before, if only I knew there would be so much demand, cos people were talking about a boycot. But I guess nothing stops the fans once the movie is out. Anyways, I´m going july 15. They opened another showing, but it also sold out before I could buy it.Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: whoa that's crazy :D but. duh. lolAvatar Imagetwilightstinks2 says: and im one of them:)Avatar Imagetwilightstinks2 says: and im one of themAvatar Imagediablitaroja says: Cool. I'm glad I got my ticket in advance.Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: Wow, thank god I printed my tickets early!!! I don't know what I would've done. I'm going to the theater an hour early bc I know there will be tons of people waiting! 1000... wow. Shows how cool HP is :]Avatar ImageMugglejeff says: Tickets will be hard to get at the gate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageBwaySaint says: Rock it, Harry Potter!!!! :) Avatar Imagephoenixphire24 says: I bought my tickets last Monday and by Friday they were already sold out. Unfortunately a few of my friends didn't buy them soon enough and are now left out of the midnight festivities. Glad to see it's going to be a big opening. I was afraid 'Potter-Mania' had died down. Avatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: Eight of the 16 screens at my local theater are sold out already. Avatar ImageShinyPineapple says: that is exactly y i bought my tickets a week earlyAvatar ImagePaintTheSky says: I had one friend tell me she tried to buy tickets for a theater nearby that had 4 showings and they were all sold out within a few hours. Another told me that her closest 3 cinemas have 12 screens showing it and she just barely got them with only 1 screen not yet completely sold out. This is going to be madness!!Avatar Imagecghambright says: YAY!! GO POTTER!! I got my tickets today! I think my theater is one of the ones that are sold out. They're sold out for the first 2 days. ALL THE SHOWINGS! It's crazy!Avatar Imagecghambright says: Lmao at my above post! I got my tickets 2 WEEKS ago. Definitely not today. Avatar Imagegot2lovme says: wow that's so good to hear. All the theaters in my town are already sold out. So good thing i got my ticket early.Avatar Imagepotterversefan says: Glad I have my tickets!!Avatar Imagevioletpup says: Thats is where I bought my ticket from and I am so excited about tomarrow. The theatre here is doing 8 showings in a hour and 5 are sold out. I am getting there 2 hours early to get my popcorn in time.Avatar ImageAgustin says: Hi Guys! Nice story. I never thought HP6 was about to impose a record that way. Also I never thought the most selling movies were Star Wars and Batman. I'm impressed. I sincerely hope Harry defeats Twilight (Come on people: Please beat Twilight (Harry rules! )). I have read the Saga as well, but my loyalty remains to Harry (I never liked Twilight so much, though I'm waiting for New Moon :-) ). I will give you an interesting data: I'm writing from Quito, Ecuador, and in this city there are 4 major cinema complexes. There will be no midnight screening release (considering that there was a midnight release of OotP (It was fantastic!)), but there will be normal screenings through Wednesday the 15th. They have sold tickets in anticipation (I have mine already!) and as I have heard they have sold out everything for Wednesday the 15th as well. That's great, because it means that Harry will be a success here on Ecuador too. I hope you enjoyed the data Pickles Bye AgustinAvatar Imagethecoze88 says: Awww yeah...go HP!! Twilight doesn't have a chance now. Avatar Imagecghambright says: I'm scared now. lol. I don't want to get their too late because I need to get a good seat. Avatar Imagevioletpup says: No kidding I just looked at facebook. They are asking people if they are going to the midnight showing and they had 42,138 confirmed guests. It will be carzy!Avatar ImageLiderc says: The manager told me they'd be seating my room(the largest screen) at 10:00. I was disappointed lol, I definitely don't want to sit in their for 2 hours BEFORE I see the movie. Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: It's gonna be something...Avatar ImageCandyCane2304 says: Glad I got my ticket's 3 weeks ago. My theater is sold out too. I know of another that has 6 show's sold out at onnce too. I'm so excited that I don't know how I'm going to sleep tomorrow.Avatar ImageOuroboros says: And I have my tickets, got them online, and printed them out! I'm not messing around this year!Avatar Imagetina_als_girl says: My 20-screen AMC has 15 auditoriums for HBP at the moment; 7 of them are sold out. It'll be interesting to see if they have to open up more by tomorrow night. The only movie that has ever sold out all 20 screens at that theater was Star Wars: Episode III. That isn't possible for HBP since they have just refitted one of the auditoriums as a Faux!IMAX, so I don't know if they'll play HBP on that screen or not. So there could only be 19 screens for tomorrow night. Which means there's only 4 more that they could put it on. Very, very awesome.Avatar Imageariana_dumbledore says: I don't know if my theater is sold out or not, but I'm glad I bought my tickets early! :)Avatar Imagequeequeg says: YAY, this proves to the world that hp is not dead after the last book came out!!! Avatar Imagequeequeg says: YAY, this proves to the world that hp is not dead after the last book came out!!! Avatar Imagesirius17 says: this is why i love being a potter fanAvatar Imagecghambright says: I wonder what would be the best time to go? I wasn't planning on going until 11:30pm but I have a feeling that might be too late. Avatar Imageharrmione55 says: I have bought the ticket today for Wednesday showing here in Toronto, is there an advance showing. Anyway will watch it on Weds, then Saturday with my daughter and 2 grandchildren, then Sunday with my grandson. Harry Pottercholic :DDAvatar Imageques says: It looks like the theater I am going to is playing it in 9 theaters, and they might all be sold out. You can't buy any tickets online at all. I'm glad I bought two weeks ago.Avatar Imagesinwillys822 says: where i am going there is like 6 theatres that are playing at the same time, i hope i can get a good seat. i am glad i got my ticket in advance cause if the line is anything like last time the movie would have started before i got out of the line, and two fandango gives u a free itunes song if u get a ticket ahead of time. I can't wait, GO HBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageWolfyWizard says: I'm soo happy i got my tickets early, it would be devisating to try to get the tickets nowAvatar ImageReady for some quidditch says: The theater im going to there are 6 theaters showing HBP and the first four are sold out.Im glad i bought my tickets early. For Ootp i went 4 hours early and there were already a couple hundred people there, costumes and all.Avatar ImageJohn-Robert says: common harry potter. lets atleast beat twilight.Avatar Imagedeadtree says: that's awesome. I wish there was a midnight screening in my town D: Why couldn't they do one for Harry Potter when they could for Transformers?? Not cool!Avatar ImageSpitFyre says: Wow, that is a big deal! Go Harry Potter!!! Avatar Imagecghambright says: All 10 midnight showings are sold out at the theater Im going to. That's alot of people. Lol. Maybe I should camp out now. Avatar ImageFigment says: That is not surprising. If it is anything like Transformers 2, the theater I'm going to will have at least 4 sold out midnight showings and they will add more if there is enough interest.Avatar Imagebadger666 says: Awesome! Not surprising or anything, but yay. Glad I got my tickets in advance.Avatar ImageSnapesSilverDoe says: I'm off to see HBP on Tuesday soooo excitedAvatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: I swear I got my tickets like a month ago!!Avatar Imageemmajhane says: go HP!!! Beat Twilight ticket sales number one!!!Avatar Imageender650 says: Wow, that would be great if the midnight gross could break Dark Knights record. It looks like its selling well at Cineplex up here.Avatar ImageLexitheAuror says: Awesome! Hope it beats Twilights record! Avatar ImageLexitheAuror says: My dad took the 15th off work so he could sleep in afterwards. I'm seeing it with him, my younger sister, and my nephew. My nehew and I are the only ones who have read the book, the others are just movie fans.Avatar Imagekimmypotter says: i'm going to one!! so excited!! =]Avatar Imagejenge says: Wish I could go to a midnight release, as well. But they don't have them in or anywhere near my home town. :-(Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: *WOW!* I'm glad I preordered my tickets now lol! Good for HP especially about beating Twilight. Ha, ha! Not really surising thought is it? I mean HP is indescribingly *AMAZING!* And with all the good reviews and press it's got it's bound to generate interest! *:D* Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Of course they're sold out! I already have two advance tickets!Avatar ImagewiirenetLC says: I kind of feel bad I helped Dark Knight get the number one spot now lol.Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: wow!!! a lot!!Avatar Imagecghambright says: I hope it atleast beats STAR WARS. It would be AWESOME if it beat The Dark Knight. :DAvatar ImageAndreaB09 says: WOW! my mom isnt a nerd like me - she would never let me go to one of those :(. but ill see it on wednesday w/ my bff's!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Awesome! Harry Potter is the best series of movies ever created... so why wouldn't they sell out?! LOL :)Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: woo hoo, take that, dark knight! :)Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I got my tickets early, we had all but one theater sold out.

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