Half-Blood Prince Slips Domestically, Still Leads World Wide Box Office with 627 Million to Date


Jul 27, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Media reports were quick to trumpet the news that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince slipped to number two at domestic box office sales, with the new Disney film “G-Force” nabbing the top spot. Variety reports however that HBP continues to do remarkably well both domestic and notably on the international front as the industry magazine reports: “Half-Blood Prince” remained the worldwide leader, earning a magical
$84.4 million internationally for a total haul of $627.1 million.
That’s the top pace for the “Potter” franchise. Domestic gross was an
estimated $30 million from 4,325 runs.

The LA Times also points out that while HBP “declined 61%. 2007′s “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” which
also opened on a Wednesday in July, fell 57.8% on its second weekend. As
of Sunday, the total domestic gross for “Half-Blood Prince” was $221.8
million. Accounting for the 9% rise in ticket prices over the last two
years, that puts it about $5 million behind “Order of the Phoenix” at
the same point. The new movie does have one disadvantage,
however: It’s playing at only four Imax locations, whereas “Order of
the Phoenix” was at 91. The large-size screens carry higher ticket
prices and tend to lose business at a slow pace.” The newspaper also reminds us that this week, Half-Blood Prince will indeed be opening on 162 IMAX screens.

Finally the newspaper says that HBP “cost $250 million to produce and about $155 million to market
and distribute. Since studios keep about half of their films’ ticket
sales, Warner Bros. is likely to break even on the theatrical run of
“Half-Blood Prince” and profit handsomely on the DVD and in other

85 Responses to Half-Blood Prince Slips Domestically, Still Leads World Wide Box Office with 627 Million to Date

Avatar Imagesianletley says: its because we rushed out and seen it. hopefully goin 2 go again though Avatar Imagesupergirlinfrance says: WOW that is a lot of money ...Avatar ImageCarol Carvalho says: I was stunned when I saw it was second! C'mon... G-Force?!... I is pretty unbelievable! I guess I'm the only person around here who still have not seen the movie. :) Avatar ImageCrazedMuggle says: Umm, ticket prices didn't go up around here. Actually they went down...Avatar ImageThe Whomping Willow says: Until I saw Half Blood Prince, I hadn't even heard of 'G-Force'- I saw the trailer before the movie.Avatar Imagehorsepatronus64 says: well HBP gets a better rating on rotten tomatoes than any of the movies that beat it... Transformers and G-Force both got 20% and HBP has 86%Avatar Imagebella vita says: G-Force? Seriously? THAT out sold HBP last week? I do agree with the assessment that the lack of IMAX in most places until 2 weeks after the debut of HBP has/will hurt sales and clearly that's what happened last week. I went to the midnight screening, but I've been waiting for the IMAX3D version to open here before I go see it my second and third time. I know a lot of other people who are doing the same so it won't surprise me at all if HBP is back on top again after it opens in all IMAX theatres this week.Avatar Imagehepburn says: G Force!? It won't be my fault, I've already seen the movie 3 times! hehe! And I won't be seing G Force... =/ But I agree with you bella vita, I won't be surprise if HBP is back on top again this week.Avatar ImageGryffindor51 says: I think HBP will be number one again this weekend. Every HP fan I know (including me) went to see it opening night and then decided to wait till it came to IMAX to start seeing it again. I already have 4 IMAX viewing dates.Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: I also saw that OoP opened on regular and IMAX screens, whereas HBP will only open on IMAX afetr a week or so -- so expect another surge in HBP attendance when that happens.. G-Force? Meh.Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: Looks like postponing HBP's release really saved WB. If fans had not been so starved for the next installment, the numbers might have looked worse. As for losing to G-Force, not so surprising. The HP books were written for children, and the richness of look and tone of the corresponding films was a bit of a reassurance against the darker elements of the stories. But, since the latest installment of filmmakers has seen fit to overhaul the series and tailor it to suit them, some younger fans were no doubt left out of the equation. So, for them, guinea pigs might seem the safer option.Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: I cant believe G Force beat HBP. A kids movie! Wow that sucks.Avatar Imagecghambright says: WOW!!! 627 MILLION!!!! Already?! That's amazing!!! But people should NOT be surprised that a movie about crime-fighting talking Gerbils made so much money because Beverly Hills Chihuaha already proved that movies like that do well. And HBP hasn't even come out in Imax yet and it still made over 30 million this weekend. That's AWESOME!!! Go HP!! :DAvatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: Wow maybe is ould go into moive makeing buissnsiAvatar ImagePetra says: Wow, 627 millions, that's a lot of money.... Probably, I will go to watch HBP again, to make them more sucessful, hahahah... Hope that HBP, will be on the first place....Avatar Imagesirius17 says: I'm going to see it for the third time tonite!Avatar Imagegeminidreamatl29 says: ok seriously? a movie about secret agent hamsters or guinnie pigs over took harry potter?? really?? shows you americas taste in movies. Avatar Imagedoublecore says: Doesn't matter how much it makes in the second week. Lets see where g-force is next week HA HA.Avatar Imagehmrpotter says: I wish the media would stop making such a big deal out of nothing. The only reason the sales slumped this weekend is because most of us probably saw it once or twice opening week, and are now waiting for it to be released in IMAX before we go see it again!Avatar ImageOldZeke says: I find the production figure of for Half-Blood Prince $250M very high as Order of the Phoenix was $150M to produce. Where did they put all those $$$$$$. It certainly was not in making a good Harry Potter movie. Sorry to say that Half-Blood Prince was just awful. In a word disappointing. I gave it a "D for dreadful".Avatar Imagejustanargle says: G - force... a film about guinea pig spies? i'm half laughing half freaked out. :PAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: WB is not starving...Avatar ImageCallawayMADness says: Ugh! Of course the media would be the first to announce HBP's slip. All they care about is the negative :(. Anyway, 627 million is a TON of money! I'm definitely going to see it in IMAX, even though I've already seen it twice ;). CAN'T WAIT!!!Avatar ImageDARKIRONPOTTER says: I love being a trade analyst: Half Blood Prince will end its worldwide run with about $946m, G-Force about $200m-$300m. Domestically, HP6 will end at $295m, G-Force $190m-$250m. I wonder which is better....? lolAvatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Gonna see it again soon. :) sadly I have the cheapest mum in the world and my dad is just as cheap.Avatar ImagePhylis says: I know of some people who are waiting for it to come to the Imax theatres and with that delayed, I'm sure it affected the sales last week. Of course I'm going again next week while on vacation. *grin* Gotta see it again!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Also G-Force sucks!! I haven't seen it but the acting and voicing is terrible.Avatar Imagecghambright says: VOTE FOR THE TRIO: http://www.theimproper.com/Template_Article.aspx?IssueId=16&ArticleId=3743Avatar ImageParkinsonpansy says: G-force looks like the stupidest movie ever i mean really what a total waste of $32 million. I don't understand why anyone one would want to see that. i guess i need to see hbp again. :)Avatar Imagepipkin3 says: Come on you Americans! Get HBP back into the topslot (G Force is opening this week in the UK too, but I think we have the sense to see HBP instead.)Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Whe you think that their outlay was 405 Million, it's a good thing we are enthusiastic - especially for the DVD's which I can't wait for!! I want them to make a good profit so they don't skimp on the last two!!Avatar ImageLiderc says: I have a hard time believing that they're just going to "break even" with the profits from HBP release. Studios don't do movies to "break even", they make movies to make money. Avatar Imageasne says: i saw HBP two times already and intend to go again. :))Avatar ImageMirwren says: What most people should be caring about is that in ten years time, the movies are going to have to be remade because the director of the last 4 of the movies can't stick to the books. Artistic license is one thing, but clearly the director has not read the entire story book by book. Half Blood Prince was disappointing. In the first 5 chapters alone there was so very much left out. In the books, there are things that are "mentioned" which matter a great deal later on. Yates decided many things did not matter. The thought of what he's going to "invent" in Deathly Hallows makes me sick. You know, it isn't as if he did not have a great story and plot written for him already. It was the books people fell in love with. The movies should stick to them.Avatar ImageAelaeras says: HBP is still always going to be in the lead, its just that goodAvatar Imagejessi09 says: Who cares Harry Potter is still way better than G force.Avatar ImageMugglejeff says: thats a lot of money.Avatar Imagejediofthelost says: Come on G-Force is a brand-new movie that people want to watch it.Avatar Imagebudgie says: Actually, G-force is a cute movie, and sufficiently upbeat for someone just wanting escape and a good laugh. HBP is darker and more thoughtful, but I agree with some of the posts that the newer HP movies are leaving out much of the fullness of experience of the books.Avatar Image[email protected] says: I've seen HBP twice now, and am seeing it again next week with my sister. I did think the trailer for G-Force looked amusing, but there's no way it will take more than HBP in total ticket sales. Although I am now more impatient for the DVD release! I want to be able to watch it as often as I like!Avatar Image[email protected] says: I've seen HBP twice now, and am seeing it again next week with my sister. I did think the trailer for G-Force looked amusing, but there's no way it will take more than HBP in total ticket sales. Although I am now more impatient for the DVD release! I want to be able to watch it as often as I like!Avatar ImageCandyCane2304 says: Seen it 3 times alreaady and now I'm wating to Aug 2nd to see it at I-max. Plan on seeing it many times after that too. Avatar ImageFonty says: Greater drop-off in the 2nd week than I expected. The IMAX is clearly missing, so next weekend might not see another strong drop-off, because people may want to see it again in IMAX. I would, but I can´t go too Berlin or London. :) I´ve seen it twice so far, want to see it more, but the English version isn´t showing anymore, I must wait until September, when it comes to my city. Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: $627 million. Wow!Avatar Imagenandybared says: kidding?? C'mon! How can people compare guinea pigs with Harry Potter!!!!Avatar Imagesunlitdays says: omg. are you freaking serious ppl. a stupid movie about gerbils who are heros? I THINK IM GONNA GO THROW UP!!!!!!!! GO SEE THE MOVIE AGAIN! HELP PROMOTE OUR MOVIE!!!!! ....and just another thing to consider, i dont think it has been released in all countries yet. i Greece has to wait until the end of august.Avatar Imagehp52fan says: I thought the HBP was not as good as the book. I think the delay in the opening did hurt it a little. I always thought the first 2 movies were the best. I am not crazy about the director. The last movie was the worst of the lot and even though this movie was good I still felt it was missing something. I hope the last two are better than thisAvatar ImageHorcruxalej says: i wonder if it will hit a billion?? Avatar Imagephoenixes are in ravenclaw says: That's cause everyone went the first week!!Avatar ImageMorgana_Black says: kids movies are always top of the box office because you usually have to buy at least 3 or more tickets per group...parents+kids etc...but you are right gryffindor...its poppy cock!!Avatar Imagebonniewrightfan says: ok soo are u joking?? we as fans must make it again to the number one spot!!! we can do it!!! im gonna go and watch it again and again and again:)Avatar ImageSquibmeister says: G-Force will feel like an abandoned Orphan next week as its ticket sales fall into an Ice Age, slipping below HBP, and that's the Ugly Truth. Ain't it Funny, People?Avatar Imagedingy0413 says: I've seen it 3 times already. 3rd time I went there was a family of about 5 going to see the G-Force movie. I agree with Morgana_Black where it's families going with lots of kids to boost ticket sales. BUT, bring on the IMAX! I'm ready for HBP to be on top again.Avatar Imagedingy0413 says: LOL, squibmeister. Good one.Avatar ImageR-for-H says: I have only seen it once so far but am going tomorrow and maybe another possible two times... I think it shall be a long buring this one... It has done so well already!Avatar Imagehallowgirl says: How did G-Force beat it? But then, I haven't actually seen it- but HBP is so good! Avatar Imagewatchmen_roadkiller says: ew, i can't believe G-force had top ticket sales. i mean, seriously, the movie has NOTHING. no good camera shots, no insane CGI effects, NOTHING. i don't see how this is possible. this is like when beverly hills chihuahuas had top sales. its ridiculous how society's collective intelligence is steadily going down...Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: wow... that is a LOT of money! but its giving other people jobs so thats good :)Avatar ImageMera004 says: It's sad that G-Force beat HBP this weekend, but at least it was only the one weekend. The overall total for HBP's box office will surely beat G-Force in the end. Come on guys, let's all go watch HBP many more times! :D I'm going to watch it in IMAX on Friday! So excited! Also I just want to add: I work at the Disney Store and have to watch/listen to the trailer for G-force like 50 times every time I work, and let me tell you: It definitely looks like one of the stupidest movies ever. I'm sorry for anyone who actually wants to see it. I love Disney and all, but I don't know WHAT they were thinking when they created that film. *shakes head sadly* Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: $627 million is awesome!! Well they got some money from me during the past weekend since I went to go see it for the second time... so I did my part to help the movie. :)Avatar ImageGTHunter says: G-force, that flick about mfing hamsters beat HBP... WTF???Avatar ImageAndreaB09 says: Whoopie! Im .1% of that 627 million. I helped! I feel very acomplishedAvatar ImageAwakened says: I have to admit I'm really disappointed G-Force took the lead. :/Avatar ImageBwaySaint says: It's so odd that G-Force did so well - the critics PANNED G-Force and raved about HBP.... I still plan on seeing it at least once more in the theatre and definitely seeing it in IMAX.Avatar ImageGinaC says: Meh, no sympathy here for WB. They're the ones who caused the IMAX delay with their little stunt last fall. It's too bad for the Potter franchise, but they just teased it for way too long and infuriated too many fans with the delay. Oh well, I do agree it'll likely be back on top next week once everyone's ready to catch it in IMAX. Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: i really couldn't believe it that Gforce beat HBP this past weekend, hopefully with the imax releases things will pick up again! Avatar ImageNuttyAsSP says: "Domestically"? To me, 'domestic' would be in the UK for the Harry Potter series, not US. Now I need to find go find the punch bowl to drop the t##d in. :) And yes I did go see HBP, and I took my two daughters. And no I will not go to see it again. At least it was better than OOTP. Call me a weirdo but I thought Tom Felton and Helena Carter were the best, and there is still something about Daniel that in the far corners in my mind says 'he's an actor'; not the complete suspension of disbelief. Another brown one in the proverbial bowl. Please do not assume that I disliked the books, I LOVED the books, I am in the process of reading all seven to my son, the youngest, and with voices for most characters except the three (too hard on the voice otherwise).Avatar ImageWingardium Leviosa says: G-Force, the guinea pig action movie, is beating Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? Is this possible? But 627 million is a lot of money, and HBP will always beat guinea pigs in my book. :-)Avatar ImageMiss Freewind says: I have to admit that I am quite surprised that G-Force has taken the #1 spot, let alone beat HBP. I had never even heard of this movie until a couple days before it was released. I just find this very strange because no one, and I mean absolutely no one, I know has or wants to see this movie. I have three sibling that are 9 years old or younger and none of them have any interest in see this movie so I don't understand what group is making this movie so popular. I am just completely baffled about this, especially so considering all the other choices in movies people have.Avatar Imagechanman says: i loved half-blood prince but the end was a bit dumbed down... Avatar Imagechanman says: G-Force? I don't know anyone who wants to/will go and see it Avatar Imageacciolumos says: gforce tickets are goimng to run at least $2-$3 more per ticket due to the 3D factor.Avatar Imagedeadtree says: I'm surprised attendance dropped that much, but that seems to be the trend these days-- the same thing has happened with a number of blockbusters recently. Hopefully things will pick up with the IMAX release, but it seems to me like WB is going to do a lot better than just break even with ticket sales. Avatar Imageminishiva says: I cant believe G-Force really?!!Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: HBP rules. G-Force drools.Avatar Imagelaizeohbeets says: I find it ironic that, after all the advertising money they spent, G-Force only made *just $2.2 million* more domestically in its opening weekend than Harry Potter made in its second. Yes, only $2.2mil, which isn't a lot as tickets go.Avatar Imageshellybasson says: How could farting, FBI-agent HAMSTERS (guinea-pigs, whatever!) beat Half-Blood Prince? There is something rotten in the state of Denmark!!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Lets see how much G Force brings in next week...Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Hmm I hadnt heard of G-Force until I read this article. Why is the media always quick to report what they consider to be a failing? Like, they were quick to report HBP slips domestically. I guess a movie cant stay at the top all the time. And, HBP made a *huge* amount of money in its opening week. But wow ... it took $155 million to market HBP :o I had no idea so much money is involved in movie marketing.Avatar Imagerockpaper says: I'm not too worried about HBP slipping to #2. OOtP slipped to number 2 on its second weekend. It was beaten by I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and it also had a big drop in its second weekend (58%). Thanks to a huge opening day, HBP is still ahead by 13 million or so. Hopefully, IMAX will give the sales a boost. About breaking even.... If it cost 405 million to make HBP and the film studio recoups about 50% of it... HBP would need to make around 810 million to break even?? I think HBP will make at least 900 million so I think it will make a profit even before DVD sales. Avatar ImageTommy K says: hehe maybe i'll watch G-Force :]Avatar ImageTommy K says: but still,, HBP is always number one hahaAvatar ImageBrosia23 says: This mad me sad when I first saw it. How could that s**t movie out rank my Harry? I was told that it might be an unadjusted gross total that includes the cost of the glasses needed for the 3D experience.Avatar Imagehedwigsrevenge says: I can't believe that stupid guinea pig movie beat HBP. I have seen it twice already, and am going back tomorrow! I am doing my part to take those guinea pigs down!Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: A lot of money ..... hope it get's back to 1st! :) It's still doing well though!

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