Registration for Infinitus 2010 Now Open


Aug 25, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Attention Harry Potter fans! Registration is now open for Infinitus 2010, a Harry Potter symposium taking place next year in Orlando, Florida July 15-18th. If you act quickly you can take advantage of the early bird price of $165.00 (USD) which includes include two meals, access to the Ball and all formal programming except for the Keynote luncheons. This price is only good until September 7th, when they will rise to $180.00. To register and for more information, click here.

Infinitus 2010 is taking place at Universal Orlando, the site of the upcoming Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and will also be the location of LeakyCon 2011.

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Avatar Imagesp00kym00ny says: Oh my god, I hope I can go!!!!!! Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: *Sigh* I wish I could go sooooo badly however, I live in the UK, I'm 15 and my only source of income is a paperound! See my problem?! :'( I'm sooooooo jealous of those how can go. Maybe one day I'll be able to go to something like this. :D Again sigh!Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: awesum :) 2nd!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Florida sure is getting a lot of mileage out of HP!Avatar Imagecellitomato says: ♥Emerald Green Eyes♥ I sympathise with you! i live in the uk.. lurrvee harry potter but can't gooo! never mind...Avatar Imagelinnie95 says: I am soo there!!Avatar Imagelinnie95 says: I am soo there!!Avatar ImageMellzey72 says: I'm going!Avatar Imagelinnie95 says: I am soo there!!Avatar ImageBookworm Jen says: I would have loved to go to this, but it just isn't in the budget. I am, however, saving up for LeakyCon 2011!Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: I am going to try to make plans to go! I hope I can make it! :)Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I wish I could attend but am saving my money in the context of a tight budget to attend LeakyCon in two years! I hope everyone who does register has a fabulous time.Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: Wow, Orlando is going to be HP Central next year, huh?Avatar ImageKatetheKeeper says: Oh my God, I can't wait! I've been saving for this FOREVER. Woot! Can't wait to finally meet people IRL!!!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Aww I really wish I could go. Its too expensive for me though. I doubt I will have enough to go to Orlando for the theme park. My mum probably isn't trying to let me go. She doesn't realise how much I want this.Avatar Imageplacebowiz says: nice!Avatar ImageBad-Muggle says: Orlando eh? Maybe I can get some time of and actually got to one of these things. Avatar ImageGiant Fairy says: OOps, being HP-addicted is pretty expensive. Have a good time there, folksAvatar Imagealpaca-girl says: Oh I wish I could go! I'm 15 and I live across the country (Washington State)... And there is NO way in the world my parents would let me travel that far..... :o(Avatar Imagethundermountain7 says: I'll be 14 july 20 it is not fairAvatar Imagethundermountain7 says: I'll be 14 july 20 it is not fairAvatar ImageMalfoyluva says: Can't go! :-( probably wont be able 2 go to leakycon either :-(Avatar ImageKatetheKeeper says: @thundermountain7: I'm pretty sure they're having a kids track this year for 5-13 year olds. I think it was on the FAQ page ...Avatar Imagestella8h8chang says: Registered before I saw it here! ^_^ **is still on a massive high and can't quite believe she's finally going to America**Avatar ImageAstoria.Greengrass says: I am so happy cause i live so far away from orlando!!! yet my sis needs to go there and i am coming with!!!Avatar Imagetonksgirl says: omggg sounds so awesome i really wish i could go but money is really scarce right now, im actually saving up for LeakyCon 2011!! anyway hope everyone who goes has a blast :DAvatar ImageHeartbreakDX says: AHHHH I WISH I COULD GO! I already know i won't be able to! :( All of you guys who go have a great time!Avatar ImageRowling Stones says: wish i could goAvatar ImageBritski says: I'm taking a Harry Potter course at college this year, so I think I can get the same experience through that. I hope everyone has fun though!Avatar Imagekyramp says: I wish i could go but i don't have enough. Avatar Imagekyramp says: I wish i could go but i don't have enough. Avatar ImageTonks_charms says: I registred yesterday! I'm soooo excited! Avatar ImageMorgaine of Avalon says: I would give up my first born to go...*sigh* maybe next time.Avatar Imagesgreeter8888 says: Do you have to register at the link to actually find out what kind of activities are going to take place at the symposium? Avatar ImageAudreyLouiseLovegood says: oh well, it's worth it to see all of you!!!Avatar ImageAudreyLouiseLovegood says: I think i'm coming!!!!!Avatar ImageAudreyLouiseLovegood says: the resort looks a bit expensive though...Avatar Imageaj_ellybean says: Man, the theme park is supposed to open next year, and now this! I NEED to start planning a trip to Florida.Avatar ImageFloridianFlounder95 says: I wanna!!! :D :D :D!!! I'm saving up! :)Avatar Imagebecmajec says: i would really love to go to a conference some day. Avatar ImageFifi says: It's great but I live in Ireland and I'm too young to go.Avatar Imagenevertickleasleepingdragon says: OMG I really really hope I can go!!!! Avatar ImagePatrykos says: I wanna come but now my english is low :( This is my first post and day in this page.Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: COOL!! Avatar ImageMikaMaxwell says: How I wish I could go! But all my money is being saved to get me to the opening days of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Orlaaaando, here we come!Avatar Imagemjkalldaway says: wish i could go but probably not...Avatar ImageAsta says: i hope get to go there!!!!Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: ;[ StarKid Potter is supposed to preform there!! I CANT GO!!!Avatar ImageHGROSS44 says: Just a prelude to the big one in 11 wis i could goAvatar Imagedcsbelle says: Woo hoo! I registered today and I am so there!Avatar Imagesiriusismyhero says: I am going to do my utmost to go. But I would rather be at LeakyCon tbh.Avatar ImageHufflepuffLupin says: What is Infinitus like? Its my first time im considering going :)Avatar ImageHufflepuffLupin says: What is Infinitus like? Its my first time im considering going :)Avatar ImageHufflepuffLupin says: What is Infinitus like? I would really love to go but i don't know if it is worth it, i don't want to show up and it be some fat old men in robes! hahah could anyone tell me about it?

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