Back to School Edition of the Quibbler Now Published


Aug 27, 2009

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Gotta get back to Hogwarts… for it is that time of the year once again, and our own Quibbler is getting into the back to school spirit with their latest edition. Filled with “all the news you won’t find anywhere else,” Leaky’s Quibbler publication is packed with what all young wizards and witches and their parents should know for the upcoming school year. Our September issue also contains the latest on Ministry raids, rubber duck hatched dragon eggs, and cursed quills, along with such standards as Aberforth’s Page Three Girl, Where’s Gilderoy, and Letters from Luna. All this and so much more is contained in the latest issue of The Quibbler, which can be viewed via PDF format right here, or downloaded in a zip file.

Thanks, as always, go out to our most creative team behind The Quibbler: DorisTLC, Dragonsinger, Dreamteam, Evreka, Harry›s Horntail, Iheartprofessorsnape, Janemarple9, Lirene, Rudius Hagrid, SeverineSnape, SnapesSister, and wordsaremagic. This issue›s guest contributors include Austin Blanton, Alan MacHugh, and Clare Fogarty. If you would like your contribution to be considered for publication, send it to [email protected] You can also join in on The Quibbler discussion over on our Leaky Lounge forums, and check out all previously published issues right here.

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