Location Filming Fees for Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows to Benefit Children’s Hospice


Sep 14, 2009

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The BBC is reporting today that money spent in making of the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will help benefit a children’s Hospice in the UK. As readers will recall, last week location filming for the Seven Potters scene took place in Liverpool, England at a place called Queensway Tunnel. As standard in film making, Warner Bros paid for the use of the tunnel, this time to a company called Merseytravel. In turn the company is donating £20,000 (UK pounds) to Claire House hospice.

“Councillor Mark Dowd, chair of Merseytravel which owns and operates
the two Mersey Tunnels, said he was delighted Claire House would
“benefit from such an iconic children’s character as Harry Potter”.Claire
House caters for children and young people aged from birth to 23 years
of age who are suffering from a life-limiting or life threatening

Neil Scales, chief executive of Merseytravel, said:
“We arranged for the filming to coincide with the closure of the
Queensway Tunnel for routine maintenance. He said there was
confidentiality clause to prevent discussion of filming, but Harry
Potter had “weaved his magic for Claire House”.

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