Harry Potter Collector’s Edition DVDs Update; New Harry Potter DVD Game, New iPhone App Coming November


Sep 17, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

More big news today regarding Harry Potter DVDs. In addition to the confirmed release date of December 8th for the Half-Blood Prince DVD from earlier today, we now can also confirm our earlier report that the first two collector’s editions DVDs will also be released on December 8th. Video Business reports:

“Ultimate Editions of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,
priced at $39.92 on DVD and $49.99 on Blu-ray, will each include five
hours of special features, theatrical and extended versions of the
film, a 48-page photo book and other collectibles. Among the special features will be screen tests, new featurettes with
the cast and filmmakers and the first two one-hour installments of a
new comprehensive documentary about the making of the movie franchise.
Called Creating the World of Harry Potter, the eight-hour documentary will have one hour on each Ultimate Edition. Sorcerer’s Stone will contain Creating the World of Harry Potter Part 1: The Magic Begins and Chamber of Secrets will have Part 2: Characters.”

UPDATE: Home Media Magazine also points out: “Both DVD and Blu-ray offerings of the ultimate editions will include
digital copies, and the Blu-ray versions will include In-Movie
Experience modes with director Chris Columbus, which includes
picture-in-picture, storyboard comparisons and still galleries, as well
as Warner’s Maximum Movie Mode option.”

In addition,two new products will be released. Another brand new Harry Potter DVD game will be available in December, as is a second iPhone application (the free HBP one is already released). Quotage:

“The new DVD game, Harry Potter: Wizarding World, will be priced at $24.98 and allow fans to test their potion-making, spell-casting and apparition skills.Warner’s Harry Potter Spells iPhone app, which will be on
sale at iTunes in November, will turn an iPhone or iPod Touch into a
wand, allowing fans to train for 13 spells at Hogwarts and challenge
friends to a duel.”

Thanks so much James!

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Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: This is amazing. An eight hour documentary!! And five hours of special features! This is something that is worthy its money. Especially since i do not own a single HP DVD. I may get those three. Lol, what's with the apparition? Sounds very interesting. Avatar ImageKatetheKeeper says: Awesome, can't wait for the app!Avatar ImageLilleby says: YAY!!! Can't wait (but I want more than five hours). (:Avatar Imagemuggle118 says: how cool cant wait **adds to christmas list**Avatar Imageizziewitch says: That "creating the world" sounds familiar, as if we've already seen those two. But I can't remember where!Avatar Imagehermionenluna says: awespome!!! want that appAvatar ImageHBPFan says: Sounds really good!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: there is so much cool stuff happening in the hp world... i love it!! Avatar ImagePadfootLover4ever says: Putting that on to my Christmas list. Wow it seems like this Christmas I'll be getting a tobn of HP stuff :)Avatar ImageKissa says: Good thing I'm finally getting my iPhone in Oct/Nov, cus I totally want the app that means I can pretend it's a wand! xDAvatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: i cant wait to get the DVDs. im getting all 3 at once. HBP and these 2. all on the same day, yay!!Avatar ImageFonty says: Finally, it seems, we get loads of Bonus Features - I am looking forward to it - it will cost some money. :) But "new" interviews will be most interesting, the actors et al. looking back on the Franchise so far! WB will surely treat the remaining 6 movies the same way and probably release them in the next couple of years. :) Then in 2012 we get the supreme ruler of the universe box set with everything already released re-released and even more. Yay. :-) Hopefully, one day, there will also be the Trio Audio/Video Commentary Edition where we can watch Dan, Emma and Rupert talking continuously for hours about the movies. :) Avatar Imageno1hpfan says: hmmm.... sound good but it also sounds like there will eventually be a box set that i will buy when that is out with all collectors edditionsAvatar ImageNick_DK says: Anyone know if they will get a UK release yet I cant find any datesAvatar Imageaquilus says: I am getting that App! :)))Avatar Imagemovielover134 says: This is amazing!! Will Definatly get HBP 2disk the day it comes out, and hopefully the ultimate collectors editions for christmas.Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Lots of new DVDs for when the weather gets cold!Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Oh yeah - I want the app too!Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: OMG! All the bonus features.... this is what I have been waiting for all along! YAY! :)Avatar Imageplacebowiz says: oh yeah!Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: Must...buy...blu-ray...player...Must...buy...blu-ray...player....!!!!!Avatar Imagebookgirl3000 says: i so want that app!Avatar Imagemjkalldaway says: i like that app it sounds cool. The games are cool too but the DVDs are just a bit expensive for me :)Avatar Imagebudb says: Great, surprised, but great! I want to see the extended versions. Hm, so, "ultimate versions" of PoA and GoF in mid 2010, followed by the release of DH 1; OotP and HBP ultimate versions for holidays in 2010, dvd of DH 1 a few months later, and then DH 2 released?Avatar ImageBlatcher914 says: As if I could be any more torn about waiting for the ultimate 8 movies edition, or going for the instant gratification of buying SS and CoS now, I find out about more bonus features! What to do?Avatar ImageThe Hufflepuff Giraffe says: It is going to be so hard not to get the Collector's Edition. I really want to wait until all eight of them are out, but I don't know anyone who'll buy them so I can borrow in the meantime! Very, very exciting, though. :DAvatar ImageRodiniusBlack says: Argh! I need to buy an iPhone or something. I want it :DAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I will definitely look into buying all of this stuff upon its release! I would love to own these collector's editions!Avatar Imagecghambright says: IM SO EXCITED!!!! I can't wait to buy these and all the new special features sound amazing! The fact that they're coming out on the same day as the HBP dvd is so full of win!! I will be having a Harry Potter marathon that day!! SO EXCITING!!Avatar ImageGoddessOfSlytherin says: SOUNDS GREAT!Avatar ImageFresca says: The boxed set sounds very interesting. The extras might change my mind about wiating for all the DVD's to come out!Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: this looks awesome! and i'm defs getting that app! Are those release dates for round the world?Avatar Imagewiltabone says: NICEAvatar ImageCandyCane2304 says: Getting all Blu-Ray version's on the 8th. Getting a Blu-Ray player just for the ocasion.Avatar Imagemewthree says: a reason to buy a new phone to watch HP on the move.Avatar Imageinfernumflame says: The extended editions sound great! Just wonder how much longer the movies will be. If the extended stuff isn't all that long, I don't think I'll bother, but if it winds up being like the Lord of the Rings extended editions, I'm in.Avatar Imagealegria35 says: The iphone application sounds like F.U.N.. :) Avatar ImageHogwartsmallville says: Everything seems amazing!!! can't wait but I'll be waiting for de REALLY ULTIMATE collector's edition with all 8 films in one set hoping for commentaries and really new extended films, even tho I have each film's dvd... Also I don't think here in Mexico they will release these first "Ultimate Editions" My question is why there is a HBP picture on the CoS booklet? I think that's a mistake or something, the one in PS seems from the right film... well whatever...Avatar ImageJamesotherson says: I'm definitly gett ing all three. SS & COS on U.E. on Blu-Ray, and HBP on 2disc special edition. no point in gett ing HBP Blu-Ray when I'll eventully get the U.E. of it in Blu-Ray. Can't wait. BTW anyone realise thatthere is an 8 part documentary and will be 8 movies, meaning eventually the U.E. will be available in all eight films. Awesome.Avatar ImageJananae says: An eight-hour documentary?! I hate you, WB! You keep tempting me to buy all these re-releases before an all-encompassing boxset comes out.Avatar ImageBellamont says: I want those DVDs...0.0Avatar Imagedeadtree says: wow, these aren't as expensive as I was expecting. But... I just finally got the collector's editions a couple months ago >< How many copies do I need...? I'm sure I'll get these too, who am I kidding? :PAvatar Image-MischiefManaged- says: Mmmkay, looks like I'm going to have to buy these on Bluray even though I don't have a Bluray player yet.. That'll be a good excuse to visit someone who has a Bluray player and the works. I'm not buying these on DVD if the DVD releases contain something less than the Bluray versions. Though I will definitely buy the regular 2-disk or 3-disk HBP on DVD and wait for the EE of HBP to come out before buying it on Bluray.Avatar Imagewing says: good newsAvatar Imagewing says: good newsAvatar Imagewing says: good newsAvatar Imagewing says: good newsAvatar Imagewing says: good newsAvatar ImageLeeann says: My gosh! It's all coming at us at once! Avatar ImageLilleby says: I seriously hope that Peeves' scene is on the PS extended version. I reeeeally want to see Rik Mayall in Harry Potter(:Avatar Imagebettb says: Yippee, another HP toy for my iPhone! And some features that will really make those DVDs worthwhile (maybe then I can stop whining about the truncated versions of the films on the original DVDs). Christmas list, here I come ~~Avatar Imagehereward says: Good news for the HP world, but there still seems to be things missing in these sets, as other people have said, where are the commentaries? And I second Lilleby in hoping that WB will some day let us see Rik Mayall as Peeves. Maybe this is all for the 7-Film-Definitive-Ultimate-Sapphire-Gold Plated-Edition which we will all be shelling out AGAIN for. Avatar Imagewiltabone says: Excellent ... first :)Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I'll get the "regular" DVD in December, and wait till the ULTIMATE, ULTIMATE collectors set comes out after DH2 has been released, before I buy any more "ultimate" sets......Avatar ImageProsophules says: Are they ever going to put the Peeves scene from SS/PS on the dvd's?Avatar ImageWant to be a Weasley says: Can't wait, gotta have this!!Avatar Imagehpismyworld321 says: i am totally getting both those Apps!! i didnt know they had a HP one! :) i cant wait for the Ultimate DVDs!! Avatar Imageluna.quibbler says: i am soooooooooooooooo getting that!!!! anyone know the UK release date??Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: I want it. Is it available in UK?Avatar Imageaxlgirl says: WOOO-HOOO!! Can't wait! =DAvatar ImagePaintTheSky says: So 8 hours with 1 hour on each edition...does this mean they're releasing DH as 2 separate movies on DVD?Avatar Imagesairah says: this is definately going on MY Christmas list to santa!!!Avatar ImageCatherine says: awesome app!Avatar Imageazna70 says: Great Stuff,but id have to stap my phone to my wrist..Wouldnt want any nasty accidents !.Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: awesum :) but my mum won't let me buy the ultimate collectors one because we already hav them on dvd. <> parents just dont get it :PAvatar Imageharrypotter1991 says: I love these pictures and the artwork on these Ultimate Edition DVD's! These are so awesome!Avatar ImageHGROSS44 says: More Christmas gifts nice.Avatar ImageJessLovesRon says: great now i have to get an iPhoneAvatar ImageXyra44 says: I love the idea of having both the theatrical and extended versions in one place and a digital version too. Avatar Imagegemini_black says: Sounds great? That sounds awesome!!

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