Early Concept Art of Diagon Alley, Chamber of Secrets and The Burrow


Sep 26, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

With the news of the Ultimate Collector’s editions of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets due out on December 8th, readers will note we will be seeing some rare artwork and more for the films included as part of these sets. As such, it is worth another look to check out artwork by acclaimed artist David Edward Bryd, who drew some early concept art for the first three Harry Potter films. Noteworthy are these sketches of Diagon Alley here and here for CoS, a popular scene of the decorated Great Hall of Hogwarts for Christmas, the Whomping Willow, the Burrow, and Dobby. This editor fully admits she is partial to the ‘Luscious Libations and Scrumptious Sustenance’ of THE LEAKY CAULDRON ;)

Other artwork include this of the Knightbus, the Werewolf in PoA, the Shrieking Shack, Buckbeak, and Harry. Be sure to check out the official website of Mr. Bryd and all his fantastic work on Potter and more here at this link.

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Avatar ImageRin68nyr says: That's really neat! First! ErinAvatar Imagealicia00 says: the pics. r really good ! ! ! Avatar ImageMrs.Brisby says: Another reason why I must have these editions! I love these. The concept art of Lupin!wolf looks better than the way he turned out looking in the film. Avatar Imagebookgirl3000 says: cool! Avatar Imagelilginnythatlostherjumper says: those are really cool i especially love Diagon alley and LupinAvatar Imagealpaca-girl says: great pictures!!! :o)Avatar Imagemuggle118 says: those are really coolAvatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: those are abosultly amazing!!!Avatar ImageFishingForGhoti says: The Leaky Cauldron sign serves a mysterious "Daigon Alley." I wonder where that is...Avatar Imageizziewitch says: Dobby looks exactly the way he does in the film!!Avatar Imageharrypotter1991 says: These pictures are awesome! Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Awesome pics! :)Avatar Imagepinkmoosely says: Amazing, this is the kind of quirky detail that us HP fans have come to expect from the books and its great to see nice things like this emerge from the films. I love these pics :) (and I bet Frac does too)Avatar ImageReszalia says: Cool pictures!Avatar ImageCatherine says: wow those are amazing pictures!Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: aww! these are so awesome! :DAvatar ImageLuce_depp says: that's really cool! That werewolf looks way cooler than the movie one...although david thewlis is pretty awesome hahaha i love the fact that they have lupin dressed in very typical wizard robes with moons on them...awesomeAvatar ImageLisbry says: I love the art, the pictures are awesome! I especially liked the Werewolf one, a much more suitable portrait of Lupin in wolf form than the one in the movie. Avatar ImageLisbry says: I love the art, the pictures are awesome! I especially liked the Werewolf one, a much more suitable portrait of Lupin in wolf form than the one in the movie. Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: they are all so beautiful. i can draw, but nowhere near as well as this. :D its cool.Avatar Imageoddbit says: I am so glad he is being permitted to display his concept art for Warner Brothers on his website. I look forward to being able to purchase the Harry Potter concept art. I would hope that in addition to the new dvd editions they will also publish art books like Star Wars did. I love seeing the concept art and design behind films.Avatar ImageShinyPineapple says: those are amazing! i wish i could print them out and colour them!!! hahaha im such a dork!Avatar ImageWingardium Leviosa says: Wow, that is some really excellent art!Avatar ImageHermioneWwannabe says: you can totally tell that they used those drawings for the movies! Awesome :)Avatar ImagePaintTheSky says: the concept art is nice, but not what I'm used to seeing. Much of it looks like chapter illustrations you might see Grand Pre do up.Avatar ImageBlatcher914 says: Wow this is fantastic and of course Leaky is his favorite :)Avatar Imageethelnorthbrook says: these are utterly beautifulAvatar Imagepotterforpresident says: Those are some amazing sketches! The picture of Dobby makes me want to cry, and I don't even care if that sounds stupid. But is it me, or does the Chamber of Secrets look more like a village than what it looked like in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? Maybe it's just me...Avatar Imagemadman1277 says: Awesome Avatar Imagelexuslovesweasleys says: some of the most amazing pictures ive seen of any thing to do with harry potter and other art workAvatar Imagenipintheair says: Wow, how interesting!Avatar ImageHBPFan says: They are amazing drawings!!Avatar ImageNicci Weasley says: I like them.... I really like the TLC sign...Avatar Imagejain says: these pictures are too neat, too straight, too new. So while on one level i can apprieciate the detail and the skill. They are not right. Avatar ImageFosDoNuT says: <3 the dobby pic.Avatar ImageAsta says: good!!!Avatar Imageblue_rogue says: Good stuff!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: These are amazing pictures.Avatar Imagehumbert0 says: they are awesome!!!Avatar ImageLooie says: Wow, these are TOTALLY AWESOME! I wish Lupin actually looked like that in the movie, instead of just a rather large and hairless dog... That is pretty much how I pictured him in the book anyway.Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: Great pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I must have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagehalfbloodprincesss says: they are so good i can't believe that somebody could have that much talent!!Avatar Imagesimos says: Cool artwork!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Fascinating stuff...Avatar Image89ravenclaw says: They seriously need to release an "Art of" book for the films once they've all been released. I've found concept art at artists' websites, so I know they had quite a lot of different artists contribute over the years, but that doesn't even cover all the additional sculpting, graphic design, prop design, set layouts, and costume design sketches. My big question to Heyman was always when we would get the real DVDs with the real special features, but now that we have that answer, my number two question is when are we going to get an art of the film book that focuses on concept art (not set photos)?Avatar ImageParkinsonpansy says: i might have to buy the ultimate collectors editon now Avatar Imagehp29 says: Those are really awesome! Avatar ImageLadySidi says: Fantastic!Avatar ImageThe Hufflepuff Giraffe says: Awesome! I cannot believe how amazing these DVDs are going to be! Aw, Harry is so cute. I love the green eyes. :(Avatar ImagePadfootLover4ever says: I really like the Dobby and the Harry. I love his green eyes and the coloring of everything in that pic.Avatar ImageBookworm_Weasley says: Wow, see that is what the werewolf in PoA SHOULD have looked like!Avatar ImageBookworm_Weasley says: Also, I'm curious to know whether the picture of Harry came before or after the casting of Dan, because if it came before, it's a little spooky. There's definitely a hint of Dan in there.Avatar Imagemjkalldaway says: Great picsAvatar Image42sk8ter says: nice pictures. i wish i could draw that wellAvatar Imagehermionenluna TZS ROAR! says: wow. i love the pictures!!!!Avatar ImagetheREALGinnyWeasley says: That was awesome!!! <3Avatar Imagedanaskeeter says: They look great. I would love to have a collection of them. I would create a Harry Potter room in my house!Avatar Imagekiwimci says: To be honest, I've seen MUCH better concept art for movies. These look more like book art than film art. Love Lupin's werewolf though, I always imagined more like that in the book, though the skeletal version works really well in the movie. Does no one else think the Shrieking Shack looks like Mary GrandePre's sketch of it?Avatar ImageTonks1 says: That concept art is so on the money it is awsome. Some of the scenes are just how I pictured them while reading the books. It was great that they made it into the film. I like lupin better in the sketch that in the movie. Great stuff. I would love to have them in my Harry Potter collection.Avatar ImageDarkPsychosis says: Wow those pictures are awesomeAvatar ImageEmilyDeibert says: They're great! I wish that Lupin had actually looked like that. Also, I really love the one of Harry.Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Wow. These sketches are positively fantastic! I am impressed by the detail and richness with which he infused these pieces.Avatar Imageangelvoice says: Wow coolAvatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Awesome pictures!Avatar ImageRimma says: wow, amazing picsAvatar Imagepfowlerp says: Wow, that's fantastic art!Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: cool pics but I think I'm going to wait until all 7 are out - I'm sure they'll be another "super collectors" edition - I say that now but watch I'll fal for thisAvatar ImageFifi says: They're fantastic! Love the one with Dobby! : ]Avatar Imagealegria35 says: cool!Avatar ImageHydrus says: These are fantastic! And the website blows me away.Avatar Imagejustanargle says: wowowow! amazing!!! Avatar ImageHmrc5 says: Fantastic!Avatar ImageMugglemadness says: these pics are amazing! Avatar ImageReedMan says: I am so going to get the ultimate editions!Avatar ImageHorcruxalej says: ha those are cool i want these dvds got hint more often around x-masAvatar ImagehellomotoCOOP says: i wish there was moreAvatar ImagehellomotoCOOP says: i wish there was moreAvatar ImagePollytomat says: I'm pretty sure that all the fans will be really excited if these beautiful pictures will be included as illustrations in the new editions of HP books!Avatar ImageBrosia23 says: I know what I want for Christmas!!!Avatar ImageGooch says: Great pictures I can see how the real ones are similar to these ones.Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: ok, i LOVE the leaky cauldron sketch the best :] and i really like that werewolf too! Avatar Imagelinnie95 says: Amazing drawing and pictures!!Avatar Imagestenojoz says: I absolutely LOVE the picture of the Great Hall feast for X-mas time!!! These are awesome. I am debating though, do I buy these collectors editions, or wait it out like Melissa until it's alllll out at once???Avatar ImageMellzey72 says: kewl!Avatar ImageRowling Stones says: awesome!!!!!Avatar Imagesuperman82 says: I agree with everyone about Lupin looking much better in these.Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: awesum :)Avatar Imagebeewell says: Wonderful art work. Just what I expected the characters to look like. He has a great vision in art. Wish I could own some of it but I know I couldn't afford it. Can't wait for the collector's editions to come out!Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: These pictures are amazing. Avatar Imagewing says: hahahaahahahaAvatar ImageRaveKatie says: Ooh awesome! :)Avatar ImageHGROSS44 says: cool pics good work will be great.Avatar Imageginevrapotter07 says: These are really amazing drawings!Avatar Imageginevrapotter07 says: David Edward Byrd is a very talented artist. You should see his other works. :)Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: These are really cool pics...Avatar ImageSmitch says: Awesome! Really depicts the style of the first film, I find. Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: These are really cool pics...Avatar ImageLeeann says: Lovely artwork.Avatar Imageharrypotteruk says: great picsAvatar Imageccking says: these are amazing pictures !!!Avatar Imageccking says: these are amazing pictures !!!Avatar Imageccking says: these are amazing pictures !!!Avatar Imageccking says: these are amazing pictures !!!Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: That was just so amazing! I can't believe it! It looks exactly like the films with a bit of anime touch that made it so amazing to look at! I just can't believe all that was done by people! I thought only computers and graphics were that good! =]

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