New Video: Matt Lewis and Evanna Lynch Talk Deathly Hallows Part Two


Sep 26, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

A second video interview is now online with Matt Lewis and Evanna Lynch who discuss filming on the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movies. Recorded a few days ago in London at the Half-Blood Prince DVD launch and new contest event for those in the UK to win a visit to the set of Deathly Hallows (photos here), Matt Lewis notes he had received his script for Part Two of the film, and says again he will be back to work in October filming in his role as Neville Longbottom. He also declined to reveal the split point of the movie (the actors are legally bound not to state specifically where it will take place), however did say the breaking point has been done “fantastically” and “everyone will love it.” Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) also echos that same sentiment, and says that part two will have many action scenes. You can watch the video here via Digital Spy.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One will be released in theaters November 19, 2010, with Part Two due out July 15, 2011.

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Avatar Imagehermiones says: it would be great if they could tell us about the splitAvatar ImageThorgalson says: I really hope the split is right after Dobby's funeral. It was the pivotal point of the book, in my opinion. If you consider that they're seemingly filming the two parts separately, it might actually happen (yay!), because they filmed the Shell Cottage scenes already. :)Avatar ImageRHrSoulmates says: Aw, the video isn't working for me. Avatar ImageRHrSoulmates says: Aw, the video isn't working for me. Avatar Imagehermiones says: ooh first!Avatar ImageLisbry says: Aw, I half-wish I defintitely knew where the split moment is, but then I change my mind and want to rather be surprised when I watch the movie – but as I know that isn't going to happen anyway, I guess it'd be cool to know, just to satisfy my curiosity. I love that they're doing all the big stuff now – somehow it just seems more real now after hearing that. Avatar Imagealicia00 says: the video is not working for me but i bet its awesomeAvatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: Who ever gets thoughs blollons tell mee!! Avatar ImageMydrgnfly says: I love those two. Great interview. Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Didn't the guy who plays Goyle tell us already? Or did Leaky not post it? Anyway, I do hope the split is done well. I'm excited to see it :) I just don't want to wait for the second part! That's torture! :DAvatar ImageCatherine says: aw how aewsome! i love them! i just wish i knew where the split was!!! thats half the agonizing mystery!Avatar Imagetui says: it's so exciting. Melissa, when can we expect a countdown for deathly hallows?Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: awesome. i hope its the best one yet. i cant wait to see it!! even though i dont want it to end. :(Avatar Imagemini bagel says: It's going to be so cool!! I can't wait to see Neville get his moment in the sun, and the battle, wow! It's going to be so amazingly awesome, I hope they do it justice.Avatar Imagepotterforpresident says: I think it would be kind of dramatic if the split really is when they get captured by snatchers before they're taken to Malfoy Manor. It's no doubt going to give a cliffhanger to viewers who haven't read the book. But wherever they put it, I'm sure I won't be disappointed. And @tui, I was thinking exactly the same thing. :) When can we expect a DH countdown?Avatar ImageNicci Weasley says: haha, love those two! Love how Matt says "Yes, I know.... But I'm not telling you" :DAvatar ImageHBPFan says: It all sounds good and exciting!!Avatar ImageSmonocco says: I thought the spliut had already been revealedAvatar ImagePetra says: OMG... I'm so excited about DH... And I'm really hoping someone will catch this baloon and go to the set.. :)Avatar Imageele0206 says: I love these news: if they're confident we're all going to like the split point, then I'm a bit reassured. But you never know, with these directors!!Avatar ImageIloveDobby says: I think they should make the split in the malfoy manor rightafter theyre caught :]Avatar ImageIloveDobby says: I think they should make the split in the malfoy manor rightafter theyre caught :]Avatar ImageIloveDobby says: UGH the video isnt working for me >:[Avatar ImageAsta says: cool....can't wait for the movie!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: @potterforpresident I'm sure they'll leave it off somewhere pretty stupid tbh. They're like that. The HBP ending wasn't very good also.Avatar Imagehumbert0 says: xD cool!Avatar ImageTheWizard says: Awesome !! :DAvatar Imagesimos says: awesome! awesome! awesome!Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: wish i could go and get the balloon!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Good followup to the first interview... Avatar ImageAndreaB09 says: AHH! i really wonder where it will be stopping, i hope it isnt like she said. I dont want it to be dramatic part and then have it just end. But im an optimst and know that it probably will. But hope it doesnt! <3Avatar ImageThe Hufflepuff Giraffe says: I can't believe Part 1 is just over a year away! It's gonna come so fast. It was great to see Evanna and Matt, though. Seems like a long time already since all the HBP interviews, so it's really nice to have this. :)Avatar ImageForever Weasleys says: I hope Lynch and Lewis get to do some lines together; I love Neville and Luna!Avatar Imagehalfbloodprincesss says: i really really hope they don't split it when the snatchers shout "You're surrounded and we don't care who we curse!" it's right at the end of a chapter and about in the middle of the book, it's just too much of a cliffhanger ='[Avatar Imagemjkalldaway says: i hope the split points good, but the movie is still so far away!!!!!!Avatar Imagehermionenluna says: YAY!! i cant wait. but dont want it to end like Gryffindor1991Avatar Imagedanaskeeter says: All the young actors/actresses in the Harry Potter movies seem so nice. They don't seem to be cocky and obnoxious like a lot of American actors and actresses become. I love them!Avatar ImageRaWr...WeReWoLf says: the video wasn't working on my computer!!! :(Avatar Imagesgarime1 says: Wow this is pretty cool! I can't wait for movie 7!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I am looking forward to seeing them perform in the final two films and hope that the scripts do give their characters substantial time to close with a bang.Avatar Imagemadman1277 says: I think the split will happen right when Harry, Ron, Hermion, and Dobby apparate to shell cod, see dobby die, and end part 1Avatar Imageangelvoice says: I can't wait. Avatar ImageCol2steps says: I think Part One will end with Ron screaming Hermione's name while locked in the basement of Malfoy Manor while Hermione screams are heard above. What a tease it would be, but also what a way to draw the crowds back for the next movie (like they wouldn't come anyway)!Avatar Imagepfowlerp says: Video isn't working for me. :(Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Awesome!Avatar Imagepfowlerp says: If they’re confident we’re all going to like the split point, then I’m a bit at ease, but you never know. As far as my assumption, I agree with madman1277 “the split will happen right when Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dobby apparate to shell cod, see Dobby die, and end part 1.” I thought the split had already been revealed though, time to search.Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: I don't want to know when the split is...want to be pleasantly surprised - I hopeAvatar Imagealegria35 says: wow.. they finished shooting the first part?.. so exciting... i agree with them not to reveal the split point of the movie... so we can be surprised...Avatar ImageDarkPsychosis says: Wow they are finished the first part of DH. I really want to see what they have so farAvatar ImageReedMan says: They are so lucky. Do you think that they know how big a deal this is???Avatar ImageHorcruxalej says: already really looking forward to it.. awesome interview i wish i was there to at least have a chance of catching a balloon Avatar ImagePollytomat says: They are so cute)) Love Evanna! :)Avatar ImageVaporage says: I remember the guy that plays Goyle said it happens after a chase sequence with the snathers.Avatar ImageAitch Davis says: Sounds awesome, if only the vid worked... evanna is the best cast they ever made. Avatar ImageSohajFawkes says: Yeap, Evanna... She looks beautiful.Avatar ImageDrops_of_Jupiter says: I don't mind so much where the split is as long as they keep dobby in this one and actually do the funeral scene.Avatar ImageBrosia23 says: I am getting giddy about this. And I still have to wait a year for it. But it will be so worth the wait. I hope they continue to tell the story well, but they better tell everything this time. It is all important.Avatar Imagedancnthrulife12 says: wait how can we sign up for this contest?????Avatar ImageJananae says: One thing I hope they do in DH is make Neville look similar to how Matt Lewis looks in real life. I know he won't be wearing the fat suit anymore, but it'd be interesting to see Neville a little more..."scruffy" ;)Avatar Imagecghambright says: I can't wait!! These movies are going to be so AMAZING!!!!Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: ahh! i love matt! Avatar Imagestarfishes16 says: The link doesn't work!Avatar ImageProudGreen89 says: wow, a split film? Thats actually a great idea! I was worried about being stricken with Post Potter finale depression but the fact that we can expect a double whammy come the end of the series lifts my spirits a bit, even though we do have to wait a year in between, i think it will be the best idea in the end, i sort of wish they had made the previous films longer, they could have added so much more. VERY excited about the last installment =]Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: :)Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: :)Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: How will I ever avoid all these spoilers between now and 2011? Crikey! Avatar Imagewing says: gooooooooooooooooodAvatar Imagewing says: gooooooooooooooooodAvatar Imagewing says: gooooooooooooooooodAvatar Imagewing says: gooooooooooooooooodAvatar Imagewing says: gooooooooooooooooodAvatar ImageRaveKatie says: OMG I can't wait for the movies to come out. I wonder where the split will be!!!Avatar ImageHGROSS44 says: The split will be at this!!x%%$$$###@@@@@**** and will begin with @@@#$%^&&**^&*^&*^&*$$^^^ starting the second part and will bring it all together and we will laugh and cry it will be so good, Just what the world needs. Avatar Imageginevrapotter07 says: I wish they'll split after Dobby's death. Somehow, that can look like an ending. If they split when they're caught by snatchers, those who haven't read the books would definitely ask "What? That's all? What happened? They're caught and then what?" But if they split after Dobby, the climax could be the Malfoy Manor happenings and the ending would be sad w/ Dobby dying.Avatar Imageginevrapotter07 says: Aww, Evanna and Matt look cute together, don't they? Evanna's really pretty there.:)Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: This is great...I wish I was there!Avatar ImageGiant Fairy says: I read about the split from that Goyle Git in Veritaserum, and wondered why there wasn t even a mention in TLC what kind of character that guy is....Avatar Imageccking says: it's gonna be soo hardhaving to WAIT for part 2 !!Avatar Imageccking says: it's gonna be soo hardhaving to WAIT for part 2 !!Avatar Imageccking says: it's gonna be soo hardhaving to WAIT for part 2 !!Avatar Imageccking says: it's gonna be soo hardhaving to WAIT for part 2 !!Avatar Imageccking says: it's gonna be soo hardhaving to WAIT for part 2 !!

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