Dan Radcliffe to Guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien


Jan 12, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to our Order partner DanRadcliffe.com for the news that actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is due to be a guest tonight on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. This is apparently a new episode, and is due to be broadcast on the NBC network later tonight at 12:35 (check your local listings for more).

Thanks to DanRadcliffe.com!

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Avatar Image says: SO looking forward to seeing this Loves Dan's interviews!!!Avatar Image says: Good news, YAY! Guess I'm staying up late again...Avatar Image says: Booo! I Can't Watch It :'( xxxAvatar Image says: Darn, i'll probably bee asleep by then X(((Avatar Image says: I gotta tell ya I just love my PVR. Will definitely be recording this one.Avatar Image says: I can't watch it because i don't think in Italy we'll be able to see it-Avatar Image says: Don't worry ele0206, I'm sure someone will tape it and send it so we all can watch it. :) Dan's interviews with Conan are already a classic!Avatar Image says: Thanks for the heads up! I'll be sure to set the DVR, so I don't have to stay up until 1:35 watching Conan.Avatar Image says: Great, something to watch on youtube tomorrow :) Avatar Image says: Will he be mentioning HBP? It seems a bit early but i didn't realize he had anything else to promote. Avatar Image says: too late...is tht cali time anyway?? who ever sees it...pls put it on youtube or if its already on put the link here..puh-leeaseAvatar Image says: conan is always a re run on mondays! he's live tues-fridayAvatar Image says: Well, Daniel is still performing Equus on Broadway thru February 8, so I'm sure he'll talk mainly about that and yes, will talk HPAvatar Image says: WHHOOOHHOOOO!!! Avatar Image says: $5 they ask him about being naked...Avatar Image says: Did anyone catch this? It was the rerun with The Hold Steady, right?Avatar Image says: Was a good spot with him on. Quite funny.Avatar Image says: It was quite good, Dan came off very intelligent and funny. Avatar Image says: I just watched Dan's interview with Conan recently. Not a word about Harry Potter appearently. All they talked about was Brodaway and Eqqus. Ya, Samm... I think he's growing his hair abit out to prepare to start filming Deathly Hallows next month.Avatar Image says: Good interview and he stayed to listen to the next guest. That was nice and unusual.Avatar Image says: His pettition for the disruptive audience member relocation program was funny.Avatar Image says: "Good interview and he stayed to listen to the next guest. That was nice and unusual." I'm not sure if Conan is starting to do that now in preparation for when he takes over the Tonight Show from Jay, but yes, nice to see that he did stick aroundAvatar Image says: Can someone put the interview with Dan on youtube?Avatar Image says: Kassia, you can download the interview on danradcliffe(dot)com :) I really enjoyed watching it, love Dan's sense of humor.Avatar Image says: cool we´ll get to see if Dan will cross O´Brien on the street and pretend he didn´t notice, like he did with Regis. It was on tmz, Dan was pretty rude! did you hear that, Dan?Avatar Image says: I love watching Dan's interviews. He is so bright and so much fun. On top of that, Conan O'Brien is my favorite late-night host. He and Dan seemed very comfortable with each other. It was another GREAT interview with Dan!Avatar Image says: Anna, it was not like that and you know it. The only one rude there was the paparazzi following him. Dan was walking and listening to his ipod, how do you want him to notice every person who walks by the streets of NY? It's pretty crowded in case you haven'y noticed it. lol And anyway how do you want someone to stop and say hi to someone else when he has a paparazzi camera in front of his nose? You couldn't find anyone less rude than Daniel Radcliffe. But don't you think it's rude of YOU to try so hard to find something to criticize him? Don't you think your jealousy is rude? Do you want everyone to be perfect or do you think you are perfect? That would be quite rude too. ;)Avatar Image says: He looked fantastic! His hair...and i loved his facial hair. He looked so polished! Incidentally, he has stayed behind before on other interviews-he's stayed behind on the interview with the voice actor from Ratatouille , for example. I think it's only during the HP promos, when he's doing hundreds of interviews on tv shows as well as radio and mags, etc that he doesn't have time to wait around until the show is over. And thank you Robert, I agree with you.Avatar Image says: qwill - totally agree about the "disruptive audience member relocation plan". I used to be the house manager at an Equity theater, and the student matinees drove the actors nuts! Talking, food and just general disruptive behavior - and this was before cell phones and IM. I finally started giving a "if you can hear the actors, they can hear you speech", and you'd be suprised at how many times I saw the "OMG I had no idea" light go on. Those girls however, were beyond the pale. Cretins!Avatar Image says: Robert, I believe you're right. I cannot even imagine people following my every move. Avatar Image says: Oh dear god he gets more and more charming every day.Avatar Image says: I can't believe the way some idiots behave at the theatre! I thought the cinema was bad. Great interview. Just a month from tomorrow until deathly hallows starts filming!Avatar Image says: I can't believe the way some idiots behave at the theatre! I thought the cinema was bad. Great interview. Just a month from tomorrow until deathly hallows starts filming!Avatar Image says: harry potter is the best i luv daniel i luv harry potter daniel kpn ni ke indonesia di tunngu ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: isso é maravilhoso adorei esse web site vcs são demais!!! of brazilian wesley big kissAvatar Image says: oh wow that was quite unecessary, Robert. No, I didn´t notice Dan was with an ipod, and it´s true thathe wasn´t going to have a long chat with paparazzi watching, but just a hi would be nice. What was rude was you making assumptions about me when you don´t know me at all. When did I ever say I was perfect again?Avatar Image says: I am sorry Anna, but I agree with Robert. Is it too difficult to understand, that Dan simply didn´t see Regis? Sometimes I walk down the street and don´t see my friends, and they are my friends not the man which I saw two times for a few minutes in a show. It can happen to everybody. And also, I saw the Regis and Kelly show with Dan and imo Regis was rude to Dan - he talk and talk about nothing, Dan can´t say anything without to be interupt by Regis or Kelly or both. So why Dan should to like him and treat him like some god or what? (There are no talkhows with moderators like Regis is, because most people here see Regis way of show too fake, so maybe that is why I see it like that).Avatar Image says: I am sorry Anna, but I agree with Robert. Dan simply didn´t see Regis. It can happen. Sometimes when I am going down the street I don´t see my friends. And they are my friends not a man, who Dan saw two times for a few minutes in the show. And also, why should Dan to like to talk to a man, who was rude to him when he was on Regis and Kelly show. Dan can´t say a thing in this talkshow without being interrupt by Regis or Kelly or both. And imo that was very rude, unprofessional and annoying. There are no talkshow in my country with moderator like Regis is. Most people here think his way of show is very annoing and fake. Maybe that´s why I see it like that.Avatar Image says: i love this interview!! dan is so charming and funny and i love conan o'brien. in my personal opinion, he's as good as if not better than letterman, because he pulls of being really funny without the demeaning thing. (does anyone else find letterman a tad demeaning? i mean he's so funny with his dry humor, but i thought his interviews with emma and kristen stewart are just a little awkward. just my opinion.) is this up in the leaky video galleries? dan is so awesome.Avatar Image says: 7JWIVJ hi! nice site!Avatar ImageSylvieTheHufflepuff says: Ha, everything Dan is on these days, they always start off with "Harry Potter gets naked!" I'm so sick of people who call Dan, "Harry." He has a name, people. Not geared at anyone here, but news reports in general :/

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