More on Potter the Stage Production that Might have Been


Jan 26, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

The Telegraph has a short article online, with more on a possible Harry Potter stage production that might have been. The paper reports that many years ago, acclaimed theater director and producer Sir Trevor Nunn had expressed an interest in creating a stage production out of the Harry Potter novels, but when he asked, he discovered he was too late as he was told ‘Oh if only you had
come to us a few weeks ago. We have just sold the movie rights’,” he
harrumphs. “It will be a long time now before anyone is allowed to
stage Harry Potter.”

Reflecting now on the possibility of staging such a production, Trevor Nunn continues “The movies are so spectacular ’ it’s a bit like The Lord of the
,” he says. “Unless you go in the opposite direction and
don’t go for spectacle, there’s no way you can compete.”


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40 Responses to More on Potter the Stage Production that Might have Been

Avatar Image says: Haha I would love to see HP on stageAvatar Image says: i think you could potentially take the first book and turn it into a play; that would be ok. cos the story stands on its own -- it has a nice beginning, middle, and conclusive-enough end. that could have been ok. (but just, i think, the first book!)Avatar Image says: I think if anyone could have done it, Trevor Nunn could have.Avatar Image says: I realllllyy don't think that is a good ideaAvatar Image says: A play, maybe - like alan said - of the first book only. But I think it would have been very difficult to pull it off and not make it look silly or cheesy. And I think the people that wanted to do a musical Harry Potter should be locked away somewhere so they don't further hurt themselves. I still shudder at the thought of HP singing and dancing around the stage. PatAvatar Image says: I could see a play in the distant future...once HP is an iconic thing of the past. Right now we're still too in the middle of it and it would just feel wrong. The play would be another medium to enjoy the story and provide nice nostalgia for the series. I think if a book like Wicked can survive a musical adaptation, Harry also has a chance...but they would have to be very creative and careful. It's just something I don't really want to see right now but maybe eventually.Avatar Image says: Wowowowo, hold your horses, Harry Potter is a fantastic book which have been read by millions, making a film version of these books is great, but a musical, who ever thought of that idea, personally, I think it wouldn't work. I would rather let Warner Bros. make The Tales of Beedle the Bard movie, that would be great to watch, not a MUSICAL. Well, there you have it, a opinion from the President of United States of AmericaAvatar Image says: No, no, no not theater. TV! A long beautiful TV series to Canon! Masterpiece theater style with a host and everything.Avatar Image says: @ Barack Obama: true, but are u REALLY Obama??Avatar Image says: If anyone is a fan of the series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" they did a take on this, kind of poking fun at themselves (a clever episode recap before the show finale). I have a feeling that a Harry Potter play would look a lot like that . And I don't believe that that is really Barack Obama or it would have said "sent from my Blackberry" in the sig.Avatar Image says: I actually think it could make a very good stage musical, and I think Nunn hit the nail right on the head when he said that you should stay away from spectacle. If you focused on the emotions and the themes you'd have many opportunities to make the characters sing, and you wouldn't drown out the beautiful story with flashy special effects. Personally, thinking of a Dumbledore ballad singing about the power of love makes me smile and I think it could be very chilling.Avatar Image says: Imagine Harry, Hagrid and a bunch of random wizards at diagon alley singing a song called 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named'. The most evil wizard of all what's his name what's his name Vold-- Shh! He who must not be named! LOLOL OK I'll stop now, I swear. But man, would it be hilarious! Avatar Image says: theres only one problem with a stage production, the magic, how would you really represent all the vivid descriptions of spells and creatures jo puts in the books, bad idea, it would be cheese of the highest caliber.Avatar Image says: To Saturn, To answer your question, yes, I am REALLY Barack Obama. God bless America. Thank you. Avatar Image says: That would have been great! but mabye not a musical, I would have to agree with dan on that one My elementry school did a harry potter play. I wonder if they made it themselves or got it from someone else but it was an elementry school production, so it was nothing specialAvatar Image says: Ravenclaw: I'm a fellow Ravenclaw and I'm a HUGE Avatar fan! "Ember Island Players" was hilarious! I could picture them portraying Hermione like they did Katara in that episode. ("We must never relinquish hope, even to our dying breath! *cries hysterically*") I think, were a Harry Potter play or musical to come along, it should be handled with great care. It shouldn't be made cheesy or campy. The songs should feel natural and not forced. It might have to be adapted like Wicked was in order to translate better to the stage. But that's not always a bad thing. Just look at how awesome Wicked is!Avatar Image says: a play maybe, but a musical would just be kinda odd. the cast in the films is so good, i don't think i could stand to see anyone but dan play harry or anyone but rupert and emma play ron and hermione. but it would be so cute with little kids!! maybe we could try for another dumbledore this time?... tee-hee just kidding. but really. gambon is annoying.Avatar Image says: Seriously... the fake Obama stuff is getting old. It's not funny! Even Obama knows how to use correct grammar. Such as AN opinion, not A opinion. Please come back again when you have graduated elementary school or you are done fixing the country! Thanks! Anyways, from what I know about Sir Trevor Nunn, I think that he could really put together a fine production!Avatar Image says: Barack Obama-did u watch the jo bros with your daughters?lol. they r hot. take that bill. i am having a secret affair with nick jonas. see u in my cool ultra-cool secertary of state office, barack!! and i'll text u in 5 from my better-than-yours-Blackberry. Avatar Image says: Oh for heavens sake grow up. If you want to fake don't be such an idiot about it. Not a musical but a play might work, though, it would seem HP are after more money.Avatar Image says: I think they could do it. I mean they did things like beauty and the beast. It worked okay but it wasn't great or anything. I do think it would be hard to do all seven books in one play or musical though. They would just have to pick a certain part of the story. Think about wicked too. It isn't at all like the book and it is an amazing musical.Avatar Image says: All of our political impersonators may want to read the Leaky Comments Terms of Use, which says in part: Do not impersonate the reporters or editors of TLC, *or any other person*, including but not limited to J.K. Rowling, or post any comment designed to to interfere with or disrupt the any part of TLC. Musicals don't have to be campy. Could the first book be made into a musical? Maybe. It could certainly be staged into a straight play if you went about it the right way. All seven books at once would be impossible and a mess, though. Avatar Image says: Well, if you were to do all 7 books in one show, there would simply have to be no subplots of any kind. It would be one through line, I think, all about the rise of Voldemort and then the fight to bring him down. I'd imagine books 1-4 would be the first act, and you'd cut out a lot of stuff that makes each book unique, and just detail the various episodes of Voldemort. Or actually, it occurs to me that it might work best to have the plot just be Deathly Hallows, and then incorporate flashbacks to the important events of books 1-6, showing him progressing in school and the various important things he learned to prepare for the final battle. Then it would actually be almost like Equus, where the important scenes from the past are all stories told by Alan, and instead would be things mentioned by Harry about his progress from first learning he was a wizard. You know, I am thinking about this way to much. I'm gonna stop now.Avatar Image says: I think that any of the Harry Potter books would be very difficult to stage without the movies' ability to create special effects. And please, no musical! It would be nice to think that President Obama is a Harry Potter fan, but it's unlikely that he would find the time to browse through Leaky. Incidentally, I saw Equus, and it's fantastic! The entire audience was on its feet applauding at the curtain call. Dan Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths should be at least nominated for Tonys. It was theatre at its best. Avatar Image says: @ Barack Obama- I would hope that our nations 44th president, at this time, has more important things to do then comment on Leaky. Not that Leaky's not awesome, but fixing our economy would be nice, to. Avatar Image says: The books were untouchable, the movies are a great addition. A play? No thanks. It would be too hard to create a play that a true Potter Fan would enjoy. Think of how much they would have to cut out! A singing Voldemort? No.Avatar Image says: Ohhh, a play would have been so good! It would have been nice to have it before a movie series. But what's done is done, I suppose.Avatar Image says: hi guys it's kay, i was the one who posted about the Hillary Clinton thing, and it was totally a joke. i didn't mean to offend anyone, or break any leaky terms of use, or impersonate anyone, it was just in fun. i'm really sorry if it bothered anyone. thanks!Avatar Image says: Hey, imagine Snape singing... He might sound like Scar from 'The Lion King' :p I prefer no stage stuff...Avatar Image says: Guys, here's a compromise: Warner Bros makes a MUSICAL movie of TBB (specifically, the disastrous Fountain of Fair Fortune Production). Then everyone will be happy.Avatar Image says: A musical? No, please. Just no. A play? Why not? I saw His Dark Materials (both parts, twice) at the National Theatre here in London, and if they adapted HP along similar lines it could be stunning. HDM was the best theatrical experience I've ever had.Avatar Image says: i don't think that this is a good idea at all. half of what makes the books and movies so great is the magic and they couldnt't do that on stage. Avatar Image says: Gives me hope that in 20 years time there'll be a revival and I'll be able to go see it on stage - it will bring back memories of my lost childhood, ha ha.... :) I wish it will happen, even if it only happens one day many years from now...Avatar Image says: Its a book, it won't need to be 'revived'. You revive musicals, for instance, the Music Man - saw a darn good one of that in Stratford, Canada in 1996. How about Order of the Phoenix as a play? Unabridged, of course. ;-)Avatar Image says: Harry Potter doesn't sing. Sirius Black may have the talent tho. Avatar ImageSylvieTheHufflepuff says: Totally unrelated to the article, but all the Barack Obama's running around on the comment board are making me laugh.Avatar ImageZivlok says: I don't know. I'm just not seeing it. I don't know why, but the idea of an HP musical really isn't doing anything for me. It just doesn't seem... right. I don't know.Avatar Imagelnh92 says: when I was in 10th grade the middle school I used to go to had a Harry Potter musical play.Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I would love to see the first book as a play.Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: I would still very much like to see a stage play, opera, or musical.

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