Toby Jones to Provide Voice of Dobby the House Elf Again for “Deathly Hallows”


Jan 09, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

In September of last year, Harry Potter film producer David Heyman spoke to TLC about the previous cuts of the House Elves from the films, and their possible return for the two Deathly Hallows movies. At the time David Heyman told us that “it has been a while, for example, since we have seen Dobby and I suspect
we are going to have to make more of Dobby in Seven than we might have
done. there would be a return of things previously mentioned, like Dobby the House Elf. Today, the Telegraph reports on the career of Toby Jones and states that the actor will “soon be back
in the recording studio for the next Harry Potter, in which he voices
Dobby the House Elf.”

Mr. Jones is then quoted as saying, “That was another job he got on the back of The Play What I Wrote. ”I
was so tired, and my voice was so broken up, that when I went to audition, I
reached registers I simply couldn’t now. It was all very fortuitous.”

Production on two parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows begins next month in London, England for a 54 week shoot, with DH part one to be released in November of 2010.

65 Responses to Toby Jones to Provide Voice of Dobby the House Elf Again for “Deathly Hallows”

Avatar Image says: Yes! This is great news. I love Dobby amd it's nice to know he will be back!Avatar Image says: That is a wonderfull news!! I LOVE Dobby so much... and I am happy that he will go back on the movies... I was start to thinking that Neville should be that one who save Harry and the others in Malfoy Manor and died for this!! :(Avatar Image says: Excellent. Dobby's involvement in DH was a welcome return, and tragic loss. Glad to hear it'll be in the film!!Avatar Image says: WHOOHOOOO, Dobby's IN!!!! Awesome news! It'll be heartbreaking to see him again, but great to know they are getting some things right from the get-go.Avatar Image says: I don't think the film producers or Jo would approve of killing off a character who did not meet their demise in the book. Besides Neville needs to slice Nagini's head off, remember?Avatar Image says: Yes. Dobby's back! Well, he should of been back for most of the other films, but that's a different matter. Anyway, this is good news, I hope to know soon some more casting news! Can't wait...Avatar Image says: Yay, Dobby's back! I also was beginning to think that Neville would save Harry & the others, die, and then come back to life in order to kill Nagini.Avatar Image says: Of course Dobby will be in DHs. But I doubt his death will mean much to anyone but the most avid fans; most moviegoers clearly won't remember him from CoS. Doubtful that they will remember Kreacher, either, unless he somehow plays a part in HBP. Although I think that cutting SPEW from the GoF film was the right decision, it did create something of a hole in the story.Avatar Image says: apparently, people will feel sorry for Dobby i heard we'll see Him more than the Malfoy Manor scene and trajacally dies. well we'll to wait and seeAvatar Image says: dh news is getting more regular - sweet. oh, and this news is Huge and Awesome. Avatar Image says: Yay! I'm so glad Dobby didn't get get from DH. I guess I'd better bring kleenexes to the movie. I hope they get his last words right (they're also the first words we hear from Dobby).Avatar Image says: YAY! I'm so happy.. That means they will do Shell Cottage.. And being that his death is so important in Harry choosing Horcruxes over Hallows... I CAN'T WAIT! Avatar Image says: YAAAAAY!!!!!Avatar Image says: Oh, thank god, i was starting to think that he wasn't going to be in it. He was the saddest death in the book in my opinion, i cried like crazy!Avatar Image says: Awesome news! There was a growing chorus of people who were totally ready for Kreacher to take Dobby's place, and I never could understand that. Thank goodness this will hopefully nip that rumor in the bud. As for being concerned about movie goers not remembering Dobby, it does sound like they're going to try to put him back in prior to his death and get us a little more attached to him, so I think it could be done right. I probably shouldn't, but I'm getting VERY optimistic about Deathly Hallows. It sounds like they're going to try to really stick to the book (at least that's what they say), and that's fantastic.Avatar Image says: That good new!!!!!!!!!!! I love DobbyAvatar Image says: i wonder, then, will they replace kreacher's part with dobby?Avatar Image says: YES! Awesome news, indeed! I'm so eager to see Dobby in the movies, again. I really missed him.Avatar Image says: That's great, they have Dobby back.Avatar Image says: only one word:YAY :)Avatar Image says: YAY! Fantastic news!Avatar Image says: Wootage I'm SO glad Dobby will be back!!!Avatar Image says: Woot! Dobby! I'm most excited about seeing a new and improved CGI Dobby myself. Yes I'll sob like a baby when he dies, but in the mean time, he's goona be so much prettier then our last Dobby!Avatar Image says: Dobby is FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!Avatar Image says: TEAM DOBBY IS IN THEE HOUSEEEE!!!! Avatar Image says: ja: I think it would be brilliant to have Dobby be the one to help Regulus, but that would take some juggling. House elves don't usually work for multiple families, do they? But I do think they need to bring him into the film earlier to at least reintroduce him to audiences. (And maybe throw in some flashbacks.)Avatar Image says: OH good, Dobby is back in the movies. I love you DobbyyyyyyyAvatar Image says: Alright! It's about time they start getting things right in these movies. I was hoping that when Dobby appeared in the movie (if he even did) that they'd have the same voice for him. It's been a while since Dobby's been on screen, and they need him and Kreacher to do the movie right. However, I have some concerns about Colin Creevey, though. I hope he is in the movie as well. He's not a main character, but he did die in the last one and he was mentioned in books two and four. To add to some of my concerns, the Harry Potter writers have been debating rather or not to have Teddy be in the Deathly Hallows movie, or if Remus and Tonks should even get married. I definitely think that Tonks and Lupin should be married in the movie and have Teddy. No, Teddy's not a vital part in the plot, but Harry being godfather was pretty cool, and plus Rowling said in an interview when she was questioned about killing Lupin and Tonks, that she did it because she wanted to kill parents. Therefore, if there is no Teddy, then what is the point of killing Remus and Tonks in the movie, right? I have high hopes for the last movie and hope that it is as close to the book as possible, seeing as how it's being made into two parts and it is the VERY LAST movie in the Harry Potter legacy. We can only hope that they'll stick to the book this time, unlike the last two movies. I do not mean to be critical, and I did enjoy the Order of the Phoenix movie, but too much was cut out. As for Half-Blood Prince, I just hope the movie is MUCH better than it sounds. Anyway, this is fantastic news and hopefully there will be more good news to come.Avatar Image says: This is AMAZING news!!!!!! Avatar Image says: YES! YES! oh dear GOD! thank you! RIP DOBBYAvatar Image says: Max: I've loved the films, and have felt that, for the most part, they are marvelous distillations of the books. I do agree, though, that too much was left of "Phoenix," particularly all the particulars about the prophecy. How could they have cut out that it was Snape who reported it to Voldemort? To me, that's not an unimportant plot point. Tonks & Lupin? While I get that fans think they're a neat couple, and that it's important that they get together, it doesn't effect the plot if they don't. What the films have focused always focused on, as well they should is Harry's journey.Avatar Image says: "...particularly all the particulars...?" How embarrassing!!Avatar Image says: I know that Jo and the filmakers will not kill Neville on the films never!! I was kidding... because Neville replace Dobby in Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix!! And I don't like this... ;)Avatar Image says: YESSSSSSSAvatar Image says: Can't wait to see the new improved dobby, do you think he will look the same or have a new design?Avatar Image says: "To add to some of my concerns, the Harry Potter writers have been debating rather or not to have Teddy be in the Deathly Hallows movie, or if Remus and Tonks should even get married." Oh, no. Lupin and Tonks have to get married and have Teddy and then die! Of course, Teddy doesn't play an important role in the plot, but the orphaning of Teddy at the end of the series echoes the orphaning of Harry at the beginning of the series, so it has a great emotional impact, even if it's not essential for the overall plot. Of course, the non-book reading movie audience won't necessarily care much about Lupin and Tonks' deaths anyway since Lupin only plays a significant role in the PoA film (and has very brief appearances in the OotP and HBP films and his relationship with Tonks is never mentioned at all, according to the review from the person who has already seen the film) and Tonks only has brief appearances in OotP and HBP and the movie audience knows essentially nothing about her personality or her relationship to the Black family. All OotP showed us was that she is kind of silly and that she's in the Order. That's it. Obviously Lupin and Tonks' deaths, if they are included at all, will have far less emotional impact, if any, on the movie only audience. And Teddy might be completely irrelevant to them. Oh, please WB, give Lupin and Tonks the tragic deaths they deserve! And their deaths won't be as tragic without Teddy. And does that mean they are definitely not changing Bill and Fleur's wedding to Lupin and Tonks', as many people suspected they would? Will they have a wedding at all then? Because it seems extremely unlikely that they will introduce a whole new character (Bill), reintroduce Fleur, have them get married and expect their wedding to have any emotional impact on the movie watchers (in my opinion, it didn't have much emotional impact even in the book because Bill and Fleur weren't characters we knew well enough.) Yay for bringing Dobby back, though. Now I just want confirmation that Kreacher will be back too. I doubt it, though. They will probably cut or, at least, horribly butcher the whole Regulus subplot anyway so then Kreacher won't be necessary to the plot, especially since he didn't take the locket, or do much of anything, in the OotP movie like he was supposed to. I don't trust WB to do anything right anymore. Their plan seems to be to eliminate everything that is not absolutely essential to the overall plot. RIP Lupin, Tonks, and Dobby! Avatar Image says: Hooray! I miss you Dobby, rest in peace.Avatar Image says: hmm. i love dobby from the books (you live on forever in my heart) but idk. i wasnt wild about him in SS. granted i havent seen the movie for a while and may have diferent judgements, but i thought dobbys part wasnt done the best. ya know? idk. will have to seeAvatar Image says: I really love Dobby in the movie and book. And now he will be back! be killed..sniff, I don't know whether to be glad or upset!Avatar Image says: VERY exciting news!!! I'm so happy they're bringing him back!!!Avatar Image says: Squee!!!!!!!!! I missed dobby! But how will they write him back in I wonder? I thought they'd need him to look out for Draco along with Kreacher but then again, they could easily sidestep that and have Neville stumble upon the answer like in OotP with the Room of Requirement. Just sad they have him for the film he dies in. :-( I don't the people who only watch the film will be as emotionaly attached seeing as he was just nuisance to harry in CoS. Squee!Avatar Image says: It seems to me that they would have Kreacher in DH as when they were thinking of cutting him out of OotP, Jo warned them that it would make the DH plot very difficult if they left him out. So I would think that they included him in OotP because they would need him in DH.Avatar Image says: YAY!!!! That's great news!!! Avatar Image says: Awesome!!! I want those movies NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!Avatar Image says: yes this means there maybe gonna stick the book 4 once i really hope soAvatar Image says: Yesssss- the return of house elves!Avatar Image says: Yes!!! I was so afraid they were going to cut Dobby out, and somehow replace him with another character like they've done with Neville. That would just kill part of the story line.Avatar Image says: SWEET! This is awesome news!!! I love Dobby!Avatar Image says: This is such a relief, knowing that they are going to include Dobby. That is a pivotal point in Harry deciding what he is going to do, and there really wouldn't be a way for it to have the impact if they gave that story line to another character. I've missed Dobby, and when I was reading Deathly Hallows, I kept thinking that I hadn't realized just how fond of him I'd become.Avatar Image says: OMG OMG OMG OMGO MGO MOGMOG MOGMOG MOGMOGM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank facking GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!! Now all they have to have is the gang of house-elves attacking the castle with cleavers!Avatar Image says: YAHHH!!! we get the watch the him die, one of the most moments in the book and soon to be in the movie, can't wait to see it happen! :)Avatar Image says: I am so glad that Dobby will be back. I will be crying so hard. My little dog Dobby died this last year. So when Dobby dies in Deathly Hallows, it will be so hard. I named my little Chihuahua Dobby. He had the hugest ears and the biggest eyes. Even my husband said he looked like Dobby. Such a little sweetie. RIP all Dobby's. Avatar Image says: yey! so happy to hear that Dobby's going to be included. That's a very emotional scene scrubbing it or making it different would have ruined the film.Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm so glad we're going to have Dobby! Avatar Image says: YES!!! We will be happy to see "Dobby" in movie seven. It was such a touching scene in the book when Harry buried his little friend. His little friend with such a big heart, which had known so much pain, like Harry had. In his pain he reached out to Harry. We are living in dark times right now in 2009, and maybe society as a whole needs to learn from these tender literary themes so skillfully portrayed by J.K. Rowling.Avatar Image says: YES!!! We will be happy to see "Dobby" in movie seven. It was such a touching scene in the book when Harry buried his little friend. His little friend with such a big heart, which had known so much pain, like Harry had. In his pain he reached out to Harry. We are living in dark times right now in 2009, and maybe society as a whole needs to learn from these tender literary themes so skillfully portrayed by J.K. Rowling.Avatar Image says: Oh, i am in two minds about this: i so do hope that dobby is in the film cos i love him and was V.disappointed at not having him in the other films, but i dont know if i really want to see "those scenes" on the big screen -TOO sad- and at least he would be alive in the film world lol xxxAvatar Image says: Martha: You are absolutely right. The brief apperances of Remus and Tonks in the movies will not have a strong affect on the the movie-only audiences, when they are killed. And although it would have been much harder if Rowling had elaborated more on their deaths, I do believe that a more tragic death scene for them would be great in a movie. (possibly.) I also agree with your point about Bill and Fleur. So far there has been no mention of Bill (at all) or Fleur, (since GoF.) I, too, thought that WB may give Tonks and Lupin a wedding of some sorts since Bill and Fleur haven't been in the last two movies, when they should be. My concern with Bill not making an appearance in Half-Blood Prince, or, I presume Deathly Hallows, is this: Greyback has to attack someone in Half-Blood Prince, right? I mean that's why Tonks was able to get Lupin to be with her, (even though in the movie they are already a couple.) I read somewhere that Greyback does indeed attack someone, but it will not be Bill. Instead, it will be Mr. Weasley. Personally, I'm beginning to think that too many people have it in for Mr. Weasley. First, J.K. Rowling wasn't going to let him live in Order of the Phoenix, then in the movie, the Nagini attack was pretty violent, and now WB wants to have Mr. Weasley get attacked, again! It's just all becoming a mess in my opinion. But, the Dobby news is very good news and hopefully with the filming of Deathly Hallows starting next month, there will be more good news to come! :)Avatar Image says: YES! The return of Dobby. That is very good news. I wonder if he will look the same as last time. I hope so, because now that I'm reading the books over, that's the mental image of him I have.Avatar Image says: I'm wondering if this was becasue I emailed WB about Dobby in DH. But thank GOODNESS!!!!! I was never going to like Harry Potter everagain if Dobby wasn't in Deathly Hallows!Avatar Image says: I really hope Dobby's story will be well-developed enough for his part in DH....I knda think Neville has taken over for him a little too much. Whatever, this is still pretty good news. Go Dobby!Avatar Image says: Yeah, I agree. The movie have made Neville do the things that Dobby did in the books. But, now it's good that they're going to start having Dobby, again!Avatar Image says: hehe what a relief. Finally something good. Avatar Image says: Thats wonderful!! I just couldn't see doing the seven movie without dobby.Avatar Image says: I am happy they're bringing him back but I can't help but wonder what crazy looks we book fans are going to be getting from the film fans when we all break down crying in the theater. Anyone who's only watched the movies are going to completely miss the whole impact of that moment. I can understand cutting the spew storyline but that doesn't explain why Neville becomes Harry's (gilly)weed dealer (though his last name gives the notion a bit more credit) or the discoverer of the ROR.

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