Wizarding World of Harry Potter Construction Photos Update


Nov 03, 2009

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UPDATE: Thanks to an TLC reader who wished to remain anonymous, we now have some gorgeous high res photos showing earlier off-site construction for the park, including this of the walls and windows of the great hall, others such as this which reveals the icicles formed on buildings in Hogsmeade, and a photo detailing the base of one of the towers, with the rest found here.

Construction continues at a rapid pace now for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park attraction at Universal Orlando. Thanks to OrlandoNews, Orlando United and now the Orlando Sentinel, there are now quite a few new photos online from the construction, including this large size photo of the many towers of Hogwarts castle, this photo of the workers on the scaffold way at the top of the main tower, as well as this one of some very oddly curved chimneys, with another look seen here. Be sure to check out our extensive collection of construction photos, with the latest starting here in our image galleries. The theme park is set to open sometime in Spring, 2010.

One final related note: The Orlando Sentinel also reports that the Wizarding World will use eco-friendly products throughout the park, noting “Universal’s agreement with Advanced Eco Designs of Ocala calls for
“furnishings” that will be used as part of the Wizarding World project.
Though the public documents aren’t more specific, the company’s website
shows that it builds furniture such as picnic benches made from
recycled plastic and theme-park props made with synthetic lumber.”

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