Reminder: LIVE HP Alliance Meeting


Feb 25, 2009

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That was amazing, guys, thanks for all your participation!

Reminder, everyone! The second HP Alliance Dumbledore’s Army meeting will be tonight (Wednesday) at 9 pm EST on UStream. We are already playing wizard rock music over in the room and chatting while we wait.

Ustream is awesome because it allows you to interact with everyone on the call while you’re listening. So it’s a real Room of Requirement.

During the last meeting hundreds of Potter fans came together to talk about helping those less fortunate in Burma and Darfur. This time the call will focus on consumer culture, and being conscious consumers in a tough economy: Paul DeGeorge and Matt Maggiacaomo, of Harry and the Potters and the Whomping Willows, respectively, will talk about their vlog project, “No New Stuff,” which is updated twice weekly at the HPA YouTube Channel. It will also feature information about a new HPA campaign to make sure all products sold in Harry’s name are done so under the banner of Fair Trade. Author Peter Gould, the author of “Write Naked,” will also be on hand to talk about breaking out of consumer culture. We encourage all of you to check out Peter’s book, “Write Naked” and it’s totally cool to go out and buy it. One of the exceptions in “No New Stuff” is helping independent artists!

So please step into the Room of Requirement and Join us for a fun call, which will end with a major HPA announcement, a great surprise that’s sure to excite everyone…one for which it is very much worth DVR’ing Lost. :)

See you there! Remember, it’s tonight Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST at this channel. You can listen to the call and interact with the participants by going to this page. You should sign up to be a member at UStream, as if the chat gets too crowded we will require membership to chat.

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