Preview New Score to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Via Revamped Official Site


Feb 28, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Lend an ear and you shall hear… lovely new excerpts from the score to the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The official HBP website has received a makeover this morning, and fans can now hear a slightly revised Hedwig’s theme, plus see the recently released posters, with a large image of Harry greeting you, along with the trailer from last November. Finally, note the gallery has been updated with all the officially released images over the past months, plus the cast and crew names have been added to the bottom of the page as seen on the posters as well. Enjoy!

Thanks to all who owled!
*For those who asked, indeed composer Nicholas Hooper has returned again to score Half-Blood Prince, building upon the lovely original Hedwig’s Theme by John Williams.

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Avatar ImageLeo_Lovegood says: woot!Avatar Imagelunalovegoodlove says: Hedwigs theme sounds much the same, but I like the bit in between the actually theme (if that makes sence!). Avatar Imagepennynickles says: Yay!!!!Avatar ImageMcTricks says: It sounds great! :-)Avatar Imageherpo says: the music is good naturally but please WB let J.Williams score Deathly Hallows.His score of the first three movies has hence been a synonym for Harry Potter.In every documentary,feature,trailer we hear his music.Wouldn't be great to let him compose more for the last movie?N.Hooper is inexperienced,compared to Williams,who wrote music for star wars,indianna jones and many other soundtrack classics.I have created a group in myLeaky for anyone who wants to express their wish for Williams to score DH.If you share my point of view,please join!Avatar ImageSorcererke says: I would like to have Hans Zimmer for the music in the seventh and eight film. His scores are really beautiful and energetic, especially in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. But John Williams is also a magnificant composer as herpo recalls. He's made the theme of Harry Potter!!!!Avatar Imagevandy says: Personally I think the music is great (the one while the site is loading) but we can't judge the entire music by just one piece.....So its better to call Williams back....In fact Williams himself was interested in composing music for DH......Avatar ImageDobbyandWinky says: I love Williams music...Avatar Imageisc_hector says: Lunalovegoodlove, it does make sense =). That bit sounds very nice. The music sounds so classy, and elegant, and relaxing, like chamber music (well, duh!). I too agree with bringing John Williams back for the finale, what a great closure it would be =D.Avatar ImageDrome says: Sounds very good. It would be fantastic if Williams would be the composer of DH-movies, but I don't think he will... Let's just hope. Avatar ImageGraymayne says: I'm another devotee of John Williams, he creates such haunting themes and his scope is unlimited. I would be overjoyed if he were to return for Deathly Hallows.Avatar Imagehufflepuff_86 says: Well, I love Williams' original work, but Hooper has added something to it. It's really quite pretty. I look forward to hearing more of the soundtrack.Avatar ImageErinM says: I agree with the John Williams cheers. There's no music magic for HP movies better than his.Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: I love it :) But I do hope that John Williams comes back for DH. It would make everything magical again. (Not that it's not, but something about Williams is magical.) Imagine if Hedwig's Theme just played softly after the movie ended ... so powerful, so beautiful!Avatar ImageBell Dema says: It's lovely! I think all composers have so far been great, though I thought Hooper made a specially great work. I am also a great fan of Williams... thank god I don't have to make that decision!Avatar ImageDobbyandWinky says: I just learnt to play Hedvigs theme on piano!Avatar Imagelilhpchick20 says: I am so glad that they brought John Williams back. I love Hedwig's theme. It really brings you into the world. I get so excited every time I hear it.Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: It's really nice. However, I agree that about the whole John Williams thing I think WB should employ him to do DH. It would be a really nice way to end it as his music is the classic theme music for pretty much any Harry Potter "thing." :) xxxAvatar ImageScullythefirst says: John Williams is vastly over rated. Hooper's score in OotP was excellent and this sounds great too.Avatar Imagemollywobble says: I agree with all of you. We need John Williams back for Deathly Hallows. I always felt that OotP was missing something, and after watching PoA for the millionth time, I realized that Hooper's score had no where near the impact of Williams scores, or even Doyle's score for GoF. Hopefully Hooper proves us all wrong and puts out an excellent score for HBP. We'll see.Avatar Imagesavingharry says: I really like it! It definetely captures the feel of HBP. It's dark in places, but also light and fun in places. Certainly a great score, and of course all based upon John Williams' brilliance. He's one of the greatest composers of our times, in my opinion. *Spoiler Below* One question: do you think Hedwig's Theme will be in DH part II, if Hedwig isn't?Avatar ImageMuggleQueen says: Oh no they're still calling it HP6 <_< Anyways the ste looks awesome now and the music is great too! :DAvatar Imagesaoirse42 says: The music is lovely and I think it captures the magical-ness that John Williams portrayed in the work he did for the earlier films. Even though no one can touch the beauty of John William's works, this gets pretty close, and captures it in essence! And i agree with ChristinePotter - if the original Hedwig's Theme would play after the end of the last movie, softly, I would start bawling. It would be so touching, beautiful, magical and perfectly.Avatar Imagewordsthatrhyme says: I'm in favor of John Williams as well. It's funny, all throughout watching Pan's Lambrynth, the music seemed familiar, and I just knew it was composed by John. I looked at every name in the credits and was overjoyed to find out that it actually was John Williams' music! I love it, and I think that unless he's totally against it, he started it and should get a chance to finish it.Avatar Imagewizardinventor says: I like that one particular piece. I wasn't the biggest fan of all of the soundtrack for OOTP, I thought that some parts just didn't fit properly. I agree that I would like to see Williams back for Deathy Hallows films, I think it would be a great way to end the series. Also, on the site they seem to show HP6 a lot, I still think it looks to unprofessional, not official.Avatar Imagescarletti1 says: I agree with many that John Williams is wonderful and all that he's contributed is absolutely brilliant. He is associated with HP because of "Hedwig's Theme" but he will always be untouchable because of what he's created. I would like to add though that I LOVED Nicholas Hooper's work with the 5th movie. His piece "dumbledore's army" is one of my favorites. He is new and different, and provides a new perspective to HP. I love what he's added onto "Hedwig's Theme". It feels right for "The Half-Blood Prince", slightly dark, because of Dumbledore and Harry's adventures, but also light because of the romance and light-heartedness of the aspects of year six. I'm definitely excited to hear more, and i have hopes that it'll be just as wonderful as what Williams has written for HP. Also, i think it'd be excellent if WIlliams returned for DH; it would feel a bit like Hagrid bringing Harry back to Hogwarts for me, but i'm open-minded to others.Avatar Imagecheekysnake09 says: It sounds amazing! ^_^Avatar Imagejonfrog says: to itunes and awaaaayyy!Avatar ImageMcGiggles92 says: yayAvatar ImageMcGiggles92 says: it keeps playing the same song over and over againAvatar ImageAutumnWizard says: YEA!!Avatar Imagedehonestiss says: the site lookss beautiful and amazing but i really hate the HP6 thing in the beginning! if you have to shorten the title at least call it HBP or something. and the music is wonderful.Avatar Imageneedarb says: bring back john williams! Avatar ImageVioletPhoenix says: Cool! I love the soundtracks, and Nicholas Hooper has done a great job imo. Though John Williams has very good as well.Avatar Imagedehonestiss says: guys! if you notice on the one poster there is now a comma you and harry. "once again i must ask to much of you, harry."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagecleber says: mr. hooper and especially mr. doyle's soundtracks are ok. but i miss john william's memorable music. pleease, bring him back for DH!Avatar Imagecleber says: mr. hooper and especially mr. doyle's soundtracks are ok. but i miss john william's memorable music. pleease, bring him back for DH!Avatar Imagejenvomitvos says: shiny! it sounds great :DAvatar Imagechrissyweasley says: hm... i think yea either Hans zimmer bc of his energy i heard in pirates (favorite movie of perhaps all time =] ) or either john williams because he started off harry potter music, you know? its just... thats the guy who.. GAH haha. im prety sure that he started the music, you know? @ChristinePotter you're right. there's something about him thats just magical x] haha and i agreeAvatar Imagemaimiaa says: ooh i do hope Williams comes back for DH that'd be way awesome. though Nicholas Hooper did do a good job i really like it.Avatar ImageThorgalson says: Williams' scores were quite traditional in films 1 and 2 - if you overcome the fact that he composed great themes, the music is cute but not very personal or emotive. The score for POA was fantastic - really one great composition/direction. Personally I think I preferred Doyle's score to Hooper's. I loved Hooper's higher frivolous tones but, I don't know. Most of it wasn't as Potterish as the other scores were, even if it was good. This new bit looks intriguing but not particularly intense... I don't like the Harry on the home page. He looks totally fake, it's not the same as the one on the poster, it's obviously been redone.Avatar ImageRobbie Rowe says: The website is not loading for me for some reason. So therefore I cannot hear the revamped Hedwig theme, unfortunately. Although the Hedwig theme from the past five or less films has proven a great asset to the telling of the story.Avatar ImagetaystarHP says: SQUEE!! I keep getting more excited everytime I see more news like this. Avatar ImagetaystarHP says: It's coming faster and faster.Avatar Imagearkapain says: I love the movie scores (Patrick Doyle was my favorite), and I'm going to go right now and take a good listen =)Avatar Imagehalf-blood-queen says: Awesome! It's lovely! :DAvatar ImageBuffyXO says: Has there been any word on who is going to score the last movies?Avatar ImageThatJordanEdwards says: I am a huge, huge John Williams fan and would love for him to come back for Deathly Hallows. It was the SS/PS score that first turned me on the to the magic of Williams' scores and it would be a wonderful bookending of the movie franchise if he would return for the final story. That being said, I don't see it happening. While WB ultimately has power over all decisions, the choice of composer is generally left up to the director. Columbus chose Williams after having worked with him on Home Alone and his contract was for three films so Cuarón didn't really have a choice. Newell had worked with Doyle on projects such as Donnie Brasco and Yates uses Hooper in all of his work so my guess is he'll be back for the Hallows film. But who knows? They could collaborate.Avatar ImageProfKnight says: I shall echo my fellow leakymates that John Williams created a magnificently beautiful score when he wrote the original Hedwigs Theme. I would love to see him return but I wish mr. Hooper luck and remind him of the tremendous responsibility to not only create music that is beautiful but rather something that is capable of moving and inspiring the soul. Avatar ImageNiphai says: Sounds awesome.. Can't wait till the movie!Avatar Imagephantomdave79 says: pretty cool. I see Timothy Spall is credited in this movie. I don't think I had heard anything official about wormtail in this movie yet. He must indeed be in the Unbreakable Vow scene.Avatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: I would hope for a collaboration between Williams and Hooper for Deathly Hallows. Either one alone would be good for me too. I'm very glad Hans Zimmer hasn't scored a HP film. Even though his scores for the Batman films and Pirates are good, he has the same thing as Williams where most of his scores sound way too similar. I don't want HP sounding like Pirates. It would be too bombastic for HP. Williams has great theme's and I like the dark moody strings Hooper had for OOTP, so them together would be perfect for me.Avatar Imagelord-randal says: excuse me, I come from italy and I can't see the site... is that because it only works in USA and UK? however, can I listen to the score via youtube or any other way please????Avatar ImageHermione_Granger1987 says: It sounds great! I hope they will bring John Williams back for the Deathly Hallows though. I love the music he composes. I also like Hans Zimmer’s music. He would be great too. But for Harry Potter, I prefer Williams.Avatar ImageHarryfan24 says: It sounds wonderful, though I must agree with the many others who wish for Williams to do DH. I think the film would be perfect with the music that we have come to know, and love.Avatar ImageFlourishandBlotts says: It sounds awesome! I love it when they keep some of our favorite melodies, but they add things to them so they become new. I can't wait!!!!!Avatar Imagefranlock says: I love the new music! I listen to the non-Williams soundtracks more than the others. They're whimsical and yet haunting. I'm so excited for Hooper's newest installment. Avatar Imagefranlock says: I love the new music! I listen to the non-Williams soundtracks more than the others. They're whimsical and yet haunting. I'm so excited for Hooper's newest installment. Avatar ImageJohn-Robert says: its great. but dude. JOHN WILLIAMS for the number 7s. please. wb. i. need. him.Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: I really like it!!!!!Avatar Imagetenebrusmke79 says: Quote from lilhpchick20: "I am so glad that they brought John Williams back. I love Hedwig’s theme. It really brings you into the world. I get so excited every time I hear it." lilhpchick20, I am sorry to say this, but the music you heard on the HBP site was NOT the music of John Williams. It was Nick Hooper's music. It even says so on the website in the credits. I just wanted to let you know that there's absolutely no word yet on whether John will come back or not. As a fan of his, and in my opinion, I think John should do what he wants, he doesn't have to score the music for Deathly Hallows, and I would think he'd consider retiring, in fact. He should let new blood take the reins.Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: They certainly did a fantastic job on designing the website. I also think that Hooper's reinterpretation of Hedwig's Theme is marvelous. I cannot wait to hear more of the soundtrack for the sixth film later this year.Avatar ImageProfessorPotter says: I think John Williams is the greatest living composer in the world. No doubt about it. However, every director have their own favourite collaborative composer and when a relationship such as Newell & Hooper ticks, it is better for the movie. OOTP is actually my favourite score of all the movies (and they were all great!). Its my favourite because I feel the music intimately integrated with what happening on screen. Hooper's music had more soul in it. Do the greatest tennis players win doubles tournaments? you'll find the answer is very rarely. When a collaboration ticks, it resonates far greater. I also believe as another poster before me, that Hooper will score the 7th. And that's a good thing my friends. John Williams is the greatest but he may not give his best if he doesnt quite hit it off with Yates. And besides why would WB want to severe Yates successful choice of composer. If anyone is interested in Movie music, do pop into our Music at the Movies group ImageTonks1 says: Oh! I can see and hear it now. IMAX theater in NYC with Harry Potter and John Williams. Just hevenly. Brings back those memories from the first three movies. WB Please let John Williams score Deathly Hallows. Avatar ImageProfessorPotter says: By the way, the website is lovely, very moody! Hooper's, Hedwig theme is beautiful. though I wish WB gave us a sample of a few more tracks like what they did on the OOTP website before OOTP release. Having said that, you can hear some new scoring in the recent trailers which sounds terrific and I believe has to be from Hooper. tenebrusmke79, John Williams actually did say he would like to return to compose HP7. But hasn't been approached.Avatar ImageProfessorPotter says: Oh and Phantomdave, that's brilliant observation! I guess we will see Wormtail in the Unbreakable Vow scene! Good grief, I think thats enough consecutive posts from me. What am I, a points collector or something......?Avatar ImageTonks1 says: tenebrusmke79, There is new blood out there. They are good but not seasoned as John Williams. Just cause he is up there in years doesn't mean he can't still do the job. This is what is wrong with out society. Don't have respect for our elders like years ago. Avatar Imagemollywobbles23 says: Oh, it's lovely. I really like Hooper. :D If Williams can't return for DH, I hope Hooper stays.Avatar ImageBriannaWazHere says: The website looks awesome, and the song is lovely. Avatar ImageFelipe_Q says: The site looks great! I love the music too. I am a little dissapointed that they are not putting enough emphasis on Harry's scar in these pictures... you can't even see it! I think they need to put more emphasis on that scar than on anything else; it's HP's most identifiable symbol.Avatar ImageCatherine says: looks and sounds good!Avatar ImageEruditeWitch says: Why does Gambon look so much like Ian McKellan?Avatar Imagejennluvsharry says: i like it! it sounds good so far :)Avatar ImageLady of the Lake says: Very exciting.Avatar ImageAccioCloak says: Sounds good!!Avatar Imagestarfishes16 says: Not............ working.................. (BMHotC... that means "bashing my head on the computer....)Avatar Imagestarfishes16 says: Still............................................ NOT WORKING!!!!Avatar ImageAphrael says: I really liked Hooper's score for Order of the Phoenix. This sounds pretty good too. Can't wait to hear more.Avatar Imagertpuppydog says: Sounds like jazz, not what I expected.Avatar ImageVioletPhoenix says: Checked it out, sounds pretty good!Avatar ImageVioletPhoenix says: Checked it out, sounds pretty good!Avatar ImageHarrys Horntail says: Yeah I can't get the site to load for me either. I really want to hear this so I guess I'll just have to keep trying. *goes to keep trying*Avatar Imagehp29 says: I love it! its wonderful! they did a good job :)Avatar ImageTruckles says: Yes! I love movie scores :)Avatar Imagecleverssynonym says: I like the new music. I always buy the soundtrack! I listen to them all the time! :) Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: Yes! I have been waiting for news about the HBP music! :)Avatar Imagecocoeple says: It's not working! argh! >:(Avatar Imageangelac123 says: Wow!!! This news has made my day!!! :D I'm sooo excited! I just hope Williams will be asked to return for DH!Avatar ImageSarabi says: bring back John, rawr! XDAvatar Imagetenebrusmke79 says: Quote from Tonks1[ROAR]:"tenebrusmke79, There is new blood out there. They are good but not seasoned as John Williams. Just cause he is up there in years doesn’t mean he can’t still do the job. This is what is wrong with out society. Don’t have respect for our elders like years ago." Tonks1[ROAR], you have your opinion, and I have mine. I will just leave it at that. Professor Potter, yes, he did say he would like to return, but that doesn't mean he'll have neither the time to return nor the desire to return when the time comes. People change their minds at almost no notice, and I will accept anything that John says or does when the time comes, even if it is to say that he will not be returning to score the music for Deathly Hallows. With that, I doubt I will say anything more on the subject.Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: cool! i love soundtracks!Avatar ImageBradyboy says: Hey! WB actually updated their Harry Potter Website. Who knew they could? Avatar ImageThe Silver Doe music says: Hooray, they updated their website!Avatar Imageshellybasson says: I really enjoyed Nicholas Hooper's score. It brought a new vibe. John Williams' score is great, but i like Hooper's more...Avatar ImageKay says: I rather like this score :D Is it me or does it sound more mature this time round?Avatar Imageugurbocegi says: I liked both the music and the website WB has made. :-)Avatar Imagetinagin says: Great site! Can't wait till the add more.Avatar ImageAine-gryffindorpuff says: the music sounds great so Far! i can't wait to hear the entire soundtrack and I think it would be fantastic if Hooper AND Williams both worked together collaborating for the Deathly Hallows soundtrack *there were collaborations for the Goblet of Fire soundtrack so why not for Deathly Hallows?* Avatar ImageEmilyDeibert says: Ooh, it looks great, and sounds great too! I can't wait for July!Avatar Imagestarlesswinter says: Originally, I liked Hooper's score, but I found that after repeated listenings, very few tracks actually hold up. I don't think there's anything particularly WRONG with his score; it's just rather typical of what you'd expect for a light fantasy film. That said, Williams' first two goes at Harry Potter were similar in a way - rather than being typical scores in themselves, they were typical John Williams and didn't really show the composer bringing anything new to the table (other than some really great and memorable themes). POA, on the other hand, really showed what Williams can do with a very eclectic musical palette. Now, with Hooper, perhaps the only thing that really bugs me is that it doesn't seem like the music has a narrative. Yes, there are themes and motifs, but most of the music FEELS like background score to me. I suppose that's a matter of what type of score you prefer, though. And so by the time the story hits an emotional high, the needed emotional music doesn't hit the right notes for me. I am not John Williams's biggest fan, but I do think he succeeded much more on these films when it comes to musical storytelling. In other words, his music is synonymous to the films. It became an integral part of the world, whereas Hooper's was a little accent.Avatar ImageCrown Victoria says: Will there ever be a soundtrack?Avatar ImageAga Veneficus says: Beautiful!Avatar Imagebadger666 says: Sounds cool. I miss John Williams, though. The others aren't bad, but Williams's work was especially great.Avatar ImageDobbyandWinky says: LOVELYAvatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I can't wait till we can hear the whole score. Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: So cool!~Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Cool I like the tune after Hedwigs theme. I love John Williams but personally I'm fine with him not returning, he's made his stamp on the movies and coined the tune, that won't disappear. I love Hooper's score for OOTP and I'm sure HBP will be much the same. Though I would absoloutly LOVE IT if Thomas Newman came foward to score DH. That would be amazing for my earsAvatar Imagehoras1 says: John Williams is the master that all others try to come close to in music scoring. I just got the feeling that their was some falling out after the third movie. If you watch it again much of it sounds like starwars then Harry Potter. Everyone else that has done the music has done ok. But they can not match the master. The man is getting on in years and maybe wants to slow down. Sadly he just does not want to do it. I still think that after 3 he felt for some reason no more Harry and lets face it he has earned the right to do what he wants. Horas1 Avatar Imagechoirgeek says: I think this is my favorite version of Hedwig's Theme out of all of them so far. And I agree with a lot of the earlier comments, I think it would be so great if John Williams came back to score Deathly Hallows.

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