Apparate! TLC Location Report, Photos from Day Two of London Filming for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Apr 22, 2009

Posted by: SueTLC

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As we noted below, day two of location filming for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows took place last night again in London, England. TLC staffer James attended the event (detailed report below!), and reported security was heavy for the second night of filming, but pointed out the highlight of the night was filming of the Trio Apparating at Piccadilly Circus area of London. Check out this adorable photo of the Trio holding hands for this scene. Update: As noted by James in the report below, the Trio almost get hit by a bus for the scene; you can see how they react to the “close call” here in this photo. Emma Watson then later enjoys a warming cup of coffee with producer David Heyman here. You can also see many more new Day 2 photos here in our galleries and at The Bad and Our vast collection of filming from Day One in London can be seen here.

Thanks go to our Order Partner who were able to obtain location filming photos as well, notably director David Yates at work on location, as well as some videos of filming over the past two days, such as this, via their YouTube channel. Thanks so much Claire, Steph and and all who emailed!

UPDATE: TLC staffer James has just sent us his eyewitness accounts of filming in London that went on until the very early hours of this morning. Thanks ever so much to James for the following:

size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>For the second day of location
shooting, the principal trio were once again all on set ’ even if
only briefly, along with a cast of hundreds of extras (and what felt
like even more security)

size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>They recorded several shots,
firstly of the Trio, and their doubles, walking along the top of Shaftesbury
Avenue off of Piccadilly Circus, just along from where they were last
night, with the extras making up the general background of what London’s
busiest thoroughfare is.

size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>Fans craned around the heads
of the security as they saw what appeared to be the trio walking through
the crowd ’ only for a collective but silent sigh as they get closer
and everyone realises its only the doubles. Five minutes later though, with
the scene reset, and this time it’s the real deal, with Emma leading
the trio through the street, looking (as one may expect for someone
who has just heard that the Ministry has fallen) rather shaken. If this
few seconds was anything to go by, this could be a good film for Emma
to shine.

size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>After a few more takes of this
sequence the crew moves onto the very corner of Piccadilly Circus, where
the road is temporarily blocked, and the trio take to the center of
the road, as a London double-decker bus drives straight at them, stopping
in the nick of time. One can only assume that this is the actual Apparition
sequence, and that instead of the Tottenham Court Road setting of the
book the movie makers have made this into a much bigger sequence, setting
it in the instantly recognisable Piccadilly Circus (which makes more
sense anyway given that it’s the first place Hermione is supposed
to think of and TCR always seemed a strange choice)

size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>At this point the principals
get into a black cab and drive away, but the doubles stay to pick up
shots for other angles of the bus sequence ’ one picture of which
you can see in TLC’s galleries, with the trio facing the bus itself.

size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>Because of the IMMENSE levels
of security surrounding the second day of shooting many fans stood behind
the barriers couldn’t see much of what was going on, and so it can
only be expected that the photographic evidence of the shoot last night
will not be spectacular from anyone not using a giant zoom lens standing
above the barricade (of which several paparazzi chose to do anyway)

size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>While we expected to see the
actual café attack sequence filmed here tonight a crew member informed
me that they were unable to get a license from the City Of Westminster
for even controlled explosions ’ so are we to assume the “London
café” will actually be a set at Leavesden, and all we will see of
real London will be the sequences of them wondering through the streets
towards and away from the café?

size=”3″ face=”Times New Roman”>So all in all, the second night
of shooting seemed to pick up where the first left off ’ lots of walking
up and down Shaftesbury avenue, just this time with the additional shots
of the apparition sequence for fans to really sink their teeth into
(either complaining that “That’s not what happens in the book!?!?”
as I heard someone say, or “No¦but it does sort of make more sense
this way” as another said.) whatever your outlook, as has been mentioned
above, the real star tonight was Emma Watson, who, despite only acting
for all of 5seconds the whole night did honestly make you believe in
those Five seconds that she was scared.

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