Dan Radcliffe Nominated for Broadway.com Audience Award


May 12, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to our Order partner DanRadcliffe.com we know that actor Dan Radcliffe was nominated today in the “Favorite Leading Actor” for his role in Equus at the Broadway.com Awards. Equus was also nominated for “Favorite Broadway Play Revival.” If you would like, you can vote on these awards via this link. The Broadway.com awards will be presented Friday, May 22nd.

Thanks to DanRadcliffe.com!

53 Responses to Dan Radcliffe Nominated for Broadway.com Audience Award

Avatar ImageKatetheKeeper says: Congrats, Dan!Avatar Imagethe_spectacle says: Go Dan! I'll vote once my slow browser opens up the site...Avatar Imageladydars says: Wow that's pretty awesome. Its nice that he's getting significant recognition outside HP. :-)Avatar ImageRosemunde says: I just finished voting. The survey is pretty long but you don't have to vote for everything. Daniel is up for two individual categories; Favorite Leading Actor in a Broadway Play, and Favorite Breakthrough Performance (Male). His play is up for one category; Favorite Broadway Play Revival.Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: congrats to Dan! :DAvatar Imagespicefan1978 says: Congratulations Dan!Avatar Imagebudgie says: Congraulations Dan!Avatar ImagegaylebathanHP says: wwee..!! CONGRATULATIONS Dan! Avatar ImagegaylebathanHP says: your A-Mazing!Avatar ImageSybilT says: Yay! Dan may not have been nominated for a Tony, but at least he is nominated for this and the Drama Desk. Congratulations to Dan.Avatar ImageKennedyJames says: *votesvotesvotes <33333 Saw the play Loved it he was amazinggggAvatar ImageBookworm Jen says: This is great news! I was so disappointed when Dan didn't get a Tony nomination, but it's good to see he's getting the recognition he deserves elsewhere. He was incredible in Equus.Avatar ImageFresca says: I hope Dan wins, as he deserves recognition for the way he handled his role in Equs.Avatar Imagekbicprez says: CONGRATULATIONS to Dan! He was GREAT.Avatar Imagefelixfelicis11 says: Daniel Radcliffe is my favorite everything, hahaha.Avatar ImageWicked_Lady says: I already voted for him! :) Hope he wins! BTW, have there been any videos of the filming this week? There only seem to be pictures. Avatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: Yay Dan! :DAvatar Imageavrenim says: i voted for him and equus in all the categories they were in :DAvatar Imageavrenim says: although i am surprised to see richard griffiths wasn't on there at all, because he was excellent as well!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: very cool, congrats to Dan! I hope he wins! :)Avatar ImageDolphingirl500 says: Hurray for Dan!Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: Three cheers for Dan. Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Congratulations to him on being nominated! This is nothing short of a tremendous honor. I did not see him perform in Equus, but, based on what I have heard, his acting in it was fantastic.Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Congratulations to him on being nominated! This is nothing short of a tremendous honor. I did not see him perform in Equus, but, based on what I have heard, his acting in it was fantastic.Avatar ImageKC Nox says: That is a big achievement! Congrats for Dan!Avatar Imageloony_slytherin says: Congratz Dan! :)Avatar Imagesanjuangelina says: Oh wow, lovely!!!! I am going to vote for one of the best actors in the world for sure!!!!!! Cheers, Dan, you sure are the best in everything you do!!!!! Love it! Congratulations!@#$***** Avatar ImageiLoveDolores says: Well done Dan!!! =DAvatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Cool :) Congrats!!Avatar Imagegoodenough says: Wow, Congrats Dan! Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Dan congratulations.I hope Dan winsAvatar ImagePrisoner Of Azkaban says: Well done Dan. :DAvatar ImageSlytherin Princess101 says: Congrats to Dan!!! Our boy is growing up!!!!!Avatar ImageErinM says: (nod and wink) Congrats Dan!Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: Dan is pottamazing!!! I'm off to vote. HE HAS TO WIN THIS!Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: Too bad this show isn't on tv. It would definitely beat the Tony presentations. Just because of Daniel.Avatar Imagenoe_lover_42 says: good luck dan!! Slytherin FTC! Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Voted...for Dan of course!Avatar ImageMatea says: congrats Dan!Avatar Imagetourdefrance says: that's great for dan, to be recognised by the audience themselves Avatar ImageHalfBloodPrinceFan says: Congrats Dan!!!! I wish i could have seen the playAvatar ImageWendelin the Weird says: Yay! Congratulations Dan!Avatar Imagevicky granger says: Congratulations Dan ! Avatar ImageDolemite says: Congrats on the nomination.Avatar Imagejenbabe705 says: Amazing! Congrats Dan!Avatar Imagelily11 says: congrats Dan!!Avatar ImageLillylove says: Go Dan!Avatar Imagered_7849 says: Congratulations Dan !! Avatar ImageBoyWithALightningScar says: Well good for him. Go Dan!Avatar Imagebecmajec says: good on you danAvatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: wow!! i hope he wins!Avatar Imagelilhpchick20 says: He completely deserves it.Avatar Imagepotter_mom_in_GA says: Congratulations to Dan!

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