New Set Report Previews End of Half-Blood Prince and the Hunt for the Horcruxes


Jun 20, 2009

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There is a new set report online tonight for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince contained in the new issue of The Observer Film Quarterly. Found in both the print editions of the Guardian and now online tonight, this report contains a new photo of Evanna Lynch (Luna) and Dan Radcliffe (Harry) preparing to shoot a scene for HBP, possibly the arrival at Hogwarts which you can see via this link.

The set report, while quite lengthy, is very well worth the read, containing many new interviews with those such as David Heyman (on JKR: “was very much the same then as she is now: funny, irreverent,
compassionate, kind, generous. Very discreet and private. Damn! She’s
hard to punch holes in …” ) and David Yates on finishing Potter (“my commitment to Potter is absolute. First of all it’s my job to make
sure we go out with a bang and, as the Americans would say, put on a
show”) as well as new insights into the making of the sixth Harry Potter film. Of interest is a new line from the film, possibly at the very end of the movie as Hermione and Harry discuss the need to hunt for the Horcruxes. The article begins by recounting this scene as actress Emma Watson is having trouble with her line. The piece then reads:

“I’ve said the wrong lines.” She frowns at her script. “Can we sort
this out?” She looks down from the astronomy tower at director David
Yates. He gently guides her through the scene in which her character,
Hermione, is talking to Harry Potter
about Voldemort’s soul. Harry looks very serious. “I’m not coming back,
Hermione … I have to finish what Dumbledore started.” Action stops again. Watson focuses on the script. Yates and Daniel Radcliffe discuss Harry’s frame of mind…Yates talks him through it. “Harry’s in a cold, dark place at the
moment, but I would caution against melancholy … you’ve got to make
sure Harry’s not weighty but more fluid, freer.”

Later the author speaks to Dan Radcliffe about that scene, getting the following answer: “I ask about Yates cautioning against melancholy when Harry and Hermione
were up on the astronomy tower and Radcliffe laughs. “The Half-Blood
Prince is funnier than the previous books, which has given me the reins
to be a bit more stupid. But I actually prefer doing the slightly
darker side of stuff. I’m not so comfortable with being funny. One of
David Yates’s jobs on this film is to make me see that it’s not always
about the darkness in the scene; I have in my head that darkness in a
character equals credibility and of course that’s not the case.”

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