New Photos, Interview with Trio in USA Today


Jul 14, 2009

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HBP Film

The USA Today has a new feature online containing new interviews, these new photos and section where the Trio and Tom Felton weigh in on their favorite scene from a Harry Potter film. In the main article which features on the lives ahead post-Potter, the piece also notes how far the Trio has come in the years since beginning on the Harry Potter films.

The young actors are no longer the shy, slightly awkward newbies of
years ago. Radcliffe, stuck in a frigid hotel room in Midtown, offers
to pour tea or coffee and immediately suggests someone wear his leather
jacket, in case anyone in the room gets cold. Watson, curled up in
sweats, talks about her friendship with designer Karl Lagerfeld
and how proud she is that he photographed her for a magazine spread.
And Grint, never the most chatty of the trio, laughs heartily during a
photo shoot when he’s complimented on his model-worthy catwalk strut.

“Dan, Rupert and I grew up in a converted air hangar. It was really not
glamorous. We worked really hard. We’re treated like kids. We’re not
treated like movie stars,” Watson says. “What kept me sane was doing
all my schoolwork. My family didn’t give up their jobs to look after
me. My parents still work full time. I’ve never been interested in
being a celebrity. I just don’t like it. I just wanted to be treated
normally. My focus has always been on getting myself back to that. I
just want to be like my friends.”

In a second article, new quotes and new photos of the Trio can be found on their plans after the series has concluded. From Dan Radcliffe: “Sleep. Ideally, I would have
three weeks off and go straight to something else. I get bored not
working. ¦ I have a huge amount of energy. When I’m on set, I use it
all up. At home, I go wild in my head.” From Emma Watson: “People see me as Hermione in real life. They forget that I’m acting.
We’re quite different people. I want people to understand that I’m
versatile,” Watson says. “My way of hoping people would see me
differently was through modeling. I worked very hard and did a lot of
modeling shoots. Burberry offered me the campaign. That has moved me
away a little bit. I’m not good at selling myself.” From Rupert Grint: “I look forward to seeing what else is out there and to move on,
really. This is a bubble, really. You don’t get a sense of the real
kind of industry. I look forward to it.”

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