Half-Blood Prince Tops UK Box Office, Tops $405 Million Internationally


Jul 28, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film continues to perform phenomenally well at the box office, for the sixth film came in first place in box office takings for the UK and Ireland this past weekend. The BBC reports that the film grossed 33 million pounds this past weekend, beating out the Sandra Bullock film The Proposal, and becoming “the biggest UK box office success of the year so far.”

A report is also online from ScreenDaily noting that the sixth Potter film has grossed an impressive $405.3 million in its release, helping push gross Warner Bros. international box office takings over $1 billion. The story continues:

The sixth film in the Potter franchise holds the record for
the highest-grossing international opening with $236m, and became one
of the fastest films to break the $300m mark ” within eight days of

This weekend’s estimated gross of $84.4m in 64 markets included the highest Potter opening in Poland ($2m), a new Warner record in Argentina of $1.9m, and the UK adding $8.2m for a new cume of $52.8m, making Potter the top film of 2009 in the Hogwarts-home territory.

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Avatar Imagemadman1277 says: 1st wootAvatar ImageCarol Carvalho says: At least britons have a little more sense than americans! :P Avatar Imagemadman1277 says: its doing really well, just hope 7 part 1 and 2, do even betterAvatar ImageHP United says: That is sweet, and no surprise. ^__^Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: WOW. I love HBP i only go to the theater to see Harry Potter movies. Thats a lot of money.Avatar ImageRobbie Rowe says: Great that the Half-Blood Prince betrays and hurts people as well as helping them break box office records. COOLIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagefelicitas says: Thank you Carol! I agree. I can't believe HP is second to super-guinea pigs in America...Avatar Imageoldenoughtoknowbetter says: this is very cool... guess I'm unclear tho as to why Carol Carvalho says the Britons have a little more sense than the Americans... what exactly does that have to do with this :?Avatar Imageoldenoughtoknowbetter says: Unless she means that HBP got knocked out of the top spot by G-force... which is a shocker...Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: I wouldn't waste my money on a movie with guinea pigs. I've seen HP6 twice.Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: it was the best i would go to hbp over the guinea pigs!Avatar ImageAwakened says: Take that, G-Force!Avatar Imagebudgie says: HBP is good. I plan to see it again. G-Force is funny, but the next time on TV is good enough.Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Awesome! Well they got money from me twice and will be getting more from me again since I'm going to see it for a 3rd time this weekend! YAY!Avatar Imagebeewell says: That's great! Knew it would be a smashing success. Getting ready to go and see it again and again until my money runs out!Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Wow.Avatar Imagesunlitdays says: stupid gforce. why dont you just go run on ur exercise wheel and leave us harry potter fans alone, why dontcha? lol sorry :PAvatar Imagemaimiaa says: hooray! lol i need to go see it again XDAvatar ImageWingardium Leviosa says: It's so successful, and I hope the DH movies do even better!Avatar ImageR-for-H says: Yeah to British people! I think j have pairs about £10 towards that. And I am going again. And again!Avatar Imageaxlgirl says: Wooo-hooo!! Way to go, Harry! =DAvatar ImageDilltheMuggle says: I/ll be giving wb another $8.75 to add to its gross this weekend, lol.Avatar Imageplacebowiz says: coolAvatar Imagedoublecore says: It's time for the IMAX and the HBP. Going tommorrow with eight of my friends and famuly. Third time is a charm :)Avatar ImagePhylis says: Yah!!! I 'm hoping to go again next week!Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: lol! a lot of money again!! i cant believe that in america G-Force is beating it. gosh.Avatar ImageSquibmeister says: Just wait though... Titanic and The Dark Knight have had a baby, and its name is The Ugly Truth. Get ready to bow down before this box-office miracle child, my British cousins!Avatar ImageLiderc says: G-force hasn't been released in the UK yet, so don't be so quick to bash American's for going to see another movie this past weekend. I'm sure the brits will appreciate talking gerbils when it's released there and knock HBP out of the top spot. I saw HBP 3x in the US, I did my part.Avatar ImageTonks1 says: I too only go to the movies to see HP films. I've already gone once at midnight and going to IMAX with family. Then, I'll see it again by myself. I can't believe we lost the top spot to Guinea pigs either. Come on HP fans lets put HP back on top this weekend!!!!! Avatar ImageLucia Meadows says: I feel so old. I just don't understand the appeal of G-Force. That said, HBP is raking in the dough! The movie will probably finish in the $285-300 million range domestically.Avatar Imageflyingporkeypine says: What was Disney thinking when they made G-force?! I'll admit it looks like it has its funny/cute moments, but its still seems really...weird. Anyway, I'm going for round 2! I'm watching the HP6 movie again, except in Imax this friday! :DAvatar Imagegot2lovme says: That's so great to hear. Hopefully it does grate cause anything Harry is always good.Avatar ImageFlora Lovegood says: i think the G-force thing was a fluke...many parents taking their kids to a show they could actually see when HP was too Pg-13...it won't last! Avatar ImageMera004 says: YAYY! :D Avatar ImageMera004 says: XD I just read flyingporkeypine's comment, and thought, "Hey! I'm seeing it in IMAX this Friday, too!" And then I realized who it was and laughed because of course she is. We're seeing it together! :P Avatar Imageflyingporkeypine says: lol! Silly mera!Avatar Image[email protected] says: Go baby, go!Avatar Imagemelissahengeveld says: Well I guess a congrats is in order to all that worked on the film. I thought it was the best so far. Avatar Imageangelvoice says: So Cool.Avatar ImageAelaeras says: Normally I would type up a comment expressing my feelings, but lets be honest, who all here is surprised HBP did so good? I'm definitely not, that was one hell of a movie.Avatar Imagejediofthelost says: This is great.Avatar Imageblackhair says: Well folks i simply don't understand why people say hbp has betrayed bookish fans since lot of stuff been mixed up But folks don't u think if they had to do it since the book was humongous abt 600 odd pages to stuff it into 2 1/2 hr movie is job well done. If they had added the dark stuff then they would have had to remove all the romance and humor from the movie Avatar Imageblackhair says: the movie is fantastic im not surprised by the success it has achieved Avatar ImageJadeDanielle says: I'm glad to hear it's doing so well! :DAvatar Imagenomesters says: Sometimes I am ashamed to be American, and although there are more important reasons, the fact that a stupid movie about guinea pigs can knock Harry Potter out of the top spot when Harry Potter hasn't even been out for two weeks....what is wrong with people? Has this happened to Harry Potter before? I thought the previous HP films stayed in the number one spot for weeks on end...hopefully IMAX will fix it. And I am glad the people in the UK are being smarter about seeing Harry Potter in the theaters. Avatar Imagenomesters says: Sometimes I am ashamed to be American, and although there are more important reasons, the fact that a stupid movie about guinea pigs can knock Harry Potter out of the top spot when Harry Potter hasn't even been out for two weeks....what is wrong with people? Has this happened to Harry Potter before? I thought the previous HP films stayed in the number one spot for weeks on end...hopefully IMAX will fix it. And I am glad the people in the UK are being smarter about seeing Harry Potter in the theaters. Avatar ImageTeatopatronusesla says: honestly how can HBP fall 2nd behind g-force? honestly......well i'm going to watch it again soon! it's going to be the firsrt movie i've watched twice. ever =]Avatar Imagealegria35 says: WTG HP & HBPAvatar Imagephoenixes are in ravenclaw says: Apparently, G-Force took the top spot this week in the US. But, my theory on that is because soooo many went to see it the first week!!Avatar Imagephoenixes are in ravenclaw says: I bet HP will be back on top again with the IMAX version!!Avatar Imageblackhair says: Well as time moves on HBP will get back on top specially with IMAX version on the look out forAvatar Imageravensmith says: niceAvatar ImageHermioneRon4ever says: IMAX will definatly bring it back to the top! Can't wait to see it again this weekend! AMAZING movie!Avatar ImageBoyWithALightningScar says: C'mon, it was to be expected. Still, it's great news.Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Yeah I really dont think it has much to do with how *dumb* or *smart* anyone is :x HBP was one of the biggest earning movies in its opening week. It cant stay on top forever (alas ... lol) It's coming out in IMAX soon so that will most likely put HBP back toward the top again. Looking at all the records that this movie has broken, I'd say HP fans are pretty smart wherever we're at.Avatar ImageAFRELF says: Not surprising that GForce took over. I snorted aloud when the movie ended and based on the novel by JK Rowling scrolled up... Is no one else bothered by the ridiculous opening scene, the destruction of the Burrow, and Harry and Ginny's trip to the Room of Requirement simply so they could give Ron a suggestive line??? It was terrible!!! Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: This film will continue to rake in the $$$ for weeks to come... Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: OMG!!! So great!!!Avatar ImageVeinic says: no disrespect, and no bias, but g-force was a letdown. sure it had its funny moments, but... nothing spectacular, really. i'm sort of confused too, but still it was an enjoyable movie. i just thought hbp was better hahaAvatar Imagerogue-bludger says: Half-Blood Prince is such an amazing movie, the best out of all of them so far, the whole cast gave their best performances yet, especially Dan, Emma and Rupert, and it plan to see it again and again! Avatar ImageFloridianFlounder95 says: Only in the U.S.Avatar ImageSindi says: wooooooooo! harry potter!! i <3 the half blood prince :DAvatar ImageFereverto says: From a never to be ashamed to be an American, I've seen it three times and now am champing at the bit to buy the blu-ray DVD. G-Force will be forgotten in the blink of an eye. Harry will live in our hearts FOREVER!Avatar ImageFigment says: That is wonderful, but not really a surprise. We all knew it would do well.Avatar ImageAgrippa1 says: Guinea pigs are cute, but Harry rocks! I know it's going to set more records- I can't wait to see it again.Avatar ImageAndreaB09 says: Haha yesss! I am .1% out of 405 Millon. I helped them out at the box offices!Avatar ImageHermione J. Granger says: It is doing really well, just hope 7 part I and II, do even better.Avatar Imagedakota1084 says: Doesnt shock me. i've already seen it in theatres 3 times. Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: YAY!!! That's great. Hopefully I'm going to see it myself in the next few days. (Again, obviously!)Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: yay, Go HBP! :P)Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: yay, Go HBP! :P)

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