Harry and Twilight, Together Tomorrow at NYPL


Jul 31, 2009

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Tomorrow, at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street in Manhattan, there will be a discussion between myself and the webmaster of The Twilight Lexicon on Harry Potter, Twilight, and all things inbetween. It’s going to be a lot of fun so if you’re in the area (and over 18, as per Children’s Lit Cafe organization’s rules), come check it out:

Children’s Literary Cafe
New York Public Library (42nd Street side, between 5th and 6th Ave)

Very sorry for the late notice, and I hope to see you there!

94 Responses to Harry and Twilight, Together Tomorrow at NYPL

Avatar ImageJaneth says: You should record it for PotterCast or something, this is something i'd love to hear.Avatar Imageplacebowiz says: grossAvatar Imagealbeitgurggish says: yeah, please have it recorded! I'd love to hear it.Avatar ImageHP_Flower says: This looks like it will be interesting. I hope they record it!Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: Oh God! I wish I could be there! =( Avatar Imageacciodiana says: Oh, please do record it, Melissa. I'd love to hear this conversation, too bad I live in Texas. Pretty please, with a treacle tart on top? :)Avatar Imageariana_dumbledore says: Should be interesting ;) Please record!!Avatar Imagelilyjames says: ew twilight it makes this sound less epic. but at least they are like joining so that its not a competitive and what not lolAvatar ImagePinkwizard says: hmmmAvatar ImageLexitheAuror says: Hey, it's past midnight in several time zones now, when is it going to be announced that Ravenclaw won the House Cup for July?Avatar ImageLexitheAuror says: It still says that Ravenclaw has won 0 out of 2 in the common room, but it should now say 1 out of 3.Avatar Imageweasleymyking says: Why would they be that stupid to mix AMAZING harry potter with stupid twilight..Avatar Imagegoodegogo says: harry potter is better that twilight but I'm gunna read twilight anyway. Nothing can beat harry potterAvatar ImageFlora Lovegood says: this sounds interesting, though I do not really understand the debate/clash between these books...they are totally different stories...idk, havent read twilight, so i hope Harry Potter "wins" ;)Avatar Imagemnikka says: They should sigh some kind of peace treaty. So, Twilight fan and HP fans can be at peace... :DAvatar ImageAwakened says: I'd love to hear this as well! If not the whole thing, at the very least feature the best parts on PotterCast. It's no secret that I'm no Twilight fan whatsoever, but seeing the two mix at this level would be very interesting regardless.Avatar Imageibecbec says: Twilight is going down. It can't hold a candle to Potter. The characters, the plot, and the writing of Potter are all miles and miles ahead of the pitiful dribble that is Twilight. Avatar ImageMiss Freewind says: This does sound really interesting. I wish that I could go, but there would be absolutely no way for me to get to NYC by tomorrow. I do agree with others that it would be cool if it is recorded for those that can't attend. I love both book series, even though they completely different from one another (which is why I hate it when they are compared to one other). I am going to use a quote from a woman at LeakyCon because she said it better than I could ever describe it. She said something along the lines that "Harry Potter is your soulmate and Twilight is that incredibly hot weekend fling." This pretty much sums up my feelings of the two book series. I have been to six HP cons (in various countries), have multiple HP tattoos, and spent thousands of dollars and hours on HP and things related to HP, things that I really doubt that I will be doing for Twilight. ----------------- I find the people (and the media) that want to start a fandom war between Harry Potter and Twilight immature and, to be quite honest, pathetic. I know that fans of one book might not like the other, but calling the other "stupid" or "gross" or any other of these little names is both juvenile and rude. I would think that Harry Potter fans (and Twilight fans) would be able to state their dislike without being insulting and disrespectful.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: That sounds so cool. Avatar ImageAbiDumbledore says: I wish i was in NY for this! I hope we get a detailed report on what happens =)Avatar ImageShalanarah says: this news pisses me off! why oh why they have to mix the brilliant magical amazing HP with that stupid book!? they're totally different! Grr!Avatar Imagebutterbeer bottle says: This looks cool. Wish I could see it. Any chance of it on an episode of PotterCast?Avatar ImageWickedLoz says: Oh no, seriously? And people wonder why the media constantly compares the two.Avatar ImagePollytomat says: I absolutely agree with goodegogo: NOTHING can beat HP! NOTHING!!!! I read all the Twilight books. They are good. But They can't be compared with HP! HP is more interesting, there are less cliche and the story is much more difficult to predict while reading the first book! :)))))Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: *barfs* twilight *barfs again* oh god make it stop!Avatar Imagestar_fli says: This would be interesting to listen to! Please do record!!!Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Melissa please, please *PLEASE* crush the Twilight guy to the ground!! And is there anyway that this could be recored for Pottercast??? That would be really awesome to hear and laugh at! (Sorry my pure hatred for Twilght is making me come over all Slytherinish!)Avatar ImageBookworm Jen says: This sounds great! I'd love to be able to go, since based on who is participating, it sounds like it will be an intelligent discussion, rather than the immature name-calling that tends to take place in comments every time the two series are mentioned together. I'm tempted to jump in my car right now and head down, but as the car has been giving me problems, I'm not sure it's up for the 4 hr drive. Oh well, I will look forward to hearing about the event later.Avatar Imagearas says: Oooohhhh I would love to hear it too!!! Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE record it??? There is no way I can get on a plane to NY for this ... I haven't read the Twilight series yet (still waiting for my cousin to lend me her original versions) because I don't want the translated stuff, but I admit I'm really curious. Also, why do people have to bad-mouth the series? Geez, if you don't like it it's fine, it's not a reason to talk meanly about things! Don't you feel hurt when you read/hear people talking badly about HP? Don't do the same they do! Hope you have a great time tonight Melissa!Avatar ImageMatea says: o wow! amazing! I want the video!Avatar Imageweasleygirl101 says: This will be interesting! The best series will win and that series will be HP no problem ! I have read twilight ( boring)Come on HARRY !!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageMiss Freewind says: This is supposed to be a "discussion between myself (Melissa) and the webmaster of The Twilight Lexicon on Harry Potter, Twilight, and all things inbetween", not a debate or competition so there will be no winner or loser.Avatar Imageweasleygirl101 says: Oh sorry I thought it was debate ! never mind !!!!!!!!Avatar ImageScarStruck says: ugh! twilight and harry potter in the same sentence makes me sick! but i hope its recorded i'd LOVE to hear it!Avatar ImageScarStruck says: please PLEASE PLEASE RECORD IT MELISSA! PLEASEEEEEEEE!Avatar Imagetwilightstinks2 says: _ Avatar Imagetwilightstinks2 says: that should explain everything...Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: How dare they put that twilight crap together with Harry Potter. There is nothing similiar between them so there would be nothing to discuss.Avatar ImageBroomsnitch says: I'd be interested in hearing the comparisons between these two books, because other than the fact they are both series, and they both have popular movie adaptations I don't see it. Wish you could make it a Pottercast...!Avatar Imagecghambright says: I think this is a bad idea. Doing this kind of thing on FUELS the constant, senseless comparison of the two books. I don't think Harry Potter should sink to that level. Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: I'm sorry, but why in this world is this happening? There should be a discussion on how much better Harry Potter is!Avatar ImageTim Riddle says: Oh, I'm there. A battle for the ages... (Just in case, I'm bringing my recorder)Avatar Imageapril_showers says: Someone needs to video this. I'd love to hear the discussion. If it's Pel from the Lexicon, I really like her so it should be interesting. Melissa wouldn't participate in a debate/bashing session, so it won't be anything like that, guys. Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: It must be recorded! (pleeze)...Avatar ImagescottishGirl says: record for pottercast please!Avatar ImageMera004 says: Hmm, this does sound interesting. I'm curious as to what exactly they'd discuss. I'd like to hear it if it gets recorded as well. Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Harry Potter is way better than Twilight! No debate to that! LOL But it would be intersting to hear this conversation... so please record if you haven't already. :)Avatar ImageAlbus Marcos Dumbledore says: Hop to you recored it i realy want to to watch it. It looks like it is going to be awesome.Avatar ImageLunaMum says: Pleae tell me there will be a podcast of this!Avatar Imagemynameisbrock says: this is an outrage. harry will always be better :DAvatar Imagechaosxkitten says: I don't really even believe that the two series are in the same league... Just like Michael Scott's "The Alchemist" series, which, in my opinion, is just a spring from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone; i.e. feeding off the after shock of the end of the Potter series. Now, if you want to read something truely magical and worth the time, one might wish to look into the works of Garth Nix... his "The Old Kingdom" series is quite popular, but a 7-part series that is just about to finish, "The Keys to the Kingdom", is incredibly original. Avatar Imagegeneliz says: eurghhh..Avatar Imagejalawood says: Children's (emphasis on that) Lit Cafe? It's for children yet you have to be over 18? That makes no sense.Avatar ImageSindi says: hmmmmmmmm. :\Avatar ImageSindi says: i dont know what to think of it?.... Avatar ImageSindi says: just why? Avatar ImageSindi says: harry potter - AMAZING!!!!! twi-what?? ewww...Avatar ImageSindi says: everytime i hear twi-that... i get the feeling that i want to punch something Avatar ImageSindi says: hahahaha Avatar ImageSindi says: its like OCD Avatar ImageSindi says: someone says ... "twilight " i sock something roar and sock something... Avatar ImageSindi says: specially when harry and twilight in the same sentence *hits wall* oops 0_0Avatar ImageSindi says: haha Avatar ImageCandyCane2304 says: If I was in Ny maybe I would have went but I'm in Chicago.Avatar ImageCandyCane2304 says: If I was n Ny maybe I would have went but I'm in Chicago.Avatar ImageCandyCane2304 says: If I was in Ny maybe I would have went but I'm in Chicago.Avatar ImageMosu says: the only reason why most of us dont like Twilight (including myself) is because we dont like the fact that another story is replacing HARRY POTTER like HP used to be the biggest thing and we HP fans want to keep it like that, but the sad part is that twilight is new and is getting new fans, HP is not new at all and all the fandom has died where as twilight is beginning, dont get me wrong HP is like amazing and had like a million more fans than twilight, but that is one of the reasons i think why we dont like twilight, because it is pushing HP away from the spotlight :(Avatar ImageMosu says: the only reason why most of us dont like Twilight (including myself) is because we dont like the fact that another story is replacing HARRY POTTER like HP used to be the biggest thing and we HP fans want to keep it like that, but the sad part is that twilight is new and is getting new fans, HP is not new at all and all the fandom has died where as twilight is beginning, dont get me wrong HP is like amazing and had like a million more fans than twilight, but that is one of the reasons i think why we dont like twilight, because it is pushing HP away from the spotlight :(Avatar ImageMosu says: BUT HARRY POTTER IS LIKE A MILLION TIMES BETTER LMAO XD but come on i think we need to be a little more open minded :/Avatar ImageKDumbledore says: I find it hilarious how this whole HP vs. Twilight madness is completely one sided. It seems the Potter fans hate the Twilight fans, when most Twilight fans love Harry Potter too. At least that's what I see.. so yeah.Avatar ImagePignati says: thats cool i hope you record it that would be awsomeAvatar ImageMiss Freewind says: I totally get what Mosu is trying to say, but I have to completely disagree. I really don't understand how anyone can think that Twilight is replacing Harry Potter. Harry Potter still is the biggest thing (my proof is how well the HBP movie is doing in theaters, how well the paperback DH sales are, the media attention HP is still getting, and how active the fandom still is). Twilight, like Harry Potter, got many fans because it was new. The Harry Potter fandom is not dead and is no where near dying. My opinion is that it never will. I think it will continue on like Star Wars fandom or Star Trek fandom has. The HP fandom has lost people and will likely continue to lose more because these people only hopped on the HP bandwagon because it was cool, new, and exciting, not because they have any real love for HP series. The same thing will happen with Twilight. Also, though Twilight is getting attention, I don't think that it is taking the spotlight away from HP. --------------- This does help me understand the name calling though. As someone who love Harry Potter and enjoys Twilight, it never crossed my mind that these people are jealous and scared. It helps explain why some Harry Potter fans are being rude and disrespectful to another series when they would be up in arms if someone tried to do the same with the Harry Potter series.Avatar Imagecmarsh2011 says: i like both .. my bestF got me into the twilight series O gee ya .. i still love harry potter ton tons more though ... and i always will.. nothings goin to change that! :D......together though HMMMMMMM idk lmao :DAvatar ImageWickedLoz says: Mosu - I think the success of the opening week of HBP movie has shown that Harry is still around, and no series is going to 'replace' it now, or even for the next ten years. What gets me into a spin about Twilight is purely from my English studies at Uni perspective - in all honesty the series should not have been published without further editing. All critics agree that it is poorly, poorly written. Even the die-hard fans will admit this.Avatar ImageRaveKatie says: I'm not going to argue about how dumb Twilight is, I'm just curious to see what they'll be talking about at this thing.....Avatar ImageR-for-H says: LOL HP and Twilight Treaty would be sooo funny!!Avatar ImageTonks1 says: What I think is needed here is a little respect. Harry Potter fans would be up in arms if anyone talked about HP the way HP fans are talking about Twilight. I thouht HP fans were better than that. Remember what the books are trying to teach us. Love, Love, respect, tollerance? It would be nice if we practice what the HP series teaches. I for one would love to know how the discussion turned out. I am sorry that I could not have been there. Thanks MelissaAvatar ImageHPNAIV says: I know that the reason I hate Twilight is not because it is "replacing HP" - because I know it never will - but because people THINK it's replacing Harry Potter. No. That will never happen. And it's the fact that the media just wants this rivalry, and everytime Twilight is mentioned HP always has to be there too. I hate that! And then it makes me hate Twilight even more. Plus, Twilight is badly written and Bella is a whiny piece of . . .Avatar ImageMalfoyluva says: grrrrrrr...im 2 young to go! I would so luv 2 argue how STUPID twilight is! HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY! Avatar ImageMosu says: yea i didnt realize how HP is still huge but to me it just doesnt seem like it used to be. i love HP but i feel like twilight is pretty big now even though HP keeps getting big every time a new movie comes out. idk but thats what i thought. but yeah this "rivalry" did pretty much happen bc of the media :(Avatar ImageDavid_uk says: If any of you think the fandom is dying, come to a convention sometime. The only people we're losing are those who weren't really big fans to begin with. Everyone that matters and most of the friends I've met at cons are still here! Twilight actually has more depth than people give it credit for, it just also has a lot of technical errors and weaknesses, and encourages traditional female ideas and roles in such a way as to upset feminists. If all Twilight ever was, was a cool story, then it wouldn't be as popular as it is. It's the allegorical and anagogical meanings that keep people coming back to it, just like it is with Harry Potter... even if I would personally say Harry Potter is far more profound and interesting in its meanings than Twilight, not to mention far cleverer. That's something for the individual, as all allegory and anagogy is a mirror for your own beliefs and comparisons. People get something out of both series, and to say that what someone took from it is invalid is disrespectful and rude. So I generally find people who criticise either series very irritating.Avatar ImageWingardium Leviosa says: Interesting.Avatar ImageFonty says: I have managed to read two of the "Twilight Saga" books and I was left extremely disappointed. During the reading I was waiting for the great parts to begin, but nothing ever happened. Bella is a sad, weak character who cooks dinner for her dad, who like most males apparently would starve otherwise. Edward is this good looking creep who stalks people on their bedrooms. And then they fall in love, but kissing and touching is oh so dangerous - so nothing ever happens. The whole "true love waits" propaganda of the books is terrible, the religious views of the author presented are questionable. A "vampire" that believes in god? Gimme me a break. And apart from longing, longing, longing, longing, and some more longing, nothing exciting has ever happened in the books that I´v read. The cringe-inducing writing didn´t help me either. That people are actually spending their time comparing the "Twilight Saga" to Harry Potter must be some terrible joke. There are probably better works of fiction to compare it to than this anti-feminist, pro-"traditional female ideas", plot-less, zero character development attempt at writing. Eventually, over time, this literary equivalent of a meal at McDonald´s will fade into history, while Harry Potter will appear alongside the classics of literature. And I am not bashing people who do like "The Twilight Saga". If you ignore most of the book, you could probably enjoy the love story. Even though this type of love with it´s physicality-equals-mortal-peril is not my idea of a great love story. Avatar ImagePigwidgeonPwns says: So, did they record it?Avatar ImageHattFerg says: I wish i could be there!!Avatar ImageCalynthe says: I wished I lived somewhere where awesome HP related things happened. >.<Avatar ImageKayJay123 says: Awesome!Avatar ImageEl-El says: twilight= 0 Harry Potter= 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999.2Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: interesting... huuuuge twilight fan but ive luved HP for sooo much longer and its soooooo more AWESUM!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: probably a very interesting discussion took placeAvatar Imagedarkprincess637 says: I love Twilight, but nothing compares to Harry Potter. I mean, Jo is clearly the better of the two authors. Oh well, I'm sure the discussion will be nothing if not entertaining...Avatar ImageIwishIwas@Hogwarts says: I just finished Breaking Dawn and I have to say it was a pretty good series Im glad to see the rivalry was put aside for this occasion =) Twilight will never beat HP tho atleast for me. Avatar Imagejacket says: I've read twilight, but it is nothing when compared to HP!Avatar ImageC_B_Mia says: should be interesting!

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