Telegraph Magazine: Meet the Crew Behind Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Jul 05, 2009

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HBP Film

The Telegraph Magazine has a new indepth feature on the creative team behind the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. In a lovely rare feature, the newspaper features the men and women who create the gorgeous sets, amazing props and effects seen in all of the Harry Potter films over the years. UPDATE: The article is now online via this link, which has interviews with many of the creative team where we learn more on the making of various things like Aragog (weighs a ton, 18 ft legspan), props like the smoking cauldron (20 new ones in Half-Blood Prince, each does a different thing), even wigs (Dumbledore’s beard is made of 6 different pieces, over the edges they lay on 10 different hairs for authenticity). David Heyman also remarks on how emotional Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was the first time she entered on set and saw Diagon Alley visualised before her eyes.

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