Charity Auction Followup: JK Rowling Handprint a Big Seller at Event


Sep 07, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Previously we told you of a special hand print drawing J.K. Rowling donated for a charity auction being held in order to help a young girl who had lost her hands and toes to Menigitus. The auction for two year old Tilly Lockey has now taken place, with this marvelous handprint from the Harry Potter author (complete with a Dragon, snake, Hedwig, the Golden Snitch and Harry) selling for £6,000. The mother of the young girl tells that “So many celebrities donated hand prints to be auctioned and the
bidding went through the roof. The top seller was J K Rowling’s for
£6,000 which was amazing because we only expected it to make about
£2,000.” All the money raised goes to help provide Tilly new prosthetic hands which must be replaced each year until she reaches 18 years old. You can learn more about the efforts of the Give Tilly a Hand campaign here at this link.

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Avatar ImageH.P.2009 says: That is really great that J Rowlings and all the other celebrities donated.Avatar ImageA Chocolate Frog says: This is awesome!! I love Jo's handprint and I'm glad she's so generous to important causes.Avatar Imagemini bagel says: Cute! Love all the drawings, especially the little Harry. The glasses, scar, and pointy wizard hat are so adorable!Avatar ImageBlatcher914 says: What a great cause, this is what I really love about JK Rowling, every week I hear about her doing such great charity work. Love the handprint too!Avatar ImageScarStruck says: that is so awesome!Avatar Imagebookgirl3000 says: wonderful!Avatar Imagebookgirl3000 says: wonderful!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: It is just fantastic that they were able to raise this much money for her.Avatar Imagealpaca-girl says: it is really great that she did that!..... i love her little drawings! :o)Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: thats a great cause. the hand looks so cool.Avatar Imagefriendofblob says: JK Rowling+Auction=sold for more than expectedAvatar Imageweasleyfan44 says: its really great that she did that!Avatar Imagedeadtree says: that's great :)Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: They only expected £2000? WTH!!! This is JK ROwling we're talking about!!!Avatar ImageHBPFan says: I'm so glad things went that well!!Avatar Imagebecmajec says: That is wonderful, Jo is so generous and I love that the things she does help people so much. The drawing that she did was so cool! Avatar Imagebeewell says: Glad that the celebrities gave to this charity. What a splendid thing to do for such a tragedy. Congrats to the winners of the hand prints and also for all the money that was made to help that poor little girl.Avatar ImageFifi says: Cool! : DAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: Very, very nice...Avatar Imagehermionenluna TZS ROAR! says: that is really awesomeAvatar ImageTheGriff says: its not really surprising that jk rowling's sold for the most. I would have paid more than six grand if i was ridiculously rich. Its for a great cause. Its brilliant that they can help the little girl.Avatar Imagemjkalldaway says: haha i love her handprint!Avatar ImageParkinsonpansy says: Thats great! J.k Rowling should do more charties like this. as soon as i have money or enough money that is i would pay thousands to have something orignal by J.K rowling.Avatar ImageParkinsonpansy says: ok thousand what was i talking about? thats Ridiculous i meant to say millons! :)Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: That's wonderful! :)Avatar Imageaquilus says: And that is why she has so much. She gives so much away to those who need it. Truly an inspiration. Avatar ImageGraymayne says: I would call that a handsome profit, lol.Avatar Imagedcsbelle says: What a deserving charity! And I just love JKR's clever drawing!Avatar Imagelonerwolfygirl says: That's awesome!Avatar Imagepinkmoosely says: This is amazing on so may levels, the drawing is soooo nice with the signature in the middle, JK's hand print would be a cool thing to own and the cause is fantastic. I had meningitus when I was only a few days old and lived to tell the tale but so many others come off worse than me. Nice one JK & the bidders.Avatar ImageCatherine says: This just proves Jo's 'awesomeness' and generaucity even better!Avatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahahaAvatar Imagewing says: hahahahahahahaAvatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: yayyy!! i luv hp and charity things!!!Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: That's so brilliant!! For such a worthy cause,, sooooo awesome!!Avatar Imagetayler18 says: awh, so sweetAvatar ImageMJLeakyCon says: RTT JKR donated a one of a kind set of US Edition HP books to LeakyCon 2009? Yeah, that was awesome.Avatar ImageScribbled says: Jo is awesome. That's all there is to it. And that drawing is adorable.

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