Bloomsbury to Repackage Harry Potter Novels with ‘Signature’ Edition Covers


Mar 30, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

This Fall, UK Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury will be repackaging the seven Harry Potter novels with new Signature Edition covers, the Bookseller reports. High Res photos of these signature edition covers for the Harry Potter series can be found right here in our image galleries.
Set to be published on November 1, these editions will be available exclusively in paperback format and are aimed to “appeal to the next generation of readers who did not ‘grow up’ with Harry Potter and who have not yet experienced the thrill of life at Hogwarts.” Illustrations for the seven signature editions are the work of inocut artist Clare Melinsky, who is quoted as saying:

“I was delighted and excited to be asked to illustrate the covers for such massively famous books”and seven of them! It was top secret for the best part of a year.”

100 Responses to Bloomsbury to Repackage Harry Potter Novels with ‘Signature’ Edition Covers

Avatar ImageVermontWizard says: Wow... truly dreadful... the artwork is mildly interesting, but the overall design is completely "un-magical"... must have been designed by the worst sort of muggles!Avatar ImageGryffindor51 says: Wow...I designed a "special edition cover art" project when I was in college in's weird that it's actually starting to happen....Avatar ImageLunaSpecs says: What?? It doesn't even have the famous font with the lightning bolt? Very unimpressive.Avatar Imageelys_hphg says: Is the link in 'found right here in our image galleries.' is the new covers of HP,cause if it is I agree with VermontWizard, it is "un-magical"... I like the Scholastic books of HP by Mary GrandPre...Avatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: Weird. :( Pure weird. But I never did like the Deathly Hallows cover, so it's okay. But why exactly id the dark mark on the Goblet of Fire cover so damn colourful?? It's completely misleading. I'll get used to them eventually.Avatar Imageizziewitch says: I too agree with VermontWizard--totally unmagical. And talk about spoilers: the cover for DH. (But then I never did care for the original British covers anyway.)Avatar ImageScylla says: I'm trying to decide if I like them or not. They're okay, but... I dunno. Something about them isn't right. My favorite is the one for PoA.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Its kinda strange. Whats with the Harry Potter in cursivey flowy writing? That is really odd! Avatar Imagerettophantom says: I guess they did say that these covers aren't aimed at us... and I guess if they are trying to appeal to people who haven't read Harry Potter yet... and the only people who haven't read Harry Potter are surely some of the most boring people on the planet... I guess they are alright. The artwork is okay, it's just not... Harry. There is a complete lack of Epicness to them, they feel almost like notebooks. Truthfully they should have gotten Jo to do the artwork if this is the feel they wanted. THAT would have started something.Avatar Imageno1hpfan says: I agree with Scylla... they are alright but not great. The one for PS is just hideous but other than that they arent all that bad. As long as we never get one that has Daniel Radcliffe on the cover we are ok. Avatar ImageLillylove says: Hmmmm...I don't find these covers very inspiring. Seems a little too "blah" & over simplified for the wonderful magic within. Great honor for Ms. Melinsky - just not my cup of tea.Avatar Imagevespasian68967 says: I'm still waiting for ebook editions of the books. Avatar ImageScarStruck says: It's beautiful...but where's the scar and everything HP. The drawings are truely lovley but somthings missing....Avatar Imageelys_hphg says: i also agree with rettophantom... it isnt Harry potter..It doesn't fit in...It's like they or she didn't read the book and they just ask her to draw that kind of blahblahblah....I can accept it as a book cover but not with Harry Potter but i guess should practice to accept it because it is , still, a Harry Potter book..Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Looks pretty lame to meAvatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: I agree with most of you.... such odd covers. I don't understand the cursive writing and all the pastel colors used. They seem unappealing compared to the other covers and if I was still a kid now, I would pass by them in a store. The one I don't understand at all is the cover for PS... so odd! They certainly lack the epicness as the others do for sure. I still prefer my covers that Mary GrandPre did for the US and the original ones for the British covers are a whole lot better then these new ones.Avatar Imagezeitgeber says: Hmm, well it's certainly different. As we have intensely colorful and detailed illustrations for the first set, though, I find myself somewhat fond of these for their own virtues...minimal, yes, but at this point the books are going to be perused because of their fame rather than for their covers. These bring to mind the older editions of the Chronicles of Narnia (which were very plain and stylized); speaking as an Illustration major, I kind of like it, although I vastly prefer the US editions, of course. XD I think these would have been wonderful for the adult editions, or as limited releases...but as to all-out hating them for not being "magical enough," I think it's kind of nice to have a change. That's what makes collecting fun, and they're certainly beautiful illustrations (particularly Prisoner of Azkaban). *shrugs* Just an alternative viewpoint. Avatar ImageCaracticus says: Remember: the HP books were around before Warner got their hands on it and made up the well-known logo. The fact that "Harry Potter" is not in that logo might have something to do with the fact that these are "Signature Series"... I would not be surprised if the words "Harry Potter" were crafted by JKR herself... so don't expect it to be all Warner-yAvatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Yeah but the HP books and their covers that were printed before WB started the HP movies were way more magical than these. Okay so the article makes it clear that these books are aimed at an audience that doesnt know HP so, maybe they feel they dont need to convey the magic that we know and love. But, to me these covers are totally uninspiring. I know that a book should not be judged by its cover but, if I saw this in a bookstore it would *not* make me feel like reaching out and picking it up out of interest or curiosity. The artwork to me is dull and uninspiring. So I likely am biased because I know the existing covers so well. But, if I didnt know these were for the HP books, like if they were for a new book series about something completely different I still wouldnt be inspired by these covers. They look like some low tech clip art to me. But hey what do I know. This person was commissioned to design all seven covers. Avatar Imagehpbruin says: Wow, seems like I'm in the minority on this one. I actually like the covers. They're different from what we've grown to expect. Are they my favorite set of covers? No. But I don't hate them either. I like that as a "signature cover" they're using Harry's signature at the top. I like that the artist created her own version of some of the most iconic scenes of each book (my favorite is HBP and DH). And I like the torn edge of the cover that leads to the page of quotes on the inside. I'm picturing this on a hefty, textured cover so it looks/feels a little better than a regular mass market book. Overall, I think it will be a nice set to have.Avatar Imagehpfan20 says: I don't know how i feel about these. On one hand i do like the simplicity of them but on the other hand they just don't seem interesting enough. I guess if these were for our generation's kids i wouldn't exactly pick these as new covers. I don't think i would change the original but if i had to, they wouldn't look like this. I get the whole 'don't judge a book by it's cover' but i agree with it. We all pick up a book either because of the name, the cover art or even simply for the summary on the inside or back. I agree if i looked at these covers & they were for different books, i probably wouldn't pick them up even to look at. I would pass by them. I'm just saying they need to have more appeal but that's the way they went. They're happy with them & there's nothing that can be done. Avatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: I like the PoA and OotP pictures but the color scheme is rather bland. I'd prefer more vibrant or jewel tones colors. I still need a Bloomsbury Edition of Philosopher's Stone but it won't be this one.Avatar ImageThio says: I get the idea. I get the need to change and appeal to a different audicence. I get what they tried to do there... but I didn't like these covers at all. It's not the drawing itself. I liked the style. I just don't think that the drawing has anything to do with Harry Potter. For me it was a nice style for the wrong product. Maybe that's because I grew up with the other covers and I'm not really their target. But even so.. I enjoy several different covers from other countries and I didn't grew up with any of them either. I hope it works! It would be nice to introduce Harry Potter to new readers. But personally I didn't like them.Avatar ImageJoeWorthy says: I think these new covers are really boring and I much prefer the originals. But, wht can we do? Jo must have given her seal of approval. I don't think I'll be buying these because I think they could have done better.Avatar Imagebettb says: The artwork is growing on me as I look them over... they are not "drawings" but linoleum prints (typo in the original posting: "inocut" artist should obviously be "linocut" artist), and really quite nicely done. They sure are different from what we have gotten used to. But they have a certain.. erm.... dignity? sophistication, maybe? that the original children's versions didn't have. I think it is ok that they don't resemble the movie graphics.Avatar ImageTotal-Eclipse014 says: I don't like the 'new' covers one bit! I'm glad I have the 'old' covers they just seem more Harry Potter and magical to me. Avatar ImageRinny says: zeitgeber, i agree- they're a little reminiscent of the old narnia book covers- which is nice in a way. they are certainly different, but i would agree that it's not to have a variety of choices, because some covers might appeal to certain people than others. being that avid book collector that i am, i will probably end up wanting a copy for myself... which is a little ridiculous, as my collection is already taking up more than two shelves....Avatar ImageHudMug1712 says: i hope these are draft drawings and the real ones will be improved graphics. i like the concept of each cover on all fo them becuase i have never been a fan of the british covers. i agree with most above. they are alright but the lack of a scar etc just doesnt make them perfect. will be buying all 7 of course ;)Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Eeee!!!!! That's brilliant! I have not purchased my own copy of all the Harry Potter books, but now I can own them with better illustrations and the signed copies!Avatar Imagemoglet says: I really don't like these, they are so dull, there is no magic or atmosphere of any kind, I don't know what they are thinking of. I can't imagine these enticing anyone to want to pick them up, how on earth are they meant to appeal to this next generation of readers. Truly mystified.Avatar ImagexxIBelieveInNarglesxx says: hmm,interesting to see new coversfor the books,but i must say i'm not too tempted to buy them(i'm fine with my 2 sets XD).Avatar Imagemoglet says: Please excuse me making another comment so soon, but looking at them again, the thing that strikes me is that the colours seem so cold, and because the images are also very stiff (and I do understand that they are meant to be like prints) it just seems way too cool and unengaging, they remind me of posters from an era like Art Deco, except those often had a bit more colour, but they were very restrained designs.Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: top secret...yes a great idea...maybe better than the US Scholastic editions...neverAvatar ImageBookworm_Weasley says: I think they're quite pretty, actually, but I agree that they should have kept the traditional Harry Potter font. I wonder why they aren't releasing them in hardback though?Avatar Imageleigia says: Liked the dementor gripping its head in PoA. Didn't like some of the other artworks since they looked so blah. However, why did they chose to use a cursive style for Harry Potter and use ordinary font for the second half of the title? I liked the American version that had Harry Potter as the unique font while the second half of the title was cursive. It's almost as though they're copying the American version, except for in a slightly reverse order.Avatar Imagesilverglass19 says: But...the covers are awesome. Why are so many people dissing them? They look more mature, but isn't that a good thing? These are mature books, we all know that. They're much, much more than just a children's story. I don't think you need cover-to-cover colorful illustration to convey that sense of magic and mystery. And remember, this is Bloomsbury, not Scholastic, so there's no reason to expect the lightning bolt logo. The Bloomsbury editions were never as cartoony as the Scholastic ones. Just saying. Hey, at least it's not as bad as the "adult" editions Scholastic did. Now THOSE were lame! :PAvatar ImageHBPFan says: I don't like them at all. If I'd never read the HP series, and I saw the books with these covers, I'd be put off from buying them and reading them.. I now you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but trust me! a good cover really does help in the selling!! Avatar Imageasmindrael says: If I had never read Harry Potter, these covers would kill my desire to do so. They are not inviting at all...I've seen hand drawn middle school book report covers have more appeal. Definitely not a good move.Avatar ImageFifi says: I like the drawings and I know Clare Melinksy must be good at illustrating other books but for HP it's just too .... simple.Avatar Imageasmindrael says: My previous comment is not to insult the skill of the artist, the artwork itself is great...there is just a blandness in the presentation.Avatar ImageRosie016 says: These are very different, but I sort of like to see different interpretations of the book covers, might grab the attention of a different audience??Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: I wouldn't really say that they are bad..., just different. I like the POA and DH covers but that's just it. The original British covers are still the best for me. They seem a bit like the Final Fantasy games box artAvatar Imagemarzipan86 says: Wow I too am in the minority hpbruin! I think the illustrations are beautiful and really original. They are not the classic style that we are used to but I think they are really lovely and reflect each book in a nice way. But I definately don't like the white cover they hav chosen, the layout is a little odd, they could have picked s better background to make the illustrations stand out better and look less washed out and pastelly. The paper looks nice though. I think I'll buy one just for the hell of it. Avatar ImageThomasAzocar says: it looks like its just been copied from clipart, unimpressed here :(Avatar Imagebellaohbella says: i like the older version better Avatar ImageEmilyDeibert says: Wow... So I'm one of what, three people, who actually kind of likes these? I do get what everyone is saying, after reading all the comments, but I think they're sort of cool. They're not anything like the UK covers (which I grew up with and absolutely love) or the US covers (which I don't like as much as UK but which are so, SO pretty) but I think they're pretty cool! Yeah it's different, but it's... nice. I TOTALLY AGREE that Jo should have illustrated them though! I mean, maybe not this whole new signature series thing, but maybe a limited collector's edition type thing? *drools* Oh, my god, that would be INCREDIBLE. Avatar ImageCatherine says: sorry like the originals......i dont like them at all. really sorry! Avatar ImageCatherine says: OMG JO SHOULD HAVE ILLSUTRATED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOTALLY AGREE!Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: i like them, but at the same time i don't. i dunno. i'm iffy.Avatar ImageDawna says: I prefer the Scholastic illustrations, too. And I love my black, glossy Bloomsbury covers!Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: oooh. cool. i think its great that they are making new covers! the covers are so whimsical. kind of 1950ish. hopefully it will entice new comers to stop and look at them because they have never seen those covers before. there is an entire new generation of kids who have never had the joy of reading harry potter yet because they werent born when it came out! its a completely new take on harry potter.Avatar ImageTarana says: The ones for PA and CS are kinda okay imo, and in a way I like the style, but not as cover art for HP. At first I wasn't sure what it reminded me of, but I think the style is a bit similar to the cover art of 1950s childrens books (not that I have seen many of those, but sometimes you see something like that in a secondhand bookstore). And HP is anything but 'old-fashioned'. I don't think these covers will especially appeal to children. I would like to have seen John Howe (who did the cover for Lord of Snow and Shadows by Sarah Ash a.m.o.t. like Tolkien) or Anne Sudworth or Mike Wimmer who did the covers for The Lost Years of Merlin or someone else (there are many fantasy covers I like, but I can't name the artists). Like many of you, I would prefer a bit more magic in the covers. Btw, I didn't like the original UK covers of PS and CS either. As to the 'darker' covers I do like the UK adult covers, and the Russian special set covers ( Avatar ImageTarana says: Oh yeah, it would be great if Jo did the covers and/or some illustrations. Let's hope there will be loads of her drawings in the 'Scottish book'. And btw I do like the signature-like writing of HP on these books. I found an example of the what I meant by old-fashioned childrens book covers (well, almost) ImageIceholic says: I like them! Am I the only one? They remind me of drawings from old children's books. Very nostalgic :) Sirius doesn't get to be cover on his own book though. The poor guy can't catch a break :( Still, nothing beats the adult editions...Avatar ImageScribbled says: Hmmmm... The artwork is mildly good, especially on PoA, but I really don't like the design of the cover in general. What's with the gold script for Harry Potter? I understand these are marketed towards non-readers, but they should still stay true to the fun and magic of the series! THAT'S what will get people to read, not these weird covers. And I hate that the cover is just white, with a picture. The originals are so rich and full of cover, both the UK and American versions.Avatar ImageKirsikka says: I preffer the current ones, thank you. It looks like the artist of the covers the books have now really put a big effort in it, and to be replaced with those simple draws, that frankly, I could draw better, it's kind of insulting and they're not even as good as the ones that are there now. Avatar ImageAgrippa1 says: Dreadful! I liked the 3-7 UK covers better than the US covers - but these don't fit the tone of the series at all!Avatar Imagetaoist1 says: Sorry, but this isn't about the 'next generation'. It's called greed. Pretty sad. As if the cover of a book could possible be important for Harry Potter book. Pathetic. They should be ashamed.Avatar ImageGinnyweasley187 says: I don't really like it I mean it doesn't have the LIGHTNING BOLT!!!!! VERY uncool!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: What fantastically designed covers! I might have to order some to be shipped here to the United States!Avatar ImageWillowEve says: If they are appealing to the next generation they should be more exciting! Like the ones they have now are fine with me! They were what attracted my attention when I was little.Avatar ImageIndigoMisfit says: I really like the covers, they don't have the same sort of adventurous feel as the original covers, but they are still very pretty. Avatar ImageArtemis1979 says: I want to defend the title font, at least: it's Harry's handwriting, isn't it? It looks really similar to his handwriting in Fantastic Beasts. I know it's not the signature font with the lightening bolt, but if they were going to use something different I think that Harry's handwriting is a cool alternative.Avatar Imagejoelface says: I have to agree with everyone else. When I saw this last night I was thinking 'Oh great, Bloomsbury wants me to go broke'. But then I saw the covers and quickly changed my mind. They don't do anything for me at all. On the other hand, I have been meaning to get myself a third set to take on the train and such that I can be less careful with. This could be the set to do it with. lolAvatar ImageRodiniusBlack says: Hmm.. Look kind of ordinary.. Atleast its a great book :DAvatar Imagemoglet says: i think the biggest problem is the amount of white space, I feel as if the overall design is at fault. If the illustrations were a bigger part of the cover they might make more impact. Looking at the picture of the Deathly Hallows cover illustration at the top of the news post, it looks much nicer than it does on the actual cover with the title and I am sure it is because it makes more of an impression when not surrounded by acres of white.Avatar Imagepipkin3 says: These are for us UK-ers remember, and we've never had the Harry Potter - lightning design thing on ours books here Lunaspecs. Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: It's hard to believe they are repackaging these books ALREADY! Wow. I haven't seen them yet ... going to look now.Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Okay, I agree with Artemis1979 ... I like the title font because it looks like Harry's signature. And as far as the artwork -- well, it is definitely different, but it sounds like that was the idea! (The only one I don't "get" is OoP.)Avatar ImageLoveTomRiddle says: It makes it look like a classical book, that's what I like about it. But they're really missing out on some points. I just don't know where.Avatar ImageSmitch says: Nice! Want! Avatar ImagePotterChocolate says: it's not really Potter... I know this might sound a bit stupid, but they remind me more of chocolate wrappers than harry potter book covers!! I think Mary GrandPre did a better job. but at least she put in the effort.Avatar ImageCellar Door says: Eh, the art is quite boring, and the white background surely doesn't help. It just doesn't seem to catch the right Harry Potter atmosphere.Avatar ImageCellar Door says: Also, am I the only one to find it... odd, that they choose a white background, whereas the Twilight books have a black one? I might not like these artworks, yet I can't help giving them some credit for the subtlety here. ;PAvatar Imagemew5645 says: cool. Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: I agree with whoever said at least it's a great book lol. But, the problem in my opinion is, they're aiming these new books at people that dont know HP. I just dont find these covers exciting or intriguing or anything. But, I also agree with Moglet that, it's the design that doesnt help because it's like a tiny little illustration on a white cover. If the illustration filled the front cover it likely would look a lot better or, if there was something else on the cover to *frame* the illustration. But, it's just stuck there in the middle of nothing. Avatar ImageAll Was Well says: I agree. The artwork isn't very good. However, it's a sign that Harry Potter is truly becoming a classic!Avatar ImageEeyore says: Wow, I'm not at all impressed by the artwork. It looks very . . . uninteresting. If I were in a book store looking for something to read (as an adult or child) I would never even pick this up. I think they would have done better to ask one of the original artists to redo all the covers, if they felt they really had to be redone. I liked some of the UK covers (have them on the audio book boxes with Stephen Fry). But I really prefer Mary Grand Pre anyway. And having one artist lends some consistency that the UK covers haven't had. These new ones have the consistency of being by one artist, but they lack any of the magic of Harry Potter.Avatar Imagejngotro says: Umm... eew. That's all I can say.Avatar ImageToNkS_rip says: ugh. what the hell is wrong with the original ones?? i dont like these new onesAvatar Imagemaxpower says: I dont think they do much to draw new readers in. They have this faux, bland, wannabe Ed Hardy look to them that I do not like. Nothing about them pops!.Avatar Imagesweetpetite628 says: Not a fan. They aren't magical enough to capture the story.Avatar Imagesindie11 says: Hideous! Blah! Avatar ImageBandersnatch says: Well, I love them. Props to the artist.Avatar Imagecaomoyl says: The covers seem really un-interesting to me..If I were in a book shop I probably wouldn't look twice at them..most people are attracted to books because of their covers and the original covers are bright, colourful and interesting and made people look at them..but these are kind of dull and plainAvatar Imagemoglet says: Someone else earlier was mentioning that you shouldn't judge a book by the cover but in reality this does often happen (which I believe someone else did point out). An attractive or quirky cover, and especially (though not exclusively) in the case of books intended to appeal to children a bit of colour and/or an illustration that promises a bit of excitement can really draw the eye. I have seen books with minimalistic covers sit on a book stand for days and the same book in a different edition with a more colourful or eye catching cover will be taken off the stand by a customer pretty quickly, and I'm talking about adults as well as children here. When promoting books within the library this happens time and time again, and people aren't even having to spend money on these.Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: they don't really express what we know for the next generation. not my cup of tea either-- but they are a little catchy with the golden writing and white binding and all. Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Get i get them in the US?Avatar Imagehprocks2700 says: maybe this is some late april fool's jokeAvatar ImageKC Nox says: I am glad to see that most of you do not like these covers either. When I first saw that there were going to be new covers, i was excited. However, that feeling quickly turned to indifference. I just don't see how these new covers are going to appeal to a new generation of readers with their large amount of white space and unappealing design. Avatar Imagelunaisawesome says: who ever did it.... take the advice of a girl whos parents met at art school: TOO MUCH WHITE, FILL IN THE BACKGROUND! very muggle-ishAvatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Werid ...... I mean the Harry Potter title is okay, I guess but yes I agree with everyone they are un-magical, uninspirational.They have no face, no personality. It's hard to connect, I think that's the main problem! However, saying that I'll still end up collecting them! ;>) Avatar ImageSashaSabrina says: I think its too bland.. and the font is all wrong :/ The orignials are the best, and should be kept that way. But, knowing me, Ill probably buy them anyway. They do look kind of mature I spose.Avatar ImageOddRavenclaw222 says: Dumbledore looks weird on the HBP cover. Same goes for Harry. He looks way too laid back for someone entering a dark cave filled with Inferi! Is it me or does Harry just look bored?Avatar ImageOddRavenclaw222 says: The PoA cover kinda gives away the shock towards the end of the book about Harry's Patronus. Then again, who hasn't read PoA?Avatar ImageOddRavenclaw222 says: I like the Mary Grandpre` covers the best.Avatar Imagevoldierot says: i agree with everyone, these covers lack something. they just don't feel like HP. and personally i doubt they would talk to this new generation of readers. an Ebook would do a better job in drawing in readers then these covers. my all time Favorite HP covers are the black adult ones, those covers are true work of art and really represent the darkness that lives in the HP story. any other covers always look too childish to me.Avatar Imagelptaylor101 says: I'm from the US and just bought a set of the UK editions. I do not plan on ordering these. I may change my mind in the future but they're just so...plain...which Harry Potter isn't. At all. Like I said, I may change my mind, but I much prefer the two editions I have,Avatar ImageSlytherins says: I actually quite like these, my favourite being the "Goblet of Fire" cover. It's exciting that these will be the next generation's books. I shall definitely pick these up in November and add them to my ever growing HP book collection!Avatar ImageFigment says: Surprising boring looking.

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