Reminder: Wizarding World of Harry Potter Featured on Celebrity Apprentice Tonight


Apr 04, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

A quick reminder on this hopping holiday that tonight’s episode of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice is set to feature the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as part of a challenge put forth to their contestants. In recent weeks, video previews have given us glimpses at the challenge, which involves creating “a three-dimensional display for the Universal Orlando attraction.” This edition of Celebrity Apprentice is set to air tonight at 9pm EST on NBC.
Readers who are able to capture the video, please do send it in to [email protected]!

51 Responses to Reminder: Wizarding World of Harry Potter Featured on Celebrity Apprentice Tonight

Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: awesome! i will watch!Avatar says: Yay :) I'm definetly watching.Avatar ImageTraceymmm says: Did anyone hear about the deathly hallows script left in the pub? i bet it was danial radcliff who left it there! lolAvatar Imagenwrosey says: I really don't like that show.Avatar ImageTraceymmm says: woops look at my bad spelling!Avatar Imagenwrosey says: danial... lolAvatar ImageTraceymmm says: i was just excited about the script in the pub thing!Avatar ImageI love my Spectra Specs says: I wont be able to watch it :( I'm at my Grandma's for Easter dinner then.Avatar ImageToNkS_rip says: coool. too bad im not able 2 watch itAvatar Imagetaoist1 says: I doubt any of the ego maniacs on this show will give HP its proper respect. Doubt any of them have even read any of the books.Avatar ImageCarinaPotter says: I'm definitely watching!!!! And yes, I did hear about the lost DH script.Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: To bad I couldn't watch since i'll be at my Aunt's house for Easter. Seeing the preview earlier in the week I do slighty doubt any of them seen the the movie let alone read the book.Avatar Imagewhyalltheglitter says: I am going to try to watch it!!! It sounds very cool and exciting.Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: I've never seen the show but looks like this should be my first try at the show. I do hope the contestants can make the three dimensionl figure of the Wizarding World right.Avatar Imagejaiboi2 says: aparantley when i read the sun newspaper yesterday someone had left a manuscript of bothe deathly hallows movie in the pub and someone had handed it in to the sun newspaper.according to the sun there have been several changes to the movie that were not in the book. not sure i like this news or not depends what they have changed or added.Avatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: The Sun are nosy gits. Sorry for the language but they are. That script's none of their business. >:( I'm leaving judgement on the film until I actually see it.Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Sounds cool except for the Trump part.Avatar ImageDiamondWings says: Cool!!! .... I don't have NBC... =SAvatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: YAY! Thanks for reminding me... I saw a preview for it and Cyndi Lauper said that "Muggles are wizards"! I giggled... if only they had some real HP Fans to help them out! LOLAvatar ImageCatherine says: cool, the preview was hilarious!Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: i really want to see this but cant get near a tv tonightAvatar Imagelunaisawesome says: IT SHOULD BE ON NOW I CANT FIND IT!!!!!Avatar ImageHPandtheDA007 says: ahhh. so jealous that selina and rod were able to just take as much merchandise as they wanted!!!!! i need to go there sooooo bad =)Avatar ImageBellatrixInPink says: Currently watching... it's lame and the task is a joke. The fans, who aren't all strictly young children for once, actually seem like they care but the task itself and what they're presenting to the fans is unbelievably stupid. Such a disappointment- just like on Ellen. Why does no one take this HP stuff as seriously as they should?!?!Avatar Imagejreineke3 says: I have to agree! I was freaking out at all of them...I would have given anything to go there! I am having a really big brain lack and can not place the name of the guy from universal and I know he is one of the big guys from behind the scenes of the movies but the name is escaping me! Help?Avatar ImagePhoenix1946 says: What a wast of time. There was next to nothing about the WWoHP Theme Park, it was all about the team challenge to build and present a 3-D Experience promoting WWoHP. Way too much Rod Blagoyavich! He did get his in the end, though. Fired! The ladies team was much better in every part of their project plus two or more of the ladies including Cindy Lauper are real HP fans and knew the HP Cannon. They made sure their presentation matched it. And they all were in The Robes and Hats.Avatar ImageBellatrixInPink says: Lol, nothing says exhilarating HP experience like plain-clothes Brett Michaels and his stupid bandanna preaching about "spring 2010" like he's marketing to a bunch of suits. Avatar Imagephoenixes are in ravenclaw says: That was hilarious!!! Blagoyavich had no clue what he was talking about and neither did the others! He said every word wrong!! (Wizardy World, Ravencloth, Huffenpuff, Hogwart) I can't believe that guy said, "It's exciting because they get to find out what school they get to go to!" I was just like, you're kidding me, right? When he couldn't even name the Dragon Challenge??? Wow... They showed Ravenclaw robes!!! AAHHHHHHHHHH!!! I want a pair of raddish earrings!!! (One thing that also bugged me. The candy was in a zonko's box!!! :o Hello? Wrong store!! Ah well...)Avatar Imagephoenixes are in ravenclaw says: Oh yeah... They should've gotten the Sorting Hat at least!!! I love how the girl said HP canon!!! SQuee!!! (I'm done for real this time!!! )Avatar ImageBellatrixInPink says: Haha "Ravencloth"! Forgot about that. And "Slythering" too, can't forget that "class". Avatar ImageMarielebone says: Yeah that was a terrible episode. They didn't know anything!Avatar Imagelazykitty says: As much as I find the guy amuseing, I'm holding Blagovich reponsible for the bruise on my forehead. I faceplamed at every mistake and most of them were his! The women were great and deserved to win!Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: I thought the whole this was awful!! These people had no idea what they were talking about. Typical Trump...always third class.Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: Sorry...thing, not this.Avatar ImageRhiannon7 says: Well, I didn't see much more of the theme park than we had already seen previously. Have to say that Blagojevich deserved to be fired. He totally missed the point that HP canon is the most important thing to HP fans, and he made no attempt to learn. Anyway, it was a long and tedious 2 hours of televsion. I wish I had them back.Avatar Imagedillypoo says: Thank goodness for Hulu! Just watched this over my (long) lunch break and laughed my you-know-what off. Can't decide which was funnier, the governor's nap or Brett's description of the kids as "Harry Potter nerdlings". That was great! And the women very much deserved to win. Avatar ImageSmitch says: Never watched Celebrity Apprentice. I'm sure this will be good! Avatar Imagelunaisawesome says: FOUND IT!! HOW DID IT END?Avatar Imagehewy says: Watched this on their web site. What a farce. The women at least did a good job of using the correct language (canon) and the Ollivanders wand choosing the wizard part was really creative. The guys were a disaster did they really believe that they could win the fans over with candy alone?? What idiots. It would have helped them if they had read or any one of their kids had a working knowledge of HP but sadly they tryed to fake it and it showed. And they didn't show that much of the the theme park either have seen more in the leaky gallery! What a waste. Blogo deserved to be fired anyone who can not even operate a cell phone or a computer is a nut case. Avatar ImageFresca says: I wonder what the so called changes are? I also wonder if the Sun will print excerpts, or give it back to the producers.Avatar ImageCeltise says: I wanna see this!Avatar ImageAmikia says: That's awesome, the girls were way better even if they were way more over the top than necessary. The guys' feature was just stupid, didn't get a Potter-theme at all from that.Avatar ImageKC Nox says: I hear this was awful, but i cant resist going to hulu to see for myselfAvatar Imagehermy007 says: i laughed out loud when i heard "blago" say school, instead of houses. the guys were kind of pathetic. the guy in the tree was sort of funny though. the girls had the good idea of doing ollivanders. show was o.k. blago deserved to be fired. Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I am sorry that I missed it but hope that it is available for viewing on Hulu or ImageBillieMac says: One thing I noticed was that when the model was faking an English accent, Sharon was holding a tight-lipped smirk. I was wondering why SHE wasn't reading the speech, with her REAL English accent and all. Were they afraid she'd drop an F-bomb? The kids actually said that the guys were more entertaining, and I think Trump's assistant knew what they meant. It was like a blooper reel performed live. Oh, Blagoyavitch SO deserved to be fired. Twice in one year- his State, then the Donald.Avatar Imagealicia00 says: i am getting excitedAvatar Imagelunapeeves says: Ok, so maybe you haven't read the books or even seen the movies, gov, but how on earth do you think it's HOGWARTH? Or SLITHERING? Or RAVENCLOTH? Or the WIZARDRY World of Harry Potter? Honestly, that's just pathetic!!Avatar ImagecOoLiO_bEans1494 says: Oooo :) That has just about set my tv schedule tonight thanks for the heads up Avatar ImageEmmaline10248 says: all i can say about the show is "wow really???"Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: There is so much news about the WW!

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