Happy Birthday, Emma Watson


Apr 15, 2010

Posted by John Admin

Another important Emma is celebrating her birthday today; we invite you to also join us in sending birthday wishes to the lovely Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), who today turns 20. All the best for a fantastic day and a tremendous year, Emma!

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Avatar Imagekatherine102678 says: Happy Birthday, Emma. I hope you enjoy your 20th birthday and don't have to study too much today. Best wishes for a great year!Avatar Imageelaphantluv34 says: Happy Birthday Emma! Enjoy your day - I hope it's a good one!Avatar ImageAbbeyMalfoyx says: Happy Birthday Emma :D Hope you have a great day! ily!Avatar Imagekimmybabii says: Happy Birthday Emma. Can't believe you are 20 already =D Have a great day xoxo <3 xxxxAvatar ImageTommy K says: Happy birthday Emma! Avatar ImageHBPFan says: Happy birthday Emma :) Have yourself a lovely day :)Avatar Imagekoppe says: Happy Birthday, Emma! Can't believe you're already out of your teens and turning 20. Have a great celebration, and good luck in your future! Avatar ImageSlytherin Princess101 says: Happy Birthday Emma!!!!!Avatar Imagepeaceforall says: Happy birthday, doll!<3Avatar Imagehp-luva says: Woo Hoo, go emma. You hav ur self a good b'day!!Avatar Imageqwientje says: Happy Birthday!! 20 already woohoooAvatar ImageKneazlekoneko says: Happy birthday, Emma! Congratulations on your 20th!Avatar ImageNatalie says: I can't believe she reached her 20s!!!!! Happy Birthday and keep being a role model for all of us!Avatar Imageneopolitandreams17 says: Omg, 20 years old? Congratulations Emma!Avatar Imagekatz10 says: Happy 20th Birthday Emma Watson!!.. i wish you all the best!!.. love yah!!.. more birthdays to come!!.. lovelotz.,katz10Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: Happy Birthday to the best actress on the blockAvatar ImageAll Was Well says: Emma's my girlAvatar ImageDawna says: Happy Birthday to both Emma's!Avatar ImageTotal-Eclipse014 says: Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!!Avatar Imagealicia00 says: HAPPY BIRTHDAYAvatar ImageKirsikka says: Happy birthday! Time just flies, it seems like only yesterday she was that little girl with bushy hair. She's grown to be a beautiful woman, really.Avatar ImageHiren58 says: Happy Birthday Emma! Have a good one!Avatar Imagepottermania97 says: Happy Birthday Em!!!!! <3<3<3 Love you so much! 20 OMG! Have a great day and enjoy as much as you can! Love you x100000000000000000000000000000000000000 xoxoxoxoxoxAvatar Imageronrules says: Happy Birthday, Emma. Hope you have a great day.Avatar ImageHarryPotterGirl (Hermione) says: Happy 20th Birthday Emma!!!Avatar Imagepotterforpresident says: Happy birthday, Emma!!! :)Avatar ImageRosie016 says: YAY! in your 20's now, Happy Birthday!Avatar ImageLiara says: Happy Birthday, dear Emma! Have a great day! :) Avatar ImageLuna White queen Lovegood says: Congratulations, Emma, you're very cool)))))Good luck and many many many happy!!!!!Avatar ImageGryfindoorGirl115 says: Happy Birthday Emma! :)Avatar ImageSmitch says: Happy Birthday Emma! Hope you have a lovely day, which I'm sure you will, considering you are Emma Watson - beautiful, famous, talented, and intelligent! :)Avatar ImageLord Of The Dragons says: happy b-day EMMA!!...and i wish for you to live 44846848928489640160089099 years :D..enjoy it to the max!!..oh..and dont expect any present from me :P:P:DAvatar ImageHermoneTwin says: Happy birthday Emma! Its my birthday as well. Have a wonderful day!!!!Avatar ImagePetra says: Happy birthday Emma :)Avatar Imageele0206 says: Happy Birthday!! 20...oh god! Avatar ImageNargles18 says: Happy Birthday, Miss Watson!! :)Avatar Imagemoondragon15 says: Happy Birthday! :DAvatar Imagerohit_albus severus says: Happy birthday Emma! Have a great celebration and a bright year ahead..luv u dear..:-))Avatar Imagecghambright says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMMA!!!! She's grown into a beautiful, intelligent, and talented young woman. I wish her the best!! I can't believe she's 20 YEARS OLD!!! Emma's the youngest of the trio, so they're all grown up now. Avatar Imagemadman1277 says: grats on 20th, hope you have a good dayAvatar ImageWeetzie says: Happy Birthday!Avatar ImageLucida says: Have a wonderful birthday Emma!Avatar Imagekbicprez says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a lovely young woman with brains to match! ALL THE BEST Emma!Avatar Imagejasmineflower27 says: Happy Birthday Emma!!!! you're such a great role model and everyone i know practically adores you :)Avatar ImageLooie says: Happy Birthday Emma! I can't think of a better person to play Hermione! :DAvatar ImageDiamondWings says: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!!! WISH YOU THE BEST!!! HAPPY 20s!!! =D Avatar Imageemdash84 says: happy 20th Emma!! We love you tons, and we hope school is going fantastic! Enjoy your special day, and celebrate with yummy cake! :) xoxoAvatar Imagethomaslam2 says: Happy Birthday~Emma~Avatar ImageHermine321 says: Happy Birthday Emma, hopes you get a great day and a great year...:DAvatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: Woo! Happy 20th, Emma! I hope you have a great day. :)Avatar ImageMatea says: happy b-day!Avatar ImageKaty Wilde says: Happy Birthday Emma! I hope you have a great day!! :DAvatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Happy birthday Emma Watson. I admire and respect her so much ... she does so many great things.Avatar Imageelys_hphg says: Happy Happy Birthday Emma!!! you look too young to be 20..Best Wishes for your special day... Enjoy this day!!!Avatar ImageEmmaria says: Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer New happiness that stays throughout the year Hope your birthday brings all these and more Filling life with surprise and joys galore! Happy Birthday Emma Love You Avatar ImageEmmaria says: Somebody up there Loves u Somebody down here cares for u Happy Birthday.. Emma LoverAvatar ImageEmmaria says: This message comes to say U are wished the joy U deserve today... And may the days that lie ahead b extra nice, And filled with all the happiness thoughts. !! happy birthday !! Emma From a LoverAvatar ImageEmmaria says: Its a nice feelling when u know that sum one likes u, sum one thinks about u, sum one needs you; but it feelz much beter when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Emma From a LoverAvatar ImageThe Stew says: Happy Birthday Emma! No longer a teenager anymore....Avatar ImageThe Stew says: On tax day too, how charming. In the words of 50 Cent, "Hey shawty, it's yah birfday, we gunna party like it's yah birfday...."Avatar ImageThio says: Happy Birthday Emma!! I hope it is better than last year's and worse than next's! Keep being awesome!Avatar ImagePollytomat says: Happy Birthday Emma! Avatar Imageharrypotterfanatic14 says: Happy Birthday Emma! Yo're by favourite actress forever!!!!!!!!!!! : )Avatar ImageAngie Lovegood says: Have a great birthday Emma!Avatar ImageShawnae Inglewood says: Today's my lil bro's bday too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageLadySidi says: Happy Birthday!Avatar ImageLautia says: Happy birthday!! Welcome to the 20s =)Avatar ImageA Chocolate Frog says: Happy birthday, Emma!!Avatar ImageFifi says: Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Emma Happy birthday to you!!!! :DAvatar ImageCadbury18 says: Happy Birthday, have a awesome day!! Avatar ImageLeander21 says: happy birthday emma!!!!!!! call me hahaAvatar ImageToNkS_rip says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are totally amazing, hope you have a great day, great year, great life and whatever you might wish forAvatar ImageCynkro says: Happy Birthday! ^^ I hope you're having a great one! =DAvatar Imagebellaohbella says: happy birthday emma!!Avatar Imageharrypottergirlll says: I sent her a card, then with all that's been going on I forgot what today was....someone slap me!!! APRIL 15 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL GIRL, and others :) <3 <3 Avatar ImageRoseann says: Happy 20th Emma Wish you all the best and many more to come.Avatar ImageScatach says: Happy 20th Emma!! Congrats, wishing you the best for this year!!Avatar ImageWendelin the Weird says: Happy Birthday, Emma! I hope it’s a good one!Avatar Imageweasleygirl101 says: Happy Birthday Emma!! You Rock!!!Avatar Imageowanalilypotter says: Hers and Emma Thompson's birthday is on the same day as my mum!! Happy Birthday! I love you all!!Avatar ImageDDWatson says: HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY EMMMAA! omg 20 congrats! I hope you have the best day ever and that all yur wishes and endavours come true:D Wish you all the besttttt and more to come. love DDWatson- (danielle) from Toronto<3Avatar Imagelikeameteor says: Happy 20th Birthday Emma!!!!! I love you and wish you more than the best! <3 Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Hurrah Emma!Avatar Imagealpaca-girl says: Happy Bday!! you're amazing!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Happy birthday, Emma! I hope you have a good day!Avatar Imagestregs12 says: Happy Birthday Emma! Congratulations and hope you have a great day! Wish you the best and hope you are enjoying school!Avatar Imagehprocks2700 says: Happy b-day Emma!Avatar Imageronlvr44 says: aww, happy birthday! :DAvatar ImageTamyris says: Happy Birthday,Emma! You are ta great Hermione. All the best for ya. Keep up the good work. I wanna see a killing performance in DH bc Hermione was totally awesome in that book. Avatar ImageRavenclaw98 says: Wow 20 years old. Happy bday.Avatar ImageTamyris says: I love her name. If I have a daughter someday I will name her Emma. I wish Emma Watson had a twitter. Well,actually I wish all the trio had a twitter. And I wish Jo Rowling would access more often.Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: wow, 20! happy birthday emma! :) you are the one and only hermione, in my book.Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Happy Birthday Emma Watson! You are a fabulous actress, you will do great in other movies as well! It's just heartbreaking that the eleven year old sophisticated Emma has turned twenty already! They grow up so fast......Avatar Imagehermionenluna TZS ROAR! says: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Emma, Happy Birthday to you!!! I love you!!!ur a great actressAvatar ImageTheGoldenSeeker says: Happy birthday, Emma!!!! I hope you had a great birthday and spent it with your dearest ones! :) I hope the year ahead will be as successful as the previous one, that you will do great on your university and that you will find another great project cause HP will come to an end! Once again, all the best, Martina, xxxAvatar ImageGiant Squid says: Happy, happy, happy birthday Emma!Avatar Imagethundermountain7 says: HaPpY BiRtHdAy Emma I hope you have a great 20th birthday. enjoy the day with who ever you wish to be with. Don't study to much. Congratulations nycgirl Avatar ImageCatherine says: WOW!! HAPPY TWENTIETH! its a big birthday!!!!!!!! i wish you all the best and send love and luck!Avatar ImageEmmaline10248 says: HAPPY B-DAY EMMA!!!!!!Avatar Imageinspired_by_you says: Happy Birthday! And HBD to Leo DaVinci as well (:Avatar Imagejacket says: Happy Birthday Emma! you are an amazing actress and I can't wait to see you play in the final 2 HP films!Avatar Imageegdillon28 says: Can't believe that she is 20! Many happy returns Emma, we all love you!Avatar ImageTanderule says: Hey Emma! Your portrayal of Hermione was phonominal and you turning 20; wow! i am so glad! from the starting to now, you ave gone so far! enjoy your special day and i give you 20 birthday wishes from me!)Avatar ImagePotter_Puella says: Happy Birthday Emma!!! Hope you're having fun at Brown! :)Avatar ImageI love my Spectra Specs says: Happy Birthday, Emma!!! You're 5 days older than my sister, just noticed that :PAvatar ImageAlice Weasley says: Oh my gosh, Happy Birthday Emma! Here's to the end of your teen years and the exciting year ahead!!!Avatar Image9em says: Whishing you a very happy birthday and your awesome! {-= Avatar ImageAriel says: Happy Birthday! Avatar Imagepotterfan4lyfe says: Happy Birthday Emma ur the best!Avatar ImageOwlpost Hedwig says: Happy Birthday, Emma! I hope that you have a wonderful day (and not studying for finals!)Avatar Imagellamatiger says: happy birthday!!!!Avatar Image[email protected] says: Happy 20th Birthday Emma!!!. I wish you all the best and many happy returns. I Love You. Your awesome. :DAvatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Happy Birthday Emma! Have yourself a day of celebration! :)Avatar Imagegretel60 says: Happy Birthday Emma! I hope your day was awesome. Lots of love!Avatar ImageVane321 says: Happy birthday =) I'll be 20 this yeart too! =PAvatar Imagechanngalambeatrice says: Happy Birthday, Emma! Wish you have a sweet twenty!Avatar Imageblackhair says: Happy Birthday EmmaAvatar Imagesessionka says: Happy Birthday Emma!!!! All the Best!!!!Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Have a very wonderful day Emma. Happy 20th Birthday!!!Avatar Imagemolly43 says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA. I think it's amazing tht they're (Emma Watson and Emma Thompson) both named Emma, both in the Hp films and both have the same birthday. It's Amazing. It's 2am here and past her birthday but have to say have a happy b'day and hoped she Enjoyed her day ....yaaaawwwwwwwnnnn...ohh excuse me!!! Goodnight all... Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY EMMA. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY EMMA. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. Avatar ImageKiwiBrian says: Happy birthday, Emma WatsonAvatar ImageJane_Potter says: Happy Birthday Emma!!!Avatar Imagesanjuangelina says: Have a superb birthday Emma!!! We love you so much and wish you the very best!!! Take careAvatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Happy Belated Birthday. I cannot believe you are 20!!! Best wishes for the coming year! :) :) Avatar ImageMistic Willow says: HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY EMMA WATSON/HERMIONE GRANGER!!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL CELEBRATION!!!! lolAvatar Imagehermione198k says: Happy Birthday, Emma!Avatar Imagemiss_ainz says: Happy Birthday hun Avatar ImageGulla_Wiltersen says: omg, I didn't know O.o happy birthday Emma!! <3Avatar Imageginnysgirl15 says: I hope you have a rocking birthday Emma! HAve fun being in your 20's!Avatar ImageCarinaPotter says: Happy Birthday! Congrats!Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Happy Birthday!Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!! have a grrreaaat day. omg y r u getting so old, :)Avatar ImageMischief.Managed says: Wow! 20, you look so young! Happy Birthday =)Avatar Imagenox avis says: Happy Birthday Emma!! XDAvatar ImageLove is the greatest magic says: Happy belated birthday Emma! I can't believe that she is less than a year older than me. For some reason I thought she was slightly older than that.Avatar Imagetjerriam says: happy birthday emma more shows and move to come..,,..,!!Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: Ooooh!!! *Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have an amazing day!!*Avatar ImageElderwand103 says: Happy Birthday!Avatar ImageVincenza says: Sorry, I'm a little late! Anyway, I hope you had a very happy birthday Emma! Avatar Imagefins25725 says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Avatar Imagemuggle..andproudofit says: Oh my gods!!!!!!!! Happy 20th Birthday Emma !!!!!!!!!!!! You make a awsome Hermione!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageHelenaHogwarts says: Hi emma! You are really brilliant. I've just been watching so many old clips that I can't belaive you're 20! Well, happy Bday. Don't you be studying, girl!Avatar ImageMadam Snape says: HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, Emma!!! I hope your 20th's are even more awesome than mine were!!!Avatar ImageLittle Light says: Happy Birthday!Avatar ImagetaystarHP says: HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY EMMA!!! Avatar Imagebrynnpm98 says: Happy Birthday Emma Watson!

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