Emma Watson on College in New Issue of Vanity Fair, Behind the Scenes Video


May 05, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

The June 2010 issue of Vanity Fair magazine has a short piece on Emma Watson, in which the Hermione Granger actress discusses walking into American college life as a freshman at university, as well as her feelings first being cast in the films. Speaking to her first impression of her freshman year at school, Miss Watson relates:

“It was just awful,” she recalls thinking at first, during freshman week. “I was like, I must be mad. Why am I doing this?” And what was with all the party-hearty stuff? She nervously attended her first frat party, hoping she might get into the swing of things. “I felt like I’d walked into an American teen movie. I picked up the red cups. I was like, Wow, they really do drink from these.”

The young actress goes on to note in the article that, as time went on, she became fully acclimated to the new environment, and was able to attain her goal of having a normal college life.
A behind the scenes video of an accompanying photo shoot is also now online, and can be viewed right here in our Video Galleries.

80 Responses to Emma Watson on College in New Issue of Vanity Fair, Behind the Scenes Video

Avatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: 1st! :D Great for Emma!Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: ahahaha red cups! yep. go emma for being so brave and going to college! :) if i was famous and rich that would be really really tough, i cant even imagine. :/ and she lives with a room mate! that would be so weird, "hi, im emma watson. i go to fabulous parties all the time and wear gahzillion dollar dresses but now i want to be a college student, whats your name?" awwwkward. :/ i bet her room mate was super shocked.Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: lovely video as well. :) so much stuff has to happen before they take one photo, wow! :OAvatar ImageDiamondWings says: Yeah.... Unis are kind of weird =PAvatar ImageBriannaWazHere says: She looks so pretty, in the video she looks exhausted though, I can tell she's really busy. Avatar ImageHBPFan says: A good and professional shoot - I just wish we could hear what was being said in the video.. the directions of the photographer, the ideas, commenting on the outcome and such..Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: good for emma Avatar ImagePotter_Puella says: Go Emma! It is so inspiring that she went through with the whole thing! The red cups thing was funny :) She totally makes we want to go to Brown. Too bad I would be a Freshie the year after she graduates, though. Avatar Imagekiwimci says: I want that dress!! I loved uni, but I wouldn't have done it if was her, would have drove me insane being famous and feeling self concious, fairplay!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: I am glad she adjusted!Avatar ImageShinyPineapple says: hahaha i love that pink outfit she wore! i'd wear it with black leggings tho... :) haha i love how she's reading a book:)Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: good for herAvatar ImageNatalie says: Great dress!! But...hmm... i like her taste in dresses but in men...no! Her new boyfriend is just a little better-looking than the previous one...(for which i couldn't believe my eyes)Avatar Imageledieu says: good on her to get her education even tho she wont have to work a day in her life if she doesn't want to. True to Hermione!Avatar Imagemiss molly says: Natalia if you are talking about the guy from the Met Gal the other night he was not her boyfriend he was the dress designer. Emma is such a classic beauty she looked like old Hollywood in the hat. Really how many people can pull that look off. I felt the same way my fist week of college I almost went home. I stayed and it was the best experience and I don’t mean the parties just the experience as a whole. Avatar ImageI love my Spectra Specs says: Haha, "they really do drink from these' XD Good for Emma :)Avatar Imagecghambright says: She looks GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to read the article! I love what she says about her relationship with Dan and Rupert. It's so sweet. And Christopher Bailey (the guy she went to the Met Ball with and the creative director of Burberry) said some really nice things about her. Emma is just an amazing person!Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: It must be creepy meeting people that don't act like you and do things different from you. I'm glad Emma adjusted though.Avatar Imageshbz says: Yup, those movies are true :PAvatar Imagemyrank says: hahah the red cups...aww this brings up memories of my first year...all lost and confused. i'm so proud of her though. and she looks soo pretty and sophisticated in her photos. it's getting me super duper excited to finally watch the new harry potter moviee this fall! i actually just saw the new trailer here: http://www.ranker.com/list/new-movie-trailers-2010/new-movie-trailers#Avatar Imageemdash84 says: Such a neat small look into what she has been up to, and how things are going in college. She's such a WONDERFUL role model for our girls, any age, every age. Her humility, poise, style, work ethic, and charm... all are great traits that we can look up to. And best of luck Emma, as you continue with your education and work life. YOU ARE BRILLIANT. Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: LOL i love her description about college...i've been way to long in college. Avatar Imageblessi says: Wow. Emma. your really pretty and very cool to your dress, It's really cool. I love it. Congratulations anyway. :)) and keep up the good work.Avatar ImageCatherine says: nice impression! hahaha but it is so true!!!!! im glad she liked it after a while!Avatar ImageDDWatson says: I really enjoyed the video! You are and will always be a classic Emma...I'll say it again and I will not stop saying how proud I am of you:) good luck in your freshmen yearAvatar ImageLittle Light says: Nice one, Emma!Avatar ImageRRR says: Quoting ledlieu: "good on her to get her education even tho she wont have to work a day in her life if she doesn’t want to. True to Hermione!" ** She's in college, not trade school. I pity you if you don't know the difference.Avatar ImageAnna Weasley says: LOL first off. I'm glad she's adjusted.Avatar Imagechanngalambeatrice says: Emma is really brave.Avatar Imagebaileyboo431 says: Holy Cow!, I didn't know that Emma was in College! I think that its great that she wants to have a normal life. Its unfair to take that from someone. If she wants to be normal she can have it as far as I'm concerned, I don't know if her normal friends will treat her normal because she is a major actress in The Harry Potter Series.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Such a beautful dress. As always Emma has a wonderful fashion sense. I'm happy to hear she's enoying Brown and getting well adjusted to being normal.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: That's great for Emma! Avatar Imageneopolitandreams17 says: That's really cool. I just love her, wonderful role model and very brave.Avatar Imagekatherine102678 says: School is what you make of it, but I am glad that Emma stuck it out and realized that US colleges are NOT like what you see in movies.Avatar ImageQueenshallspeak says: aww she's so cute! i think it's great that she's not stuck up or something and is trying to be a normal muggle. :DAvatar ImageFGFG says: Haha. Is she just talking about red plastic cups? Do they not have those in Britain? It's wonderful that Emma's going back to school! Just like Hermione did. I'm glad she's found normality. Avatar ImageRosie016 says: Wow, that would be fun to be in a photo shoot like that, everyone is there to make sure you are taken care of and get beautiful photos! Just another day for Emma Watson I imagine.Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: We love those solo cupsAvatar ImageEmmaria says: wowAvatar ImageJessSnape says: I suppose it is nice that she's been able to transition into being a college student... though she is right about it starting off bumpy (it was that way for me and I wasn't uber famous and rich!)Avatar ImageTheRealSlytherinHeir says: Its great to see that she chose to go to college and try to live a normal life! How many people make it big and never do anything with themselves because they don't have to? Great for her!!Avatar ImageFresca says: Emma deserves congratulations for attending college out of her home environment. I wish her all the best!Avatar ImageEmmaria says: she's awesome i love herAvatar ImageEmmaria says: she's so pretty in that hatAvatar Imagemew5645 says: GO ema !!Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Emma is beautiful, no doubt about it! But did anyone else see the little girl beneath all that glamour and fashion? She is incredibly poised, but also still very young. So much ahead of her!Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Culture shock emma?Avatar ImageHarrypotterultrafan says: she is such a great role model :)Avatar Imagepaveddriveway says: I'm so happy for her, but I have to say I'm really dissappointed with Comcast.net. On their homepage, in the list of videos, it says, "Emma Watson: College is Awful." Seriously? Doesn't it say in the interview that she had trouble adjusting but she's never been happier...? I just hate how the media just twists everything celebrities say. Avatar ImageRoseann says: I would like to know what classes she is taking. She is going to have to study as if she was hermione between the interuptions of fans and all the homework. Good Luck and please keep us updated Love yaAvatar Imagepottersocks says: my goodness she's beautiful. Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: So those parties we see in films are real...?! O.o Thank God we don't have them here. Anyway best of luck to Emma!Avatar ImageTheRebekinator says: I feel bad for herAvatar ImageAlice Weasley says: haha- it took me a while to get acclimated to college life too. And I wasn't in the Harry Potter movies!Avatar Imagekira902k says: Emma looks soo bored in that video. She's done way too many photoshoots at this point. xDAvatar Imagesgreeter8888 says: Oh my, she thinks that she is the worst person in her acting class. She must have some very talented classmates. I wonder what it must be like to have Emma Watson as a student in one's acting class! Avatar ImageAbaebae77 says: OMG i'm so embarrassed for us! I hate that us americans act just like we do in the movies.Avatar Imagebrave@heart says: so *stinking* gorgeous -as usually!! :O but the "red cups" thing *so* made my day! *laughs* xD :)Avatar ImageSigmaKnight says: hopefully, she's not "fully acclimated to the new environment"... not too nice stories would be popping up everywhere. So she's either good at hiding it or not participating, which I would say kudos to if it's the later!Avatar ImageLiara says: She's so amazing! I'd be greatful if I had a life as her...Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: thats great emma! Good that you took up education seriously along with acting. All the best and have fun! :)Avatar Imageharrygetsme says: i'm glad to hear that emma is adjusting to american college life ;)Avatar Imagejillians642 says: I'm glad she's enjoying college. Not sure if Brown is really a typical university experience---it's rather expensive and exclusive, isn't it? Still, Uni is Uni and it's always good to have been, even if you're like some people and discover it's not a fit for you. Neat article. I can't imagine how awkward I would feel to have people adjusting me like that all day. Not at all like what I see on America's Next Top Model.Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Good for her, sounds like she is having the best college experience! =D Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: It was a pity that her first week was that awful but I am glad that it worked out for her in the end. Having just finished my sophomore year, I can safely say that nothing compares to college and I hope that she has an enjoyable time with her remaining years!Avatar Imagehrrypttrfn328 says: I find it amusing that everyone made such a big deal about her going to this Ivy League school, and she is taking 3 classes only, one of which is an acting class. She sure is making the most of her time there...Avatar ImageJaeliaVerdette says: I think I'll always remember her as Hermione. And I really hate that she's so mature and grown up now! Like or not, she gotta have a life. It feels like I'm losing her (not that I know her that well, but ya know) and Hermione. I always get really sad whenever I watch the first 3 movies and think "Wow, they were so young! What happened?!" I want the cute, totally adorable, Emma back. She's lost me.Avatar Imagemolly43 says: This is another sign of her not being so arrogant as to say "I'm so rich I can pay people to think for me." I really respect her even more for being willing to go thru what many people struggle thru - studying, quizzes, tests, red marks over your homework and book reports. She is such a wonderful person and I say to her to hang in there because friends you get to know, the experience, the triumph of success can't be bought. Good luck and lots of success Emma. Avatar Imagejacket says: Haha! so they really do eat out of thoses read cups...Avatar Imagebudgie says: All the best to her.Avatar Imagehalfbloodprincesss says: haha i love the red plastic cups also...and yes here in America we really do drink from those because 1)they are very inexpensive and 2)they are everywhere...they also come in blue and yellow hahaAvatar Imagehalfbloodprincesss says: haha i love the red plastic cups also...and yes here in America we really do drink from those because 1)they are very inexpensive and 2)they are everywhere...they also come in blue and yellow hahaAvatar Imagehewy says: Great interview. I would imagine that being from a foreign country and famous that American college life would be a real scary ordeal. So glad she is adjusting well. The video was great and that large book on her lap while she was getting her hair done for the photo shoot must have been what Hermione refers to as "light reading." She really is a classy young lady and appears to have her priorities firmly in place. GO EMMA!!!!!!!Avatar ImagetaystarHP says: good for her!Avatar Imagesanjuangelina says: Ahh, Emma, yo uare so down to earth and so sweet! The best actress actually, who does not get into silly scrapes! Way to go, and be like this Emms! We love you!Avatar ImageDobbyWinkyKreacher says: Em would look awesome in Ellowyne clothing. :-) Avatar ImageBroomsnitch says: I'm glad that she was able to experience college normally. It's very 'Hermione' of her to go to such a good college and actually have success.Avatar Imagewhyalltheglitter says: I would love to be her room mate!!!! It was a responsible choice for her to go to college, and I bet it was a weird transition from acting to college.Avatar ImageApplesArthur says: She's absolutley beautiful <3Avatar ImageJackMeggers says: hahaha!! yes Emma college is as lame as it looks in the movies :)

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