Felton: Potter Actors Don’t Know Where “Deathly Hallows” Will Split


Jun 14, 2010

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The Press Association has some new quotes from Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) in which the actor confirms that the Harry Potter cast are unaware of where the split will come between the last two films in the Harry Potter series.

“We don’t know where the cut’s going to be,” says Felton, “[e]veryone keeps asking us ‘where is the cut?’ but they’ve shot it kind of all as one and I think they’re going to wait and see whatever feels right.”

The actor talks of the cast’s relief at finding out that there would be two films for the seventh book, which Felton describes as “the most important chapter of the whole story.”

Lastly, Felton also comments on the way it feels to leave Draco Malfoy behind:

I kind of use him as therapy in a way. I get to build up these angers and frustrations and then vent it through this evil little Hitler child. Without it I may have to go to therapy – maybe it’s time to vent that way!

You can read the full story at this link.

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