Emma Thompson to Receive Star on the Walk of Fame Next Week


Jul 28, 2010

Posted by John Admin

Emma Thompson (Sybill Trelawney) is to receive the 2,415th star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Friday, 6th of August. Thompson will speak in front of the Pig ‘n Whistle pub on Hollywood Boulevard, joined by “House” star and fellow University of Cambridge graduate Hugh Laurie. Maggie Gyllenhaal, who stars alongside Thompson in “Nanny MacPhee and the Big Bang” – distributing as “Nanny MacPhee Returns” in the USA – will also speak at the late morning ceremony.

Thompson has won two Academy Awards, the first for Best Actress for her role in “Howards End” and the second for Best Adapted Screenplay for “Sense and Sensibility”, in which Thompson also starred. The actress first played Sybill Trelawney in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” and is currently working on a new adaptation of “My Fair Lady.”

Thanks to HPANA for the heads up!

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Avatar ImageCDR says: That's very fair!! She's an amazing actress!!Avatar ImageFifi says: I like the way they give the exact number of which star have already been given! lol 1st!Avatar ImageFifi says: Oh, not very 1st actually...Avatar ImageMistic Willow says: WOW Emma Thompson deserves to have a Star on the Walk of Fame!! She was AWESOME in the Harry Potter Movies, and I hope to see her in Deathly Hallows when she throws down the Crystol Ball that lands on Firir Greybacks head!!! and stops him from biting Lavendor Brown!!! I hope they include that scene!!! lol I have also seen Nanny McPhee and loved the Movie, and she is also AWESOME in the role as Nanny McPhee!! WAY TO GO EMMA!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!Avatar Imagehermione97 says: She really deserves it, she's a very good actress!Avatar ImageAccioKiwi says: hey kids, it was Prisoner of Azkaban, not Goblet of Fire. not that it matters, Emma Thompson is still an amazing talent.Avatar ImageScarStruck says: WOOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Wooooooooot!! Squeeee!! Eeeeeep!!Gooo Emmmmmma!!!<333Avatar Images.snape2000 says: I loved Sense and Sensibility!Such a good movie.Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Sense and Sensibility has sooo many HP actors in it. Awesome movie! (And as an aside, Hugh Laurie was also in that film. I wish he could be in an HP movie, but I guess it's not gonna happen.) Sigh.Avatar Imagebellaohbella says: CongratsAvatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: She was first in Prisoner of Azkaban. She was cut from Goblet of FIre.Avatar Imagehp931 says: Oh, gosh she deserves that! She is a great actress I geuss, I don't know that much about acting really...Avatar ImageLucida says: She's a great actress, way to go Emma!Avatar ImageCyachi says: Oh, that's awesome! She really deserves it a lot. :)Avatar Imageiris_rosalind says: Very nice. Though having seen how grimy that area of Hollywood is, I'm never sure how much of an 'honor' it really is! ;-) But good onya, Emma!!! Avatar ImageWand_less says: She's a great actress I've never liked Trelawney, but Emma does it so well I forget how much I lover her previous rolls. Congrats Emma Thompson!Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: That's great! She is a great actress and deserves the recognition....I mean the way she played Professor Trelawny in Harry Potter was amazing! I don't think there could be anyone else that could play her better than Emma Thompson did...Avatar ImageRhiannon7 says: Well it is certainly about time. Emma Thompson is an exceptionally talented actress and screenwriter. Congradulations!Avatar ImageRavenclawZombie says: Woo! Go Emma! You deserve that star 100%! :D I'll definitely be visiting it if I ever visit Hollywood again! Avatar Imagejhlovesmusic says: Amazing! Congrats Emma! :) you deserve it! Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Like Emma a lot - good for herAvatar ImageLuna Creevey says: She's just perfect for the role of Trewlaney she has the perfect voice and stance. Although I don't ever recognise in her other films due to the absence of her bottle-glasses! A star well deserved!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Wasn't she first in PoA? And congrats to her!Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: Congratulations to Emma! I love her as Trelawney, she makes her even more of an endearing oddity. :) And Sense And Sensibility was great, i usually find Jane Austen a bit boring but Emma made it really enjoyable. I really hope shes back for Deathly Hallows, even if we only see her for a few seconds.Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: an amazing actress and also one of my favorite screenwriters. i can't believe she's just getting her star though, and maggie gyllenhaal is already getting one. i mean, she's cool and all, and the academy's got love for her, yeah, but...Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: She does trelawney so wellAvatar Imagedoughboy6390 says: I am surprised she does not have one already she is an amazing actress. Her character was very touching in Love Actually. Yes I am a male who loves that movie.Avatar ImageProffesorGinevraJanePotter says: I definetely think she deserves a star. She can do roles of normal people, like in Sense and Sensibility, yet she can also act crazy or deranged, like Sibyl. And she can act in Shakespeare, as proved in Much Ado About Nothing.Avatar ImageProffesorGinevraJanePotter says: I definetely think she deserves a star. She can do roles of normal people, like in Sense and Sensibility, yet she can also act crazy or deranged, like Sibyl. And she can act in Shakespeare, as proved in Much Ado About Nothing.Avatar ImageJuleBule says: About time! ;-)Avatar ImageGraymayne says: Well done Emma! I did not think her portrayal of Professor Trelawney was well judged. It was more caricature than character, but I'm inclined to blame the director. The rest of her work has been first class.Avatar ImageGloria says: Emma has been deserving a star for years. Not just a star... a red giant, a supernova!!! Can't wait to see her and Alan Rickman in "The Song Of Lunch" in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)Avatar ImageTheWaiter says: Well done Emma, you deserve it!Avatar ImageDeanie says: *Graymayne*, I agree that Trelawny was more caricature than character, but then Jo wrote her that way, too. I'm glad that the stars are going to people who actually have talent and a body of work to look at. For a while, it seemed that anyone who was in any sort of movie, even only one and that not particularly good, got a star. ;)Avatar Imagechuzzle says: Way to go Emma thompson!!!!!!! :DAvatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Congratulation, that's awesome. :) She deserves it. Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: They could've mentioned more of her movies. She was great as C. S. Lewis' lover in "Remains of the Day," and opposite former husband Kenneth Branagh (Gilderoy Lockhart) in both "Dead Again" - a great, under-seen film noir about a reincarnated murder victim and her husband/accused killer - and "Much Ado about Nothing." I've never seen a better Beatrice, and that's such a great, meaty role, packed full of some of Shakespeare's most colorful insults! With regard to her interpretation of Trelawny, I think she did as much as she could with a thin role. My favorite footage of her is in the outtakes from OOTP that you can view on the second disc of the deluxe edition DVD. While Umbridge is giving her speech in the Great Hall, Trelawny is tangling up her beads and shawls, missing her mouth with her fork, spilling her food, knocking over her goblet...doing all sorts of very funny miscellaneous small acting business for cutaway shots - but unfortunately it all ended up on the cutting room floor. Definitely worth watching. But the HP movies are not really the place to see Emma Thompson's full acting prowess demonstrated.Avatar ImageLoonyMaddie3 says: Congrats! She did uber-amazingly as Trelawny, and I think she deserves it 100%!!! Way to go!Avatar ImageTanderule says: Great job, professor! I'll try and go see your star. It will be busy the day you get the star, so I'll go the next day! Horray for Hollywood!Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: That's wonderful for her! I loved her in Sense and Sensibility!Avatar ImageLittle Light says: Finally!! She's an incredible actress and deserves such honor! All hail Emma Thompson!Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Congrats well deserved. Avatar ImageKristi Noelle says: Wow, go Emma! She very much deserves this. I absolutely loved her in Sense and Sensebility; and of course as our beloved Trelawney. Actually, I've never really disliked any role I've seen her in. Wonderful, deserving actress - congratulations, Emma Thompson!Avatar ImageAreyoumental says: What took so long? She is my favorite actress. It's a well-deserved honor for her.

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