Introducing’s Guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter App


Aug 11, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

Leaky is excited to announce the launch of our very first app for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad:’s Guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, available to buy RIGHT HERE via iTunes!’s Guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a fun and comprehensive guide to the theme park in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The app is packed full of all the useful information you need to enjoy your time at the park to the fullest. With this app, you can learn about the different shops and what they sell; find out all the useful information you need about the rides, shows and attractions; and discover the hidden magical surprises throughout the park. You can also find out CURRENT wait times for the rides, and help out your fellow theme park fans by submitting wait times as you ride.
The app costs .99 and includes many fun and helpful features, including:

  • Full list and descriptions of shops and attractions
  • Where and what you can eat and drink
  • Tips for finding the hidden magic
  • All the useful info you need about the rides, including height restrictions
  • Current wait times for the rides
  • A map of the park to help you find your way around
  • Facebook connectivity to share your thoughts on the rides
  • Choose your House and change the color scheme of the app

This app was developed by the Leaky Cauldron and written by our own Chris Dotson, Video Galleries Manager and Senior Staff member of Leaky. You can download the app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad for the low price of .99 right here!

57 Responses to Introducing’s Guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter App

Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: That is so cool!!! Great job Leaky!!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: FIRST!!Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: Leaky's first app is an App guide to WWoHP. We're very proud and hope you all enjoy it!Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: Will you be putting one out for the Droid anytime soon? Not all of us are Apple people.Avatar ImageChrisDotsonTLC says: Hi, Laura! The Android version is very nearly finished. I hope it will be hitting the Market within the next week if not sooner!Avatar ImageJPHufflepuff says: I'm guessing this is one of the two big things Leaky is doing to celebrate it's anniversary. If not, then I can't wait to see what else is coming. Either way, well done! I downloaded it right away and I already love it! Beautiful artwork by Frak! Wish I could print out his version of the map :) This will come in very handy @ LeakyCon!Avatar Imagedantobias says: Why does everything have to say it's from "" these days? That's actually just a redirect to the real address of the site, (But it may be that the .com address is more appropriate for it these days, since the site seems to be very commercial nowadays; those ads that blast sound at you every time you load a page are very annoying.)Avatar Imagedantobias says: (But I think I'm going to buy the app anyway, since it'll be very useful when I go to the park, hopefully soon; I haven't set a trip date yet.)Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: We use simply because it's shorter, and a .com is infinitely easier to remember than a .org. Even longtime readers and associates often refer to us as, even though that has never been our domain. Leaky's name is the most difficult thing about it for our readers. :) We're sorry the ad is annoying, and wish it didn't have to be there. But we are glad you seem to like the app! It's going to be updated mucho in the future, soon, too.Avatar ImageKimmyBlair says: Love it!!! Great job Chris! I can't wait to go to the park to use it!Avatar ImageCarinaPotter says: What a great idea! I should be heading to the WWoHP for LeakyCon next year; I'll have this app handy! :-)Avatar ImageHufflepuffSam says: You've called it Leaky's first app - is that a sign there could be more coming? :)Avatar ImageCjw says: AWESOME LEAKY! GREAT APPAvatar ImageDorisTLC says: Chris rocks - awesome job dude!Avatar ImageCjw says: Also, will there be more apps? I would love to see a news app and a PotterCast appAvatar Imageda_member0808 says: Wow that's awesome!! Great job Chris! :)Avatar ImageKelseyL says: That's really helpful for when I go! Thanks so much, Chris!Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Anything made by Leaky is a must-have for me.... awesome job everyone!! :DAvatar ImageLaisai says: dang wish i had this BEFORE i went! >.<Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: Yay for Leaky! I only have a standard ipod so i can't buy it. :(Avatar ImageSindi says: wow that's great! :D Avatar Imageterieb says: got it, love it, makes me want to go even more! Please, let there be more Leaky apps coming!Avatar Imagelizzyrc says: cool an app but............................ wish it was free!Avatar Imagealexzander64lubin says: now i really want an iphone, but i'm waiting till verizon gets on itAvatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: That is so cool!!! Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: Wow - very cool! Congrats and bravo, Chris and Leaky-at-large! :o)Avatar Imagejessyginny says: It sounds really cool!! But I don´t have an iPhone, not an iPod touch or an iPad...Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: If anyone tries to search for this within iTunes, it comes up as "Leaky's Park App" -- might be helpful to know this! And though I can't get to the park (yet) I bought it -- for 99 cents it will be fun to explore from a distance!Avatar ImageCatherine says: sounds cool! wish i had an ipod touch or iphone!Avatar Imagehermionenluna TZS ROAR! says: woohoo!! thats awesome, nice job. Avatar ImageL. Ravenclaw says: yes!!!! finally an app fron leaky!! bought it all ready!Avatar ImageHPJOSIAHHP says: I need to get an iPod touch!!!! I have a Nano right now!!Avatar ImageRavenclawGirl13 says: Awesome! I wish I could get it. Right now I just have an ipod nano.Avatar ImageL. Ravenclaw says: oAvatar ImageL. Ravenclaw says: mAvatar ImageL. Ravenclaw says: gAvatar ImageL. Ravenclaw says: !Avatar Imagedanielradcliffelover23 says: thats awsome !!! that leaky has an app you guys rock!!! i hope you make more.Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: That's so great! I wish I could get an iPhone now, but my parents think I'm too young...........Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Dotson, Dotson, we got Dotson here! Genius idea, my God you people just keep coming up with genius new creations. Love the wait time for the rides, VERY handy indeedAvatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: dude this is getting intense Avatar Imagesallene says: Seriously awesome! Chris, you rock!Avatar ImageWillowEve says: ...Fantastic! Now I need to get an iPhone before December 28th!Avatar Imageravenclawgirl123 says: BRB! Gonna get my iTouch and buy it! :)Avatar ImagePhoenix1946 says: That's terriffic! Now, what about doing the app for BlackBerry and Droid?Avatar ImageIceholic says: What a coincidence, I just bought an iPod Touch for my birthday! But since I'm not going to the theme park, I won't get this app, sorry :PAvatar ImageTarsieS says: Well, now that is a reason to finally upgrade my phone...Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Sounds pretty cool..but my phone is a plain phone. oh well. Avatar Imagealexzander64lubin says: is there another app like this to tell the wait times for the rest of the parkAvatar ImageSquib2917 says: any plans for a leaky app for the site, so we can post and comment from our phones?Avatar ImageProfessor Witchard says: Yes, BlackBerry is a must! Too many places forget about BlackBerries when they make their apps :( My mom watches QVC a lot, and they're the only place I know that have their app for the iPone, Android, and BlackBerry :(Avatar ImageP90X says:

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