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Aug 22, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

Here now, is the full, in-depth review of this working cut of the film. Again, a warning to readers: this post will contain explicit spoilers for the first part of the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” film.

Also, check out the latest episode of PotterCast here for a quick rundown of some main moments in the “Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ film. A live Q&A PotterCast recording will take place sometime this week! Stay tuned to Pottercast.com for recording dates and times. Also, if you were in attendance at the screening, please do email us at [email protected] with your thoughts on the film!
Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be among about 500 fellow moviegoers at a test screening of the first part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” film. This event traditionally happens in Chicago about three months prior to the release of the film; it was by a bit of luck and some very good friends that I was able to attend. On hand at the screening were director David Yates, WB President and COO Alan Horn, and producers David Heyman and David Barron, who observed a focus group of select moviegoers following the movie. The film itself, which ran approximately two and a half hours, was a working cut, which meant that some special effects, such as CGI, were not yet complete. We would also be watching the film with a temporary soundtrack of music and scores from various other films. This, however, did not diminish the power or enjoyment of the film in the slightest. Knowing they have yet to add Desplat’s score to the picture only builds anticipation for how spectacular the finish product will be.
While some parts of the story told in the book were cut from the film or condensed, the main essence of the story remains. The film was paced perfectly, and balanced the action of fighting a war with the human and emotional toll of the journey very well. The look of the film stayed inline with the dark, gloomy, despairing colors of grey and black which were seen in “Half-Blood Prince.” It is clear that danger is in the air at every turn. The human emotional and physical toll also comes across in each scene. Wide sweeping shots of the expanse before them show just how alone the Trio are on the road.
The actors, particularly the Trio, give their best performances to date; practically disappearing into their characters. Jason Isaacs brings the character of Lucius Malfoy to new levels as an unshaven, groveling creature before Voldemort, while Rhys Ifans plays the desperate father who will do anything to get his child back to a tee. Bellatrix Lestrange plays a more prominent role in this film than in the past, which allows actress Helena Bonham Carter to show the sadistic and frantic side of Bella even more. We do see Dobby again, who makes his return at Grimmauld Place helping Kreacher bring Mundungus to Harry for questioning. The next time we see him, he appears in the cellar of Malfoy Manor to rescue Harry and his friends.
The film begins with the eyes of Rufus Scrimgeour speaking to the wizarding press about his government’s pledge to protect the liberty of its citizens during this dark time. This leads into a sequence which shows Harry, Ron, and Hermione at their respective homes, preparing for the journey ahead. Harry watches the Dursley’s go, Ron and the Weasley’s prepare themselves emotionally for the coming months, and Hermione performs the obliviate spell on her parents. In a very sad realization for both Hermione and the audience as photos of the family on the walls and mantelpieces are wiped of Hermione’s presence as the spell takes effect. She then walks from their house and down the empty street away from the former home of Wendel and Monica Wilkins.
We are then transported to Malfoy Manor, where Snape walks through the iron gates of the towering estate and through the house to the Death Eater meeting. Charity Burbage’s tortured body looms over the Death Eaters throughout the scene, which adds an extra level of creepy to the whole scene. As I said above, Isaacs gives a stunning performance which plays so well with Fiennes, who lets Voldemort toy with Malfoy, snapping the silver handle off Malfoy’s wand and throwing the broken piece on the table. Throughout the film, a series of dreams/visions/memories tell the history of the horcruxes (the ones that we know of) and of Voldemort discovering the Elder Wand. Flashes of the previous films, including Dumbledore falling from the Astronomy Tower and Tom Riddle give us this background, while we get our history of Grindelwald and Gregorovich from Harry’s link to Voldemort’s mind.
The Seven Potters scene was nearly complete in this cut. The transformation takes place in a single 360 degree camera shot, with each character transforming into Harry in their own unique way. Fred and George shrink about a foot, Mundungus grows about a foot, and Fleur gets Harry’s eyebrows as the first thing on her body to change. When the Seven Potters are waking around the room in their original character’s clothes, they are distinguished by their original voices and mannerisms. They then strip to change into Harry’s outfit. The production went all out here- even having Fluer’s Harry take off a white, lacy bra in order to change clothes. Once in the air, we see the Death Eaters dive on the Order like bats, swooping in casting spells and curses. Death Eaters take Harry and Hagrid on a chase down the highway, diving in between cars, and even doing a flip around a tunnel ceiling.
As for Hedwig: she does die. In a change from the book, Harry lets Hedwig fly away before the Order leaves the Privet Drive. During the battle, right before Voldemort appears, she flies back on the scene in an effort to help Harry fight the Death Eaters. A Death Eater casts the Avada Kedavra curse on her, and she falls to the ground. It is Hedwig’s appearance alongside the real Harry that clues Voldemort into his identity.
At the fully reconstructed Weasley House, Scrimgeour arrives before the wedding to read the will of Albus Dumbledore and hand out the three bequeaths. Ginny and Harry share their only kiss in this part of the film here, which is interrupted in a hilarious way by the bandaged-ear George. (Yes, the ‘Saintly’ joke remains verbatim in the film.) Harry begins to become uncertain that he knew Dumbledore, with the help of Auntie Muriel and flashes of newspaper headlines about Rita Skeeter’s upcoming book, The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. Then, Kingsley’s patronus appears, announcing Scrimgeour’s death and the fall of the Ministry. The Trio make their escape, this time with the aid of a strong-looking Lupin urging Harry to “GO!” and battle Death Eaters Rowle and Dolohov in the cafe once they reach London.
Once at Grimmauld Place, Harry sends Kreacher off to find Mundungus, who returns with both Dung and Dobby. The crowd cheered when Dobby appeared on screen, and was further endeared at the elf when he and Krecher vie for Harry’s attention. Mundungs’ information leads them to infiltrate the Ministry, which also is presented just as it was in the books. Umbridge, portrayed by Imelda Staunton, gets to recapture her former sinister self presiding over a courtroom with a swirl of Dememntors revolving overhead. The Ministry now seems to be operation to create forms of propaganda against Muggles, which are being produced in mass quantities (When Muggles Attack). They’ve also replaced the former statue in the atrium with a new totalitarian-themed creation, which is made up of jumble of twisted Muggles holding up wizards on a pedestal. “Muggles in their rightful place,” says Hermione.”
Umbridge’s office at the Ministry is filled with ornate gold carvings on the walls, along with the pink brick and purring cat plates. Mad-Eye’s eye is seen in the door of her office, but it was not clear whether Harry takes it for or not. Upon escaping from the courtroom and stunning Umbrdige, they are chased through the Ministry and end up disapparating to the forest. Here we see a great performance by Emma Watson as Hermione who sobs over Ron’s body as she mends his splinched arm. Bone and muscle in his arm are exposed before the dittany is applied. She then casts the appropriate concealment charms over the Trio and their life in the forest begins.
The first part of the “Deathly Hallows” films flows seamlessly and quickly through the story. No particular part moves too slow or too fast, but the greatly condensed ‘camping’ sequence does take its time; but, with good reason. This part of the film shows the progression of Ron’s jealousy of Harry and Hermione’s friendship, spurred on by wearing the Horcrux. Rupert Grint plays this very well, storming out of the tent and into the winter, leaving Harry and Hermione unsure of how to go on. Following his exit, a scene not in the books remains one of the most touching and poignant: In an effort to cheer up a sullen Hermione, Harry removes the Horcrux from his neck, and shares an awkward high school prom-style dance with Hermione to the Nick Cave song, “O’Children.”
Harry and Hermione make their way to Godric’s Hollow and come across the grave site of the Potters. The memorial statue at the house or in the square is not seen in this film, but Harry discovering their resting place remains an emotional experience. At Bathilda’s, Hermione discovers the bloody cupboard where she was killed while Harry turns to see Nagini coming out of Bathilda’s mouth, leaving what remains of her body and clothes in a pile on the floor. This particular shot was not complete in the film, for it was among the CGI effects yet to be finished. The fight with Nagini spills over into a children’s room in the house next door, and leaves Harry bitten by the snake. Once they make their escape to the Forest of Dean, Harry lays unconscious for a few days, during which time he finds his way into Voldemort’s mind and we discover more back story about Grindelwald and Gregorovich.
This leads into, perhaps, the most thrilling and emotional part of the film: the Silver Doe. Rupert Grint’s performance is spectacular as he makes his return, pulling Harry from underneath the icy depths and destroying the Horcrux. After Harry opens the locket, a tornado of Voldemort’s dark soul rises above Ron, unleashing spiders on the ground and taunting him. In a very sensual turn, silvery porcelain visions of Riddle-Harry and Riddle-Hermione appear in the tornado and taunt Ron’s jealousy by sharing a long and intense kiss. In an effort not to truly represent the evil of Voldemort and the situation, the Riddle-Harry and Riddle-Hermione, in the swirling mass of the tornado, appear topless during the final seconds of their kiss before Ron swings Gryffindor’s sword down on the locket, destroying it.
This intense sequence is followed by the reunited Trio seeking out more information from Xenophilius Lovegood about the strange symbol he wore at the wedding. In a truly spectacular animation, the story of The Three Brothers is told in a completely unique style where the characters of Death and the brothers transform from shrouded skeletons to semi-formed puppets to, finally, puppet like mannequins as they relate the tale. Hermione’s voice reading the tale accompanies the animation, which lasts nearly three minutes. In my opinion, it is truly one of the best three minutes these films have produced. Xeno’s broken state of mind is played beautifully by Rhys Ifans. The Death Eaters are called to the tree stump-shaped house by Xeno who says Voldemort’s name, which is now tabooed. The Trio escapes briefly, but run into a gang of Snatchers, who chase them down in the forest. During this time, Harry also drifts into one final connection with Voldemort which shows the Dark Lord questioning an aged Grindelwald, who tells him the Elder Wand remains with Dumbledore in his grave.
The Malfoy Manor scene saw a few changes from what was in the book, none of which greatly altered the outcome of the story as it has been told in the films. For instance, Wormtail does not definitively die in the film. Rather, he is stunned by Dobby which allows for Harry and Ron to escape. Wormtail aside, Emma Watson’s shrieking as Bella’s character tortures her own (Bellatrix brands “mudblood” onto Hermione’s arm) still gives me chills. Bellatrix continues to be in top form when she uses her wand as a whip to take the sword from the low-rank Snatchers who captured the Trio. The Malfoy’s also get to show their complete desperation, with Lucius, drink in hand, talking a defeated Draco into identify Harry. Throughout this sequence the suspense builds until that final moment when the dagger is thrown by Bella and disapparates along with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dobby to Shell Cottage.
Hands down, one of the most emotional sequences of this film was Dobby dying in Harry’s arms on she shores of Shell Cottage. The burial of Dobby takes place on a bluff overlooking the sea. Harry digs the grave himself, and places the small House Elf in his resting place with Ron and Hermione. The final scene in the movie takes place at Hogwarts, on a small island just off the banks of the lake. Dumbledore’s tomb is cracked open by Voldemort, who looks into the blank face of Dumbledore before taking the wand from his grasp and firing a lightning bolt into the air.
After the film, I had the opportunity to speak briefly with Yates and Barron, who told me that Voldemort taking possession of the Elder Wand will indeed be where the first part ends, and that Desplat is currently finishing the score for the film. They went on to say they have not yet decided on a composer for the second part of the “Deathly Hallows” film, but they are starting the process of putting the final film together.

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Avatar ImageGryffindorGarstang says: NICE WOO!!Avatar ImageSeanathome says: No Dursley scene!!! Come on, WB. You split the films to have everything... especially the LAST scene with the Dudley's goodbye. :-(Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: Thank you sooooo much for that incredible review! You went into far more detail than any other reviewer i've read. The film sounds so faithful to the book i think i might stop worrying now. :D I started crying just reading the bit about Dobby, god knows what kind of mess i'll be in when i've actually seen it! I feel indescribably happy to read that the film so closely resembles the book, i'm even ok with some of the small changes they've made, because i think they will look better on screen. I'm fascinated to see the animation of The Tale Of The Three Brothers. I am sooooooo jealous of Edward for getting to see it! Can i please climb inside your brain?? :D Why is not November already???!!!!!!! I feel quite sad, i want to cry, though i could moan forever about the differences in the film to the books, i think this is the first time that its dawned on me that the films are actually coming to an end. I'm going to miss them, which is something i never thought i'd say.Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: Will we be getting a PotterCast about the viewing? Pwetty pwease :)Avatar Imagemystiqueminx says: thanks !! i'm an r/hr shipper,,,so i just wanted to know if there is the r/hr dance at the wedding,,?Avatar Imagehp4l says: Thanks for the report Edward! Wish I could have been there!Avatar Imagemystiqueminx says: also, is harry 's wand broken ???Avatar Imagejain says: ok, finaly read all the reviews on this and other sites. Sounds like it's going to be a great film, but do i take it, as none of the sites have mentioned them, there is no Luna, No Olivander and no Griphook and no performance of note from Dan?Avatar Imagedoughboy6390 says: I can't not wait it sounds incredible. I think it was wise and necessary to introduce Dobby earlier in the movie since the cast time we saw hi, in the movies was Chamber of secrets. Considering they completely wrote him out of 4! If this is the version that hits theaters I will be estatic!! I cant not wait any longer!!!!Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: wow. wow. wow. i am amazed. i can not wait to see this movie!!! i second the person above me's question...is harry's wand broken? and does the wand lore story unfold in the movies as it did in the books? ex. does harry take the wands in draco's hands at the manor? does harry's wand regurgitate "golden flames" (or similar) at voldemort in the battle in the sky at the beginning breaking lucius' wand? etc... thanks edward! you are incredibly lucky!!! :)Avatar Imageaval says: oh my god!!! this is just to good!!! I am so appreciative of this, just awesome!Avatar Imageaval says: DUDE she branded hermionie with the word MUDBLOOD, thats sooo hard-core, just plain chilling :(Avatar Imageblackhair says: Thank You Thank You Very much Its looks they have tried to stay faithful to the book but still my doubts remains uncleared abt Lily and James and the flashback Harry gets in Godric Hollow maybe this is in the Part 2. As there's not much to go in Part2 other than the Gringotts breakthrough and the battle which are the two most important part of the movie and of course Trio's arrival at Shell Cottage would be there too.Avatar Imageblackhair says: And i think i know why the flashback is not there in Part1 because Part2 would obviously be action filled with many deaths and they don't want to make Part1 follow the same path. Since its been reported that Dumbledore's fall from Astronomy Tower and other creepy flashback are there in the movie the WB decided not to make under 15 kids to run away. I know thats weird considering kids under 15 are used to seeing much worse in other movies and won't be wetting their pants over the creepy moments but still its been decided by the studios and nothing we say is gonna change anything Avatar Imagehallowedhearts says: I'm still all a-tither about the fact that the screening happened so close to me. If only! I might have died from hyperventalating so heavily... This should be the last thing I'm concerned with, but I couldn't help but wonder. The picture of Ron and Hermione sitting at a piano from the calendar popped into my head. Did they feature this scene at all? I suppose I assumed it was from their time at Grimmauld Place. Oh, this makes me even more excited than I thought possible. Thank you so much for the thorough report! :)Avatar Imageblackhair says: @jain well luna dean and griphook won't be there at the manor because they have done some changes on that part can't understand why thoughAvatar Imageblackhair says: i think ollivander is there at the manor thats why we see Harry posting question to him abt the deathly hallowsAvatar Imagebadger666 says: The Charity Burbage scene sounds good. It's good to know that Snape will be in at least one scene in Part 1. Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: That is so awesome!Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: I wonder if we'll see the newspaper report about Snape becoming Headmaster?Avatar ImageEdwardTLC says: @blackhair Luna, Ollivander, and Griphook do appear at the Malfoy Manor scene. In a 2,300 report I may have missed one detail or two. Dobby appears and takes them away before coming back to stun Wormtail and free the Trio. In regards to Snape, @Valeria, the wizarding wireless is played while they are camping, and a quick audio clip from the radio is heard announcing Snape as Headmaster. PotterWatch, as it is featured in the book, is not part of the film, though.Avatar ImageEdwardTLC says: @Seanathome The Dursleys do appear! But very, very briefly in the very start of the film. Harry watches them pack up the car before the Order comes. @vicki_the_house_elf *ROAR* Check PotterCast.com for recording times. You can ask questions live then! @hermy and @Nealie Zealbie Yes, it is. When Harry gets attacked by the snake in Godric's Hollow. Yes, to your q about Harry's wand in battling Voldemort's in the Seven Potters sequence too. @hermy Alas, no Hermione Ron dance at the wedding. A pretty funny moment between them and Krum, though. :) @hallowedhearts IT WAS! And I just now remembered it because you asked! It's a rather tender scene where Hermione tries to teach Ron something on the piano and he just isn't getting it. Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Oh my God!!! Thank you so much!!!Avatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: LOL, having George unterrupt Harry/Ginny instead of Ron? That's actually a brilliant idea, it sounds hilarious! As does the Dobby and Kreacher scene! The film sounds extremely emotional and amazing. I'm even more excited for November! :)Avatar Imageblackhair says: @edward thanks for the correction. Avatar ImageFonty says: Well, things might be cut out before premiere and then there is the rating. Sounds like they are aiming for PG-13 again, meaning they will have some blood but the "nudity" should be rather stylized.Avatar ImageAshley_Sonnier says: Sounds amazing. I will be watching it in Orlando after the WWoHP. I am soo excited!Avatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: Just wondering, during the Seven Potters chase, does it show Snape firing the curse at George? I'm very interested to know that. There's been quite a big discussion on that at Cosforums a while back.Avatar ImageTarsieS says: Edward, you lucky snot. Now I can't wait for November; it sounds spectacular.Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: I assume then, that the break-in at Gringott's will be the kick-off to the second part. What is included here is AMAZING! Thanks for the info, Edward, I can see just enough of this in my mind's eye to find waiting really difficult!!!!Avatar Imagecharvi says: OMG....i just flipped reading the climax...i so want more.....after reading it can definitely be declared as the best written HP movie ever...thank u for making DH into 2 parts justice has been served...WOW!! just thank u to the whole HP team for making such a fine book plus movie series...thank u J K Rowling you are truely gifted to come up with such an exciting conclusion..linking to each of the 6 books....spectacular. Sorry getting a bit emotional, i hope all HP fans get my sentiments.Avatar ImageNatalie says: I've read all the reviews so far and I am sooooo happy with how it turned out!!!! I really think that we'll be too satisfied in November... But I have to ask a question. Sth that occured to me after reading the reviews.. If a non-fan sees the first part..is it a movie that has sth to offer or does it feel like it stops in the middle (like matrix reloaded for example) ? Are these people (who are not as geeks as we are) going to enjoy it or they'll think that too much has happened during these 2 1/2 hours and at the same time nothing has happened? I'll love it, that's for sure......!Avatar Imagenwrosey says: OMFGAvatar Imageksddancer says: Icant believe it! Amazing! But I wish they would have had the Dursley scene.Avatar Imagerotfang07 says: Thanks Edward for such a thorough and coherent review. It sounds as though the films have moved onto an altogether higher level, and, assuming the soundtracks come up to scratch, the last 2 films will be, by far and away, the best. Avatar Imagemegash06 says: WOW! this is absoulutly amazing is sounds like they did a great job on it thanks for putting this up! i cant wait :DAvatar ImageMatea says: WOW. can't wait to watch the film and start crying! :D thank you for this! sounds amazing! EPIC! everything is pretty much there, I'm sad because they left out some good moments like R/H dance, Dudley and dead Wormtail. In fact,I don't get it. Why isn't he dead!? I hope everyone else in Part 2 dies,lol. I'm also very disapointed because there's no Potter statue! but we have this part of the book on the screen,people!WOOT WOOT!Avatar ImageJoost says: Hopefully they'll give Wormtail a chance to really redeem himself, unlike the disappointing scene in the book. Or Snape kills him - after all, Wormtail sold out Lilly to Voldemort.Avatar ImageDawna says: Wow! Greatly descriptive! I got tears in my eyes reading Dobby's death scene...Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: "The crowd cheered when Dobby appeared on screen" AS THEY SHOULD!!!! Dobby!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Malfoy Manor was my fav chapter and it sounds like they've told it beautifully! I can't wait til the Bella-Hermione scene!!1!Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: As long as they use the Harry Potter music for the title I'm happy. Otherwise, it'll completely ruin the experience. Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: But still ... HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS *ROCKS*!!!!!!Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: But still ... HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS *ROCKS*!!!!!!Avatar ImagePetra says: And what about Lovegood's house? Is there a scene with Luna's room? Maybe sounds stupid, but I love that part in the book soo much... By the way thanks for this, it sounds AMAZING... can't wait to see more Bellatrix in this movie...think i'm going to have a heart attack when I see it...Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: I don't know what to say............I've been left speechless. I can't believe all that will happen in one movie, like I thought the split would be when Ron leaves the camp. But it probably all for the better, there's probably more in the second part.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: I will be sorry not to witness the humanization-of-Dudley scene. I guess they thought there was no time to make minor characters more than one-dimensional. Regarding Wormtail's final comeuppance being delayed until Part II, I wonder if it plays in any way into the mysterious change in Lucius' story arc referred to in that recent interview with Jason Isaacs. From the fact that he didn't have to shoot several originally planned scenes, it sounds like Lucius may die before the end. There have been hints that could be interpreted to mean that he may turn against Voldy in some way in order to try to save Draco, and then be killed for his betrayal. I would love to see Wormtail also become a turncoat as a less passive way of paying his life debt to Harry. It would even ante up the comparison to Nazis if there were a little unsuccessful mutiny among the Death Eater ranks. Just speculatin' here, folks...Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: I hesitated reading the review at first but now that I did, I don't regret it! It's amazing. I know there have been changes from the book but it´s pretty complete, right? I'm still wondering about Harry's wand... is it broken? How does it happen in the film? I just can't wait to watch it!Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: OMG its awesome. and why the hell that evil woman bellatrix brand dear hermione with mudblood. im just furious.Avatar Imagesplinch says: ok... "In an effort to cheer up a sullen Hermione, Harry removes the Horcrux from his neck, and shares an awkward high school prom-style dance with Hermione to the Nick Cave song, "O'Children." THIS IS NOT TWILIGHT. Avatar ImageHarrypotterultrafan says: this is going to be brilliant:)Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: ahhhhhhhhh awesomeAvatar Imagedobbykreacherunited says: im not really happy with the ending of part 1...... i thought that it would be, like, that voldemort would send up the sparks, like he does in the trailer, and then the would cut to Harry at the side of the lake after jumping off the dragon after the escape from Grinngotts and he would say ''Hes got it. Hes got the elder wand'' and then cut to credits. It would have made much more sense to me...Avatar ImageEdwardTLC says: @ FilmGirl27 *blizzard* (ROAR!!) Snape is not shown to curse George's ear. The twin is carried, already injured, into the Weasley house after the battle. @Petra Luna's room is not shown. We only see Xeno at the house, and he makes mention to "Luna being right along..." Avatar ImageFilmGirl27 says: @Edward: Oh okay. Interesting. Maybe they'll show that during the Prince's Tale in Part 2? Anyway, thanks! :)Avatar ImageEmmaria says: i couldn't read it cause it makes to cry :((Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: @edwardtlc- thank you for all the info, sir. I wonder if you could give us Ron/hermione tidbits? just some of the moments? I've read every review but that's a topic that's lacking... also, are Harry and hermione listening to potterwatch or just the radio when nick cave plays? I'm so excited for that song to be in HP, but I wondered if they introduce it as a muggle song in any way? would have been clever, perhaps, but nick cave could very well be a wizard on the other hand!Avatar ImageJACK5555 says: Edward, about how long do we see Dobby on screen at Grimmauld place? What is the scene like?Avatar ImageEdwardTLC says: @abandonedboyjon There are many moments in the film where either Ron or Hermione catches the other looking at them. It is obvious that they are both ready to go down that road, but neither seems to want to make the first move because they are not sure of the other. There is one great moment at the wedding where Hermione is dancing with Krum until a supermodel-looking witch walks by and fully captures Krum's attention. Ron is in the background watching all this, of course, and he and Hermione then share a "I'm not looking at you" head turn moment away from each other. When he leaves, it is obvious that he is jealous of what he sees as the relationship Harry and Hermione have formed. The don't explicitly mention PotterWatch, but the wizarding wireless does play a part in the tent scenes, for Ron is always turning the dial trying to get a stronger signal. The song just sort of comes on the radio though static and fuzz as Harry is fiddling with the dials after Ron leaves. @Brian Bowers We see Dobby for about 90 seconds in that scene. He arrives with Kreacher, having helped him capture Dung. The elves both take turns trying to explain their work and vie for Harry's attention... each taking a step in front of the other as they talk to Harry. Avatar ImageTegaaan says: @EdwardTLC Thanks for all your answers! I was just wanting to know what ron and harrys fight was like? I've heard that Ron says that Hermione likes Harry but I wasnt sure if it was true. Thanks again! :) Avatar ImageHPlover11 says: @EdwardTLC- Did Harry see his parents' death throughout Voldemort's mind?And will we 0see Phineas Nigellus?I love that part. ThanksAvatar Imageakcorr says: How far they take the Hermione scene is going to tell you just how serious this film is going to be.Avatar Imagenimbus2010 says: is there the scene where dudley says thanks? that's pretty important. Great great review, super detailed! Thank you!!! So excited!!Avatar ImageJACK5555 says: Thanks Edward! So like, does he just leave afterward? Is there any explanation? And then he just shows up at Malfoy Manor?Avatar ImageJACK5555 says: Oh, and about how far into the movie do we see him?Avatar ImageJACK5555 says: Oh, one last thing (sorry). Does the new guy who plays Kreacher sound like the guy from OotP?Avatar Imagedecarus says: Do they show griphook get captured during the camping? If so is Hermione behind the protections and that is why the snatchers don't react to her? Do the trio get attacked by dementors while they are camping? Is there a scene where the trio or possibly just harry and hermione come upon some burnt out trailers that have been attacked by death eaters? Do the trio skirmish in the Ministry of Magic scene with Umridge and company? If so does it take place in the courtroom? Is harry under the cloak in this scene? If not how does he enter the room? Do the trio still split up in the ministry of magic scene or do they stay together the entire time? Does Ron go to stop the raining while Hermione goes with Umbridge to take notes and Harry goes off in search of her office? When does harry learn things about the horcruxes? Is it in the silver doe scene? Does harry see flashes of the other horcruxes when the locket opens or when it is dying? How does Hermione react when Ron returns? Does she hit him? Doe she hit him first and then Harry grabs her and holds her back or does he grab her and hold her back before she hits Ron?Avatar ImageHPlover11 says: @EdwardTLC- I've one or two more questions- What ignates Harry & Ron fight?Will they use their wands?ThanksAvatar Imageagen_kolar says: @EdwardTLC, Thanks for answering our questions. I have just one for you, if you don't mind: Can you tell us about Narcissa Malfoy's role in the film? None of the other reviews have mentioned her. I'm assuming it's a small role, but possibly bigger than her HBP role? In the book, Narcissa was present at the Death Eater meetings and answered the door when Greyback and the Snatchers brought Harry Potter to her home. I'd like to know if the book veered from those sort of details at all, and things like how does she react when the prisoners escape from Malfoy Manor? If you could enlighten me with as much detail as possible into what she does in the film, that wold be awesome. Thanks!Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: @edwardtlc- thank you SO much, you're awesome.Avatar ImageGryffindor Cutie says: Oh my gosh, it sounds so awesome! It just makes me more and more excited to see DH. It sounds like non stop action from beginning to end and I can't wait!Avatar ImageJasonAnder says: What I want to know is: How is Tonks hair?(just curious as they ruined it in HBP) Does Percy and Arthur Weasley have that 'moment' on the Ministry elevator? How about Runcorn and Arthur? How long is the Dursley's Departing scene? Are Diggle, along with Hestia Jones in the film? Do they discuss Horcruxes at the Burrow? Do they show Harry's Birthday party with the Snitch cake? Does Harry find part of the note Lily wrote? If not, that means they cut out that part in Snape's memories(the thing where Snape took the part of the letter that said 'With Lots of Love, Lily'... Do they show Voldemort commanding Draco to punish Rowle and Dolohov? I remember Tom mentioned they did some of these(Maybe left for the deleted scenes?) Does Luna have any dialouge? What about her bedroom, do they go inside it? Thats all really.Avatar ImageJasonAnder says: Mostly answer the Tonks and Percy question. :)Avatar ImageGinaC says: @EdwardTLC--thanks for answering questions! I join all those concerned about the Dursleys. Really? Harry just watches and there is no dialogue? He doesn't shake hands with Dudley or ANYTHING? If you could confirm that, I'd appreciate it, because that would be a shame! Otherwise, it sounds FANTASTIC! Thanks again for the report!Avatar ImageAkilahSakai says: Edward has not only made my day, but made my week, month ... The fam can't understand why I keep saying "omigosh!" over and over. November can't come soon enough. I swear I'm going to pop before then!Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: @EdwardTLC Thanks for answering questions i have just a few more: Someone asked how Hermione reacts to Ron comig back, does she try to punch him, because i love that bit (i'd punch Ron too if i was her!) Someone else asked about the caravan park bit, whats that bit all about? and does it work well? Final question Did you enjoy it and did you think they've done the book, the fans and JKRowling justice? Thank you, you lucky git! :DAvatar Imagepotterfan4lyfe says: Okayy siriusly this movie is going to be so.freakin.AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thing that I'm not so sure about is h/hr dance?? WHY?!?! I mean it will just get the h/hr (no offense) hopes up! Hopefully they'll show that Rona nd hermione dance at the wedding! Oh my Gosh thanks for thiss so awesome review i'm literally jumping in my seat right now :]]Avatar Imageaval says: DEAR EDWARD I would also like to know about hermionies rearction to ron coming back, it was perfect in the books. Is she ad at him for a while after as well? thanks soo much for answering all these!Avatar ImageRowling Stones says: Wow exellent full on report 2 questions Is Harry's wand broken? and what happened to the dursley scene, also i wish they had done more on wormtail because the dept he owes to Harry ties on to the 3rd bookAvatar ImageFresca says: This was a wonderful report. I am glad that Dobby's funeral is going to be in the movie, and glad too that Bellatrix is shown to be the cruel woman that hse really is. In the previous films, she came across as demented, but her real evil did not seem to shine through, darkly, as it were. i am so glad that the Silver Doe scene is intact, and wish though that we could have seen Wormtail meet his end. It certainly sounds as if the last movies will be spectacular! Avatar Imagegeminidreamatl29 says: okay my two cents. cutting lupin from gridmauld place is a mistake cause later his death wont be as big of a shock cause of that relationship to harry, having dobby bring dung with kreacher is actually really cute. showing the story of the horcruxes in flashbacks is good since they got cut in HBP, my biggest worry is having phenius negilus cut cause how is snape suppose to know where the trio are to send him the sword during the silver doe? thats going to be a major plot hole unless they explain it in part two, not having wormtail die is a mistake, everything else sounds good. my question is when they apperate from malfoy manor does dobby still take luna olivander and gripehook first then come back from the trio or is it all together? and the running time is 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) im asuming that before credits since this was a test screening (working print) right? all in all very excited!Avatar Imagejeannemcl says: Here's my take on the whole thing. Let's just wait til November and all your questions will be answered!!!Avatar ImageReader511 says: This. . . is. . . AWESOME! I can't wait. Does anyone know if Dan and Emma filmed a kissing scene (as described in how the silvery Locket-Characters interact), or will it be CGI?Avatar ImagePrincessAngeles7 says: thanks for the updates!!!!Avatar ImageSindi says: Ahhh I couldn't help read it and just by reading it i am tearing up... i just cant believe it. Sounds amazing! :D Avatar ImageHPFan19802007 says: Will Luna use the deluminator like she did in the book to free Harry and Ron? Since they won't be in the tent when they are caught unless it will just produce light automatically. Do they keep the part where the snatchers interrogate them after they bind them up- IE where Harry lies and says he's Vernon Dudley and he was in Slytherin, Ron says he's Bardey Weadley and Hermione says she's Penelope. Avatar ImageHoneyducks says: @EdwardTLC , Edward I appreciate a LOT your massive indepth review, but plz could you just answer me this.. I been checking in all the reports and no one has really talked about it... Can you go into detail Ron's departure and the Malfoy Manor? Moslty on how they acted, their emotionals reactions, like Is Ron and Harry's fight intense? were they shouts? physical fighting? or was it toned down? In the Malfoy Manor, does Ron goes crazy like in the book where he is half sobbing? How was Harry's reaction to Hermione's screaming? Did Bellatrix put the "mudblood" word in Hermione's arm with the wand or with the knife? Me and I think many fans will appreciate these indepth scenes because I havent found these scenes detailed in any report. THANK YOU VERY MUCHAvatar ImageSue100 says: Thank you for the in depth review. Very excited for this movie!! However, concerned about rating of film and the sexuality introduced in Part I (removing of lacy bra on from one of the 7 Harry's and the porcelain vision of Harry/Hermione topless kissing/embrace). Both my kids are under 10; just wondering if these scenes are brief or drawn out, and whether or not there is actual "nudity". It would be a real bummer if the film receives a PG-13 for unnecessary sensuality...Avatar ImageChreechree says: My main complaint about the HP movies is when they omit a scene that is pivotal or crucial in some way to Harry's character development. Sure, there are details that I always miss, but it's those character moments that I lament (e.g. in PoA Harry not connecting his patronus to Prongs (or even an explanation on who Prongs was), so that he doesn't see how is father is alive in him). It sounds as if they have made a similar blunder here by skipping from Harry burying Dobby to Voldemort getting the Elder Wand. Where is Harry choosing his path by picking Horcruxes over Hallows before Voldemort gets his wand? That's a crucial moment, and, actually, I hoped Harry making that decision would be the divider for the two movies, because that is the moment where Harry reaffirms to trust Dumbledore (even if he is still angry with him) and sets his course, which brings him, ultimately, back to Hogwarts. That being said, the details sound promising. So much is included, which will be nice to see. Avatar Imagediv says: Thanks!!!! Avatar Imagewittywitchsteph says: definitely a spoiler but SOOOOOOOO GREATAvatar ImageJoost says: @Sue100: unnecessary nudity?! That's the one big question that matters: how naked is Hermione? Should I bring tissues, Edward?Avatar ImageFifi says: Ok, I read the first few paragraphs...I am NOT reading anymore; too much spoilers!Avatar Imagevarunrocks4 says: OMG cant wait to see this movie! I love how this movie is actually going to be like the book! I am really looking forward to see the actors put up their best preformances yet! I cant wait to see the scene where Hermionie leaves her house which is going to be very emotional... Why cant it be november yet?!?!Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: @sue100...Eric scull said there was a bit of sideboob. and I think he also said that she's only topless for their kiss, so it sounds pretty brief. the lacy bra in the 7 potters scene I can't see being a problem. it's Dan taking it off, not clemence posey. maybe it's just my family, but I saw my moms bras when I was a kid...she hung them in the bathroom. my point is, I think the sensuality level will still be fine, I would more worry they'd have nightmares about nagini.Avatar ImageThe Mexican Dark Lord says: Thank you so much for this review! I almost cried when you described the Dobby scene. I am so excited for this!Avatar ImageOldZeke says: I am overjoyed to that they stuck to book this time THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not since Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets has WB done that. Sad part is WB could have done great things with the 7 Harry Potter books by just bringing these classic stories to life on the screen, there was no reason to change things. Yes I realize that cuts had to be made, cuts yes changing the stories NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageHinkypunkmum says: Thank you so very much for this wonderful review ! I got all teary just reading it ! It sounds as though they have captured ALL of the major plot points extremely well, and have balanced it with just the right amount of humor where needed. Worried about a bit of nudity are some ? Then leave the kids at home - please. This is NOT a childrens film !!! I am thrilled they left in " dinner, Nagini " as I found that to be the most terrifying moment of all. This whole film sounds fantastic !!! Accio Novermber indeed !Avatar ImageTraceymmm says: part of me feels guilty for cheating for reading this. the other part of me wants to jump around with excitement! i hope theres more to the dursleys seen than just packing up and leaving. i want the bit where Dubley tells Harry isnt a waste of space! And im excited to see what they have added in that wasnt in the books! especially the mudblood bit! and the malfoys! AHHHH! TOO EXCITED!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Can't wait for it!!!!Avatar Imagefindthefourth says: I love the Malfoy Manor scenes, so I'm thrilled with this description! It sounds awesome. One thing I wonder - did they keep in the part in Silver Doe where Hermione beats the snot out of Ron? I really want to see that...Avatar ImageMichelleypie says: Great review! I'm looking forward to this movie, and it sounds great, but I can't help but cringe at two things - For one, I think it really stinks that they're making Harry and Hermione dance right after Ron leaves; it's out of character, Harry would never do that and Hermione was way too sad in the book to get up and dance with Harry. I don't perceive this as being touching; I perceive it as annoying me to no end. I also can't believe that Pettigrew didn't die. The reviewer said that this wasn't significant, but I certainly think it was; Pettigrew was indebted to Harry after he spared him in PoA, and I don't like that the film disregarded that. Other than that, I'm really looking forward to everything. I'll just have to close my eyes and cover my ears during those 2 parts!!Avatar ImageMichelleypie says: Correction, sorry - EdwardTLC didn't say those scenes weren't significant, but that they didn't alter the ending of the story. That's true; it doesn't. I just liked the whole idea of everything coming full circle with Pettigrew; just leaving it like that makes me feel kinda blah. Sorry, EdwardTLC - I love your review, it was thoughtful and detailed and, on top of it, you're answering everyone's questions. That's awesome of you!Avatar Imagejoeys_mommy says: So AMAZING! 86 Days is too long *Sobs*Avatar ImageGarrett says: ... this movie.. makes me wanna.. explode.. i cannot wait.Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: THANK YOU!!!!!! *SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! ECCCCKKKKKKK!!!* Over excited now, really happy, sounds amazing! :D :D Best film yet, by the looks of it! YES! Avatar ImageCharlieNevin says: Thank you so much for this! I have been reading and rereading book 7 to try and figure out where they will split the movies! Now I don't have to keep reading it! (but I probably will...well, it's a good book!)Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Wow wow wow freaking WOW! I got chills just reading it! This just might sound even better than the book, and I've never said that about a movie before. November 19th is going to be one heck of a great day. :)Avatar Imageapril_showers says: AMAZING review! Thank you so much!! Avatar Imagemystiqueminx says: @edwardTLC .. thank you so much for the answers!!! Avatar Imagel-u-n-a says: I can't wait to see the beging with hermione obliviating her parents memories. It sounds that it's going to be a great movie!!!Avatar Imagebella vita says: My big question is WHAT ABOUT TONKS BEING PREGNANT WITH TEDDY?! I'll lose it if they left out Teddy. Teddy is what really makes the deaths of Tonks and Lupin all the more heartbreaking and its a parallel for how Harry was orphaned too! From your review it sounds like the whole scene when Lupin shows up at Grimmauld Place wanting to go with the trio on the run isn't in the movie and I noticed other than Lupin telling Harry to "GO!" at the wedding there is no other mention of him or Tonks in your review. I really hope they keep the part of them naming Harry as Teddy's godfather. There's a couple things I'm still concerned about or don't like. I wish we got to see the final exchange between Harry and the Dursleys that was in the book. I hope that we really get to see the drastic change in Kreacher's entire personality and behavior and how truly fond he becomes of Harry. Also two of my favorite scenes in the entire book are Kreacher hitting Mundungus with the frying pan saying "Just one more for luck, Master Harry?" and Kreacher's hysterical battle cries as he leads the house elves into battle with the locket Harry gave him bouncing off his bony chest. I'm worried none of that will be in there. I also don't really get why Wormtail wasn't killed like he was in the book. Makes me nervous about where they're going with that. I do hope that they resolve his story in some way and don't just leave it hanging. All of that said it sounds so amazingly unbelievable! EPIC! BEST movie EVER! One change I absolutely love: Harry setting Hedwig free before he leaves the Dursleys and her showing back up during the chase in an attempt to help him because I can totally see Hedwig doing that! I cried when Hedwig died in the book (I'm an animal lover! I can't help it!), but the way they changed it for the movie just completely breaks my heart even more. Even just reading the part of this review about the way they changed that scene made me cry! I just think its so perfect even though I wish she hadn't died at all! I'm going to need tissues for this one that's for sure and I almost never cry! The whole beginning of the film sounds absolutely brilliant too especially the part about Hermione and her parents at their house! I would never have believed it were possible, but somehow I'm now even more excited to see this movie! Hurry up November!Avatar Imagepixey says: I was really worried about reading this. I have been utterly disgusted with Steven Kloves work, he has not remained true to the books nor the characters and the films have suffered. They are not even close to how outstanding they could have been. While I am pleased that some things from the books have happened I am also ticked off by what has been left out and changed. The Dursley's and Wormtails death and where is everyone at in the end scene with Voldemort and Harry! It is a shame they did not keep Michael Goldenberg who did a fantastic job. I cannot believe they have kept Kloves. Shame on Kloves for not even taking the fans into consideration anytime he has written since we are the ones paying his bills. Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Verrry interesting!Avatar Imagedobby101 says: hi edward,just wondering ,do they include the scene in which ron gives harry the book"twelve fail safe ways to charm witches"?if they do not do they make any reference to the book at all??i really loved that part in the book!!!

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