Rowling’s Original Handwritten Chamber of Secrets Manuscripts on Display at Book Festival


Sep 19, 2010

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J.K. Rowling’s original and signed manuscripts from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be on display at the Wigtown Book Festival from today, according to a report in The Scotsman. Framed handwritten pages from the second book, including edited-out Ballad of Nearly Headless Nick, will be on display at ReadingLasses bookshop in Wigtown, Scotland.

The manuscripts, donated by the Harry Potter author to the Scottish Language Dictionaries in 2005 to help fund a new Scottish language dictionary, now belong to book collector and publisher Ilyas Khan. The Wigtown Book Festival runs until the 2nd of October; you can find out more information about what’s on here at the Wigtown Book Festival website.

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Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: Wow! I would LOVE to see that!Avatar Imageleigia says: Ah, another sacred item that I would love to see/read in person. Dang, I'm jealous of the person who own it.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Now i really envy Ilyas Khan. What a lucky person. Sad i cant see thatAvatar Imageblessi says: I want to see..Avatar ImageSusmita singh says: I wish i could be there to see that.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Wow! I would LOVE to see that!Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: *WOOOOW!* That would be a-maz-ing to see! Avatar Imageeccentricalice says: Oh, I wish I could get there! Suckage =(Avatar Imageksddancer says: If only I lived in Scotland.... :(Avatar Imagelollifant says: I went to Scotland this summer, a pity I missed that... I would love to see those manuscripts! Awesome!Avatar Imagesnunkiebrian says: Oh i'll be in scotland when that's on.. wonder if the weather will be nice enough to take the bike down and have a look that would be Fab!Avatar Imagehp931 says: I'd, like, *kill* to see that. It's creepy I was reading CoS eariler today and found this out! If I lived in Scotland I'd drive to there right now and paintly wait to see the manusrcipts!Avatar Imagehp931 says: LUCKY !!!!!!! Darth Snunkiebrian you must show us all if you see! Vuiodeo tape the exprirence!Avatar ImageJK.jr. says: I wish i could go and see it! The chamber of secrets is my favorite book :)Avatar Imagediv says: :)Avatar ImageBless_the_children says: That's amazing- I wish I was in the UK right now :<Avatar ImageTheGleek77 says: I wanna see itAvatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: So good. Wish I could see it, but London to Scotland's a long way and I have school ... DAMN YOU SCHOOL!!! x)Avatar ImageCatherine says: i wish i could see that--but i live across this great big pound called the atlantic!Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: So cool!Avatar Imageginny_weasley1998 says: kewl!!!!!!!! she needs to travel to the states!! maybe Missouri in particular!! ;)Avatar Imageathena lupen says: i wish i could go see itAvatar ImageBewareoftheNargles says: wow, i'd love to see that. Avatar ImageSohumdore says: she already posted the ballad on her website and even a picture she drew of nearly headless nick too!!Avatar ImageBewareoftheNargles says: wow, I'd love to see that.Avatar ImageHogwartsHP says: I hope to see it too in photo !§!Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: That sounds awesome! I wish I could see it myself but I can't.........So sad...Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Love to see that!!!!!Avatar ImageSigourney1990 says: Wow! So so jealous! Obviously I love anything HP, but when it's original manuscripts and things like that...just wow :)Avatar Imagemuggle..andproudofit says: awesome!Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: Here's another book from Potterworld that JKR could put out without getting sucked too far back into it, besides the Encyclopedia: a small volume of song lyrics. I'd love to know all the words to "Odo the Hero," for instance. I hope that she is still cranking out backstory ballads here and there!Avatar Imageroonwit says: The BBC has a small slightly cropped picture of the 2 pages in their article at ImageHagrid 713 says: Love to see thisAvatar ImageNot Slytherin says: OMG. This is too cool! "If it's not Scottish, it's crap."Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: That is cool! Avatar ImageHiren58 says: awesome I wanna GOOO!!! I'm so jealous!!!!!:(!!!!!but lucky scots!Avatar Imagedaldula says: I wish I could go there and see it :(Avatar Image2tal says: I have school age kids and have heard some teachers say that cursive writing may be lost in a generation. I don't do it much because I worry that others won't be able to read it. Mostly I print or type on a computer ... Jo continues to inspire!Avatar Imagemystiqueminx says: how i wish i could see thatAvatar ImageSlyBones says: I wish I could see that! O_OAvatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: so epic to see those pagesAvatar ImageLonewolf_ says: I wish I coul see that :)Avatar Imageanghela_DA.14 says: jk really looks great in her picture.. Avatar ImageFilthyMudblood___ says: That would be amazing!Avatar Imageeas96 says: thats amazing :)

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