Total Film Magazine Release Fourth Online-Only Cover Featuring Tom Felton


Sep 28, 2010

Posted by John Admin

A fourth cover for the November issue of Total Film has been released through the magazine’s Twitter. The cover features Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) with blood on his face and will not be available in shops. You can have a closer look at the cover right here in our galleries!

Images have already been released of the three covers that will be sold in shops when the issue comes out on Thursday. You can find those covers, featuring Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) right here in our galleries.

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Avatar ImageGaba24 says: OMG! that's great but kind of creepy!Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: Why does he have blood on his face? The caption 'Potters bad boy gets nasty', really? The impression of Draco that i got while reading DH was that he'd completely given up on the things he thought were important, which is why he didn't identify Harry, Hermione and Ron, even though Voldy would have rewarded him greatly for it. Seeing the death and destruction of war made him realise this wasn't a world he wanted to live in, hardly nasty is it??? Anyway nice pic, but me confuzzled at what they're trying to say. :/Avatar ImageGaba24 says: That's true... but it gets your attention for sure! I don't think that's going to be in the movieAvatar Imagedevilskinn says: I don't like the blood on his face... or should I understand that his troubled? Anyway, I think best of all is the cover with Rupert :-) Emma looks furious on hers ;-))Avatar Imagewiltabone says: Hmm it's promo stuff I guessAvatar ImageAlec wick says: wow this pic is really awesome but where in the last book was he ever nasty?Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Wow thats scaryAvatar ImageSindi says: oooo... like it :) Avatar ImageEastTwilight says: lol random blood okayyyyyyAvatar Imagechanngalambeatrice says: Bah! So scary.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: OMG! that’s great but kind of creepy!Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: OMG! that’s great but kind of creepy!Avatar ImageBless_the_children says: Oh wow, I guess this is after his face was cut at Malfoy Manor by the falling chandelier - very angsty. Avatar ImagePygmyPuffPia says: urgh that looks horribleAvatar ImageLittleBayPony says: i gotta say the hair dosn't work for him, and i agree with everyone else, he rethinks his nastyness not becomes more nasty U.U did the writers not read the book?Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: I think they are trying to make him look like a vampire.Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Total Film have done a feature on 30 most influential film characters. Harry's at 24, hurray: ImageSusmita singh says: OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is looking amazing. Yes, why is he covered in blood?Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: ehhuugg. :/ must be from the busted chandelier from malfoy manor? cant think of another place draco got a bloody face? or i guess the battle...? but his suits still all nice looking...odd...Avatar ImageTraceymmm says: Whats with the blood and the "gets nasty"? firstly he was already nasty and secondly i thought book 7 Draco was starting to see the light! Most of his bit i just wanted to give him a hug and say"dont worry, voldy will be gone soon" I hope they dont change that coz ive been befending him saying hes misunderstood and that hes bound to be abit angsty as voldemorts kipping on his top bunk! Oh i hope they dont change it!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Very creepy! But why won't it be released in stores?Avatar ImageAkilahSakai says: I see his cover is very, very different from Daniel, Rupert and Emma's - he doesn't have the large Harry Potter 7 between his legs or a colored theme either. Good question above. Why won't it be released in the shops???Avatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: Not nasty. Broken would be a better adjective.Avatar Imagekbicprez says: LOVELY PICTURE! LOL.Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: Whoa! Nice pic but what's with the random slatters of blood??Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: Whoa! Nice pic but what's with the random splatters of blood??Avatar Imagesuzyking says: I don't like the blood, that could be a great picture of him without it.Avatar Imagejjh1234 says: I like the hair. It works on himAvatar ImageLost Northern says: i don't understand why on the cover page with hermione it wright hermione faces her darkest demons ???? why well someone plz tell me what that mean ???Avatar Imageslayerbaby76 says: Anyone else ever think about this? Did Malfoy have a secret crush on Hermione?? In GOF, he tries to protect her in the woods after the Quidditch World Cup...or he warns Harry and Ron about them looking for Muggles anyways and tells her to "keep that big, bushy head down, Granger!". I know he's pretty much nasty to her every other moment in the books..just a thought.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: I think it's pretty obvious that the headline-writers didn't know the story. If anyone of the trio is 'facing their darkest demons' in DH, it's Ron with the locket, not Hermione. And anyone who has read the series knows that Draco's nastiness peaked much earlier - before he came to understand what it really means to be on Voldy's payroll.Avatar ImageFresca says: I think that "Draco" looks haunted in this photograph. The writer for the magazine probably did not read the last book, or he wouldn't have said "he gets nasty". In the Deathly Hallows I got the impression that Draco had lost control over his two toadies. He was still trying to redeem his father in Voldy's eyes, but he did not have the heart of a murderer. The blood on his face could be from the battle scene, where glass was flying, and no one was completely unscathed. It is a powerful painting. Draco's eyes tell the story here. Avatar ImageRhiannon7 says: Ummmm. Welll..... It is interesting. Frankly it doesn't even look like Tom and the blood. Creepy.Avatar Image2tal says: Just a bit more marketing hype that doesn't exist in the books?Avatar ImageLonewolf_ says: Well, he looks nice anyway ;dAvatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: It's just promo stuff, so I doubt that this is in EXACT relation to him in DH Part 1. Still a cool cover though.Avatar ImageSiriusGirl19 says: .....he looks awful. And agree with everyone else that he was never particularly "nasty" in DH....Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: I have to agree with WeenyOwl, Ron is the one who faces his worst demons. As for Tom's cover, it would look a lot better without the blood which btw looks like it's photoshoped.Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Whoa he looks so creepy. I like it! *Potter's bad boy gets tough." So awesome!Avatar ImageSlyBones says: He looks like a vamp. LOLAvatar Imageksddancer says: Very interesting. I'm not sure if I like it but to each their own.Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: im not really liking this oneAvatar Imagemaimiaa says: BAMFs. i think it looks cool.Avatar ImageIssa says: Why come out with an issue all on tom felton and not make it a part of the "Collector's Set"? Magzine people confuse meAvatar ImageJessSnape says: KILLER cover!! Way to go Tom!! I <3 Tom... And even Draco to an extent. He really needs the right kind of family love, if he had maybe he wouldn't have turned out to be such a creep:)Avatar ImageRowling Stones says: wow that doesn't look like tom Avatar Imagehedwigrulz says: UMMM!?Avatar Imagecauldronbum says: :O hee looks hurt! :'(Avatar Imagemystiqueminx says: bloody hell !!

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