Haiti Auction Ending Tomorrow – and more


Jan 20, 2010

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Tomorrow (or, rather, in 10 hours) the auction at the help_Haiti LiveJournal community will end. Artists and activists from all over fandom have contributed items, the proceeds from which will benefit aid to the earthquake survivors of Haiti. This auction includes many items from Leaky staffers including:
Several excellent items from our Crafty Witches including:

  • A custom made 3’x3′ afghan by Amber (hp5freak)
  • A hand-crocheted Molly Weasley sweater by Mary (aka Dragonsinger), as seen in the kitchen scene from the second HP film. She will make to requested size and body color.
  • Jenn (aka ofenjen) of Sewhooked.org will custom design a 5″x5″ paper-piece pattern for the winning bidder here.Also:
  • One signed copy of Harry, A History.


Hurry over to participate!

As a reminder all Jingle Spells orders this week, including track listings, are earmarked for Haiti relief; or you can simply donate! We have raised several hundred dollars so far.

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