Singing Our Song at Hogwarts: Potter Puppet Pals to Perform at LeakyCon


Oct 07, 2010

Posted by Melissa Anelli

We are thrilled to officially announce that The Potter Puppet Pals, the most successful Harry Potter related YouTube act of all time, will be joining us at LeakyCon 2011, Leaky’s charity conference that will take place in Orlando, Florida, the weekend of the release of the final film in the Harry Potter franchise. This will be the Potter Puppet Pals’ first live conference performance ever.

Neil Cicierega and his crew are behind a viral Potter puppet act that has garnered a staggering 172 million views to date. Through comedy and puppetry Cicierega and his friends have created a loyal fanbase as active and avid as that of the Harry Potter series itself. The video Mysterious Ticking Noise” is one of the most viewed YouTube videos of all time, considered nearly required viewing for a Potter fan; it was the winner of the best comedy video in the 2007 YouTube Awards and has been mentioned by Daniel Radcliffe as something the Potter actors joked they would like to recreate themselves.

Precise details on the ways in which the Pals will be presented at the conference will be released at a future date!

LeakyCon is set for July 13-17 at the Royal Pacific Hotel in Orlando, FL. Basic registration rates will go up for the first time on October 10, 2010 – so don’t wait! Visit for more! We can’t wait to have you there!

54 Responses to Singing Our Song at Hogwarts: Potter Puppet Pals to Perform at LeakyCon

Avatar Imagemoe miron says: Now I REALLY, REALLY want to go!Avatar ImageLost Northern says: voldemort voldemort ooh voldy voldy voldemort XDAvatar ImageKeaHellstorm says: O_OAvatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Squee!! I'm so glad I'm going to see this!Avatar Imagecherylann says: My excitement just DOUBLED! Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: hahaha this is worth the ticket cost alone HPPP is so awesomeAvatar Imageeg10 says: i LOVE that video ive watched it so many times!Avatar Imagevoldemort07 says: wow, HP make me glad that I live in OrlandoAvatar Imagenellythemarrow says: Now Daniel Radcliff and co. recreating The Mysterious Ticking Noise would be an extra on the Deathly Hallows Part Two DVD I would like to see! Alas they probably wont.Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: Nooooooooo! I can't believe it! It's so awesome and i don't want to miss it! *cries in the corner*Avatar ImageBless_the_children says: Snape, Snape, Severuus Snape..... DUMBLEDORE!Avatar ImageCatdelaCreme says: haha! This is going to be awesome. Leaky Con is going to be epic!Avatar ImageAsria says: Oh, how I wish I could be there! :*(Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: THAT IS AWESOME!!Avatar Imagebutterbeer bottle says: Argh! I really wanna go to LeakyCon! Shame I live on the other side of the world and will have no chance of convincing my parents to let me go. Oh well, I hope everyone going has fun! Anyway....Voldemort, Voldemort, ooooooh Voldy-Voldemort!Avatar ImageGryffindor Lioness101 says: AMAAZING! I wanted to go before, but now I really want to go! HPPP is amazing. Avatar Imagepigwey says: oh my gosh..all the epicness is gonna be at leakycon!!wish i could be there:( i guess i'll be stuck watching the youtube vids..Avatar ImageExpectoPatronum512 says: :D awesome!!Avatar ImageSindi says: AHH! I love potter puppet pals, and that song/video is my favorite! I wish I could be there!!!!!!!!! :( Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: Now THAT is a serious incentive to attend! I wish Leaky would cover every new PPP release. How many people here haven't even seen their latest, "Draco Puppet"? It's hilariously cruel. I love how the Harry puppet is always the most stuck-up and obnoxious of them all. Now, sing along with Harry, everybody! Draco likes hamsters Draco likes honey Draco likes toothpaste Draco likes money Draco likes facepaint Draco likes pliers Draco likes bowling Draco likes cartwheels Draco likes fire Avatar Imagechanngalambeatrice says: I want to go too. :(Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Now I REALLY would like to go! Avatar ImageKate725 says: Is it 2011 yet? LeakyCon is going to be so much fun!!!Avatar Imagepinkbatgirl says: This is going to be almost worth the air fare from the UK on it's own!!! Can't wait!!Avatar ImageJooooooolz says: :( I so wish I was going to see this, I love Potter Puppet Pals (then again who doesn't?)Avatar Imagebardot11 says: i got my 2, 4, and 5 year old cousins to sing this it is sooo cute Avatar ImageMistic Willow says: I think this is so Cool!!! it just made me want to be there even more!!!!!Avatar ImageSusmita singh says: I am dying to go there.Avatar ImageBrightsong says: "This will be the Potter Puppet Pals' first live conference performance ever." I'm sure that means something I'm missing, because I went to Terminus in 2008, and saw them live there. And, although watching them in person was sort of fun, IMHO Neil is way full of himself.Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: Really? I was at Terminus and have no recollection of them being there - I searched the net and youtube and can't find mention or record of it. Where did they perform? Was it actually at the conference or was it at an associated event that just ahppened to be going at the same time?Avatar ImageBewareoftheNargles says: WOOOOOOAAAAHHHHHHH I wish I could be at chance, but I'm sure it'll be great fun for anything.Avatar ImageGryffindor_Girl_xx says: POTTER PUPPET PALS ROCK!!! :D Now I wanna go! But I can't :( AH WELL! x)Avatar Imageslayerbaby76 says: This just make my happy...hehheeeAvatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: I wish I could go! I love the potter pals!!!!! "What's new fatty?"Avatar ImageSlyBones says: Nice.Avatar ImageDumbledoresGirlthroughandthrough says: I thought Niel said they were doing it at Youma? Perhaps not, I don't remember the details on the post, just that he and other LD's would be there, so that was probably it. Oh well. So sad I probably can't get there. :[ Avatar Imageroyalvillain says: That's so cool! I'd so love to go to LeakyCon, but yeah it's kinda hard when you live in another country lol. I really wish that they would have some HPcons here in Finland too T____TAvatar Imagejessyginny says: Yaaaaaaay, go PPP and Neil!!!:DAvatar ImageWeasleyIsMyKing3 says: Sad that I probably cant go... Cool though!Avatar Imagelunatic_gry says: Hahaha this video is so fun (Snape, Snape, Severus Snape… Dumbledore!)Avatar Imagelumoslove says: Sooo great! I love Wizard Angst! Can't wait to see them there!Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: HARRY POTTER!!! HARRY POTTER!!! I'm crying right now because I'm laughing.Avatar ImageDeona says: "Snape, Snape, Severus Snape--""DUMBLEDORE!" :PAvatar Imagejhangelgurl says: So lucky for all those who go! I LOVEEE the PPP!Avatar ImageMJBDE15 says: 0.0 what more can i say...Avatar ImageEvilEmeric says: They are awesome! I love all their songs!!!Avatar ImageEvilEmeric says: They are awesome! I love all their songs!!!Avatar ImageLoveAshlee says: oh man! i can't go. :'(Avatar Imagepottergeek52 says: ohhhhh man......leakyCon and i STILL need to go to the theme's gonna turn out to be an extremely expensive summer of 2011. especially since i'm coming from CA.Avatar Imagecloethebelatrixlover says: All of you that are able to go, I envy you very much.Avatar ImagePhoenix Fire101 says: XD I love Neil Cicierega. All his videos are hilarious, not just the Potter Puppet Pals.Avatar Imagelalalaurie says: i'm dying to go!! >.<Avatar Imageolliered says: OMG i love the potter puppet pals. really wanna go!Avatar ImageHarryPotter-Jk.Rowling says: ohhhh..... Potter Puppet Pals! How everyone loves them. Its exciting to think they are going to perform.. I wish I could go.. but it's very far away from where I live.

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