Happy Birthday, Chris Rankin


Nov 08, 2010

Posted by John Admin

Please join us at TLC in wishing actor Chris Rankin a very happy birthday! Rankin, who plays Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter films, is celebrating his 27th birthday today. Many happy returns, Chris!

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Avatar Imageacciohorcrux.hbp says: Happy Birthday Chris...!! u really played well the part of Perce in films...and yaa I'M DYING TO SEE THE SCENE WHEN PERCY COMES BACK TO JOIN THE BATTLE OF HOGWARTS...CONFESSING that HE'S INDEED AN UGLY GIT!! :P Hope u enjoy ur day! :)Avatar Imagebudgie says: Happy Birthday!Avatar Imagehonigmuffin says: Happy Birthday, Chris! :)Avatar ImagePetra says: Happy Birthday!! :DAvatar ImagePolka Square says: HermioneDreams wraps it all up for me! happy birthday CHrisAvatar ImageHermione1097 says: i also cant wait but i cant wait to see the movie period lol i am so excitedAvatar ImageRishi says: Happy Bday mate cant wait to see u in the movie Avatar ImagePollytomat says: Happy Birthday! Wish you many great roles in future!:)Avatar ImageMistic Willow says: Happy Birthday Chris Rankin!! you make a TERRIFIC Percy Weasley!!!Avatar Imagemew5645 says: happy b day Avatar Imagemew5645 says: happy b day Avatar ImageCDR says: happy birthdayAvatar Imagemaddiek42 says: Happy Birthday Chris!!Avatar ImageSindi says: A very Magical Birthday to you, Chris!! :D Avatar ImageHasrionaOrganisation says: i liked the way he played the official looking Percy Weasley in the films. Happy birthday.Avatar ImageHogwartsHP says: Happy Birthday Chris !§! I can't wait to meet you in December !§!Avatar ImageBeazle says: Very nice guy. He came to my daughter's school and gave an acting workshop. He was helpful, courteous and extremely encouraging.Avatar Imagehousemusicbori says: Hey Chris! Happy birthday! ( :Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: Happy Birthday Chris! May all your wishes come true!Avatar Imageallprostar31 says: I have been listening to some old pottercast episodes and Chris used to be a regular guest. What ever happened to that. He should make some more guest appearances. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Chris!Avatar Imagekatherine102678 says: Happy Birthday Chris.Avatar ImageLeander21 says: happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageMaiBrunholm says: Happy Birthday Chris! I think he plays the part of Percy very well.Avatar Imagejacket says: Happy Birthday! Avatar ImageKiwiBrian says: Happy Birthday, Chris RankinAvatar Imageazaadpotter says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISAvatar ImageDobbyWinkyKreacher says: Happy Birthday! you played Percy the prat really well :-) can't wait to see him in DH part two, when he finally returned to his senses. Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Happy Birthday!Avatar Imagemolly43 says: Happy Belated Birthday Chris. Hope it was a great one. can't wait to see you come back to fight. Hope to see the part where you tell one of the Deatheaters you quit. Hope to see you do well in your future. Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: Playing the part of Big Head Boy must be a thankless task, but Chris Rankin carried it off with professional aplomb. Many happy returns!Avatar Imagejasmineflower27 says: Happy birthday, Chris!

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