PotterCast 229: Deathly Hallows Part 1 Review


Nov 22, 2010

Posted by John Admin

+A brand new episode of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast is now available;
Melissa, John and Frankie had a chance to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1″ and they sat down together to talk about what they loved and what they loved to nit pick about here on episode 229! This episode was edited by Andrew Garner, Thanks Andrew!

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Avatar ImageGinnyPotter88 says: Yay!! i've been waiting for this!!Avatar Imagemoondragon15 says: Finally!!! :)Avatar Imageskafkas says: When I downloaded the podcast it said it was a review of Part 2. I can't decide whether I am disappointed or relieved that it's part 1.Avatar ImageKingkwek says: This is a nice show. I've been waiting for this for soo long!!! You can watch here for free at: www.watch-film.blogspot.comAvatar ImageHufflepuffSam says: Last plug here for our Sabretooth Movie review but would love to hear all of your thoughts in the comments. http://sabretoothmovies.blogspot.com/2010/11/potter-wont-win-oscar-and-it-doesnt.htmlAvatar Imagesirius17 says: I've been dying to hear your thoughts! wow I sound like a loser lolAvatar Imagehermy007 says: me too, me too. extremely eager. :DAvatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: Me too!Avatar ImageTheThirdBrother says: Hey guys! Thought you might want to know that on iTunes it says that it is the review of Part 2, not 1. Thanks! I LOVE POTTERCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageLiderc says: Podcast was a bit all over the place, maybe set up what you'll speak about in order next time, and give the sleepy guy some coffee. As for the question you guys had about the sword, the snatcher actually says " We found it in her bag when we searched them". So they obviously went through Hermione's bag.Avatar Imagesarahkaz says: listening to this makes me ACHE to see the movie again! thank god i'm seeing it again in a few days. and i think that, although they couldve built the elder wand up more, by ending the entire movie with that massive explosion/spell coming from the wand REALLY left me on edge, even though i obviously know what will happen, and i think that those last few seconds kind of show the grand significance of the wand. i mean, the entire epicness of the movie concluded with that so i think people will understand its importance.Avatar Imagedoughboy6390 says: What I love and I'm surprised y'all did not mention it is when they panned our for about 7 seconds while Hermione is laying on the growing after being tortured to show the finest little hair landing on her coat from Bellatrix. I gave seen it twice and I dis not notice it until the second time.Avatar ImageRosalie says: I'd just like to chime in that I used to love Leaky until I also felt you started bashing the actors sometimes. The Bonnie hate in particular is a turn off. She was 16 when she made HBP. It was the first time they actually gave her a decent role *and* it was being Harry's LI. Don't you think that'd be a little hard to live up to? It doesn't help that Kloves completely rewrote her character and the relationship with Harry. Lay off her a little, would you? I thought she improved a lot in DH. What was so bad about her in DH? I thought she did pretty good. I had issues with the angle of the kiss, but that's not her problem, that's the filmmakers for choosing an odd way to film it. I think I'm officially done with Leaky. :(Avatar ImageKgose says: Agreed Rosalie. You guys seem to expect canon Ginny and canon Harry and Ginny relationship. They way they set up the Harry and Ginny relationship in HBP film that's not going to happen. Bonnie and Dan can do only so much with what they get for their scenes together. Dude, Bonnie doesn't write the scripts so the awkwardness with her zipped up dress and the angle of the kiss shot is not her fault. If less you're suggesting Bonnie is a script writer and director of the films now. O_o Avatar Imagesirius17 says: Leaky is expressing their opinion on the movie, are they not allowed to do that? If it bothers you so much no ones forcing you to listen. The Bonnie kissing scenes are awkward, all other scenes with her I don't have a problem with. And so what if she's 16? I'm sure everyone has kissed someone by then. Blame does lie partly with the direction but Leaky is expressing there opinion. I'm happy they are nit picking the film compared to just saying the loved it and everything was perfect. Also when do they bash the actors? Leaky gives more respect to the cast than any news media out there.Avatar ImageLiderc says: The nit picking is good, it's important to critique these films and not just blatantly love them, I commend leaky on bringing up the awkwardness of Ginny/harry's kiss and her zip scene, they were definitely awkward.Avatar Imagesirius17 says: Thank you Liderc, I understand the fans are passionate but Pottercast can't please everyone with their opinion. If they say they love the film people get on them about how they just say it was perfect and don't bring up issues with the film, then when they do nit pick people say they are being mean. It's criticism, they aren't saying Bonnie is a bad actress they just say the scenes could have been better.Avatar ImageRosalie says: But... what was awkward about it? I agree the angle was awkward, I went "wtf" when I saw it, but that's not an issue with the actors. That's an issue with the filmmaking. I've been a long listener of Pottercast and I've heard nothing but Bonnie bashing since HBP came out. I've never e-mailed them or left a comment about it, but they even said they've had others expressing annoyance at it, so it's clearly not just me. It's a turn off for someone who likes her. Especially since I didn't think she was bad at all in DH. I thought she'd improved a lot. Her lines weren't bad. I agree some were a little off in HBP, but I didn't notice anything wrong with her lines in DH. My only issue was with the angle of the kiss. It was the back of her head and it was bizarre. Trust me, I'd feel the same way if I heard them saying this about the other actors I like.Avatar Imagesirius17 says: They are just supposed to have a natural connection and she makes it seem forced. A lot of blame does go with the film makers but like they said the Cho kiss was fine and was honestly better than either Ginny kiss. She plays the part like she's scared of herself. Anyone can blame the film maker but you have to have personal input into the character and with the kiss scenes I don't see it. All other Ginny scenes she is perfectly fine and she's great, but the kisses just don't seem real and meaningfull.Avatar ImageRosalie says: I don't see her scared of herself at all. I thought she seemed very mature and very confident in the kissing scene. "Zip me up, will you?" held no sign of nervousness at all with the way she said it. The line she said about the wedding also seemed fine. I saw none of this nervousness that you said you saw. She's the one who turns and starts the kiss as well and I loved the way she looked at first his eyes, then his lips. I had issues with their HBP kiss, but I really liked this one (despite the pathetic angle). It's not going to be the canon relationship, as the canon relationship has been butchered. I would love nothing more than the canon relationship, but meh.Avatar ImageKgose says: Yeah but you can barely see the kiss in DH due to the angle which made it awkward and that's not Bonnie's fault. She didn't direct the scene. Avatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: Why do people constantly refer to awkwardness as a bad thing? That's 50% of what teenage romance is. Harry felt very awkward in the book whenever near Ginny as well. Sitting next to her as the Weasley's table trying not to brush her elbow, being in her room for the first time.Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: super duper! i have been waiting for this PC for like my whole life! :D and hey, PotterCast, personally, i think that you had a good balance of loving/not loving the movie. i mean, who can honestly say "i hated the entire movie." or "i loved the entire movie." being a huge fan of harry potter, (as i assume we all are since we are currently on a website called 'the leaky cauldron') and seeing the books translated to film is always going to make people upset. the directors, writers, actors (and everyone else involved) can not possibly please everyone. how could they? we all have our own perceptions of how the book should look as a film. so hey, PC, good job having a balance of nit picks/loving the movie. Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Awesome! Its good to nit pick!Avatar Imagehermy007 says: i agree, it always makes things mopre interesting with the nit picky things, and i do remember it being kind of awkward with the whole zipping thing and the kiss between harry and ginny. im not sure who's to blame for that, but is it possible that yates intended to make it that awkward? idk. pottercast is amazing, and no offense to mugglecast but i've always been more attached to the pottercasters, they're ridiclously amazing. :D Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: Oh guys chill! We specifically said we didn't think it was her fault. I think Bonnie is beautiful, and a charming little actress who's going to grow into an even better one over time. (And re: awkwardness, we mean awkwardness i the way it was portrayed, not convincingly acted teenage awkwardness. That's different. Also, the high point above ALL of this, is that in the book, they are not awkward. Their first kiss happens in front of all of Gryffindor, including Ron. They are relaxed and comfortable with each other, AND passionate. Not so in the film. That's the main point of contention.) And our love for this film is unabashed and greater than it has EVER been, but we would not be doing any fans a service if we glossed over the things that we as fans find importantly distressing. We made sure to say, and loudly, that all of our nitpicks added up are TRIVIAL. We love, love, love this film. It's the first time that a few weeks after seeing it for the first time I still have the same love for it I did. This film is magnificent.Avatar Imagehermy007 says: i agree, i dont think u guys were attacking bonnie, its's just turned out that way. :) i remember even saying outloud "awkward" in the theater when i saw it for the first time at the midnight premeire. but thankfully, like u guys said, harry/ginny's relationship isnt of vital importance to the rest of the story. while ron/hemione's relationship is a different story. :DAvatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: 'ear, 'ear, Melissa. You couldn't even see the kiss...awkward. Though I must say I didn't really have a huge problem with the dress zip-up, since it made Ginny a little sexy, which I think is very in line with the books. At least George and Harry looking at each other afterward was funny.Avatar Imagelunawannabe says: Pretty good discussion, sometimes it went all over the place, but you guys are awesome for knowing tiny details from the books; so often I'm screaming at my ipod because some supposed "experts" (not you guys!) don't know important bits. Something that no one has mentioned but was one of my least favorite things was that in Malfoy Manor when Hermione is being tortured, Ron doesn't really look like he cares at all! "Like hell" was really good and sort of redeemed that for me, but in the book he goes completely berserk, and that scene is so beautiful to me, because it seems like it's the first moment where Ron really realizes he really needs her. Also, did you talk about how Wormtail didn't die? I don't remember if you guys did, and I listened to it back to back with Mugglecast's movie reactions. And you guys didn't talk about Lucius! I thought his performance was one of the best in the entire movie, maybe even all the movies, and I loved how beat up he looked; remember, he's just out of Azkaban. I thought he was spot on, and it was the first time I've ever really cared about movie Lucius. Oh, and what little we saw of Snape was really good. You could see him looking at Charity Burbage and thinking, "Okay, can't save her, can't show emotion, can't save her..." He was excellent.Avatar Imageapril_showers says: I completely agree about the Harry/Hermione/Ron relationship. I hate that they are trying to form a love triangle between them that was never there. Mostly because it changes Harry's character and makes Harry pretty sleazy. Like he was just waiting for Ron to be out of the way to make his move on Hermione (even though he's still with Ginny). They needed to have him reassure Ron more in the film than in the book, and it wasn't there. It doesn't seem like he even misses Ron in the movie. That bothered me more than anything. I also wonder how are they going to explain how Snape knew where they were to give them the sword. Do you think they'll just let it go? I did love the movie overall. It's the first time I've felt like I was seeing the real characters on screen. Avatar Imageapril_showers says: Oh and, John, "What changed from the when they said cut on six to this movie that made them realize there's more to this character?" (I'm paraphrasing.) JK Rowling being a producer perhaps? :) Would love to know more about her involvement with this film. I just want to be a fly on the wall for every conversation she has. I agree with Melissa on the Trio: Rupert was the best, Emma most improved. Avatar Imageapril_showers says: Oh and, John, "What changed from the when they said cut on six to this movie that made them realize there's more to this character?" (I'm paraphrasing.) JK Rowling being a producer perhaps? :) Would love to know more about her involvement with this film. I just want to be a fly on the wall for every conversation she has. I agree with Melissa on the Trio: Rupert was the best, Emma most improved. Avatar ImageVampiresSuck says: THANK GOD i missed pottercast what would i do without you guysAvatar Imagepotterknowitall8 says: A great movie but im curious as to how they ended it. The post dobby death scene is highly dramatic, Harry knows Voldemort is close to finding the true resting place of the Elder wand, he has to choose Griphook or Olivander, he passes up the opportunity and makes a concise decision to go for the horcrux's not power. But in the movie they show Voldemort getting the wand before harry questions them. I also think it would have been a better tribute to Dobby for the movie to end with his burial... here lies dobby a free elf... In sort its a minor complaint that will probably be rectified in the next movie. The only other complaint I have is the downplay of wandlore, we see in the beginning harrys wand act of its own accord and then when harry has the visions he realizes voldemort is looking for a wand to defeat him. The potterknowitall's dont need that explained but everyone else does, and I would like to have seen it a bit clearer in the movie Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: goodAvatar ImageTheGreenSphinx says: Something else that I was disappointed with was in the basement of Malfoy Manor, Ron was supposed to be going INSANE when he heard Hermione being tortured. Movie was just way to calm.Avatar Imagehermy007 says: i think someone said that before, but i kind of agree with you. idk, i think ill have to see the movie again and really pay attention to what's going on there. from what i rememember though, he didnt seem as freaked out as in the book...Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: I really liked the movie. However, I think us, Potter fans, will never be completely satisfied with how the Directors and Scriptwriters turn the book into movie. Many details were left out, whatsoever. Someone already mentioned it but I also noticed the part when a hair of Bellatrix lands on Hermione's arm or shoulder... She'll use that later for the Gringotts part where she transforms herself into Bellatrix. I also would've liked more explanation concerning how Harry's wand reacted when Voldemort attaked him (although he was not using his own wand), we only got to see Ollivander's explanation. Avatar Imageginlu says: If the scenes between Harry and Ginny (Dan and Bonnie) are awkward, it's not their fault. I really like Bonnie and I think that not only is she beautiful but that she has great potential as an actress. With that being said it is hard for her to have great lines if she's not given any. I mean she barely has enough screen time and if you haven't read the books, you end up thinking that Harry and Hermione might end up together.I blame Kloves for this, he has really messed up not only the characterization of Ginny but the Harry/Ginny relationship as well. It seems they just stick Ginny in the movies as an afterthought. They have done this with Ron as well. It isn't until DH that Ron's character has finally got the recognition he deserves. I happen to think that Rupert is way better at acting than Emma is, and before anyone gets mad I'm not saying that Emma is terrible or that I don't like her. It just seems to me that they have made Harry and Hermione the stars of the movies. I did love the movie but there were parts that I wish they could've done better, like the locket scene. Harry doesn't even hug Ron and instead asks 'why did you come back' it's almost like he didn't want him there. Also the whole evil locket Harry/Hermione are naked!!!! I mean what the heck. I know they needed a strong reaction out of Ron but that scene was really uncomfortable and it looked like Hermione was trying to swallow Harry's face. Then there was the Harry/Hermione dance. I get he has trying to cheer her up but it felt like at any minute he was going to start making out with her. That scene made me cringe and it was so random and out of place in the film. Instead of that scene they could've had them talking to eachother. Also without that scene they could've had more Harry and Ginny moments. I saw the movie with my mom and she hasn't read the books. She thought Harry was into Hermione. She also said that it didn't even look like Harry was into Ginny at all while he was zipping up her dress. Come on this isn't Twilight, Hermione isn't Bella and it shouldn't seem like Ron and Harry are fighting over her like Jacob and Edward. If anyone has a problem with my comment then don't read it! These are my opinions! Avatar ImageFresca says: I too think the producers could have chosen a better way to show us that Bonnie and Harry care for each otrher. The one time it came through well was in the last movie, where Ginny raced the flames to be with Harry and fight alongside him.Avatar ImageBeazle says: I agree 100% with the Podcast people who said that the Harry/Ginny kissing scenes have had all the passion of C Span documentary on Senate voting procedures. There seems to be absolutely no "zing" between them whatsoever and I don't care whose fault it is but surely it must have been noticed by someone in production who watched the daily rushes. And it has now happened in two films ! For Goodness sake- Jo- a good earthy woman if ever there was one, has described the respective passions of the pair in the books adequately enough for someone in the crew to have said- "Hang on- they would be all over each other !" But this !Avatar ImageErin Lovegood says: I really enjoyed your critique of DH1. I disagreed with some of your thoughts however, particularly Neville's scene. I didn't find it some random way of presenting the danger to Harry but the foreshadowing of the incidents of Hogwarts and the development of Neville as the leader of the DA. As far as the Harry and Ginny relationship, well I have mixed feelings. The first screen kiss was just plain awkward. period. This movie's HG moment felt more natural. It was as if they were that comfortable with each other Ginny could ask Harry to zip her up, almost like they were already married. Avatar Imageanne1 says: I've been on tenterhooks all week reading everyone's reviews. Tomorrow is the first day I can make to see the film and I can't wait! I'm going with my sister who is a HP film fan only, having given up on book 4. She has never had any difficulty understanding the films and as an editor herself she is very aware of structure and that a film has to stand on its own, independent of the book. I'm a little nervous of the fact that some things seem to be unexplained and the filmmakers have assumed that everyone is a book reader. I'm hoping she'll like and be able to follow this one, especially as she's my HP cinema partner! I can't wait to see the three brothers animation. That's how I visualized them telling this story. I wonder if WB will do a series of Tales of Beedle the Bard as similar animations... maybe as extras on a supermegaultimate box set of HP in the future...?Avatar ImageDual45 says: I don't see it mentioned anywhere that Wormtail did NOT choke himself in the castle scene in the movie. This was a disappointment since this action had a big buildup throughout all the books and the fact that he hesitated when Harry appealed to him was a crucial detail which helped them flee.Avatar Imageglow_freak says: I actually thought that the "akwardness" of the kiss was perfect for Harry and Ginny. As others have said, their relationship wasn't set up in the movies like it was in the books and so it's pretty hard to say "be natural with each other." I think the akwardness was linked to the stress and feeling of unknowing that they both were feeling because of the darkness and danger that is going on around them. The kiss was a release from this and a confirmation of love surpassing all, but it's also dangerous. Does Harry not have a huge internal battle surrounding Ginny? Is he not scared to admit he loves her because he doesn't want her to get hurt? To me the akwardness of the scene reflected this internal struggle for both.Avatar ImageiLoveDolores says: yes!! was waiting for this, love hearing leaky's first review :) just hope we dont have to wait til part 2 for the next pottercast :P thanks guys!!Avatar Imagedumbledoresman844578723 says: I also love the part where they show Bellatrix's hair flying on to Hermione, because that would be essential to Part 2....but something that made me sad they didn't include was the fight between Harry and Lupin, and the letter from Lily to Sirius Harry finds in Sirius's room! I mean, I know they do have to keep the films under 3 hours, but I really enjoyed those parts in the book and including one of those might have added another wonderful emotional element to the movie..not that it didnt have enough :), I cried quite a few times. I thought the movie was AMAZING and deffinetly the best yet. I also agree that they make Ginny too shy when in the books she comes across as a very social, vivacious, likable girl. Not that she is a bad actress at all. Avatar Imagedumbledoresman844578723 says: I also love the part where they show Bellatrix's hair flying on to Hermione, because that would be essential to Part 2....but something that made me sad they didn't include was the fight between Harry and Lupin, and the letter from Lily to Sirius Harry finds in Sirius's room! I mean, I know they do have to keep the films under 3 hours, but I really enjoyed those parts in the book and including one of those might have added another wonderful emotional element to the movie..not that it didnt have enough :), I cried quite a few times. I thought the movie was AMAZING and deffinetly the best yet. I also agree that they make Ginny too shy when in the books she comes across as a very social, vivacious, likable girl. Not that she is a bad actress at all. Avatar Imagedumbledoresman844578723 says: I also love the part where they show Bellatrix's hair flying on to Hermione, because that would be essential to Part 2....but something that made me sad they didn't include was the fight between Harry and Lupin, and the letter from Lily to Sirius Harry finds in Sirius's room! I mean, I know they do have to keep the films under 3 hours, but I really enjoyed those parts in the book and including one of those might have added another wonderful emotional element to the movie..not that it didnt have enough :), I cried quite a few times. I thought the movie was AMAZING and deffinetly the best yet. I also agree that they make Ginny too shy when in the books she comes across as a very social, vivacious, likable girl. Not that she is a bad actress at all. Avatar Imageroonwit says: I didn't have a problem with the Harry/Ginny relationship in this film, because in the film the relationship is much less developed. All we have had in the film is the kiss in the room of requirements and Hermione showing she knows they are a couple. We haven't had the three happy weeks in the grounds of Hogwarts nor the "we can't be together" break-up. In the films I think they have had much less time together, and are still working out the relationship.Avatar Imageroonwit says: With regard to bags, the most important thing they have lost would be the burnt out locket. When Voldemort finds that (and he will undoubtedly examine and search everything the trio left behind) he will know that the trio are hunting and have destroyed a horcrux, and hence take action to protect his remaining horcruxes. They will have also lost Harry's invisibility cloak (if Harry hasn't done so already - I think we last saw it in the PoA film).Avatar ImageAveryfan says: LOL at characterizing this as a "warm reboot" re: the mirror, Bill and Fleur, etc. Was surprised that Madame Maxime was shown at the wedding but Krum wasn't (unless I missed him). I also thought that while Luna provided some of the more poignant scenes/lines in the book, I was almost annoyed with DH1-Luna. Her lines often provided closure and comfort in the book, but just seemed weird and intrusive in the movie.Avatar Imageroonwit says: Averyfan: A warm reboot from what though? The point about the mirror is that it has never appeared in previous films and you only understand it if you have read book 5.Avatar Imagecobaltsiothrun says: In re: Bonnie's performance and passion. I think back to Sorcerer's Stone" Daniel (and he's said as much repeatedly in interviews) had the acting range of a teaspoon. And he's come far, far, far since then. I think Bonnie's been generally really pretty good. As for passion and lines, I do think thats attributable to the director and screenwriter. The movies have consistently gotten better. This is particularly true compared to Columbus' ham-handed unsubtlety in the first movie (e.g., "i thought i'd be seeing you PROFESSOR MCGONNAGALL", "welcome, Harry, to DIAGON ALLEY"). Yeah, we get it Chris, its a Harry Potter movie. If there's fault to be apportioned, the director and screenwriter deserve more of it. Avatar Imagekmac23va says: I've had no problems with the development of the Harry/Ginny relationship in the movies, because to me it was a lot more realistic than in the books. We saw Ginny emerge from her shell and develop evenly, whereas in the books we get to OOTP and it's like she pulled off her glasses to become SuperGinny. Then in HBP she basically jumps Harry in a "he's mine, b****es!" moment, which was much more suited to Lavender's personality (and thus I was glad they transferred that moment to Ron and Lavender). The movies also also don't diminish Hermione's role like I felt HBP the book did. So really, for those who hate Ginny's usage in the films, be glad she's been included this much...if you want to focus on the main plot of "beat Voldemort" she only has two places of use, in COS and OOTP. She got a lot of pages in HBP because JKR realized she better get her with Harry, as Ginny would be out of the picture for most of DH. So they decided to continue the slow build of both relationships into DH...the line in HBP about Harry not being happy unless he was chasing after Voldemort was a stupid line during the "breakup" scene. In nice touches, the DH movie touched on two other important facets in relationships. First, you leave two 17 year olds, a guy and a girl, alone in a tent together in a stressful situation...for nothing at all to have happened seems crazy. Hence the Harry/Hermione dance scene...one to prove Harry's not insensitive, and two to show near the end that yeah, they could've kissed, but the moment passed. Second, when Ron comes back, for a good few scenes after that Hermione is visibly pissed off at Ron...in the book that seems to be an "oh well, you came back, congrats!" thing. (The movie gets extra points for dropping the "sister" line and for not having Harry be a moron and say "Voldemort" to summon the Death Eaters.) Now if part 2 corrects the whole "Ron can duplicate parseltongue" thing...either have Harry do it for them, or even have Ginny do it and call it a remnant from the diary...I'll be happy. Plus, hey, I got my moment watching "Hermione" try to inhale "Harry's" face...evil!Hermione rocks!Avatar ImageWaywardZ says: I quite like how Harry and Ginny's relationship is in the movies. While I loved it in the book I feel like the movies are giving it more developing time and keeping the awkwardness every has in the beginning. I personally loved the zipper scene because of the mix of awkwardness and excitement with the touch of closeness there was. Then of course the embarrassment after. Avatar Imagetroyalg says: I'm way behind on this listen, but had to comment anyway. John was spot on about Harry not reassuring Ron after the locket. Also, Frak, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought too many scenes lingered too long.Avatar Imagetroyalg says: I cried at the very beginning when Harry opens the cupboard under the stairs and find the toy soldiers he played with in the first movie.Avatar Imagetroyalg says: One more thing, The Tale of the Three Brothers-awesome!Avatar Imagecopepodlvr says: Loved the movie - much more the second and third times than the first!! Only noticed Bellatrix's hair falling the third time, but noticed the Erumpent Horn in Lovegood's house the second time. Loved how that made the house expode! Missed Luna's bedroom (they showed the stairs but Harry never went up), Peter's hand choking him (so is he coming back??), Kreacher getting cleaner and kinder and making onion soup, but more than anything else: WHERE IS THE INVISIBILITY CLOAK?!?!?!? I mean it is a Deathly Hallow and they used it ALL THE TIME in the book - disapparating under it, Harry under it in the cafe shop etc. The cloak should have been played up considering the name of the movie! Also there should have been way more polyjuice potion - though I understand that they wanted the trio playing themselves... but Harry was supposed to be hidden at the wedding, and the Ministry scene was ridiculous!! (and no, Harry/Runcorn did not take Moody's eye out of the door - I looked! it was still there!) Harry looking like himself could not walk through the main lobby of the Ministry and not be noticed! But I guess it made sense since they did not rescue a bunch of other people, only the Cattermoles. And Godric's Hollow! It made me laugh when Harry said that he would not return there in disguise, when that is exactly what he does in the book (wish we could have seen the "war memorial" and the sign at his house). Plus, when Harry's hair is put into the polyjuice potion, it turns golden (essence of Harry) and Hermione says he looks much tastier than Crabbe and Goyle! Goblin pee, really?? What is Moody trying to say?? :) Thought Hedwig's death was WAY better in the movie. Hated how she died in the book - this was much more heroic. How you gain a wand's allegiance should be in the second movie - when Harry talks to Ollivander (which he better to know that Voldemort is not after the Hollows but simply the Elder wand). Wish the H/G kiss had more passion - Ginny has experience at snogging after all... but it does fit the fact that the relationship was not developed in the last movie... Enjoyed Luna and Neville Am guessing that Aberforth somehow recognized the forest and told Snape (missed Phineus though - would have been a cool effect to see the portrait coming out of the bag) Also miss the Mokeskin purse that Harry keeps the valuables in. Should have showed him watching Ginny on the Map (like when he saw Snape in Dumbledore's office...). And he better still have his broken wand - the fact that he mends it with the Elder wand and puts the Elder wand back with Dumbledore at the end was so awesome!! Such a testimony to his character!! I better stop now... could go on for pages... thanks for the space!Avatar ImageRavenQuill says: omg this was a most brilliant movie!!!!! it was so intense and they had SO much in there!!!! One thing that bugged me was that they didn't have Peter show Harry mercy then get choked by his own silver hand. Did he even have the silver hand in the movie? I suddenly can't remember... anyway I'm assuming he's still alive and was just knocked out because Dobby did not mean to kill, only maim or severely injure... which bugs me because one thing me and my friend noticed was that the death of all the marauders occurs in the opposite order to how they are introduced in the marauder's map and I thought that was really cool. But I can forgive it because after years of cutting out Dobby/replacing him with Neville (who is brilliant but not Dobby thank you very much) they FINALLY gave him more screen time!! I absolutely ADORE Dobby! I'm so glad they brought him back and gave him the best lines and managed to make us feel so emotional about his death and have the characters react the way they did despite him not being in the films for so long. And I agree. The silver doe/locket scene was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageDaegen says: I think, all things considerd, the movie was great. It was much better than HBP at getting the right tone from the book. It's too bad they didn't wait until the books were finished to start on the movies so they would have known what was important to include and what could be left out. Now movie-only people are really having to struggle to catch all the references in the movie to understand fully what's going on. I did enjoy the scenes at the beginning with Hermione obliviating her parents, it really made her commitment to this trek so much more powerful than her just talking about it later with Harry & Ron. Still, it would have been funny to see the Weasley ghoul with spattergoit!Avatar ImageAleks says: The Harry and Ginny relationship in the films are different from the one in the movies, first of all Harry and Ginny became a couple in the 6th book, but in the film there was just a kiss - implying that this is deeper and more real than the shallow and dramatic triangle between Ron-Lavender-Hermione. If Ginny was gonna throw herself at Harry like she did in the book, it might come off as too similar to the Ron-Lavender thing. So bottom line is: in the book, they became a couple and then broke up at the end. Then they got back together again in the ending of DH. While in the films, they portray their relationship as slowly growing into something solid, which is somehow even better I think. I'm sure you all noticed that Ginny was after Harry in every scene of OOTP, she always had a jealous look on her face when Harry was looking at Cho or talking about her...Avatar ImageAleks says: About Wormtail, I'm sure he gets a proper death in part 2, similar to the original death from the book. Thea reason why he didn't die in Malfoy Manor, is probably so that he didn't steal the thunder from Dobby's death... or maybe they simply left Wormtail as an open question whether he died or not... It wouldn't be the first time they just left things to your imagination. The producers must be well aware of the fact that the mirror shard is not explained, which totally ruined the film for me. If there was just one sentence about where he got it from! He could have found it in Sirius' room, that would have been an easy way to explain it??Avatar Imagesortinghats worst nightmar says: i agree that ginny and harry's relationship is a bit akward in the movie and we should politley voice our opinion as huge fansAvatar ImageEvealle says: I really love this episode! It was like the second Pottercast I'd ever heard and I really enjoy listening to it over and over :)Avatar ImageLiveToRead says: Wow, your views pretty mirror mine word for word; it's amazing! This was my favorite HP movie so far. GREAT review!Avatar Imagehermionekins says: i loved harry potter and the deathly hallows when i saw it. right now i am actually re-reading the deathly hallows book.Avatar ImageGinnyPotter99 says: lol the picture is funnyAvatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Sometimes I don't care what they say, I just love hearing people talking about HARRY POTTER, the best story in the WHOLE. WIDE. WORLD. PERIOD.Avatar Imageharrypotterspells says: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was amazing! There is no doubt it was the film of the year and I can't wait for part 2 to come out. I know I'm going to cry when the final spell is cast, I don't want harry potter to end!! ahh well, guess that's what DVD's and harry potter websites are for, to carry on the excitement. Rachel Harrypotterspells.co.ukAvatar Imagewandmastercalum says: I wish they had never hired David Yates. He is taking the Harry Potter franchise down the wrong direction!!Avatar ImageDaveZee says: Just watched DH1 again last night in anticipation of DH2. I noticed the debate that Bonnie and Daniel were awkward. I would tend to agree, but I attribute it to Daniel more than Bonnie. She seems comfortable enough with the scene, but Daniel, both in this movie and OOTP looks very awkward. Come to think of it, the Harry/Cho kissing scene looked awkward, too. Avatar ImageCinthia Buarque says: I fully agree. I also love the saga too, since I have many memories and eager to go in London!Avatar ImageILoveSnape4Ever says: ya'll stupid. I'm the best! :DDDAvatar Imageemmi_mancity says: You are so right Sirius17. Not everyone has the same opinion about everything and so any opinions voiced about Harry Potter or anything else will tread on SOME toes. I thought the scene was far too awkward- after all, Harry and Ginny went out for a few weeks in HBP in so they would have got really comfortable in that time. I agree with Melissa and co. that it was the fault of both the actors and the directors. As for the other stuff... I can tell that lots of it wouldn't make sense to people who hadn't read the books. Obviously the directors wouldn't be able to explain everything or the film would be 5 hours long, but they could've done a better job editing and condensing info. Still, it was a great great film, especially the locket scene :) :)Avatar ImageBeazle says: The complete lack of chemistry between Harry and Ginny in the last three films is an odd thing and by far the most dissappointing aspect of the franchise. Avatar Imageeikind says: I think the awkwardness between Harry/Ginny and Harr/Cho quite reflects how awkward some teenagers actually are in real life. As Dan also has stated in a couple of interviews, Harry is really bad with girls. So, of course, the scenes had to portrait the awkwardness that is Harry. I think they did a marvellous job. And David Yates did a good job on all the films he directed, in my opinion. (Well, we should have been explained about the mirror shard and some smaller stuff, but I didn't think of it, as I had just read the book.)Avatar ImageGrantus says: The zip up and kiss is one of my favourite scenes. No, it's not the way they were written, but the films have always taken liberties - it is a different form of storytelling and as such, cannot be expected to remain true to every detail (though many of us wish they would have). J.K. Rowling's writing was so vividly detailed that I don't see why they would tinker with her narrative or vision for the characters but that's what filmmakers do. Bonnie Wright did an incredible job - I thought her voice and manner conveyed a deepening sense of self and awareness. She was very convincing. It's been wonderful to see her portrayal of GInny progress through the film. I think there were limits on the amount of passion the filmmakers felt comfortable conveying due to her age. That said, the actress put a good deal of feeling into her interactions with Harry, especially that kiss. It was well done. I also feel that the awkwardness worked in the films. The book portrayal will always be my favourite, though.

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