Harry Potter Artist Mary GrandPre to Speak at Scholarship Breakfast


Mar 16, 2010

Posted by John Admin

Mary GrandPre, the artist behind the cover art and illustrations in the U.S. Harry Potter books, will be the keynote speaker at The Girls’ Middle School’s Annual Scholarship Breakfast. The breakfast – “Step Into the Magic” – will take place on the 28th of April from 8:00am to 9:15am at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Cabana in Palo Alto, California. Tickets are required to attend the event and cost $100 each; you can buy them at this link. As outlined on the school’s website, The Girls’ Middle School aims to:

[Provide] a creative, diverse and nurturing learning environment with innovative programs in computer science, engineering, entrepreneurial education, beginning and advanced Spanish, and social and emotional learning.

Additionally, you can enter a raffle to win a boxed set of the Harry Potter books in hardcover, signed by Mary GrandPre. Tickets to enter the raffle cost $10 each and you do not have to attend the event to win. You can find more information on The Girls’ Middle School’s website.

21 Responses to Harry Potter Artist Mary GrandPre to Speak at Scholarship Breakfast

Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Cool! I love her covers!!!!! FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageWillowEve says: I agree. I love how she captures some of my fav. scenes!Avatar Imagelurking_llama says: A very talented artist and from the looks of it a very worthy school. I hope they manage to raise what they need.Avatar Imagehallows_or_horcruxes says: she signed my copy of dh! it was kind of rushed but she was really nice Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Mary Grandpre did an incredible job in translating the content of the novels into visual art that complemented and defined the franchise here in the states. I hope that her speech is enjoyable for all who attend.Avatar ImageLoveTomRiddle says: It sucks not being in California when Harry Potter events happen!Avatar Imageleigia says: Her covers were wonderful. Even though California is nearby, I don't have enough money to go on trips as often as I would like.Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: wow she is such a good artist thatd be really specialAvatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: So she's the one that illustrates those mysterious pictures! That raffle sounds pretty cool! I may just enter......Avatar ImageToNkS_rip says: cool. i really do <3 her covers. although nothing beats the original, right? ;pAvatar Imagemew5645 says: This is a joke right????? Avatar Imagealicia00 says: ohAvatar ImagePollytomat says: Actually, on the Russian editions of HP we have the same pictures, so I can say that for me Mary GrandPre's work is an integral part of Harry Potter novels))) I wish I could attend this meeting)Avatar ImageRavenclawGirl13 says: I think that this is an amazing event, and I am personally a big fan of her artwork. I, myself, am an artist-in-training, and am in awe of her work.Avatar ImageBellatrixGranger says: Wish I could be there!Avatar Imagehewy says: What an amazing artist. I have a Harry Potter calendar that she did many years ago and the pictures are incredible!!!Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: What a good cause. I do enjoy her artwork Avatar ImageMadam Snape says: Our illustrations here in Brazil are the same illustrations in the U.S. Harry Potter books, so we've always loved her here. The first british Harry Potter book I acquired was the fifth, so it was just then that I realised our illustrations were not the original.Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: That sounds like such a neat event -- so exciting that she is helping out a school! :o)Avatar ImageSmitch says: Awesome ! Avatar ImageSmitch says: This woman is awesome! Imagine being "the one" to do all this art for the series. So talented!

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