Report: Actress Ninette Finch Cast as Augusta Longbottom


May 26, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

There is a report online via SnitchSeeker noting that actress Ninette Finch has been cast as Neville’s grandmother, Augusta Longbottom, in the forthcoming “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” film. Mrs. Finch is quoted as saying:

Yes I am playing Augusta Longbottom although it is not a very big part… I have also played a couple of witches and was one of the people on the Millennium bridge when it was under attack.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I” is set for release this November, while “Deathly Hallows: Part II: will arrive in theaters July of 2011.

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Avatar ImageLucida says: Cool! Good to see a new character! First!Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: i really wondered about this a few days ago about where they had showed augusta in the past movies but i guess they never didAvatar Imagecminmd says: I just looked at a few pictures of her and she looks WAY to nice to play Neville's grandmother. They are going to have to do a lot of work with make up and wardrobe to make her the scary and critical Augusta Longbottom. She looks so nice to be so mean. Of course, I used to NOT get a chill when I would see Helena Bonham Carter so we know they can!Avatar Imagegryffindor1991 says: i knew this yesterday mugglenet posted it yesterday afternoon Avatar ImageLittle Light says: Nice to finally have a look at Neville's Gran.Avatar Imagesessionka says: John Dawlish... Be Afraid.... Very Afraid... :-)Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: coolAvatar Imagesiena says: I think it's fantastic they are including Mrs Longbottom !! I had always pictured Judi Dench in that role though ...Avatar Imagekatherine102678 says: I don't remember Neville's gran being in book 7 but it has been awhile since I have read the book, sadly enough.Avatar Imagespiritbound says: Awesomes :D Can't wait for november. Avatar Imagenealiezealbie says: yeah yeah yeahhh! she's gonna kick dawlish's behind! :D maybe they will show her on the run as she is in the end of 7!Avatar ImageDawna says: The Battle of Hogwarts is going to be great!Avatar Imagebeewell says: Wonderful...glad they found someone. Can't wait for this movie!Avatar ImageLeahLuvsHarry says: Way too excited for this movie!!!!Avatar Imageigo2pigfarts says: im soooo glad were FINALLY gonna get to see neville's grandma.haha. i wonder if she will be wearing what he made the boggart shaped like snape wear in p.o.a.??Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Glad that Neville's Grandma will be in the movies finally! Can't wait!Avatar ImageFresca says: Augusta will be a great character. I hope Ninette has a ball playing this doughty witch! Avatar Imagebellaohbella says: oh coolAvatar ImageDeliaDee says: Oh yeah, Siena, Judi Densch would have been perfect as the formidable (NOT 'mean', cminmd, 'formidable' - there's a difference; over critical, yes - mean, no) Madame Longbottom. I'm sure Ms. Finch will do a wonderful job, though. I just loved that bit in the RoR when Madame Longbottom goes off proudly to join Neville in the fighting.Avatar Imagehewy says: How wonderful that Neville's Gram is going to be in at last! This should be just wonderful, she will be great!!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: I am sure she will be awesome!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I am eager to see how she does in this role!Avatar ImageMidnightSun321 says: Augusta Longbottom, you rock :DAvatar ImageAlice Weasley says: How exciting! Can't wait to see her- I'm sure she'll be great :)Avatar ImageSproutMdme says: I always pictured Patricia Routledge from Keeping Up Appearances as Mrs. Longbottom ( thought she'd be a scream as her, but I'm sure Ms. Finch will be wonderful also!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: How lovely...Avatar Imageblessi says: Nice, haha :)) see you soon.Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: yah! for a new character and i always wondering what she would look like. Avatar ImageJackMeggers says: aww yay I'm excited to see Neville's Gran!Avatar ImageKC Nox says: can't wait to see her in DH! She is cute! looking forward to seeing her in that hat!

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