Leaky in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Part 2!


Jun 01, 2010

Posted by Melissa Anelli

As promised, here is the second (of we don’t know how many, because we have so much footage it’s bordering on ludicrous) part of our trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter park. More butterbeer, the Hogwarts Express conductor, Honeydukes, and more in this installment: these videos will also be available in the video galleries shortly!

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Avatar ImageNatalie says: I love it!!!!! I wish I could go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( :'(Avatar ImagexxIBelieveInNarglesxx says: wow,i wanna go.. off topic but there's a new trailer for the DH video game here:http://www.eurogamer.net/videos/harry-potter-goes-third-person-shooterAvatar ImageGwynogs_rabbit says: LMAO at Frak's double-fisted butterbeers!Avatar ImageJessBlogsBooks says: I'm loving all this footage. My husband and I just booked our trip for December. I'm so excited to see this stuff in person! Avatar Imagejfrancis04 says: OMG...cannot WAIT to go!!!Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: the double fist did it for meAvatar ImagePrincess Leia says: Looks like so much fun! I can't wait to go!Avatar ImagePhlegm De La Coeur says: oh.............my.............godric. i want to be there!Avatar ImageCatherine says: awesome! I CANT WAIT TO GO SOMETIME!...like in 2 years but still!Avatar ImageTheRealSlytherinHeir says: Looks like a great time, I can't wait to go!!!Avatar Imagetrumpetgirly says: hahahah the random girl riding with you guys :PAvatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: OMG! You guys are awesome! I love seeing your reactions to everything.... it all looks so cool! :)Avatar ImagePollytomat says: Amazing! The rollercoaster seemed fun and not too scary))) And the butterbeer... mmmm! And the Hogwarts Express, of course, is AWESOME! :)Avatar ImageNicci Weasley says: THIS IS SOOO AWESOME! You are so lucky to have been there already!!Avatar ImageAbbyWeasley says: i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone who is already there... i am so jealous!!!Avatar ImagePoisonXLilly says: So awesome~! I can't wait!!!! =^.^=Avatar ImagePoisonXLilly says: You guys look like little kids in a candy store...literally, haha~!Avatar ImageJackMeggers says: yayness! so excited!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Howz the Hogs Head ale?Avatar Imagethundermountain7 says: i wish i could go, i was just in florida on april 6th next year i hope Avatar ImageIloveDobby says: This is really awesome :)Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: I want to go!!!!Avatar ImageGoury says: Well, I may be wrong but it seems to me that there are too many shops and too few actual attractions.Avatar Imagecoolgirl224 says: I soooooooooooooo want to go!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: What wonderful video! I hope that everyone enjoys the park.Avatar Imageatarigurl05 says: I cannot wait to go! Avatar ImageDirectorbeme says: Ahhhhhh! This is beyond incredible! I am literally squeaking with joy! YESYESYES!!! I can't WAIT to go!! =DAvatar Imagejhangelgurl says: yah! for part 2..amazing! You guys rox. Avatar Imagemolly43 says: Everything is so exciting. My 15 year old daughter and 19 yr old are excited about going as well. My son will be in the military and wants us to plan to go at a time when he is home. (sometime in about three to five years). What surprises me is that I only see the counter people in wizarding outfits. We were a little disappointed not to see anyone walking around in wizarding outfits or any wands drawn. I also expected to see a store where one could purchase these things. The prices seemed pretty steep. Hence it will be a while before we can afford to go. Avatar Imagemolly43 says: Does anyone know if you can go into the castle?Avatar Imagecrikeyhunter says: 77 days for me.....i almost can't even watch any of this! Avatar ImageProfessorCharms says: Mmmmmm....I can almost taste the frozen butterbeer!Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: THIS IS SOOO AWESOME! Avatar Imagewiltabone says: Nice .. and AWESOME !Avatar ImageXyra44 says: It's so exciting! I'm not a huge fan of roller coasters; it would be neat to see them in person. :)Avatar Imagehewy says: These videos are making me so impatient for Sept to get here!Avatar Imagezstarsales04 says: Hello, everybody, I am new here. Here is something might be helpful for you.www.zstar.hk www.edgei-ds.cn (many movies to download)www.tigersupermall.comAvatar Imagemuggle..andproudofit says: omg, i can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageAlberto203 says: I got some WWoHP questions for the Trio. 1) How many Chocolate Cauldrons did John Noe eat? 2) How much was the 'Feast' meal and how many did John Noe eat? 3) How many Butterbeers did Frak have before he was running for the little wizard's room? 4) How were the adult beverages at the Hog's Head Inn?Avatar Imagehpismyworld321 says: this looks AWESOME!! i am probably going around the last few days of june so this is making me super impatient!! it looks like you guys had a lot of fun :) also looks like its going to be pretty expensive though so im going to have to make some tough choices on what to buy!

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