Video of Harry Potter Cast, J. K. Rowling at Wizarding World Released


Jun 20, 2010

Posted by EdwardTLC

Universal Orlando has released a short video featuring actors from the Harry Potter films along with author J. K. Rowling touring the many different aspects of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. Available to view via this link or below, the video features actors Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling making their way around such places as Hogsmeade, Zonkos, the Hog’s Head Pub, and more.
The Harry Potter author is shown being taken around the streets of Hogsmeade, and looking to shop windows along avenue. In regards to the park, J. K. Rowling notes that, “I’m used to walking onto film sets, where at a certain point everything dissolves into scaffolding and lighting, so, I suppose, the completeness of the vision is most breathtaking.”

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resorts is open now.

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Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: FIRST!! Such a great little video showing everything... I can't wait to go there! :)Avatar ImageI love my Spectra Specs says: Ahhhhhh it looks SO amazing!!! I can't wait for the day when I can go there.....Avatar ImageSproutMdme says: It really brought tears to my eyes to see Jo Rowling standing in the midst of the realized vision she had so many years ago...come to life around amazing an experience that must have been for her! This is stuff of fairy tales!Avatar Imagejim32809 says: Wow, this must have JUST gone up. I know the actors are real people and not the characters they play, but there is still just something inherently wrong with Harry and Ron cheerfully raising a glass of butterbeer with Draco Malfoy!Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: Jo is beautiful and she must be SO proud! Her world is has been brought to life! That must be amazing. Anyway, I can't wait to go! I saw photos of the lines from yesterday and today it's absolutely mad.Avatar Imageigo2pigfarts says: jo<333Avatar Imagedreampotter says: I can't wait to go. I'm going next year. Maybe I should go for the first anniversay of the park!Avatar Imagemaddison says: Words cannot describe how amazing the theme park will be !!!!Avatar Imagenutela17 says: its really breathtaking Avatar ImageJane_Potter says: I want to go there!!!Avatar Imageginnyrose says: i so want to go and dan was so good with the children all this makes me Squeful and sad at the same time Avatar Imagegaminette says: I was there Wednesday night - omg you guys. It's REAL. It truly is breathtaking and wonderful and really really incredible and all the other hyperboles! I want to go back!!Avatar Imagechuzzle says: wish i was there! :)Avatar Imageharrypotterfreak101 says: That looks so cool! I am so jealous of the people that are there! I want to purchase my own wand, I want some Butterbeer myself and I'd also like to go on the Forbidden Journey.Avatar ImageIloveDobby says: Great videoAvatar ImageLillylove says: WOW...I don't have the words (for once in my life). Like SproutMdme, I was a little overwhelmed with emotion, & tears sprung out of nowhere! So wonderful to be a part of this family :)Avatar Imageshire123 says: Here's a short review of the park. The park was open for a "soft" opening on Monday, June 14. Everything was operating. The atmosphere and structures are incredible!!! There are 3 rides. 1. Forbidden Journey is incredible. Superb graphics. I didn't find it terrifying at all but one word of caution. If you get car sick you might get sick on this ride. Lots of movement and jerking around. Easily the best ride in the park. 2. The other two coasters are the same ones that have been at the park for years. Still great though Butterbeer is essentially creme soda with a special butter flavored head added to the glass. Hogsmeade is incredible. Great stores. Don't miss Filch's Emporium at the exit of the Forbidden Journey. It has items not available at other stores. The only negative I see in the park is its size. It is WAY too small for the crowds that are going to try and go through it. It is going to be very, very crowded for quite some time.Avatar Imageshire123 says: I forgot to mention a few things. There are periodic small sideshows going on during the day performed by various Hogwart's student groups. I saw one choir show that featured the large toads. Also saw a dance show by the Beaux Batons girls and a demo by the Durmstrang boys. Super shows. Avatar Imageshire123 says: For me the best part of the Forbidden Journey ride was the wait in the ride lines. The waiting lines wind through the castle rooms. All of which are various scenes from the movie. Life size and totally realistic.Avatar Imagenwrosey says: SQUEE!!Avatar ImageFastbak says: shire are the people who run the rides and shops British or speak with a British accent? It would be weird to walk into Ollivander's or Honeyduke's and the person there sounded like a cashier at Walgreen's! LOL!Avatar Imageemma138 says: Omg.I so wish i could have gone i could have talked to Emma and Rupert and of course Daniel .I really wanted to go though.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: How long are they there for? I hope at least 4 more days!!!!!Avatar Imagenarglesohmy says: Ahh! That video made my day! And we actually got to SEE the fireworks that James and Oliver set off! :DAvatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Wow ... it is way cool that some Leaky people have already been. And, it is just awesome that JKR is impressed by WWOHP. I guess to us a movie set looks like it's for real but, when you're actually there it is just a collection of sets. But, WWOHP is the real thing. Wow ... *squee*Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: It’s all very cool,i wish i was there!Avatar ImageDawna says: So amazing!Avatar Imagekraamerxmich says: ...they did NOT say lumos MAXIMA, did they? I'm gonna kill someone...Avatar Imagedramatispersonae says: Guess I won't be going. How come no one else noticed that there is a size limit on the Hogwarts Journey ride? If a coach airplane seat is tight at 18.5" wide, then you won't fit on the 17" wide "Journey" ride. They even have a seat outside you're supposed to try before you stand in the line. Tall people, too, will find it hard -- if you're over 6'3" the park reserves the right to stop you from riding -- and no one who is deemed "overweight" by park staff will be allowed to ride. As if no one in Harry Potter fandom could possible be overweight. I am told by a friend who waited over 8 hours to get into the park this week that there is a strict "no refunds" policy for people who can't ride the ride. She was told that she was welcome to walk through the line to "experience Hogwarts" without the ride. What happened to JK Rowling's position that discrimination against the overweight is wrong? And why hasn't Leaky commented on this? I am disgusted. Avatar ImageEmmaline10248 says: in my mind only one word comes to mind AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! i mean it looks really really amzaing. Avatar Imagepinkmoosely says: Great video, looks like an amazing atmosphere. The cast all look great but Bonnie looks particularly good in the clip, It looks like a well thought out opening with the twins starting the fireworks etc... Not sure about the "unveiling" spell they used though?? One day I will get to go. Avatar ImageFresca says: Congratulations to Jo for the vision she had of all this, and for the 7 books too! I hope she had a wonderful time! Itsure seems like Dan, Rupert, Tom and Matthew did!Avatar Imagespiritbound says: Omg that was amazing. I want to go there so bad, better start saving the pennys! Love JK as much as ever :D Must be incredible to see the world you created bought to life infront of you, crazy. Avatar ImageSmitch says: Did Dan say "This is really f___ing good" after he drank some b-beer, or am I imaging things? Awesome intro to the world. Must have been SUPER exciting for everyone: the avid fans (especially the kids, because I believe children have a magical Moody eye installed in their souls...only the lucky ones hang onto it), and Jo, too. She really is stunning! I love hearing her speak. Melissa is right, we don't hear from her as often as we'd like. Love her! I feel an overwhelming sense of "the next chapter"...perhaps this is the beginning of the fandom truly broadening, and the depth of the canon revealing ALL of itself?! Hello Scottish Book, WWoHP, the novels, and films, oh, and the fandom...what else can we ask for? Avatar Imagevineethtc says: I wish I could have been there but I'm looking forward to going next year. Maybe along with volunteering for LeakyCon 2011.Avatar ImageHarry89 says: I WAS THERE AND IT WAS EPIC!!!!!! :)Avatar ImagenoxiousCaitSith says: just went on friday. and luckily i knew someone who had an executive pass so we skipped all the ridiculous lines. i really wouldn't have gone unless i got in free and could skip the lines. it was insane. i'm definitely waiting at least til winter to go again. hopefully it will have died down enough by then. anyway, the new ride that's inside the hogwarts castle is pretty awesomeAvatar Imagemeggers-evans-potter says: I can't wait to go :D This just puts the cherry on the cake for Harry Potter !!Avatar ImageGryffindor Cutie says: I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!! That's all I have to say!Avatar ImageNot Slytherin says: OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: amazing coverageAvatar ImageCatherine says: OMG! its so great to hear Jo finally say something about it!!!! AND BE THERE!!!! I can just imagine what this is like for her! I REALLY WANT TO GO!!! i actually wanted to be there to see everyone, but that didnt happen!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Quite a cool bit of work...Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Thats terrific awesome. i just cant wait to go thereAvatar Imageazaadpotter says: Thats terrific awesome. i just cant wait to go thereAvatar Imageobsessed-pixie says: OHMIGOSH. The best place in the WORLD. Sucks that I dont even live on the same continent, and I'm skint. Baaaaaahhh, want to go:'(Avatar ImageKristi Noelle says: Oye! I can't wait! I may be going this summer. I've heard that if you want an Ollivander's Wand, they actually measure you and everything. Love it! Though, I may wait a little while for the crowd surge of newness to dwindle a bit...Avatar Imageharryplusrachel says: omg, those little kids who were walking around with the set are SOOO stinking lucky! :-P Avatar Imageharryplusrachel says: yeah, like noelle, i like the idea of waiting for the crowds to slow a bit. i suppose its ok, then, that i live approximately 6000 miles away from the park..... Avatar Imagehewy says: Jo looks transfixed by the realization of her in solid form. Being able to see the shops for real and especially the inside of the castle with the moving pictures. Am so looking forward to Sept and Butterbeer, the Hogwarts ride and sending owl posts to friends back home. Avatar ImageHufflepuffKiwi says: okay, this place is incredible, i spent three brilliant days (june 18,19,20) and I wish so much I could just stay forever, even waiting in line the first day was great!

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