Snatcher Scenes in “Deathly Hallows” Described as “Really, Really Dark”


Sep 18, 2010

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Nick Moran (Scabior) has commented on the Snatcher scenes in “Deathly Hallows”, saying that they got so intense that some parts had to be cut:

“The scenes I did were really, really dark, really, really dark, but
when I went to see them they cut some of the worst bits out, and I was
talking to producer David Heyman, saying, ‘Oh no, why’s that gone?’ He
said, apparently it was like watching Saw,” Nick told Absolute Radio DJ
Christian O’Connell.

Moran also spoke briefly about the efforts taken towards keeping the script secret:

can’t really give too much away – it’s hilarious, because your script
has a watermark in it,” he recalled.

“It says a number, which is on every page, so that if you lose it, everyone knows it was you. So it’s all top secret.”

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