How many magical objects can you name?


Jan 20, 2011

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Something new today for Leakypedia Page of the day, How many magical objects can you name and define? Our Magical Objects page seems to currently only contain Horcruxes.. (gross.)

Everyone who contributed good info to this page (on the Leakypedia!) will receive 15 points for every defined magical object on this page from now until Friday. So if there, for example, are 20 objects listed, everyone receives 300 points! You with me? Knock it out!

Update: Totally cool to add some to the comments on this news post, but copy them to the Leakypedia for points!

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Avatar ImageSproutMdme says: Brooms: Brooms enchanted to levitate and be controlled for flying by a trained magical being, either for use in transportation or for sporting activities such as Quidditch. Avatar ImageGryffin20 says: A Wand: A wand is a tool used by wizards and witches to channel magical powers. Most spells are done with the aid of wands. It is possible to do magic without a wand, but is very difficult and requires much concentration and skill. Only advanced wizards can perform spells without the use of wands.[1] Wands are "quasi-sentient," and as close to animate as an object can get because they are imbued with a great deal of magic.[2] Although the wand cores may come from the same creature, or the wood may come from the same tree, no two existing wands are exactly alike.Avatar ImageI am totally awesome says: Portkeys: an object enchanted to instantly bring anyone touching it to a specific location. The destination is decided upon by the enchanter. Most of the time, a Portkey is an everyday object that would not draw the attention of a Muggle. Travelling by Portkey is said to feel like having a hook "somewhere behind the navel" pulling the traveller to their location. Avatar ImageI am totally awesome says: Timeturner: was a device capable of time travel. resembled an hourglass on a necklace. The number of times one turns the hourglass corresponds to the number of hours one travels back in time. It is extremely important that the user of a Time-Turner not be seen by past or future versions of themselves unless, of course, said versions are aware of their usage of a Time-Turner. A possible scenario is a wizard/witch killing their past or future selves by mistake. Avatar ImageI am totally awesome says: Floo-powder: is a glittery, silver powder used by witches and wizards to travel through the Floo Network. The Network connects most wizarding households and buildings. The powder turns a fireplace's flames harmless and emerald green. It is tricky to use; one must toss a handful of powder into a fireplace connected to the Floo Network, walk into the flames, and state the desired destination loudly and clearly to ensure arrival in the proper location.Avatar Imagetoughpygmypuffs says: A Howler: Pieces of paper/envelopes enchanted to shout the written letter out to display anger or emotion A Deluminator: an object made to, with a click of a button, retrieve all of the lights around the object. Then, with another click, it can bring all of the light inside of it out, one at a time, to a non-lit object (lanterns, lightbulbs, etc.) The Elder Wand: The most powerful wand created. It can perform practically any given spell and more. It can do much more than a normal wand, i.e. repair a broken wand. A Sneakoscope: a teloscope-shaped object that spins and makes loud noises when an untrustworthy person is near. Wizard Chess: a game just like regular chess but with game pieces that move according to the command of the player.Avatar ImageI am totally awesome says: Invisibility Cloak: a magical garment which renders whatever it covers unseeable. They may be made from hair of Demiguise, a magical creature that possesses the power to become invisible. This property is used to make the wearer of the cloak invisible.Avatar Imagemistypaws5 says: A Pensive- A medium bowl of water that you pour memories into, and you may put yourself into that specific memory. People can tamper with memories, though, and the imagine in the pensive will not be clear, or it will be disfigured.Avatar ImageI am totally awesome says: Exploding Snap: Cards specially made for the game of Exploding Snap, such that the cards may blow up at any time. Occasionally used to build a house of cards, which can get interesting.Avatar ImageI am totally awesome says: Foe-Glass: This device looks like a mirror, but it does not reflect the scene in front of it. Instead, it shows the enemies - the foes - of its owner. The foes are shadowy, indistinct, out-of-focus figures if distant; the images become more distinct as the foes get closer Secrecy-Sensor:This sensor resembles a collection of old-fashioned television aerials. Used to detect any dark magical object. Remeberall: a glass ball the size of a large marble. In its default state (when nobody is touching it), a Remembrall is full of white smoke. When picked up and held in a person's hand, a Remembrall will glow scarlet if there's something the person has forgotten to do. Extendable Ears: Eavesdropping device; one of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. An Extendable Ear looks like a piece of flesh-coloured string. One end is inserted into a person's ear, then, on the command "Go," the other end wriggles off to where a conversation is taking place. The Extendable Ear makes the distant conversation easily discernable Avatar Imageestrella22 says: Flying Carpets – once used in England, and all through the world, for family transportation as they are able to accommodate multiple riders at once. A flying carpet looks exactly as a muggle’s carpet. Carpets have hence been classified as muggle artifacts under the Registry of Proscribed Charmable Objects and hence are banned in UK. Quaffle – one of three types of balls used in Quidditch. The Quaffle is the largest of the three (about the size of a muggle football ball) and bright red. The Quaffle is passed amongst three of the Quidditch’s team aiming at putting it through one of the three hoops at one end of the Quidditch field, this earns the respective team 10 points each time it passes. The are four players in a Quidditch team who play with the Quaffle (three of them aim it to score – called chasers, one is in charge of protecting their own hoops – called the keeper). Bludger – one of three types of balls used in Quidditch. The Bludger is the medium size ball (of the three afore mentioned). It is hard, jet black, and flies on its own. Two bludgers are used in a game of Quidditch. Its purpose in the game of is to hit and unseat as many players as it can during the game. Both teams have two players, called beaters, armed with small clubs used to defend their team by batting the bludgers at the opposing team. Snitch – one of three types of balls used in Quidditch. The Snitch is the smallest of the three, about the size of a walnut. It is a golden ball with protruding wings. It is extremely fast and hard to find. The seventh member of the Quidditch team, the seeker, is there to find the snitch and catch it. The game of Quidditch ends when the Golden Snitch is caught and the team who catches it gets 150 points. Snicthes have flesh memory, which means that it is able to recognize the flesh of who touches it first (the maker never touches it with his bare hands as to protect the flesh memory). The flesh memory comes in handy in disputed Quidditch matches. Chocolate frogs – a wizard sweet treat. It’s basically what it sounds like a chocolate made frog. They bring a famous wizards or witches card inside the wrapping.Avatar Imageestrella22 says: Putter outer - similar to a muggle's silver cigarette lighter. It is used to absorb all the lights in its vicinity. It stores the light inside it's casing until later released. It was invented by Albus Dumbledore.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Molly Weasley's magical clock - a clock that shows each member of the Weasley family and where they are at that moment. For example, Mr. Weasley's head probably was pointing to "grave peril" when he was attacked by Nagini.Avatar Imagenellythemarrow says: I might wait until after Friday to put any info on the page, I think I've been doing too much on the Pages of the Day. Putting in links wont count as good info, will they?Avatar Imagephoenixortheflame says: WARNING: THIS ONE HAS A BUNCH OF SPOILERS ABOUT THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, BOOK 7 Resurrection Stone: a small stone created by "Death" for the middle brother in the Deathly Hallows. It has the power to bring back the dead if one turns it over thrice in their hand. However, the dead brought back are more like shadows of their old selves. This stone was then in the ring owned by Marvolo Gaunt and then Tom Riddle. Tom Riddle turned it into a horcrux which was later destroyed by Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore then placed the resurrection stone inside the first snitch that Harry Potter caught and left it to him in his will. Avatar Imageksddancer says: Wow! This is amazing! Everyone has done a great job!Avatar Imagecharlotte.granger says: Portkey: a magical object that can transport a wizard to another placeAvatar Imagetheaterjockhp says: Pensive- A stone bowl into which memories are put and stored. A person may "revisit" a memory in the pensive anytime they like by peering and "falling into the memory. Avatar Imagedevilssnare17 says: I have a few but I dont have time to define them all. If anyone else wants to write a few definitions, here they are! Quick Quotes Quill, Dungbom, Umbridge's Quill, Omnioculars, Golden Egg, Sirius' Knife, Moody's Trunk, Monster Book of MonstersAvatar Imagehalfbloodprincess219 says: Puking Pastels - eat one side puke and get out of class, eat the other, you are all better and to devil snare quick quotes quill - green quill used by rita skeeter that totally twists whatever her victim says im too tired to define thingsAvatar Imagehalfbloodprincess219 says: there are a series of magical objects that are strictly forbidden while one is taking the owls (they where used for cheating. i just dont feel like whipping out my book to list them. off of my head i know there was a good luck charm and a special quillAvatar ImageTreacleKreature says: Mandrake: A Mandrake, also known as Mandragora, is a plant which has a root that looks like a human baby and ages similarly as the plant matures. When matured, the Mandrake can be cut up and mixed as the main ingredient for the Mandrake Restorative Draught, which reanimate/ cure those who have been petrified (as read/ seen in Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets).Avatar ImageTreacleKreature says: Mandrake: A Mandrake, also known as Mandragora, is a plant which has a root that looks like a human baby and ages similarly as the plant matures. When matured, the Mandrake can be cut up and mixed as the main ingredient for the Mandrake Restorative Draught, which reanimate/ cure those who have been petrified (as read/ seen in Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets).Avatar ImageTreacleKreature says: Knight Bus: The Knight Bus is an amazingly fast, triple-decker, bus that 'publicly' transports wizards and citizens of the wizarding world to their destinations. To hail the bus, a witch or wizard must would stick their wand in the air like you would hail a city cab. Stan Shunpike is first introduced when Harry boards the bus at the beginning of Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban; Stan is the greeter/ tour guide/ attendant for the passengers while the 'Mr. Magoo-ish' driver is named Ernie Prang. There is also a shrunken head hanging from the rear view mirror of the bus who speaks in a Caribbean accent.Avatar ImageGinervaWeasley says: Spell-O-Tape, Sorting Hat, Fawkes the Pheonix, Time Turner, Sorcerers Stone, Felix Felises, Remembrall, Bezoar, Wand, Sword of Gryffindor, Any of the Weasley products, Putter-Outer, Hagrid's wand concealed umbrella, Slytherin locket, Riddle's Diary, Ravenclaw DaidemAvatar ImageTriddle14 says: Vanishing Cabinets - A passage or transport between two places. Objects placed in the vanishing cabinet will appear in the sister cabinet, wherever it is located. Avatar ImageOh Neville says: So where are my points? Pony up! :DAvatar ImageWinkyxx says: has someone talked about the sorcerer's stone? Well i will..... A stone that makes you immortal.... elixir of life... am i correct? ;) And the mirror of erised.... a mirror that shows you your deepest wishes. The happiest man on earth would look into it and see himself..... Avatar ImageWinkyxx says: has someone talked about the sorcerer's stone? Well i will..... A stone that makes you immortal.... elixir of life... am i correct? ;) And the mirror of erised.... a mirror that shows you your deepest wishes. The happiest man on earth would look into it and see himself..... Avatar ImageJenniferMalfoy says: Has the horcrux been mentioned yet? If not, I can't believe it! But happy, because I want to add it. ***Spoilers Enclosed**** A horcrux is where you have placed part of your soul after you murder someone. This way, you can't be killed, because part of your soul is kept safe somewhere. In Tom Riddle/Voldemort's case, he did this 7 times, having 8 parts of his soul (I think, I always get confused on the number) and hid part of his soul in objects such as the The Diary (from Chamber of Secrets) the Ring/Resurrection Stone (from Half-Blood Prince/Deathly Hallows), the locket, The cup, diadem, Nagini and Harry's scar. (I think I mentioned them all). It wasn't until all of these had been destroyed that Voldemort could actually be killed. And also, it has been mentioned that a person could possibly repair their soul, but it is most painful and you have to truly feel remorse for what you've done. The process for creating the Horcrux has not been mentioned, but what has been mentioned about them was the fact that J.K. Rowling told her editor/publicist about it and it made them seriously sick. So whatever it is, it's pretty gruesome. Avatar ImagePotterLover7 says: Dumbledore's puffy things- showed him snake in 5th book. "In essence divided?" split into two snakes.Avatar ImageJillxoxo says: The Goblet of Fire, the Weasley clock, the Weasley flying car, Umbridge's special pen...Avatar Imageginny_weasley1998 says: There are so many already named,I can't think of any more!Avatar ImageHiren58 says: Sirius's two way mirror: Sirius gives this mirror to Harry just before Harry returns to Hogwarts from the Christmas holidays at Number 12 Grimmauld Place, which apparently he and James used to communicate through during detentions. According to Sirius, you just say his name clearly to the mirror, and Sirius who has an identical mirror, will be able to see you and respond. At the end of Order of the Phoenix, Harry realizes he could have used the mirror to communicate with his god-father and prevent his death. At the beginning of Deathly Hallows, as Harry is cleaning out his school trunk for the first time since he started out at Hogwarts, he experiences a sharp stab of pain in his finger, and realizes he hurts him self with the broken shard of the mirror, which lay in his trunk. He then sees a fleeting vision of a blue eye- akin to that of Dumbledore's in the mirror, and wonders if Albus is still alive. Through the penultimate book, Harry constantly sees the eye in the mirror, often after which Harry and his friends are rescued from tight situations, such as Malfoy Manor. Eventually, Harry finds out that the person to which the blue eye belongs is Dumbledore's younger brother Aberforth, who is in possession of the shard of mirror, and sends Dobby, the house-elf (who is killed rescuing Harry and the others from Malfoy Manor) and other aids to help out Harry. Avatar ImageSkyMolecule15 says: Love Potion: A love potion is a brew which causes the drinker to become infatuated or obsessed with the one who gave them the potion.However, true love cannot be produced through artificial means, and thus the feelings that Love Potions create are more like obsession than affection.The effect that a Love Potion has will wear off over time. In order to maintain the potion's effect, the giver must continually administer doses, or else the recipient may fall out of "love" with them.A single dose typically lasts up to 24 hours, but the precise duration is dependent on the weight of the drinker, as well as the attractiveness of the giver.Avatar ImageHarryPotterGirl (Hermione) says: Lol I don't know all of them.Avatar Imagekiwimci says: Each of these seem somehow better than what is actually posted on the pageAvatar ImageRider92 says: gillyweed - a magical herb that when eaten, lets you breath under water for a certain amount of time.Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Aw coolAvatar ImageAudrey Sunshine says: I added Omnioculars.Avatar Imagetimtimloveslupin says: Bludger: A Bludger is a round, jet black ball, made of iron, and is used in the wizarding sport of Quidditch. It is ten inches in diameter. There are two Bludgers used in every match, which are bewitched to fly around and try to knock the players off of their brooms. It is the Beater's job to protect their teammates from the Bludgers and at the same time aim them towards the opposing players. Avatar Imagetimtimloveslupin says: Quaffle: A Quaffle is a ball used in the wizarding game of Quidditch. It is twelve inches in diameter, red, leather-covered ball used as the main object of play. The three Chasers carry and pass the Quaffle to their opponent's goal hoops, where they try to score points by throwing it through one of the three rings. Each time it passes through the hoops, the scoring team scores ten points. Avatar Imagetimtimloveslupin says: Toy Broomstick A toy broomstick is a type of low-flying broomstick intended to be used by young children. It only lifts about two feet off the ground.Avatar Imagetimtimloveslupin says: Exploding Tuba An Exploding Tuba is a magical musical instrument. It probably explodes after or during playing it. In 1902, a performance of the Wizarding Suite (which included this instrument) blew the roof off the Town Hall of Ackerley, and lead to the piece being banned. Avatar Imagetimtimloveslupin says: Anti-Cheating Quill An Anti-Cheating Quill is a special quill on which an Anti-Cheating Spell has been placed in order to make it impossible to cheat. Avatar Imagetimtimloveslupin says: hope some of those hadn't been mentioned already x)Avatar ImageSmitch says: I feel like there is just not enough discussion about the stone! That is definitely something us fans should be pondering and questioning more. Didn't Harry leave the stone in the forbidden forest at the very end? I feel as though that leaves an open door for the future. I mean, couldn't someone find it? Is it just something useless now, or would it still hold dark magic that shouldn't be tampered with? Avatar Image1 fan eva says: bludger, revealer, and invisibility cloakAvatar ImageSohumdore says: I think you were supposed to post it on the website :) And i still haven't gotten my points for this one and a couple of the previous ones, just wondering :) Avatar Imagenellythemarrow says: @Sohumdore I think perhaps they're waiting to give out bulk points at once, perhaps. They did that a little while back, I think.Avatar ImageFiniteincantatum says: Is the Marauder's Map considered to be a magical object? because I really think it is a magical object...Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: You know, you guys, that it has to be ON the LEAKYPEDIA page, right? Just saying, lOl. And I tried it, but I didn't get any points. );

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