PotterCast 234: Good Ship Bad Ship


Feb 14, 2011

Posted by John Admin

Happy Valentines Day! Love is in the air this week on a new episode of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast.
In addition to the latest Potter news, Melissa, John and Frank talk a lot about the canon (and
non-canon) romances in the Potter books, as well the the world of Fan
Fiction. The team have some Romantic Conclumdrums as well as a new bit called
Good Ship Bad Ship. Enjoy it!

To listen, you can use iTunes or direct download — you don’t need to own an iPod to listen to PotterCast.

Happy listening!

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24 Responses to PotterCast 234: Good Ship Bad Ship

Avatar ImageEvealle says: Ooh, this looks awesome!! Off to listen right now! (Crossing my fingers for mention of Quirrellmort :D) (Hey, am I the first? Cool!)Avatar Imagekatielilly says: Pottercast! Back so soon!!! <3Avatar ImageScylla says: Awww! Cute! A Pottercast all about romance!Avatar ImageBeansie says: Hoping for Quirrellmort, too! ;)Avatar ImageJakk_pf says: YES!!! They are coming back every week :D :DAvatar ImageChreechree says: I just listened to the show and enjoyed it. I have to offer another opinion, however. I was disappointed to hear that the Ron/ Hermione kiss was automatically accepted as the most romantic moment in the books. Now, don't get me wrong. I loved that moment and was thrilled to see it happen, but I find that moment more funny than romantic. That Ron's concern over house elves is what inspired to Hermione to act combined with Harry's exasperation make it, for me, more comical than romantic. While there are lots of sweet moments that were mentioned (R/Hr near hand holding while sleeping, Fleur's dedication to Bill), the story is from Harry's point of view, so, for me, nothing can be as romantic as his moments with Ginny. His reaction to their first kiss (sunlit days) and to their bedroom kiss (she was the only real thing in the world) are lovely and romantic. His thoughts at the wedding while he was looking at her, thinking back to their time together, was sweet. As for the break-up not being at all romantic, again, I sort of disagree. It's not that it's a romantic moment, but there is a powerful moment of recognition and understanding that shows the strength of their connection that I think blows away almost everything else. After all, what is more romantic than sharing a deep understanding with another person? Isn't that what we seek in a partner? One more moment I'd like to nominate: Harry watching Ginny on the Marauder's map and wondering if she could feel that he was thinking about her. Avatar Imagekbicprez says: @Chreechree, I agree. In the books, nothing tops the romantic moments between Harry and Ginny. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come across that way in the films – at least not to me. I see very little chemistry between Dan & Bonnie in their scenes together. It’s disappointing.Avatar Imagesueml says: @Chreechree and @KB Prez - a also agree. I thought the scenes between Ron and Hermione were more funny than romantic. They didn't seem particularly deep, and were more comical relief (with the one exception of Hermione crying over Ron's actions with Lavender, except once again - it turned into more of a touching scene between Harry and Hermione more than anything else). The written scenes involving Harry and Ginny were much more romantic - her bedroom kiss, the marauder's map scenes, her thinking of him right before his meeting with Voldemort in the forest, etc. I actually never even really liked that the two ended up together, but you can't deny that it was (eventually) written romantically. And I also agree about how it comes across in the films - unfortunately, Dan and Emma ended up having so much more chemistry than Dan and Bonnie and Rupert and Emma. (and Chreechree is right, it is supposed to be Harry's story. from the posts on some of the fan sites, you'd think it was all about the Ron and Hermione love story)Avatar Imagesueml says: I obviously meant "him thinking of her right before his meeting with Voldemort. . . ." What I wouldn't do for an edit button!Avatar ImagexxIBelieveInNarglesxx says: Yay,great pottercast! :)Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Yay Pottercast!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageBradyboy says: Ron/Hermione kiss wasn't funny, I disagree with that I mean they were in the middle of open warefare. I do agree that Bonnie/Dan chemistry is not there, however. As for Ginny/Harry we really don't get to see much of them exploring their relationship in the books since Harry has a bigger mission in destroying the horcruxes. Avatar ImageBradyboy says: But I'm not sure if they were stricly talking about the books or the movies in general cause i Havent heard it yet. Avatar Imagejbizz says: This was the best Pottercast in ages. This reminds me of the old school ones like 2-3 years ago where we you guys had alot of discussion but still died of laughter 3-4 times during the podcast. Keep doing them like this.Avatar Imagesueml says: @Bradyboy - I can't speak for the others who mentioned it, but I guess I thought of the kiss as humerous because of what led up to it - yes, they were in the middle of warfare and Ron's concern for the house elves finally spurred Hermione's passion - that kind of lifted the darkness of the war for a moment. Then Harry standing there aghast saying "is this the time?" I think it was meant to be a bit funny.Avatar ImageEvealle says: Loved the episode!! Agree with Jbizz, it was just a really fun episode. For me, the most romantic moment was Ron and Hermione falling asleep holding hands. It just really stood out for me when I first read the series. I know I stopped and reread it and had a little 'aww' moment. Avatar Imagesidnandragin says: @Chreechree- Yes I agree that Harry & Ginny do have a love that is beautiful and strong. Too bad in the movies we were left with a director who was more concerned with Harry and Hermione and was totally trying to cut out the Weasleys - Ron & Ginny. Of course the actors have no connection because te two bit director of movies 5, 6 & 7 never read the books and therefore directed it differently. It didnt help that Kloves also started to feel that he mucked it up as well. Hermione and Ron were a couple of characters that really had a lot of feelings towards one another, it was just a question of timing. Same thing with Harry and Ginny. I could help but be reminded of James waiting patiently for Lily to pick him as her love. Let's face it - the whole thing turned because they wanted to see Dan and Emma and it is a shame. Harry & Ginny forever. Dont hate Bonnie. not her fault she has a lousy director at the helms when it comes to have Ginny in a scene. Yates has no vision.Avatar Imagesiena says: Very unfortunately my server at uni doesn't allow me to download Pottercast ... neither is it allowed to install i-tunes. I was wondering whether it would be possible to post a transcript of the discussion, as I'd be really interested and feel I am missing out ... :(Avatar Imagemoisenallie16 says: Great job!!!! No matter how upset or angry or annoyed i am about other things, pottercast makes me laugh and be happy and totally relaxed! Awesome! My problem with the whole Snape\Lily relationship is that snape never proved his love!! It was said that James turned his totally chill rule-breaking attitude around for Lily enough to become head boy, so he completely proved his love for her. Snape never did that. He never once said he loved her or anything of the like. Lily had problems with both boys as you see in the pensieve, and James does something about that. Snape doesn't even tone down his death eater activities. James deserves Lily. Snape does not. Avatar ImageFiniteincantatum says: Yay Pottercast! Totally love the intro sounds. :) Avatar Image9em says: I LOOOVE POTTERCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :::))))Avatar Imagekmac23va says: Wow, have to disagree with the director (and screenwriter I assume) hate. Quite honestly, I think they improved the romance scenes in the movies. One thing that always bugged me was having Ginny show up in OOTP as a suddenly vivacious character with athletic ability and pranking potential a la the Twins. She was virtually invisible since COS (and there she was almost a plot device more than a character). Suddenly she's bang-on in OOTP and then somehow switches roles in ways with Hermione in HBP (with Hermione changing into a jealous twit and Ron reverting to his first-year mode). The movie Ginny was kept consistent throughout, and I loved that they changed the HBP common room kiss to Ron and Lavender (two characters that are/want to be outgoing) from Harry and Ginny (two damaged - or should be - characters from their experiences). It set a more sensible tone. And Ron/Hermione also became more organic from those POA scenes that seemed very forced. That said, if you wonder why people thought Harry and Hermione would get together, then yes the movies really helped that. Dan and Emma have amazing onscreen chemistry, and it's why you usually see them in the majority of interviews (watch interviews with all three, Rupert many times looks like he'd like to be in his ice cream truck and lets Dan and Emma field things). I think it's also why they added little things like Harry holding Hermione in HBP and the dance scene in DH1. And of course, why the Horcrux scene worked so well. As much as JKR tried to keep Hermione as a sidekick, her writing through OOTP, and the movies overall, brought her to heroine status. In HBP, I felt like JKR realized that and knocked Hermione back down off that perch...organically, she was reaching beyond Ron's level (no offense to him) and getting to where she'd need Harry as her partner. Meantime, Ginny had to be elevated, hence OOTP and HBP (because in the majority of DH, she's again ancillary). In many ways, JKR should've let the romances out, or just concentrated on Ron/Hermione and left Harry alone. She found a lot of influence from Star Wars I think, that would've been another place to find it...let the fic writers pair Harry with Ginny, much like the Star Wars books later came up with Mara Jade and married her to Luke (funny enough, she was a vivacious redhead too...).Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Hmm, I can't listen to it! It won't let me download! D;Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I missed it...

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