David Heyman Reveals “Deathly Hallows” Documentary is in the Works


Apr 09, 2011

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While at CinemaCon in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, “Harry Potter” producer David Heyman spoke with MTV News and revealed that a behind-the-scenes documentary was shot during the production of “Deathly Hallows.”

The award-winning British filmmaking Morgan Matthews (“The Fallen”) was given complete access to the sets, crew, and actors, and according to Heyman, “it’s not just pure gloss.”

“He went behind the scenes and had incredible access to talent and crew
and has made a documentary that is not yet complete, which shows the
challenges of making the film ” the tolls it takes on actors and crew,” [Heyman] said. “It’s not just pure gloss and everybody’s happy. It’s real.
… At the same time, it’s really, really funny.”

In addition to this documentary, Heyman and fellow producer David Barron talked about the vast amounts of on-set footage that was taken throughout the past ten years.

“It was a very well-documented production. We had a crew filming behind
the scenes for the entire production, which is unheard of ” and that’s
been for all the films,” Barron explained. “There is material, and we’ll
see how it’s used. I’m sure Warner Bros. will package it in some form or

Watch the video of Heyman and Barron talking about the currently untitled documentary here.

21 Responses to David Heyman Reveals “Deathly Hallows” Documentary is in the Works

Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Wow! Thats amazing!!!!! Just when we were all thinking that it is almost all over :"( , something new is going to come! I'm super excited and I'm sure it'll be great!!!Avatar ImageDavidTheUnready says: thats great news, I love behind the scenes extras on the dvds so to have a complete special is a bonus. Avatar Imagebudgie says: Thanks for the heads up. I will watch for more.Avatar Imagesirius33 says: Great! That sounds awesome!Avatar Imagevoldemort07 says: excellent, I hope this dvd will be available as a stand alone and not packaged with some other edition of the movie after we have all already bought it though. It should be really good, I can't wait to see it.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: This is exciting! I wonder how and when it will come out.Avatar ImageNatalie says: I hope this documentary comes as one of the extras in the Part 2 dvd!Avatar ImageHarrypotterultrafan says: It's gonna be great, I'm really interested on how they make films especially the potter ones :) can't wait :) :) but I don't want it to be over :'( I read this the other day though leaky:/ just gotta be a little faster with these news things :) leakys still my fave though ;)Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: OMG its going to be the most spectacular thing. I cant wait to get my hands on that stuff.Avatar Image1HarryPotterFan123 says: OH MY GOODNESS! Just when you thought is was over... Can't wait!!!Avatar ImageNoble Birth Descending says: I really like the behind the scenes books that have been made for other movies. This documentaary should be really good. Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: That would be amazing to have a documentary on behind the scenes stuff can't wait!Avatar ImageCatdelaCreme says: YES! That would be awesome. I can't wait to have the whole series AND behind the scenes stuff! :DAvatar Imagesidnandragin says: maybe they can explain why they choose not to follow some of the book when it came to the story! Ginny & the Weasley's were short changed!!!!!Avatar ImageFresca says: I think the documentary would be excellent. I hope they include some of the ways they filmed transformations, etc. The behind the scenes workings and the prop department would be interesting to see too.Avatar ImageAvanelleWood says: Sounds fabulous! Avatar Imagehewy says: Will this come out with DH2 when it arrives on DVD and BLU-RAY?? What ever, I'll buy it!Avatar ImageImmortal Phoenix says: YES! I love behind the scenes stuff and we haven't had enough of it from Potter.Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: I hope this is better than the one with Natalia Tena that was included with HBP. That one wasn't very good.Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: I'm sad to see Harry Potter go, and so does J.K.Rowling! She just wants to keep putting out Harry Potter materials! Heard about the encyclopedia about Harry Potter? =]Avatar Imagemaddison says: I hope they add the documentary as a special feature on Deathly Hallows Part 2 or you can buy the documentary.

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