Phelps Twins Talk “Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ with Empire, Join Sparkle Video Network


May 27, 2011

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James and Oliver Phelps, who have portrayed the mischievous Fred and George Weasley since the first Harry Potter film, recently had a chat with Empire Magazine about their involvement in the franchise.

Interview with James Phelps (Fred Weasley):

So looking back, how has it all been?

It’s amazing! You’re in a room with Julie Walters, Mark Williams, Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman: it’s not the worst place to be! Even when we were shooting scenes on this last film… I was there with Sir Michael Gambon, and I was getting ready to do something with the Manchester Orchestra, narrating Peter and the Wolf. I’d never done anything like that before in my life and I was a bit nervous. He asked what I was up to and I explained and, even though he had this big scene coming up, he said, “Oh, I read that a few years ago”, and took the time to go through it all with me. That was pretty cool.

It’s clear that the whole cast has become friends.

Yeah, it is really. A lot of people think that we’re told to say that we’re friends but in fact, we are. There have been times where we’ve all gone out for meals when we were shooting in Soho or whatever, and to us it’s just mates catching up but everyone else will look in and see us and ask, “Is this for real?”

Interview with Oliver Phelps (George Weasley):

What was your last day filming?

I think it was when we were doing re-shoots, and it was a scene at the battlement sequence. It was an added scene, actually, where James [Phelps, aka Fred Weasley] and myself were standing on the turrets of the castle, where there was a green screen and everything, and it was just ad-libbed for about a minute. It was quite nice, but it was hard. It was a weird feeling when they yelled, “Wrap!”.

The way that Rowling wrote the final battle, you don’t quite know how it’s going to go, and it seems like there will be surprises for everyone there.

Especially when it all goes the wrong way! When the good guys are falling by the wayside and when you see that in the picture itself it looks really harsh. There are some cool elements in it, like when you see Matt Lewis in the battle. That’s quite funny because, again, you see a totally different side to his character [Neville Longbottom]. I think you see every character in a different light, which is great.

The twins have also recently become involved with a new site called The site features various celebrities posting videos and giving fans an exclusive look at their everyday lives. The Phelps’ videos will focus mostly on the promotional tour for the final Harry Potter film. A quick and free registration is required in order to watch the videos. Check out the Phelps’ page here where they have so far posted videos from a recent trip to Los Angeles and a tuxedo fitting for a Potter premiere.

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Avatar Imagejoeys_mommy says: TRhis was a good article, but I'm still going to cry when Fred dies :(Avatar Imageratorr2 says: Me too.Avatar ImageLivi22 says: Count me in :(Avatar ImageEmmaria says: me too :'(Avatar Imageshi suisen says: I might cry from the very start of the film.. thinking that this would be the end of the Harry Potter films... I don't wanna see Fred dies T_TAvatar ImageMariaKeis says: Brilliant piece .. Hope too see much more from the Phelps twins .. Avatar Imagebookworm1118 says: I also think that I might cry through the whole movie. :(Avatar Imagecloethebelatrixlover says: Honestly, people, it's just death. Everyone dies at some point. It doesn't bug me as much as some people. But it was good hearing from them :)Avatar Image1HarryPotterFan123 says: DH2 is gonna be he saddest movie ever... *Tears up*Avatar Imagebellatrix15101 says: Great interviews! Ahh, I'm gonna be a wreck during this movie..... Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: -sigh- I'm gonna miss it. . . . D;Avatar ImageXNymphadoraX says: @cloethebelatrixlover It's not just ''death'', it's death of beloved characters from the films and books, we've all grown to love these characters even if they are fictional, you know there are going to be some people crying about it. I'm not saying it's like losing a loved one, it would be stupid of people were as sad as when that happens, but it's still extremely sad though, seeing those characters dieAvatar ImageGiant Squid says: Its so close to ending :'(Avatar Imagebellatrix1994 says: OMG FRED! saddest part in the books....Omg guys look at this very potter musical/starkid fansite...soo freaking cool... CHECK THIS OUT: Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: It has been a fun ride!Avatar Imagezackblakiswhite says: Love the Phelps!Avatar Imagemaddison says: I love Oliver and James !!!!!!!!Avatar ImageEve13 says: It's going to be so sad when Fred dies :(Avatar Imagejacket says: Great! Can't wait to see it!Avatar ImageFarahey Sama Kabir says: =)Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: I was sad when Fred died in the book, but sadder yet that JKR didn't take the dramatic potential of the twins being split by death any further in the narrative. I sometimes wonder if she wrote anything about what it was like for George to go on solo, only to have her editors cut it out in order to shorten the manuscript. All we know from her interviews, I think, is that Ron put in a little time working at WWW before joining the Aurors. But I would love to see some vignettes of George making his way through life without a constant - and equally creative and funny - foil for his jokes. If JKR ever gives us another tidbit, like that Marauders-vs.-Muggle-police chase scene that she did for charity, a glimpse of George in the future would be high on my wish list.Avatar ImageMahin says: I'm gonna cry when Fred dies! -sobs-Avatar Imagesuzyweasley says: That's a really cool interview. I can't wait to see the last filmAvatar Imagemencia says: i know it's silly of me but i was hoping that all the weasley's will make it through although it was pretty optimistic of me i'm sure, so fred dying really made me cry and it will when the movie comes out :-(Avatar ImageMiss.Weasley says: Freeeed don't dieeee...I'm gonna cry my ass off ;/Avatar ImageThe Wez says: It has been a lot of fun.Avatar ImageJuliette1981 says: The twins are so sweet! I hope we will see George's reaction in the movie, even that's gonna break our heart! And I hope they didn't change his death scene, I mean, it takes a large place in the book, I hope it gonna be the same in the movie! Poor Georgie!! :(Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: I'm joining that site right now

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